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The 2012 Honda Accord Euro update is now officially on sale following its debut at the 2011 Australian International Motor Show in Melbourne.

The 2012 model year update refreshes the second-generation Accord Euro, which was launched in Australia in 2008.

The latest round of revisions brings a new two-bar front grille (replacing the three-bar version); reshaped front bumper, fog light surrounds and air intakes; ‘soft red’ (PR speak for pink) taillight features; and a chrome boot lid strip.

Inside, the door handles, console, steering wheel and other components get a satin-plastic finish. Other equipment upgrades on all models include steering wheel-integrated Bluetooth for phone connectivity, foldaway key, USB input with iPod integration, and Trailer Stability Assist.

The entry-level model scores automatic headlights and rain-sensing wipers as standard.

The Luxury model features HID headlights, while the Luxury Navigation model gets new bi-HID headlights with auto low/high beam and a cornering function that operates at speeds up to 40km/h (a first for Honda).

Combined cycle fuel consumption of 8.7 litres/100km for the six-speed manual model and 8.5 litres/100km for the five-speed automatic improves marginally on the previous Euro (8.9 litres/100km for both transmissions).

Prices have increased $1000 across the board from the previous pricing, which only applied for around four weeks. On June 3, Honda Australia dropped the price of all 2011 model year Accord Euro vehicles by $2150. So in practical terms, the 2012 Accord Euro is $1150 cheaper than the previous model was for much of its recent life.

2012 Honda Accord Euro manufacturer’s list prices (excluding government and dealer charges):

  • Six-speed manual – $30,340
  • Five-speed automatic – $32,640
  • Luxury six-speed manual – $37,840
  • Luxury five-speed automatic – $40,140
  • Luxury Navigation five speed automatic – $43,140

  • Huy

    Nice nip tuck Honda, but think I’ll wait for the new SKYACTIV Mazda 6 thanks.

  • Neil

    Not a fan of the nose update, looks less sharp (as minimal as those changes are). Otherwise the car is still strong value though, especially when compared with the outrageous prices Ford are asking for the Focus.

    • Why?

      I agree. The update models on both 1st and 2nd gen models seemed to have made the front styling look worse. Don’t change for change sake. Keep with the things that work, ie) 1st gen front end styling, and work on the things that need work ie) improved 6 speed auto, more low end torque.

    • tekkyy

      another price drop?
      can’t think of a car with that many price drops over the years

      traditional leaders Camry and Mazda6 are really getting price squished (between Accord Euro and the cheaper Kazashi and i45)

      just hope Honda isn’t moving Accord Euro to Thailand too!

      • anthony

        Apparently Euro production is staying in Japan.

        It is also made in China for the local market,where it is called the Honsa Spirior.

        • Mahdi Kabbani

          i need your help guys anyone
          how to fire a complaint to honda japan
          i am currently staying in china and brought the spirior but there is a problem with the streeing, they refuse to fix or change the car for me
          i love the car in all but this vibration on any speed is just not right.
          do you know how to fire a complaint to japan

          • Berstmuper

            Check the front wheels for balance, even though they might be balanced the actual tyres might be out of whack

          • Mahdikabbani

            i had this problem on the originals, bridgestones and the car wha brand new. then i changed to 18 wheels, 235/18/40 and still the problem is there, i tried many times the official service center, but no body could fix this issue.

          • Justin Peters

            It is most likely your tyres need replacing.

  • Able

    I’m not sure why this is regarded as the top of the mid-size class, it’s rear/boot space is appalling and the styling is such a mess – thhe original is so much better! Sure it’s no where near Camry standards but top of class? Diesel? Wagon?

    • Cesky Baran

      Agree, would love this in a wagon form. Ahhhh…

    • pH7

      Frankly speaking, auto-journalists are to be blamed. They emphasize too much on sporty driving and neglected the sole purpose of a big sedan, which is to fetch passengers. This car is just over-hyped.
      Wagon? I can’t remember a Honda in the form of wagon.

      • http://Nissan Kazuo

        most euro sold in japan r actually wagon. looks so nice!

    • anthony

      I was recently in South Africa,where they have the wagon,and it is very good looking,with the usual Euro features in wagon form…broad wheel arches,sleek front,and tapered rear.

      Also saw quite a few Euro diesels,that would be awesome to have locally.

  • nick

    Shame Shame Shame ….. How about relaeasing a 2.4l low pressure turbo version … not comestice changes !!!!

    • http://Audi Robj

      No, it needs a DI V6. Not a useless turbo

      • AlfaGTman

        Agreed. I want a V6 Euro.

        • anthony

          It is actually sold in America,Canada,and Mexico with the option of the 3.5 litre V6.
          NICE ………………….

          • Don

             The 3.5 in the North American version of the Euro, called the Acura TSX, is sweet. But there’s something nice about the lightness of the 2.4- one of the best fours around

  • o

    Buy one before Honda ruins the next gen model

  • save it for the track

    If they hadn’t added 150kg over the first generation it would be a very dynamic package. I agree that 467L boot space is not up with over 500L in Mazda6, but hey apparently even 420L is massive according to one CA reviewer. (refer:Elantra review) Kizashi is only 461.

  • Xr5man

    Woah, have u seen the really uneven paint Finnish on the the 2 main article pics that are in the sun!!!

  • F1MotoGP

    I like the Honda Accord Euro only if they would bring to Australia the diesel model too. 350Nm and 8.5 city fuel economy not the best but still OK.

  • anthony

    The Accord Euro is the mid sized benchmatk,as recently won the most reliable car in its class in Germany,2nd most reliable car overall in the UK,runner up in the USA where it is badged as an upmatket Acura TSX,AS WELL AS HAVING won numerous awards,including CAR OF THE YEAR in Japan,Australia 2008/9,and more recently in South Africa.

    I dont work for Honda,but recently bought one,and LOVE it.

    Good looking,comfortable,quiet,smooth,nippy,and reasonably economical.

    Would HIGHLY reccomend.

  • Jimmy James

    No wagon, no diesel. AGAIN.


  • Troy

    5 speed automatic? in 2012. In a ‘class leading car’? Er, no thanks.

    And don’t tell me ‘manual is better’, I’m sure the vast bulk of these sold in Australia are auto.

    • Shak

      drive it before you comment. The 5Spd is brilliant, and better than many other 6spds out there. The way i figure, this car is still the best value and best driving mid sizer in the market.

  • B

    Despite the big size, the rear seats have no leg rooms.

    • xs

      How very true. I too would prefer less “styling” but more leg room.

      • http://caradvice OSU811

        its called a Honda ACCORD, non Euro!! personally no thanks!! give me the euro any day!

        • anthony

          I could not agree more…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1435885244 Yani Hendriawan

    chrome, fail…

  • http://mickdim@internode.on.net mick

    got one on order cant Wait for it to arrive!

  • http://caradvice OSU811

    All the stuff it should of had already~!!
    But in saying that IMO it is still the best all round mid size sedan on the market, they really do steer, corner and sit on the road really well!!!, also have great drivetrains, especially the 6sp manual, Best all round Honda on the market!!!!!!

  • Cherr

    This car is awesome I don’t know what the problem is, Honda are at the top of all others when it comes to quality, fit and finish for both the interior and exterior.. I like the new touches..

    • F1MotoGP

      …maybe fuel economy should be better or diesel is missing!?

  • nickdl

    The manual Luxury sedan is a bargain at $38k! Best Honda by a mile.

  • Al Juraj

    Hondas are world-class in manuals but lagging behind in autos. The stickshift performs a lot better and is a joy to play with, as always.

  • anthony

    IMHO the Euro is Hondas best car worldwide,by a big margin.

    Drew a lot of interest at the motor show,the 2 on display had people in them constantly.

    And looked fantastic,expecially the bright Red one…

    • F1MotoGP

      I agree that red Accord Euro is stunning!!

  • Cheyenne

    This car is crying out for a 3 to 3.2 litre V6.
    V6s in the ‘less than large’ segment are very thin on the ground.

  • Riker

    Great car no doubt but a bit more from the engine & some other touches like those offered by it’s European competition would be appreciated. Other touches being DRL’s, 3 flash lane change indicator function, key fob window up/down function, etc….

  • jimmy

    After testing options including: 6, Passat, mondeo, c-class, a4 and 3 series, I have decided on accord euro. The quality, drive & fit & finish of this stylish & tech savvy car is amazing and all the “options” on the others are included!. The Europeans need to catch up, especially when you consider their appalling depreciation!

  • http://mickdim@internode.on.net mick

    i have had my new 2012 euro for a week and it is brilliant!

  • Isaac

    I just bought a Euro MY12 yesterday. My first ever new car! After driving it, I almost cried because it was unbelieveable how superb this car was. The handling was fantastic, steering and braking were top class. Very quiet and stocky. You drive it and you get a feeling that you are safe in it. It feels like being in a nutshell, a beautiful nutshell, curtain airbags to protect your shoulders; twin airbags to protect the head of the driver and the front passenger and an airbag right in front on the steering wheel. On the outside the car commands a lot of respect and other drivers treat my car with respect.

    Mine is a metallic black and I’m going to tint the windows next week. I love this car and will highly recommend it.

    • jimbo jones

      ‘other drivers treat my car with respect’ ?? Oh please get me a bucket…puke ! What are you …14 ?? Its a bloody honda for gods sake.

      Looks like your well on the way to turning it into a bogan chariot so dont just stop at the tinting…get some flare kits happening too.

    • Melissa

      a beautiful nutshell… I like

  • Ron

    I am in the market to get a car for work considering mazda 6, liberty and the accord euro. Very confused. especially when you can get bmw at 53k and merc at 55k thereabouts

  • MechanicMick

    Ron, I would stay well away from BMW & Merc, their service costs are absolutely eye watering compared to the Japanese cars, believe me, i’m in the trade!! I have an Accord Euro & aggree rear leg room is poor for the size of car, but it depends what you want it for. Still one of the best value cars (the best?) in this segment when you consider quality, resale value etc. I think the old nose job looks better too, for what it’s worth.

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  • The Wog

    I drove the first Euro back to back with an A4, and it went to the bathroom all over the Audi, at half the price – I think it’s the best car in the world. And the residual values show that.

    Why did you have to make it 150kg heavier and ugly Honda? I’d be putting down my $29,990 driveaway right now if you hadn’t.  

  • Seb

    Test drove a Euro MY12 today, happy with car all round – I do beleive its the best out of i45, Mazda 6…

    Would love to see a V6 option/turbo on the 2.4 but Aus is small market and wont get that

    Wagon that US gets would be nice too

    White looks stunning, would like Black but cant be stuffed washing it daily…


  • Melissa

    well said!!