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by Brett Davis

Kia will be unveiling a new Kia coupe concept V8 at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show in September. The car will likely be based on the Kia K9 luxury sedan and will feature a rear-wheel drive layout and a powerful V8 engine.

According to a What Car? report in the UK, Kia boss Hank Lee has hinted that such a vehicle is important to the company’s future, saying that a model like this could bolster Kia’s brand image and give the company a standout flagship vehicle.

Meanwhile, Kia’s head of design, Peter Schreyer, has previously said that the model wouldn’t necessarily need to be super-fast or particularly exclusive. He says such a car will need to be fun, practical and, most importantly, cost-effective for it to work well in Kia’s line-up.

Kia is reportedly working on a number of other concepts that it will be unveiled over the next year or two, all of which will be used to test the public’s reaction. If there is plenty of consumer interest, Kia may go ahead with production of the concepts.

The car to be unveiled at the Frankfurt show later this year will reportedly adopt the V8 engine package first conjured up by Hyundai for the Genesis coupe.

The engineering is there for the taking for Kia, so the concept may simply be a Kia version of the Genesis. We’ll have to wait and see to know for sure. It’s pretty exciting either way, the thought of an affordable V8 coupe. What do you think?

  • Carl

    If it’s based on a K9, it must be a bit of a dog

    • James

      That’s a bit Ruff!

  • JK

    Hope it bites hard.

  • Dave S

    A new new V8 coupe on the market – sounds great. Even better if it is a 2 door coupe. Since we already have enough 4 door coupes.

    Might be the most affordable V8 2 door since the Holden Monaro (excluding utes of course).

  • Jim Sim

    Sit ubu, Sit.

  • “james”

    …”good dog”

  • Henry


  • Greasy

    As much as I dont wanna sound like a badge snob and as much as I know how Kia has gone so far all this time to build great cars, still I wouldnt want a Kia badge to sit on my so-called V8 sportscar.

    • Devil’s Advocate

      What badge would you want on your “so-called V8 sportscar”?

      • toxic_horse

        You don’t sound like a badge snob. just a retard

        • greasy

          I just love the way some imbeciles attack anyone with different views than theirs. Wake up people.

          • Devil’s Advocate

            I wan’t attacking, just curious on what badge is more befitting a V8 sportscar because unless you have well over $100,000 to spend, you virtually have no options in the country as I am struggling to think of one under $100,000. Still nothing wrong with dreaming though!

        • Devil’s Advocate

          Was that meant for Greasy or myself as I don’t see anything stupid/snobby about my question??!! :-)

  • JP

    Looks like Kia got good value for money when they hired that Designer away from Audi……

  • Flying High

    “…Peter Schreyer, has previously said that the model wouldn’t necessarily need to be super-fast…”

    err… yes it does.

  • Tim Johnston

    Kia won’t sell a V8 in that colour!

    Don’t Korean’s eat K9’s?