by Brett Davis

The 2012 Toyota Camry has finally been revealed after numerous teaser shots. The full details of the new Camry were recently published in a French-Canadian magazine, which also included images of the interior and exterior.

According to the magazine, the 2012 Toyota Camry will come in three different engine levels – for the Canadian market anyway. Taking the entry-level spot will be a 2.5-litre four-cylinder engine producing 126kW of power and 226Nm of torque. The magazine says the unit is capable of accelerating the Camry from 0-100km/h in 9.8 seconds.

Next in the range will be a 2.4-litre four-cylinder petrol engine linked to a hybrid electric package. Combined power of the two is rated at 139kW of power and 270Nm of torque. Interestingly, this enables the hybrid variant to accelerate from 0-100km/h quicker than the larger petrol variant, taking 8.9 seconds.

The range-topping variant will receive a 3.5-litre V6 producing 200kW of power and 335Nm of torque. The magazine says this models will be capable of sprinting from 0-100km/h in 7.2 seconds.

(Keep in mind these details are for the Canadian market. Official Australian specifications are yet to be announced.)

The 2012 Toyota Camry is set to go on sale in Australia during the last quarter of this year. We’ll keep you updated with concrete details as soon as they are released. In the meantime, feel free to tell us what you think of the new Camry design. Is it better than the last?

  • Weegee

    Looks like a Honda Civic from the front end

    • Weegee

      Not that’a bad thing!!!

      • Camry lover

        I emphatically disagree; the styling of the new class superlative Camry is nothing short of divine. The elegance of the 2006 model has been significantly extended in this lavish evolutionary design refresh. My wife was relaxing in the conservatorium of our abode when I first witnessed these lovely photographs. I called her over so she too could observe the majestic contours of the new Camry. To describe her reaction succinctly, she was quite impressed. Her first words pertained to the athletic nature and unrivalled grandeur of this new generation of Toyota Camry.
        We are very relieved that Toyota has retained the front-wheel drive layout in the interest of safety. Safety has been a recurring theme at the Toyota Motor Corporation as of late; only last financial year Toyota Australia discontinued the potentially unsafe manual transmission variant of the Camry in normally aspirated tune. This is evidence of Toyota’s unsurpassed commitment to safety whereby the automotive firm has eschewed the wishes of the performance automobile enthusiasts who seemingly prefer such less advanced transmission alternatives. This commitment to safety is paramount as manual automobiles are difficult to drive and overwhelm the driver. There is evidence to suggest that fewer distractions play a vital role in curtailing driver error. The said benefits should be embraced by rival manufacturers who would see benefit from the establishment of protocol enacting a voluntary purging of manual transmission variants from the participating manufacturer’s respective lineups.
        The prestige, quality and craftspersonship of the new generation Camry’s cabin is a welcome improvement to the already attractive interior on offer since the 2006 model. The luxury of the cabin can be verified by a visual inspection of the current circa 2006 Camry at a Toyota dealership of one’s choosing. This statement can also be corroborated via an assessment of the quality of design and artistry of any other recent Toyota.
        On a related note, this new generation Camry certainly takes visual cues from the prodigy luxury marque, Lexus. This valuable association with the esteemed Lexus brand is without a doubt one of Toyota’s forefront assets. Reliability that is unsurpassed by rivals is another. The refined lines found on its Lexus brethren have had a particular influence on the interior.

        • BoatAnchor

          Roger? The carribean…..

        • Sandy Stone

          Dear GRANNY LOVER , we are so moved by your eloquent words of praise for our beloved camry .

          The whole nursing home on mass is ready to depart to the nearest toyota dealer to view this wonderous biblical moment .

          We thought our days of excitement were over , after all we only ever drove mazda’s in our bowling club days , but toyota’s unbridaled support of those of senior years has seen us switch our allegiance to the mighty toyota .

          One point does worry us in regard to the floor mats , are they slipper proof , and of a safe nature .

          In addition will there be seat colours to match our dressing gowns .

          • rentakeyboard

            ROFLMAO !!!!!!
            but you forgot to mention it looks like the current one with slanty headlights!

        • M

          Cool story hansel

          • Troy Splann

            you mean theyve changed it?? NO WAY!!

        • Matthew Werner


        • K20A

          ‘Conservatorium of our abode’ – you mean the hospice?

          Did your wife soiled her Tena out of excitement when she first saw the new Camry?

          Frankly, we used to enjoy reading your comments.. but lately you’re overdoing it.. dial back the superfluous words a bit so we can half-believe that you’re a real person!

        • Vibe

          Me thinks a troll. A good one though.

        • Nath746

          The only reason the stopped selling the Manual Variant was because nobody who drives a camry – i.e. you, old grandpa – drives a manual, and if they did, they wouldn’t be driving a camry in the first place.

    • Matthew Werner

      They couldn’t have the Civic rear end though, GM took that for the Cruze

    • BOB

      looks the same, why dont toyota actually release a ‘new’ car

  • pugphile

    Looks like the Passat……solid and BORING !!

    • http://caradvice OSU811

      Doesnt look like anything apart from another boring new camry! no thanks!

    • Peter Stone

      At least Volkswagen know how to put decent engines and gearboxes in their cars, not to mention a pearler of a V6 making all the right noises!

  • Charger

    WOW what an exciting facelift i didnt realise that white goods could be sooooo exciting NOT!

    Tell the world just how much you dont care about driving get a Camry!

    • Roadtard

      Is it a facelift or a new car? We all know a VZ Commo is based on the original VT, but how does Toyota do their cars?

      • Charger

        it looks like the same glasswork and shell with new front and back, kinda like a FG falcon is a facelifted (Albeit a heavily re engineered) AU Falcon

        • phase3

          wrong – a facelift is considered to be generally minor sheetmetal changes – ie VT – VZ commodore. generally you could consider it a facelift if they keep the same door/window openings.
          the FG had completely new doors, from clamshell to ‘normal’ – these are one of the most expensive bits on a car to change so they don’t if they can get away with it – like the new territory.

          • Charger

            Um its not an all new car such as a VE Commodore compared to a VZ so its not a new car is a facelift/ re engineered! It was still same floorpan and the same shell!

          • DE

            Funny how there are actualy more cary over parts VZ to VE Commodore than there are BF to FG Falcon.
            The VE might have been a new chassis, but many many ather parts, including basic driveline were carried over.

            To suggest that FG shares any structural carryover from AU, other that floorpan (which was modified for suspension mounting points and track/wheelbase anyway), just shows total ignorance. Charger don’t be a brand propaganda blinded fool.

        • Troy Splann

          fg falcon a reingineered AU??

          LMAO! The BA/BF was a re-engineered au… but the only shared panels were door skins, the underpinnings were similar.

          FG is a new car.

  • Ox

    A nice safe evolutionary design

  • Troll No. 47

    This is not an “all new” next generation car, it is a facelift of the current platform. You can tell because the doors and glasshouse are the same as the current model.

    That said I’m sure it will still sell well – to government fleets.

    • Steve

      First BA Falcon, then Gen VI Golf and now Camry, do these manufacturers think we’re idiots?

      Works though those were two pretty popular models.

      Oh yeah, by the way. Another Camry article, are you joking CA. The second coming wouldn’t get this type of coverage!

    • Golfschwein

      The doors are all new. Have a look at where the swage line intersects the door handles. On the current car, they intersect. On this car, the line is above.

      • DE

        Reskin only. No changes underneath? glasshouse looks the same.

  • h-man

    I think the front end is Accord Euroesque. The bank end has a little bit of liberty in it. It was never going to be ground breaking.

  • Mr Brooksy

    Wow, boring has become… a fraction less boring. But its nice to see that they have done something about the cheap tacky silver plastics! They added cheap looking black/dark grey plastics to break it up!

    Well done, exactly what everyone expects from the worlds largest whitegoods manufacturer.

  • Toyota Guru

    CA writes: “Next in the range will be a 2.4-litre four-cylinder petrol engine linked to a hybrid electric package. Combined power of the two is rated at 139kW of power and 270Nm of torque. Interestingly, this enables the hybrid variant to accelerate from 0-100km/h quicker than the larger petrol variant, taking 8.9 seconds.”

    Guys, this is incorrect. The new Hybrid Camry will be running the 2AR-FXE Atkinson cycle version of the 2.5 litre 2AR-FE engine. There won’t be a 2.4 litre. Output will be around 150kW, and 0-100 will be lot quicker than 8.9 seconds.

    • Charger

      i think you made a mistake in thinking anyone cares

      • Steve

        I don’t!

      • Toyota Guru

        I think you made a mistake in being born.

        • Charger

          OUCH i think your gene pool needs some more chlorine!
          i wish i was a self confessed Guru AKA FLOG on the most boring cars in the world!

      • rentakeyboard

        Nanna certainly wont!

    • Shak

      Well maybe incorrect for our market, but like the article says these are specifications for the Canadian market so they may actually be correct in some ways.

    • natural

      Who cares it’s still a boring whitegoods car for boring people.

      • F1MotoGP

        What car YOU driving?

    • Brett Davis

      Hi Toyota Guru, thanks for your feedback.
      As mentioned in the article, these are the details of the French-Canadian model. If you zoom in on the last image you can (just) see the tech details of each variant in the tech boxes on the right.
      You could be right though, Australian models may be different.

  • M

    Had trouble sleeping last night…thank you CA – can now doze off whilst looking over these pics…

  • The Specialist

    Getting over the whole “white goods” thing if you dont like TOYOTA because they are:
    1. Successfull
    2. The largest
    3. The most wealthy
    4. The best resale
    5. Reliable

    Then you have got a problem GET OVER IT!

    • Jober As A Sudge

      I don’t begrudge anyone buying a Camry as they are safe and reliable. However, on a personal note, I would never buy one as I enjoy driving.
      As for this new Camry…it’s a slight improvement on the current model. Will reserve judgement once I see it in the flesh.

    • MattP

      @The Specialist. Toyota is not the largest, refer to the CA article from August 8 highlighting how both VW and GM have overtaken Toyota in global sales.

      Successful? Most wealthy? Best reseale? Reliable? Very subjective. Your job in the Toyota promotional department is safe.

      • 2LTurbo

        you are offered a position of Toyota bashing at Hyundai. A** H***. What is the color of your bicycle?

    • Golfschwein

      You forgot point 6. I’ll do it for you, below.

      6. They are desireable, beautiful looking cars with cutting edge drivetrains, technology, always win comparison tests with their competitors and are fantastic to drive.

      Oh, where am I? I think I’m having a dream.

      • garywhopper

        No your dream would be point 5 relaible since you own a VW

        • Golfschwein

          Sorry, but I don’t own a Volkswagen.

    • F1MotoGP

      I agree this is a good family car for people who want a big car with good quality cheap service and insurance and want to support local industry. If you not towing this is perfect car. Anyway if you drive in the city your average speed never goes higher than 40km/h and if you live close to city lucky if you got 30km/h.

      • Phil

        I think most people who want a big “good family car” want more practicality than a useless sedan body with the bootspace of a little Honda City.
        Being a Toyota also means it has some of the most frequent service intervals around.

    • rentakeyboard

      With the largest recall figures in automotive history!!!

      • F1MotoGP

        1st place: Ford, 2008-09 (14.1 million)
        2nd place: Ford, 1996 (7.9 million)
        3rd place: GM, 1971 (6.7 million)

        U.S. Government’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

        Toyota recalled as many as 3.8 million cars worldwide due to floor mats that could cause the accelerator pedal to get stuck to the floor.

        But wait, there’s more. Ford just added 4.5 million vehicles to the 9.6 million recalled in 2008 due to a faulty cruise control switch that could catch fire. Do the math – that’s 14.1 million cars recalled.

        Out of curiosity MSN Autos has put together a list of the top 10 biggest recalls recorded by the U.S. Government’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). These recalls have affected over 50 millions vehicles. That’s a lot of vehicles to double-check and fix!

  • robbo

    This shape reminds me of the one before the current model. Backward step IMO but the interior seems to have lifted 2 generations which is a plus. Current model Camry/Aurion has a low rent interior.

    • matt

      thats exactly what i thought, lookin at the side profile

  • bob

    Front looks like a Subaru Legacy…almost exactly.

  • Yani Hendriawan

    if you get actual pictures then it might be easier to make my decision on the looks

  • MattP

    MY only hope is that this new model will come with two important features which have been missing on Camrys to date:

    An accelerator pedal

    Working indicators

    • Daniel D

      For that Toyota would have to revise the drivers, not the car. :)

    • scottjames_12


      Today a woman sat in front of me in a turning lane at an intersection, in her shiny new Camry. Red turn arrow went off, green light still on, no one coming the other way. Would not budge. Beeped politely. Still would not budge. Learn the road rules! Why is it ALWAYS the Toyota drivers?

  • Westie

    Why does the most grey of all cars generate the most feeling?
    Are we all secretly Camry fans?
    I believe I drove a hire Camry a while back. Can’t remember a thing about it. I think that’s the Cam’s strong point. It’s invisible.
    But resale?
    Not fantastic. Just like and fleet sales dominated car. Just like base Commodores and Falcons. Joe Public prefers his Mazdas and Hondas as second handers.
    Oh crap. I joined in the great Camry debate. Must sleep…

  • Car Enthusiast

    OK so what they’ve done here is gone Accord Euro Tail Light, VW/Audi style Headlights, Aurion Rims painted dark silver/grey or black, Aurion V6 Engine, and touch screen centre system. all wise ideas, but still a crap car.

    Plus knowing the current Camry line up I doubt Aussie spec will have V6 Engine because I assume, if they do continue with Aurion, that Aurion will get similar tweeks to camry, and the same interior

  • o

    Its seems like not enough as the sheet metal is all new.

    TBH it looks fine i prefer the JDM market version better.

    My main gripe is that interior it looks like they squeezed the prado interior in and ours will look worse as toyota still has a million of those radio units left.

    • glomax

      yeah. not a huge fan of that interior either.

  • Charles Dean

    There is no more 2.4 L engine for the upcoming Camry.. We will be getting the new 2.5L AR engine..

  • Toyota Guru

    Where is Camry Lover? He’ll give some of these Camry bashers a bit of stick! 😀

  • wokstar

    Camry FTW

    the new camry would not get the 3.5 litre v6, that is reserved for the aurion.

    cant wait to see the new aurion in the flesh

    • Phil

      It’s the same car!

  • anthony

    …all these anti camry people yet it will still sell better than most cars in australia. and be more reliable etc.

    …. also seems more popular to comment on so toyota atleast get people talking :)

    • Phil

      Camry struggles to make it into the top ten sellers these days despite massive discounting.

  • Tim

    The front-end looks like copycat of Honda Civic, but I like it

  • vti07

    Right, now that the new Camry is revealed, when will we see the FT-86 revealed?

  • Chucky

    I would buy this if you want a car that lasts forever without any hicups, but don’t care what it looks like, just like my 9 year old toyota avalon. Still as smooth and still going strong.

    • Troy Splann

      Avalons made camrys look like ferraris

  • Vins

    It doesn’t look all that bad. Though look like a bigger version of Corolla sedan.

  • Steve-Poyza

    Now it’s ugly, too.

  • Martin V.

    Looks too American for me. Like it was designed with the American market intended as the main focus. It will probably drive that way too.

    • Matthew Werner

      And in the US it sells a lot more than here, so thats a pretty logical decision

  • Toy-Mota

    Thanks CA, my teasing has stopped a little, I can now relax knowing Toy-Mota still design cars in nursing home’s, where else would its bland design come from, hmmmmmm maybe a fridge has inspiration.

    Let’s not get too excited TOY-O fans, there are better cars that feel and look 1 million times better.

    If you buy a Camry, you automatically join a bowling club free of charge.

  • mh2408

    wow, welcome to 5 years ago

  • 2LTurbo

    They say more you hate something meaning you actually like it, care for it. And that is seen on all Toyota related posts, most commented = most loved brand. Well done people. Keep bashing Toyota with your keyboard, Toyota will sure listen to you one day.

    • Phil

      Oh, that must mean everyone loooooves speed cameras?

      Or how about steeping in dog doo, we all actually love doing that too?

  • Commentator

    Conservative written all over it.

  • rentakeyboard

    Always remember to be wary of the Toyota being driven by an invisible driver!!!

  • anthony

    I like the Accord Euro head lights,but the rear does not look as good as the current model,and the interior still looks very down market………

    • Kev

      Interior has been said to be much more contemporary than current Camry and on par with mid-tier models from Europe.

      How could you judge it from those tiny photos?

      • Martin V.

        Because he’s a Honda fanboy, simple as that.

      • anthony

        I have seen bigger photos in other publications…yes Martin,love Hondas after recently buying one,love Toyotas,we have many in the family,and LOVE VWs,have recently owned 4 of them.
        Have also owned a Ford…good experience,and a Holden…not as good.
        And think Mazdas are pretty good too.

        What do you like ???

  • Charles Dean

    The rear of the current camry is nice.. I like tje current Camry..

  • Mr Blues

    Dear Sandy Stone,I had a Holden for a couple of years and loved it. So did my mechanic, and most of all my bank manager. Like I said I loved it when it was going, but it got to the point that I could not afford to run it. I subsequently bought a Camry, and ten years later still drive it. Your right it is boring, because it keeps going and going.

  • Kev

    The haters will always hate..
    – its either too boring or copy of another existing vehicle.

    I tell you whats for sure..
    Toyota related articles on CA and other sites (almost all) generate the MOST comments every time.

    Haters will always hate successful companies.

    I hate the iPhone with a passion, for the sake of hating it. Although I admit its a more than capable and reliable gadget although monopolized by Apple (buy apps from them etc).

    I can tell you this, this Camry is the visible sheet metal and every plastic bit on the visible BODY is indeed new… not a refresh.

    Toyota and Toyota dealers are KILLING the “youth” appeal by showing it with tiny wheels though.

    Toyota needs to advertise their cars with big wheels, it makes a MASSIVE difference.

    This Camry for instances LOOKS pretty good in 19 inch wheels, not those tiny as 17 inch wheels that look like it belongs to the Yaris.

    • Charles Dean

      Yeah exactly, the best companies and products and leaders are always hated on the Internet.. **cough**APPLE**cough**

      But that doesn’t matter anyway..

  • Cnb

    I actually do like the design of the current Camry, it looks nice but still conservative..

  • Charles Dean

    I cannot understand how the Camry isn’t in the top 10.. I see them in Sydney like everywhere.. I see way more Toyota Camries then Australuas top selling car the Mazda 3

  • Troy Splann

    will there be a sportivo?

    sportivo = sports cardigan

  • Doctor

    Still prefer the Electrolux range…..

  • Res

    2.5L engine, it’s about time Australia gets the more sophisticated AR engine..

  • mrxandthexfactor

    Awkward front end.

  • ohyea

    wow a new AURION

  • dasher

    Overall a well proportioned car – slightly wedge look -flatish sides probably very good packaging..but why would they stick with goose necks in the boot??.. It was never going to be ground breaking(needs to have worldwide appeal as a family car) The Camry shown here is a more modern looking car than the Falcon and not as bulbous as the Commodore ..that said both are nice looking cars – nice. Like the current Camaurion -it will look outstanding with the right wheels.
    I hope our local designers do another nice job on the Aurion – I have a Presara family car(black with charcoal 18s and it still gets nice comments) and after over 100K of utterly trouble free and refined motoring as family hack I hope to buy another. But it will have to a genuine improvement..oh my own car is a Honda type R(after a long and enjoyable affair with 2 Mx5s)…horses for courses folks.

  • realcars

    will the new model still be four star ANCAP like current model?

  • realcars

    Current FIVE star ANCAP Falcon/Commodore superior to FOUR star Aurion in every respect.

    • jay

      actually camry aurion 5 stars

  • Tamstar01

    I reckon it looks nice in da pics bt wil hav to actualy c it to Realy kno

  • mick

    It might be a camry and it might look ugly but hey at least the rear end doesnt look like an old magna unlike the VY,VZ commodore and the back of a 380 (current model commodore)