by Brett Davis

Tata Group, the company behind the ‘world’s cheapest car’ the Tata Nano, has announced the development of its latest product: the ‘Nano’ flatpack house. Yes, Tata is now looking to claim the title of offering the world’s cheapest house on the market.

Dubbed the Nano house, the flatpack dwelling comes with pre-fabricated materials, including doors and windows, for a house of around 20 square metres in size. Materials consist of coconut or jute cladding complete with interior layouts. The proposed price of the ready-to-assemble kit is said to be just $US700 (around AU$660).

Tata is also developing a larger 30 square metre home with optional extras, such as a front verandah and a solar energy system. Head of the house project at Tata, Sumitesh Das, recently said at the announcement,

“We have already prepared two to three different designs based on discussions with users and are gathering more feedback. Hopefully, in the next six to eight months we should be able to roll it out in the market nationally.”

Tata says the homes will be sold to those living in village areas and could also be sold to councils in bulk that are looking to build up areas. Mr Das also said the company was bouncing ideas off local councils to develop the most suitable style homes.

The houses are said to have a life expectancy of around 20 years.

  • Martin

    Be cool if you could be add-on sections to add extra bedrooms or living space. Great idea for developing countries.

    • Jacob

      There’s pre-fab housing in Australia too. Made out Shipping Containers.

      • FrugalOne

        A 2nd hand shipping container [20 footer] is $1500 worn/used and abused.

        Its also miles smaller and compromised in design [super strong though]

        I take my hat off yet again the Ratan Tata and his team, first a car for the masses now a houses too

  • Jerrycan

    Post 2nd WW the UK built huge numbers of a standardised pre-fabricated house (prefabs).
    These were smaller than these units, but families were brought up in them. They were designed for about 10 years use, but lasted upto 50 years.
    Bet these don’t.

    • sally

       my great grand mother had one in Wales

  • Yuri

    Wonderful idea! I think it will be good not only for the developing countries. I would buy one for the backyard if it possible to buy from owerseas

  • Josh

    Good idea but good luck getting pass the stringent Australian Standards

  • Zakary

    I can imagine that it would be a great idea even outside of developing countries too.

    It could be a great way to get people to own property in general with a 20 year disposal house, even if you bought one every time the old one wore out, so to speak.

    Heck I would buy one.

  • Lu

    For developing countries like India and China with HUGE populations..
    house is not the’s the land..

    there is not enough space for 20 families to own a house while they can stuff 100 families in the same space by building an apartment.

    these are pretty good for developed countries like Australia I think.. earth quakes no longer a threat at least. even if they fall apart on you it wouldn’t kill you. and you have the space.

    • Nathan

      Australia has very little seismic activity, so not really a concern. And population to land ratio is so favourable to having more space that this is not really an item that makes much sense at all to Australians.

  • http://------ kalpesh dave

    dear sir,
    we are realy interested about this project,
    pls send as a proper information


    reckon i’d swap the kitchen and bath/loo around.the kitchen should flow into the lounge,not the bedroom…

  • Ford Fairlane

    What about a flat pack car,it could be called the Tata Ikea

  • Hung Low

    Now all thats left is the infrastructure to provide drinking water and a sewer connection.
    This is where it will all turn into a mess. The house is the easy part, the water/sewer will take longer to implement and when fitted will probably be to costly for the targeted demographic of tenants to afford!

  • john

    Not a bad idea at all.

  • Andrew M

    It obviously wouldnt stand the first storm thrown at it.

    Good Idea for Australia some people say….I ask how.

    These are half the size of the average double garage.

    I’d like to see more info on these, you obviously dont get electrical wiring, plumbing or WC sink etc.

  • Cracker Barrel

    They are prob cheaper then the jail and detention cells we have here.

    We should be using them for that purpose

    • Andrew M

      the detainees burn down brick and tile purpose built units, I think they need a bigger challenge than coconut cladding.

      But on the plus side if they went to camp up on the roof in protest they would probably fall straight back through

      • save it for the track

        Yeah then some do-gooder lawyer and/or human rights activist would try and help them sue us.

  • save it for the track

    Throw in some batts to go in the roof, and no doubt these will be going up in flames all over India.

  • vijay

    Dear Sir,

    I have got 6525 sq feet of land in Kottayam district, kerala. I am much interested in the nano house. I would be grateful if you could tell me where i could get a pre-fabricated kit.

    • Kris Pillay

      Hi Vijay

      I think along the same lines as you and I should be much obliged if you could supply the name and address of the nano house when you get it. Thank you and best regards



    Dear sir we are really interested about your new project. it will help many poor people and even lower middle class.
    once again TATA proved its concern towards the development with inclusive policies and ideas. Really India needs such innovative projects

  • FrugalOne

    Whats with all the Indians reading and asking Aussies about a Indian designed/built ref-fab house.

    Just phone Tata in India directly, and THEN post your findings, we are as interested in it as you.

    Maybe Tata can do a package, Nano and house deal with finance?

    Did you know Tata also own Tetley tea?



  • Old Dog

    Vission (sic) based activities like reading the domain name?

  • anil arora

    that’s what is the need of a common man in india. please send me more info.

  • prasad.Gannavarapu

    Really interested and apreciate your plans to provide homes to middle calss people.India needs such innovative projects.

    Thanks to Tata Group

  • atul

    A 1.5 ton split A costs abt 20k and a simple 5 kva genset costs abt Rs 1 lakh

    one 1.5 ton AC is enough for an area of abt 120 sqm

    so if six families form a cluster, pool in Rs 1.5 lakhs or so as loan (from TATA Finance itself may be ) to be paid off periodically .they could even have Airconditioning in summer months!

    Its just the months of June , July August that really require AC in India ..March April May desert coolers work like a dream

    so for those 3 months even if the AC runs continuously for those abt 2200 hrs. it comes to abt 8000 rupees to 9000 rupees of diesel for six families in 3 months

    thats abt Rs 500 pm per family per month for AC ..and for just 3 months out of 12 !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Of course it’s optional..if u can afford u can join a cluster

    kai bolte?

  • doug

    I keep seeing third world hous prices. What are these when converted to first world? I live in a 960 ft “flat pack house in Kansas City built in 1960 for $15000 on lot with basement. I paid $96000 in 2003. The house sold as a kit for $8000 your lot & foundation in 1958. From this I am guessing the first world price of your house is $15000 on your lot & foundation and $35000 as a turnkey .

  • blake

    I love it… I would buy one and put it on my acreage in Canada as a guest house. And, if nothing else just to support the idea…

  • sharon

    hi would like one to house my teenage son in the garden in the uk. Can you send some pictures please.

  • nurit

    i would like to have more technical information.
    i am planing now a big project that needs 20-30 sqr mr.
    so please contact me /

  • sivanesan

    we need like that house landmark Hyderabad and chennai any one or both place

    thank you



  • hinduismglance


    I think the toilet room should be like the aircraft with fold-able doors to minimize space and bathroom should be the same size as aircraft bath room with just shower and molded plastic on the wall for keeping the towel etc.This will minimize space.Secondly the bath n toilet with the bedroom and kitchen with living room.The complete roof should have solar heating plate so that lights and hot-water does not require electricity.The toilet should be connected to a little bio-gas plant which is very cheap.The pipe will lead to the kitchen and methane gas used for cooking.The poor people can save electricity and LPG fuel cost for cooking.If it has an in-built wall beds just like in Indian trains,that would also make the room spacey.Roof top rain water should have a collection point as in rain water harvesting.I have an innovative mind.If you want more ideas,please let me know.

    • Mike Stokes

      I like your ideas
      Mike S.

  • Paul Geyer

    I am interested. How do I find out more info?

  • Venkatesh

    Great job Mr. Tata. If it could come with Solar Panels, It would be fantastic for Hill stations because it is highly environment friendly,easy to erect and also Solar panels are ideally suited for hill top temperatures. hats off to Tatas.

  • Wmumart

    World needs very affordable housing.
    There are predictions that we will need 2 billion homes by 2050.
    Great idea not only for third world.
    We can make same structure stronger, bigger and low income housing even in USA would be resolved once forever.

  • scatman

    Whats needed is birth control.

    • Lyn


  • mike

    What are the details on plumbing, electrical, heating, cooling….and the foundation? and where’s the picture of one? of what is the roof made? desertmike

  • mike

    how about a Beverly Hills model for 5 grand? d m

  • david

    This is why your wages are going down and will never go up again in America. The market for 2$ a day earners is the largest emerging market in the world. Products like these will dominate the the planet for the next 100 years. We will not make them in the US unless the production lines are totally automated. You can thank Bill Clinton (NAFTA) and the capitalists he enabled for that. We will have to pay people to stay home in order to avoid a civil war. Greed and cleverness have triumphed over sensible solutions to common problems.

  • rajan

    Dear Sir,

    I have got 6525 sq feet of land in p distrialakkad dct, kerala. I am much interested in the nano house. I would be grateful if you could tell me where i could get a pre-fabricated kit.

  • Karen Allen

    Please Put me on a list for any information as this project continues.I am extremely interested.All issues can be addressed with a little enginuity.An Authorized insecticidal spray should get you through most regulations and realistic disclosure for use should stop some of the negative responses.I would be quite prepared to take on a dealership here to test the market for you.

  • Catherine Muchechetere

    I have asked you for the details of the Tata house and have not received a reply.  So I am wondering if you are in business or not.  I am here in India for now and was hoping to visit your premises before I go back to Zimbabwe, but have not received a reply from you thats why I am wondering if this is a computer gimik only.

  • Mjac777

    Great ! I’ll take four!

  • Poshan

    It is very good idea for poor family they can have their own home

  • Kiyingi

    I am really amazed and wonder how could this be possible! because here in Uganda that cost can not even be enough for labor. what kind of materials were used! If there could be technology transfer
    to other parts of world it bring much hope to homeless.

  • Rakesh

    I am an Indian, but I hate TATA products. They make the worst cars, trucks and buses in the entire world. They have even implemented CRDI in their passenger cars, forget the trucks and buses.

  • Ramesh Kumar.C

    I give value to the Brand Name TATA.   I wanted to build, the above said  Nano house just dobule to the said specifications, with Vaastu priorities included.  The house should use green tech,with solar electric generated for the same house, with rainwater harvest technologies used and included, alongwith it should withstand Cyclone wind force of 300 kms ph and Sun radiation of 45 degree centigrade heat, in a tropical areas like ours in District Nellore, Andhra Pradesh. If all the above are included, if the house is going to cost more, we donot mind.  Best Luck to Tata Company, and its leaders who have vision for the country and the world.

  • Shakir

    i pray 4 ur efforts in bringing NANO HOMES at the earliest sir and willing to help u out in making ur imaginations to reality with flying colours and wish 2 be the 1st customer in booking NANO HOME…………with best compliments 4m a INDIAN ARMY soldier….SHAKIR……….

  • Habib Rayes

    This is a great idea if very truy especially even though short of wet areas, electricals, facade design or roof composition.  Again if so true as is are you the great Tata’s could handle at least 10000 units in some six months in the Middle East. This is not a pie in the sky project.
    Habib Rayes/Eco Log Modlular Homes, Lebanon

  • Dinesh Ramane

    we are interested to buy flat pack nano house
    we are staying in rural area of Belgaum, Karnataka
    so please advise us how to purchase the same

  • Ravindra Gujjarbettu

    Well!  Everyone discussing about the price and package. Perhaps nobody got reply from the TATA? It is better to give the present Pricelist and the suppllier’s details alongwith the article ..Ravindra Gujjarbettu Udupi Karnataka