by Brett Davis

In a demonstration to warn luxury car drivers not to park in the bicycle lane in the Lithuanian city of Vilnius, the mayor of the city recently crushed a Mercedes-Benz parked in the bike lane with an army tank.

Local citizens of the town are reportedly tired of luxury car owners constantly parking in the various cycleways and have requested the local council do something about it.

So, as reassurance that the public can rely on the council to clear up such matters, mayor of Vilnius, Arturas Zuokas, jumped in an army troop carrier and drove over a Mercedes-Benz S-Class that was parked in the lane. Now that is what you call a proactive council. Zuokas said,

“I’ve had enough of these drivers parking their luxury cars on bike lanes and pedestrian crossings. This tank is a good tool to solve the problem of parking in the wrong place.”

The message was recently posted up on the mayor’s Facebook page along with the image.

Even though it was a setup, the message is still pretty clear, don’t you think?

  • bold

    to be exact, it is not a tank, it is a BTR series 8×8 wheeled armoured personnel carrier

    • Rex


    • Hendo

      You could have just said APC….

    • t39

      That’s right, it is not a tank.

    • catter29

      Be quiet Mr. specific.

    • Tomas79

      Spot on bold.
      I’d expect better from a caradvice, sure’lly they are able to differentiate between the different types of vehicles….

  • max

    Tank would probably have flattend the car :)
    Way to go!

  • whatthe..

    A 10 litre per 100 k car being run over by a 1 litre per 100 metres military vehicle. Just what point is the idiot trying to make?!

    • Hendo

      read the article you imbecile

    • Trouble

      Ummm… to not park in the bike lane? I thought it was pretty clear…

    • Ima Hogg

      Some people are just down right stupid. Where we acctually reading the same article? Because What I read had nothing to do with fuel ecconomy or anything else like that.

    • aza

      most negative votes record?

    • aza

      most negative votes record? Seriously read the article before commenting.

  • Sonic

    I think Perth needs a ‘Keep left unless overtaking’ Tank. :)

    • Hjalle

      I think the whole of Australia could do with one of those tanks…

    • Andrew

      Perth? Try Cairns as well…..

    • Jneo

      we need one of those on the M5 in Sydney as well :)

      • Ima Hogg

        Add Newcastle to the list too.

        • Daniel

          And Canberra

    • 0mnicide

      Don’t forget Toronto!


    now what would of been funny,would be the merc explodes when the a.p.c runs it over,cooking the moron mayor…

    • Thrillhouse

      You do realize there’s a difference between a Vin Diesel movie and real life, right?

      • JEKYL & HYDE


        in real life the merc gets towed away by some repo mob.the mayor gets tazer’d,handcuffed,and thrown in jail on terrorism charges :-)…

  • Brett

    I bet your one of the people, JEKYL & HYDE, that does all the above comments, that piss people off. This sometimes is the only way to motivate people to reconsider their habbits and traits. Maybe that’s what you need?

  • davey

    I hope the poor driver didn’t just run out of fuel!

    Imagine walking back with jerrycan in hand.

    • Dragan

      hahaha or even the true owner of the merc thats tied up and gagged in the boot…..

      im sure most of the illegal parked luxury cars in Lithuania are parked there because of the illegal activity around the corner

    • Fred

      ** Even though it was a setup, the message is still pretty clear…

      Some people need to read all of the story and not just part of it!!

  • Zej

    So it’s ok for an economy car to there illegally then. It’s these decandant symbols of unbridled capitalism that must be crushed. Serves you right for owning a luxury car. USSR is alive and well…

    • DGS

      I have seen the sort of behavior that they are trying to crush. Fines for parking where you should not are a deterant for people who can not afford 25% of a weeks pay to be lost that way. But the same fine to someone who earns 10 times as much is pocket change an worth the risk for the conveniance.

      In effect the bike paths and bus lanes become parking zones reserved for the upperclass and gangsters.

      • Zej

        It’s a W140 Mercedes Benz S-Class. You can buy a decent one here in Australia for around $12-15’000. UK, around GBP3-5’000. Yeah, real upper class. Would they crush a $19’000 Hyundai? It’s a stance against the appearance of wealth – as shallow as a Lexus badge on a Toyota, and about as useful.

        • ark

          It was a setup. Clearly they weren’t going to smoosh a brand new $100,000 S-class… I’d be pissed at my mayor wasting money like that.

          Running over an old used junker (with a fancy badge) gets the message across in an economical way.

  • Technofreak

    A good laugh indeed! 😀

  • Meanstreak

    To be exact it’s a BTR60PB Amphibious Armoured Personnel Carrier. It weighs a little over 10 Tonnes and has two 90hp 6 cylinder engines, has a 290 litre tank and an operational Range of 500 kms, so will do 58L/100km’s

  • Troy Splann

    whered the find the OLD benz?

    was it abandoned?

  • evergreen

    certainly gets the point across, but a ticket may have sufficed

  • Shawn

    Now there is glass in the bike lane.

  • Bob

    Who cares what hes driving the fact he had the balls to do that if freaking awsome! I wish our leaders in the U.S would take leasons from this guy!!

    • EJ

      oh no, i meant to click the plus button and now it won’t let me change it! I agree with you 100%

  • Know

    He bought this car for like $2000 and did it on purpose to earn some stars. It’s sad that they didn’t write the whole story. This controversy is also being discussed in Lithuania if he did the right thing by showing this to the public. And no, there are no illegal activities around the corners like some illiterate shmucks imagine.

  • ვაკანსიის განთავსება

    It’s very cool.

  • Me

    Let’s bring this mayor to Toronto!!!!

  • Subodh shah

    Indian Politicians should learn how to solve problem, political willingness can solve all the problems of citizens.

  • Nino

    I hope mayor managed to pay for the damage he caused. Otherwise he is no less guilty then the owner of a car.

    • Em

      Uh, the last line of the article says it was a setup. So, yeah, wasted car, but its not like he actually smashed some strangers car.

  • Bob

    That’s not a very luxurious car, it’s old.

    • Asd

       Its more luxurious than most on new crappy plastic cars. Its more quiet and has more comfy seats than new S-class.

  • Zany

    Hope he doesn’t crush my trabant.

  • Tim Sherman

    Hmm. Looks like a BTR Series armor carrier. That is also funny, how was the tank able to drive on the road without cracking or even breaking the road. Also, out of many chances of the mayor of a city in Lithuania having a tank is low. LOL

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