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I am sifting through these VFACTS records to find out who actually out sold who in the Luxury segment. I already covered Lexus’ success for 2006, but trying to work out the difference between BMW and Mercedes-Benz is a lot harder than I thought. Mainly because the press releases from both companies seem to completely and utterly contradict each other!

Lets start with BMW, since I have a slight bias towards BMW over Mercedes (I won’t lie to you). BMW claims that it has outsold Mercedes in the luxury segment, once again. Unfortunately as the VFACTs figures don’t give enough detail about these two brands, its hard to substantiate this claim.

BMW claim to have sold 16,034 vehicles in 2006 whilst Mercedes claims to have sold 18,104. Of course being German, both companies tend to hate each other and manipulating these figures to appear larger than others has been a work of art. Mercedes’ quoted figures include “commercial” vehicles. So BMWs claim on selling more luxury vehicles than its arch enemy appears true!

BMW 325i

The BMW 1,3,5,6 and X5 series have all dominated their class, according to BMW. That of course means that the Mercedes ML class beat the X3 and the S class Mercedes dominated the 7 Series BMWs. However there is a conflicting report as to who beat who in battle between the 5 Series BMWs and the Mercedes E class. Whilst BMW claims that the 5 series was the leader in its class, Mercedes says:

In the Large>$70K segment the E-Class platform has a commanding lead of 22% over its nearest competitor a position that has been maintained since the launch of the New Generation E-Class in August.

Mercedes Benz E200

What the? So what does BMW have to say about this:

The BMW 5 Series, equipped with a comprehensive range of dynamic straight six-cylinder, V8 and V10 petrol engines as well as the popular six-cylinder turbo diesel, outsold its perennial rival (as well as exceeding its 2005 total), with 1,813 sales.

I think both of these companies have worked really hard to find loopholes in the way they are measuring their sales numbers just to come out and say they are selling more than the other in the, insert random number, to insert random number segment. The E class (E200) starts at around $82,500 whilst the cheapest 5 series starts at around $95,000.
BMW claims to be the king of Diesel Luxurys in Australia, and Mercedes does not challenge this at all.

The X5 3.0d was joined in 2006 by the X3 3.0d, 530d, 320d and 120d, combining to deliver more than 3,500 diesel luxury vehicle sales, vastly outstripping all other competitors in the diesel market.

Infact there is not even a mention of the word Diesel by Mercedes in the 2006 sales report press release! I guess it goes to show that when your losing at something, its best to simply avoid talking about it at all!

Sales of BMW Group products in Australia have improved by around 30 percent in the past five years, thanks to exciting new products that deliver technical innovation, unrivalled comfort and luxury, leading-edge design and of course an unmatched driving experience,” BMW Managing Director Franz Sauter said.

Product differentiation has meant that both Mercedes can claim thats its B/A class are leading its rivals, whilst BMW can claim thats its 1 series is also leading its segment. Fortunately for the Germans, there is not much real competition for either of these two cars. The BMW 1 series has received a great deal of criticism from the motoring press this year, whilst the new B series Mercedes has enjoyed a much better reception, which is odd, as the 1 series beamer is a much better car all around than the B/A series from Merc.

BMW 1 Series 130

So what about 2007? Who is going to beat who this year? You know both of these companies rely a great deal on their brand value to make sales. Mercedes had gone through some quality problems the last few years, and whilst that has improved, the face of both companies has been slowly changing in the last 5-10 years.

In Germany, the difference between Mercedes and BMW is much like the difference between Ford and Holden here in Australia, its mainly personal choice and brand loyalty. On one hand you have Mercedes, and lets face it, its hard not to underestimate Mercedes, after all, if you want to be fair, they did have a lot to do with the whole invention of the automobile and all! And whilst that seems like ancient history to some, it goes a long way to show that even after all this time, they are still one of the leaders in automobile technology.

2006 Mercedes Benz E55

So in a way its best to view Mercedes as that old rich wise man that lives across the road from you that spends all his weekends meticulously washing his car, and in there is where Mercedes’ image problems exist. The brand (as a generalisation) is exactly that, an old mans/womans luxury brand! Sure AMG make some of the best cars in the world, but thats AMG, I am talking about Mercedes here.

Mercedes Benz B 200

BMW on the other is where the younger rich crowd have flocked too. Yes, I know a few of you just went “he didn’t just write that!” but I did, and its true. I would be very keen to get my hands on the age bracket of new BMW owners (specially 3 series) compared to Mercedes owners here in Australia for the last 5 years. I could almost guarantee you that BMW is the choice for the younger crowd.

No why is that you might ask? Well its actually not that hard to answer. Whilst Mercedes seems to chase the dream of being the ultimate luxury brand, they have failed to deliver on one very basic aspect. Excitement, to put it simply, excluding AMGs and the CLK range, most Mercedes cars are just plain boring. Sure they are luxurious and come with all the latest gadgetry but at the end of the day, most people look at it and go, oh.. its just another Merc.

Mercedes Benz S350

You can easily notice this when you look at the S class from Mercedes. Now the S class represents the best of what Merc can offer. Although Mercedes sells more S classes every year compared to BMWs 7 series. Its only because the S class is aimed at the older crowd. What will happen when the current 3 series owners get older and the current S series owners die out? Will the the new market go to the S class? Something tells me they will come to the 7 series!

You just have to look at the shape of the 7 series and compare it to the S class. The 7 Series stands out from a mile away whilst the S class looks just like another Benz, and thats the problem with Mercedes.. its just another Merc! If we lived in London where there are more 3 series BMWs than almost any other car, I might be writing this the other way around, but here in Australia, the “just another merc” image is doing a great deal of damage to the Mercedes image. Mercedes obviously argues that owners of the S class want to have the ultimate luxury car without attracting too much attention. And whilst this is true for the current generation of S class owners, things will change.

BMW 7 Series

The current perception in the luxury market seems to be that ultra luxury or performance versions tend to come out of the factory looking very similar to the lower end models whilst boasting an enormous list of performance and luxury features. All of which tends to only be spotted by the trained eye. Of course even BMW (and most notably Audi) is guilty of this too, after all the M3 and the M5 still appear as just another BMW to most people. But the image that they represent attracts a far younger crowd because unlike the AMG series which seems to exist in every model, the M cars represent a hero car for BMW.


Mercedes has gone relatively crazy with the AMG versions of their cars, there are just so many AMG models now available. Even if its not an AMG model, turbo models of its smaller cars such as the B series (B200) have done nothing to boost the brands image to the younger market that will become potential customers in due time. This is whilst BMW has released a twin turbo 3 series (335i). Now how good does this look!

Of course only time will tell, but brand loyalty will undoubtedly play a big role in the future success of both companies. BMWs advertising campaign to the successful 30-40 year old has worked wonders for the brand in Australia, perhaps its time Mercedes gets rid of its old marketing managers and hires some new blood!

  • Kris

    BMW is lots better than mercedes. mercedes quality has dropped over the past years. they look cheap. like the R- class, whats with that? but then bmw interior dash and door trims arn’t looking very good. they are puffy. I want to become an industrial designer and design cars. I’m always looking at car styling and there interiors. the best car against the bmw 5 series and the mercedes e- class is the holden ve commodore, thats got quality and style.

  • Jin

    well kris… u think mercedes look cheap???
    dat’s very interesting.
    whether it’s about the interior or exterior that matters, i personally think they both look great compared to my own.. mazda 121 hatch..;p

  • gabriel

    well, after enduring the bmw generation for a while, i feel the BMW takes the lead here, the latest BMW 3 series just outdoes even the Benz avagantre by far, maybe its loyalty but BMW has that catch to it, though Benz caused a stir with its AMG E55, the BMW M5 just sails through…. your pick

  • http://www.bromspecbmw.com Alastair Roberts

    I run and own a BMW workshop in sydney and have worked on many AMG and M power cars, with almost 21 years working on mainly BMW’S i feel that the built quality of the BMW range is up on the MERC range.
    I have good friends who work in Audi,Honda,and Merc and we get together every now and then and tell the whats what with what is going wrong with the cars that they each work on, as much as i hate to say Honda is the most reliable then BMW,Audi and the car thats being fixed more often is Merc.
    Thanks love the web site and thanks goes to Today Tonight.


  • http://www.pedalcar.com.au Lisa Preston

    Having only ever had one Merc and 6 BMWs {currently an M3} For me I have always thought Mercs more of a pensioners type car .Little if no problems with all the BM’s but the $160,000 Merc went back to dealer a few times for small quality issues. I am fussy though. To me BM’s have always been more sportier. And the way I drive ,you need something that can take a beating.Hail the BMW !!

    Thanks to Today tonight for the heads up on this site.

    VE Commodore ,quality and style ? Are you on drugs?

  • Tony

    The new Merc C-Class (in July 2007) should give sales a lift.

    I am looking forward to buying a new C-230 V6 when the new model arrives in Oz.

    Prefer Merc rather than BMW as there is a dealership within walking distance from my house.

  • Daniel

    I own a BMW E90. I’m 28 years old. At my age no doubt that I will choose BMW. It will be funny if i drive a merc at my age. Merc is more like my dad age to drive.

    Another things with the BMW is that the car is very fun to drive. Not only that, the aftermarket accessories is huge. We can choose diversify of wheels from HRE, Iforged, DPE, AGIO an many more…Not to forget the other accessories like exhaust, bodykits, engine & …..

    The popularity of the car in the United States allow us to buy the aftermarket stuff more cheaper and many more to choose from. The demand of accessories is so high that in United states the owner can change thier rims every 6 months when they get bored with the current rims. They just sell the old rims and get another design.

    Great forum such as http://www.e90post.com, http://www.e90fanatics.com & http://www.dtmpower.net make us (BMW Onwer) update on the current and future parts & accessories. Forum allow us to talk to others share their knowledge on Bimmer and not to forget the DIY section which allow people to mod thier car themselve.

    BMW provide variety of aftermarket parts which allow us to change the style of the look so that not all Bimmer is the same. Bimmer have the characteristic which people will say “WOW” from far away.

    So for me i think BMW is better !!!!!!

  • Bradles111

    Merc too old looking looked the same for like 20 years Bmw always comes out with fresh ideas that look nothing like any cars on the road. i mean honestly people want to be noticed and mercedes will do that but in a bad way. i chose BMW.

  • Steve

    Pffft. I used to own a BMW when I was young and wouldn’t mind a Merc S Class when I am an old man (and can’t stand a hard suspension).

    I am sure both of them will have enough technology to keep me happy as well as frustrate (when the little buttons baffle me or when they invariably break down)

    However, these days, give me a good, reliable, Jap sports car like a WRX (or ahem if I am a little older, a Lib GT) and I’ll be off trying to catch BMW’s M-cars and Merc’s AMG cars…. at a fraction of the cost!

  • Rob

    You people must not be here, Merc has got it all over Bm, the only reason why a young person would drive a bm over a merc is the price, have you guy’s seen prices lately the merc is always about 12-15 grand more expensive, have you actually seen a supped up merc next to a supped up bm, the bm almost look’s like a vw buggy, as for the VE, it put it all over the 550i as it did in it’s test with motor magazine lol, and now for the 3 series, don’t even let me get started, the thing has more problem’s then i have ever seen, looks and goes like crap with a oldman’s grey inerior lol.

  • http://www.pedalcar.com.au Lisa

    Good I hate people who own COMMONDOORS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ever driven anything else you wanker!!!!!!!!

    Remind me ,what did Motor say about the 550i?

    Mate Ive owned both,what about you .Mercs are for pensioners!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3 series WORLD car of the year mate!!!!!!!Not a couple of jernos from one mag that get as much Scotch in their boots for the next 12 months here .I am sure Holden own Wheels mag !Sorry if I havent spoken slow enough for you!!!!!

  • Sam

    seriously enough hating on commodores, realise theyre made for the middle class citizen at an affordable price not for some rich corporate wanktard who eats caviar and wears Dolce and gabbana snakeskin shoes. The VE faired well against the 5 series for what has been put into it.

    if you have ever traveled to europe, you would realise how overrated bmw actually is. an e39 m5 is over 70k here, in england you can pick one up for under 30k. bmws are like holden in most of england and scotland

    mercedes are credited with having invented airbags, ABS, cruise control and traction control. their on a different level to bmw, after all merc did invent the motor car.

  • Lisa

    Ok I am trying not to get up VES but seriously one minute you say BMW is a plebs car in Europe {this I know already }on the other hand because our government puts taxes on cars over $50,000 I cant compare a VE also a plebs car here ?

    I own Euro because,

    1 Quality.
    2.Tax reasons {what give it to the government when you can claim having something good to drive around in}
    3. Performance

    Its a badge that yes but also respected for design,quality and performance.

    I can make a comment on the Merc’s because I have owned one,I think thats fair!Also had a 911 but would still prefer a BMW over both. 911 very limited when it came to the shopping.
    People don’t buy BMWs because they can’t afford Mercs,$15-20000 isnt much extra to fork out when you put it over 5 YEAR lease mate.Well I dont think anyway.

  • Lisa

    Ok I don’t like Mercs as much as BMs but I found one I do like

    This is very KOOL

  • gavin Oughton

    In terms of reliability, I have a little Ford trio that’s as good as any of them! I would love a DS chapron Citroen, or a ’67 Merc 300 coupe though!

  • Cyprian

    Well I have driven both cars extensively. My father used to own and travel Mercedez. Truth be told, these are comfortable cars beyond description.

    BMW is, however, the more exciting to drive. I have owned only BM’s for myself. They might rattle more, and lose-out to Merc on issues of quality (build), but BM’s are more sturdy and can take more pain than Merc’s anyday. Guys these cars have character, they are thinking cars and will communicate this thinking process as you drive them. Overall, the BMW is the better car, more than just!

  • Mohammed Altaaf Sharif

    “VE Commodore, quality and style ? Are you on drugs?”

    I concur with this sentiment, I currently own a 2001 E39 530i with every single option and full M5 kit and suspension. Though not the newest model BMW it is one of the nicest shaped cars BMW has ever made, absolutely timeless.

    You cannot even try to compare the build quality, ride, fittings, features and styling to a commodore.

    Having driven and been in a VE, I must say its nicer then any other commodore I have ever driven but it has nothing on the BMW.

    When I cruise around in the BMW, it commands respect from bystanders and people in the lanes next to me complimenting.

    The car is extremely reliable and good looking, suspension isn’t like my mates Mercedes, which is too soft and unresponsive, this isn’t exactly soft but it isn’t overwhelmingly harsh either.

    170kw of power and it puts it down quite well, no where as bad ass as the Jap sports cars I own but still a fun car none the less with all the creature comforts.

    I think you can’t compare BMW and Holden’s they are just intended for 2 very different markets.

    Think of it like this –

    If a person who always buys Commodores all his life suddenly wins the lotto tomorrow he doesn’t go out and buy the highest spec Holden commodore, he will go out and buy a BMW or something high end European.

    Well this is how I see it and yes everyone has their own opinions on this so it will differ.

  • kinnesh naidoo

    if i may be honest i am a bmw fan. bmw and mercedes benz are very closely compared in alot of ways but if all depends on the way you look at things.it is a true fact that mecedes benz have very good quality cars tahing in to account the C,E,S class but merc is more of a luxury car with everything a person could wish for .bmw on the other hand is a sporty car it has relevance to every lttle detail but bmw is engineered for speed and excitment where merc is ur luxurious sunday car that you take out wash and go for ur sunday cruise around the block it all depends on what ur taste is and what u looking for

  • Nik

    I don’t know the average age of most of the rest of you, but I think some of you might be out of touch. BMW has become the common and default choice, so much so that perhaps now it is the rich pleb’s car.

    I’m 24 and every new Mercedes (barring the A class) turns heads amongst my friends. They’re amazing and have presence. Every BMW I see heralds ‘pffft’s and ‘wanker’ comments. Same price, different markets eh?. If BMW keeps making their cars as ugly as they do now, watch the tides turn.

  • Lex

    Guys, don’t get all bent out of shape!!!! They both make great cars. BMW targets younger people, Mercedes targets older people. The only issue with targeting younger people is that the older people have all the money (curse you baby boomers). It would be interesting to see what proportion of 25-35 years olds buy BMW over Mercedes and what proportion of 60-70 year olds buy Mercedes over BMW.

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au/3058/latest-ford-falcon-orion-spy-shots/ Luke

    Get the hell over the quality with Mercedes Benz. That’s your only call. Look at the BMs they look like rubbish e.g: 5, 7, 6 and Z4.
    Their only good cars are the 3 series and the bloody X5. That’s where they make the numbers, I should know my dad works at Benz. He has the figures at work. With Mercedes it’s more evenly spread between their models.
    BMW sells the 7 series because they offer a guaranteed buyback otherwise no one would buy it and the magazines give them a good review because they pamper the journalists with gifts

  • Merlin

    People a raging on the look of the new bmw! BS saw the most UGLY’ST merc in the car park the other day,looked like an AU Flacon for god sake,cls500 it was!

    Mercs are for old fats,hehe says the 24 year old bmw owner.

  • Bavarian Missile

    They give them a good review because they pamper the journalists with gifts ? I though thats what Wheels did with the VE ?

    Merc are for old farts !!! Unless its an AMG !!

  • Joel

    I’m going to confirm the “BMW’s popular with the young crowd” statement and take the cake in this thread as the youngest (22 yrs). I love my 325i and am looking forward to a M3 in a couple years. I respect Mercedes but could never see myself driving one at my age. The only people driving them around here (Canada) are cougars and grey hairs.

  • Bavarian Missile

    Cougars would be better driving a Bimmer if looking for a younger guy.Lol

    Hey Joel I was only 22 when we got our first Merc ,320 CE it was new ,and you felt old in it , I had already had 3 Bimmers before that so I I know where your coming from.
    It was too quiet for my liking, no engine noise to be heard .

    Now in my 40s I drive an M3 and think when I am too old for another in 10 years I still don’t think I will go the Merc. I am too much of a hoon !!! Would love an Aston Martin DB 9 . A really lovely classic car with grunt and noise.That would be my retirement car.

  • youssef flour

    I want to buy a Mercedes-benz car

  • Matumbo

    when i lived in Africa all we drove was the Merc, nice car breaks down more often than not, Moved to Germany and drove the bmw more power, sturdy, and overall good car the bmw tends to ride alitte stiff but thats because there are build for performance, however the 5 and 7 seriers ride very smooth for the most part. And before i pick a merc i would rather go Lexus. Love my BMW

  • Jacques

    All car manufactures go through bad patches, be it design, qaulity or engineering issues, yet what counts is that they can respond to these with upgrades or new models that adress these. Both mercedes and bmw have had their problems recently, with mercedes allowing their quality to degenerate and bmw approving some doubtfull designs. If you are a fan of either brand, it helps to find consolation when things go south to look at the company’s history.

    I have tremendous respect for mercedes, as I have ownwd quite a few second hand models, mostly older than 10 years, some even as old as 25. What really impressed me is their solidity and comfort. Although I cannot claim to never have had any problems, in general I was satisfied with their reliability, but mostly what makes them so special is that they tend to age gracefully, unlike the avarage bmw’s. Bmw also have some classic models, but the ones we see daily become very pedestrian after a couple of years.

    Of course if you buy a new car every 5 years, this won’t be much of an issue, but for those of us picking up the discarded ones, a very different picture immerges. The people buying second hand bmw’s tend to tarnish the image of the brand, while those who choose merc’s tend to boost their own.

    I have every confidence in both brands serving the needs of their followers for years to come, but if looking at history tells us anything, it is that mercedes has that special qaulity of gravitas over its main rival.

  • http://caradvice.com Saurabh

    I like Mec , overall they got mclaren1 cost $500,000 , which is bmw not even close to it and i dont think bmw can even go that far. You get what you pay. i agree that bm is youngester car mc is for old, but bm is just other car but mc is a rich and reputation car. It’s not just a car it’s Mercedes-Benz.

    • amer

      the car without abs break
      the car that dosent have any modern looking interior or exterior
      you u get inside the mclaren you will remember the 70s days…
      it cost too much for nothing or for speed
      and they use f1 engine to be fast
      sorry for mclaren

    • Brocky51

      your just jealous cause you can’t afford bmw, mecedes is old daggy and puffy and just terrible

  • Wezi

    It’s not just a car it’s Mercedes-Benz.


  • Evelyn

    I personally think that Merc’s are more refined cars, pretty much for older folk (that depends on the individual though). However the BMW is a sassy, sexy car. Had a C Class Merc and an M Series BMW and the BMW is just too sexy.

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  • http://www.evleaders.com/chadwick hydarnes

    The whole idea that only old people drive mercedes is rubbish. The only reason why mostly older people have them is because they are pricier cars (more older people drive BMW’s as well). I’m 22 and I just ordered an 2009 SLK with AMG package. Not an old person’s car at all.

    BMWs are great looking vehicles, don’t get me wrong, but they cannot compare with the look of the benz. The MB’s are sportier and sleeker looking, while the bmw is less attention-grabbing and more boxy.

    • kala

      Are you female or gay? SLK is for the ladies and gay men. And MB’s are sporty????? have you gone made? Most of their cars don’t even come with a manual gearbox to start with. Sporty my bottom

  • Catwoman

    mmmmmmm,Hydarnes, You have just ordered one ! Is it your first? I too at 22 had a Merc 300CE,beautiful car but……..boring to drive.You just don’t get that drivers feel like you do with BMW . AMG kit on it will look great but if you have owned BMWs before you will notice a big difference in how big a smile it puts on your face when you rev it and push it to its limits,MERCs too quiet I love to hear the sound of BMWs hard reving engines ,they let you know your alive!Hope you order a manual at least cause you may fall asleep………hahaha just kidding.

  • WomanRider

    I love my Mercedes Benz E-350, and prefer it over BMW. The only vehicle that I would consider driving from BMW is the 745i. Besides that vehicle, the other ones look like crap. However, I can probably agree that Mercedes Benz is for the older group. I am a very old 28 year old :)

  • W321

    I’m 26 and can’t stand Bavarian vehicles. Don’t get me wrong. They are great to look at and some of my closest friends worship them. But at the end of the day, cars from Stuttgart get more RESPECT!!!

  • Bavarian Missile

    W321 Your old before your time if you like Mercs………old peoples cars.hehehehe

    Why do Mercs get more respect in your books at 26? Most at your age are Audi or BMW !

    Catwoman knows what shes talking about,having a Dingo moment sorry!Not sure of my identity.

  • Bavarian Missile

    Hangon,where is Godspeed hes your age and knows what Im talking about……………whoops I don’t think he posts here anymore cause of Dingo!

  • W321

    You are right Bavarian Missile…

    I’m older than guys my age… But then I’ve been in love with Mercedes-Benz ever since I was 4 so how old does that make me??? Hmmm……

  • http://evo Frugal One

    LEXUS, by miles….



  • C200K

    Eeeew!!!! Why is the Anti-spam word for this forum “holden”???
    Anyway, let’s compare the specs shall we:
    BMW 320i = 105KW
    Mercedes Benz C200K = 120KW
    Both these cars are targeted at youngsters. Why in your right mind would you choose a BMW? is it so you can hear the BMW engine roar while you wave goodbye to the Merc that just overtook you?
    MB rules, not just performance but prestige and class.

  • Fred119

    I have had a couple of BMW’s. A 118d and most recently a 320d. Absolutley fantastic vehicles, powerful, torquey, quiet, efficient and reliable. The 1 series looks abit daft but the 3 series was everything a BMW should be. It is the best.

    I got an E320 CDI now. Might not be as fun to drive. Might not look as exiciting or different or unique as the beemers. But when it comes to pure engineering,power,and image/class, Nothing can beat it. It is so perfectly crafted and well rounded. It kills the BMW’s hands down. And dont say it’s an old mans car (I know what you guys are like) at 500nm of toque and carpet like ride and almost spookily silent ambience it ploughs through the highway like a knife through butter. whereas beemers can get jiggy and firm. And considering iam only 26, I dont have any competitors my age. Nobody my age can afford an E320 CDI. I’am a proud owner, even if people think I’am an old grey pensioner.

  • Neo Utopia

    Personally I think BMWs look more modern, dynamic and slightly better quality than Mercedes-Benzs. BMWs interiors have limited shinny materials (comparable benchmark setting Audis) and give the appearance of modernism and dynamism rather than just an Autobahn turing ambiance. Also, I think the word ‘BMW’ is much more palatable to say out in public rather than Mercedes-Benz, just like people prefer not to use the word Volkswagen, instead preferring to use the term VeeDub because it sounds less ‘German,’ interesting psychology isn’t it?

  • ata

    ass hole mother……

  • speedyace

    since about 2008 MB have hit the go fast pedal and absolutely demolished BMW across all categories. With the likes of the SLR, MB-McClaren, AMG Black Series on their books, MB have no real competition from BMW these days.

  • http://katlego katlego

    Mercedes benz is for older people..it looks only better when your grand father drives it..if you were to buy your grandpa a BMW (all ranges )as present ,i would say you lack respect for older people.

  • http://katlego katlego

    remember that a vehicle could be an expression of one’s personality..a person who drives a merc is likely not to make jokes with a stranger,

  • http://www.whatisanslrcamera.net what is a slr camera

    I am no longer positive the place you are getting your information, but great topic. I must spend a while learning more or figuring out more. Thanks for excellent info I was on the lookout for this information for my mission.

  • Olan1994

    screw the mercedes ..what do you say to this ..the 2012 mercedes (either glk or amg cant remember) costs about 112,000$ with a v10 engine and a sad body (what’s all the fuss about carbon fibre body) while the 2012 dodge charger srt8 rwd costs half of the mercs price= with a v8 HEMI engine ‘thats about a v10′ or even more cos its a muscle car , a stonger body(dont know the material ) & the best sound system any car owner would dream off …………………..FACE IT MERCS are just overpriced plastics on wheels …..no disrespect to merc lovers 

  • BK Nkomo

    I wnt to know which one is the best

  • Nkomos

    Which one is the best 

  • ian starving

    the BMW 8 series is the fastest car on earth except a aeroplane

  • Brocky51

    I would prefer bmw any day, they are fast sporty whilst me cedes are dagga and puffy old fashion and no where good quality as bmw i love bmw with a strong passion

  • Brocky51

    I would prefer bmw anyway because of, there looks performance and the name they are a strongly growing company with plenty of cool as cars//// mecedes are daggy and old fashion that don’t look nice and i think you are paying for the name i have never liked mecedes and never will/////
                                                  <3BMW I LOVE YOU<3

  • John Zelcs

    Ford Shelby CV525>BMW M5

  • sindisiwe

    BMW is the best…..

  • Wael Bilal

    How about now ppl
    What do u thing about both brands