The 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee diesel is now on sale in Australia, five months after the petrol engine models of the all-new luxury SUV arrived in local showrooms.

The new 3.0-litre direct-injection V6 turbodiesel will be available in all four model lines: the entry-level Laredo, mid-spec Limited, special edition 70th Anniversary and range-topping Overland.

The engine will demand a $5000 price premium over the 3.6-litre Pentastar V6 petrol engine, and will be priced exactly the same as the 5.7-litre Hemi V8.

Built by VM Motori and developed in collaboration with Fiat Powertrain, the new diesel engine produces 177kW of power and 550Nm of torque between 1800-2800rpm. Like all models in the renewed Grand Cherokee line-up, it is teamed with a five-speed automatic transmission.

Combined cycle fuel consumption is 8.3 litres/100km (10.3 litres/100km city, 7.2 litres/100km highway), making it by far the most fuel efficient engine in the range. The V6 petrol uses 11.4 litres/100km combined while the V8 burns through an average of 14.1 litres/100km.

The diesel has a maximum braked towing capacity of 3500kg, which matches the V8 and easily exceeds the smaller petrol model (2268kg).

Chrysler Australia’s Dean Bonthorne said Jeep expected the Grand Cherokee diesel to be well received by customers Down Under.

“The arrival of the new turbo diesel is icing on the cake of the all-new Grand Cherokee range,” Mr Bonthorne said.

“It’s no secret that Australians love a torquey, fuel-efficient diesel in this category, and just like so many other aspects of the Grand Cherokee, this highly anticipated new powerplant has exceeded all expectations.”

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee manufacturer’s list prices (excluding government and dealer costs):

  • Laredo 3.6 V6 – $45,000
  • Laredo 3.0 V6 Diesel – $50,000
  • Limited 3.6 V6 – $55,000 (Limited 70th – $58,500)
  • Limited 3.0 V6 Diesel– $60,000 (Limited 70th – $63,500)
  • Limited 5.7 V8– $60,000 (Limited 70th – $63,500)
  • Overland 3.0 V6 Diesel – $69,500
  • Overland 5.7 V8 – $69,500

  • Car Fanatic

    Some nice figures, Jeep seem to be heading in the right direction

  • m2m

    Finally! No where to go but forward for Jeep.

    Im suprised I haven’t been seeing many on the road though.

    • Richard

      Me too! I’ve looked hard and finally only this morning did I see a 2011 Limited whiz by.

      I’ve test driven the V6 and V8 petrols, looking forward to the diesel – it’s supposed to be incredibly quiet.

    • GarryO

      Had a drive of 2011 CRD Grand Cherokee Limited, awesome power and the quietest diesel I have ever driven, waiting patiently for mine to arrive, end of September 2011.

      • Bruce

        So I take it you have taken posession of your new Jeep. What are your initial impressions as an owner?

  • ajwhite68

    At long last, but $5000 is a very steep premium – but comparable to the V8 option. Why or what is the difference? Is it just engine, or are there other options thrown in?

  • Car Fanatic

    I agree, but probably because it’s a new unit, Toyota have done the same in the Landie, old V8 petrol VS newish V8 Diesel, you pay 10k extra for their diesel with an extra autotrans cog.

    • Smokin’ Jo

      177kW of power and 550Nm of torque. (3 L)
      At least you are getting some performance for your money.
      Toyota give you 127KW/410NM from the same 3L capacity yet you still pay a premium.

      • Jackson McFly

        yes, but the Jeep does have two extra cylinders…

      • James Cortez

        I REALLY hope it steals toyota’s sale volume. Doesn’t matter how many cylindres. A 3 liter is a 3 liter and jeep shows toyota they can ma e a much better and more powerful engine. Toyota I REALLY hope your sale plummets!!

  • Smokin’ Jo

    Awesome news. Now if they throw in a third row (7 seats) they have a sale.

  • Krish

    Went and saw this car a couple of months ago, the V6 has more than enough grunt and I was surprised that the interior was so well put together! Im sure the diesel will only build on the V6’s strengths. Good Effort Jeep!

    • Krish

      The V6 I drove was the petrol :)

  • Car Fanatic

    Might go test drive the Diesel

  • anthony

    looks good too. i can put up with the interior. ill give it 2 years and buy a second hand one :). would love to see that magical 200kw (why are we using KWanyway?) engine :).


    • Spitfire

      Er, anthony. We are using kilowatts because Australia introduced the metric system of measurement in 1974.

    • davie

      Anthony, can you please clarify How many hundredweights is your car.

      What is the maximum speed in furlongs per fortnight?

    • Tom

      “The metric system is the tool of the devil. My car gets fourty rods to the hogs head and that’s the way I likes it” – Grandpa Simpson.

      • ozedude

        Darn tootin’

  • Crossy

    That pricing takes it straight up to the new Territory. The Jeep looks the better buy though.

    • Smokin’ Jo

      Except the Terry has a 7 seat option.
      Small detail to some, deal breaker for others.

      • davey

        except Territory’s 3rd row is not worthy of being called a proper 3rd row.

        • Smokin’ Jo

          What do you expect from an SUV? Name an SUV that has full sized 3rd row seats?
          This is still not a problem for many with small kids that need 7 seats.

        • Alex

          Ha – show me an SUV that does have a ‘real’ third row…

      • OutBack Wanderers

        Has anyone noticed the damage caused by a rear-ended smash, why would any parent want to put their kids in the 3rd row, if you want to seat your kids in the 3rd row, get a rear bull-bar to minimise damage

        • Richard

          100% agreed! I present have a 120 series 8 seater Prado (though looking to convert to GC) and get very nervous with the kids in the back of that let along a Jeep or Territory. 5 seats are the best options for these types of vehicles.

  • Mr Gaspo

    All this car needs is a 7 seat option to nail its segment. Impassive car, impressive value… It deserves to succeed. Good luck Jeep.

  • Greg

    Why 5 speed auto – yes I know the torque is high but surely 6 speed auto is expected nowadays

    • Spitfire

      I read on the US Motor Trend web site that a 8 speed auto is coming at some time in the future.

    • nick car

      I would not be to concerned with it having a 5 speed auto if I was currently buying. The Prado diesel line-up, Pathfinder, and Pajero also have 5 speed auto. The Territory diesel has a 6 speed auto, and yet it’s ADR is 8.8 l/100km for AWD, and this is from an engine is 2.7 litre, has much less power (140KW) & less torque(445NM).
      It’s great to see that Fiat is providing cutting edge technology to Jeep (Chrysler), something that Mercedes wasn’t willing to do when it had ownership.

      • Carnie

        Another benefit of Fiat ownership, parts prices are coming down. When Daimler owned Jeep all parts had to go through Daimler, and they added their cut, but Fiat has addressed that and parts/servicing will come down.

    • Richo

      The number of gears in auto’s is overrated anyway. I’ve got a Pajero with a 5 speed auto that shifts perfectly everytime and always finds the right gear, and I’ve got an Outlander with a 6 speed auto that is constantly hunting through the gears and is always caught in the wrong gear.

  • stephen boyce

    there will be a 7 seater version called the grand wagoneer

    • Smokin’ Jo

      It’s a rumor and the rumored date is 2013.

  • Planned_Obsolescence

    The diesel sure sounds like a cracking engine, however with that price premium, with an avg drive of 20k per year it will take over 5 years to recoup the additional cost.

    Having said that, this is also going to depend on how the car will be used & should this involve towing boats or caravans, of course the diesel will come into it’s own.

    But I would think, should the use be around town & general driving activities, that $5k premium buy’s a lot of petrol & not too forget diesel servicing costs are higher than petrol’s as well.

    Iam certainly not anti diesel as my wife & own a diesel Renault laguna, which we love, but when that car was purchased we didnt pay a premium for a diesel. We also own a 02 V8 Grand Cherokee Limited & are looking at this new one very seriously, but I think if we did purchase one, for our needs I think the V6 petrol would get the nod


    • Tom

      Yeah, but diesels also resale better so you will recoup some of that when you come to sell it. If you are doing any off roading, the vastly superior touring range will be handy, as will the fact that in a lot of remote communities they only sell diesel. Finally, there is the fact that in a 2.3 tonne car, 550nm is just going to be a lot better at shifting the mass than the 3.6 litre petrol.

    • Richo

      Agree totally with what your saying, for me personally though, I’d still go the diesel because I would be doing a fair amount of towing and the tow rating on the diesel is much higher then the petrol V6

    • Y

      I’d go for the diesel for the touring range and power at idle. But..

      Diesel engines use 20% less fuel than petrol engines.

      Petrol is about 10% cheaper than diesel. Where I live diesel is consistently 145.9cpl, petrol is 128.9cpl on low days.

      Total fuel saving with diesel: 20% – 10% = 10% :)

      Diesel engine option cost $2,000 to $10,000 extra. Could take years or decades to recover the extra payment.

      Diesel engines cost more to service and usually require more frequent servicing.

      If a diesel engine blows up, it costs $20,000 to replace the engine vs 1/2 or 1/3 that for a petrol engine.

      Despite the new age sound deadening, the diesel clackety clack clatter could still be heard. Better on those luxury diesels and tractor like on those cheap diesels. It’s a tractor you have when you’re not having a tractor :)

      A 3.0L turbo diesel may feel like a V8 when you put ur foot down. But go past 3000 RPM and it feels like a 2.0L petrol engine in a 2000kg body.

      • Alex

        You don’t sound bias…

        But the Land Rover 3L V6 which eclipses the Jeeps outputs (180kw and 600nm) requires 25,000km servicing!! I am not lying! But it is recommended to get them earlier, but you won’t void your warranty if you don’t.

        And our Hiluxs are serviced every 10,000km for $250 – it’s actually cheaper than some petrols.

        Don’t be so naive.

        • Richo

          Turbo diesel’s in Mercedes commercial vans don’t have regular service intervals, instead the engine computer monitors all the happenings and puts up a service note when it decides its ready. I’ve heard of some owners saying they’ve gone 30,000km before the service light came up! Fact is, all engines can do this kind of thing, but manufacturers loooooooooove selling spare parts and dealerships looooooove charging stupid prices for servicing…..

          • Birty_B

            Just like MB Loooooove rebuilding Sprinters and Vitos when the blow up. 

        • Y

          Toyota fixed price servicing. Corolla $130. Kluger $180. Not sure if it’s at 10,000km or 15,000km intervals though :)

  • davey

    Maybe Nissan can now revise (downward) their Pathfinder 550Nm/diesel pricing to something more sensible.

    And Ford charge +$4000 for their old tech diesel in territory. if you’re going to charge a diesel premium, it must be worthwhile like Jeeps “new tech” engine.

    Jeep are showing how it’s done.

    • Alex

      Where the hell do you people get your facts from?!?!

      Its $3250 extra for the TD and generally it cost more because diesels are expensive to produce, duh!

      And you can call the 2.7L old tech (seems to be the only thing people can hang on the Ford right now) but I bet you it’s 100 times quieter than any of the current offerings from any manufacturer, even Mercedes and BMW (who have the best EU diesels).

      Funny, you call it old tech just because it’s been around for a long time, you forget it was ahead of it’s time when it arrived… what’s the difference?

      Stop trolling.

      • Richo

        Alex, the 2.7 TD in the Territory is indeed a smooth and quiet engine, I don’t quite stretch that being BETTER then the top euro diesels, but an equal to them yes


        140kw, 440nm and 9.0L/100km is hardly earth shattering stuff when you consider the Turbo Diesel Pajero, which IS old tech given the motor can trace its roots back to 1994, offers up 147kw, 441nm and the same 9.0L/100km (despite being 150kg heavier and having 1 less gear)

        • Y

          At least the 2.7 diesel from the Territory has been time tested. Where as the new VM Motori / FIAT is the new kid and it’s a VM Motori / FIAT, it may be reliable. Who’s to say? :)

          • Johnno


            Fiat invented multi-jet technology! If you want time testing you cant go past the fact that the first generation of multi-jet technology was introduced in 1998. Fiat are the absolute leaders in diesel technology.

      • davey

        No, last time I looked (price sheets close to hand) Nissan charge over $10K extra for the ST-X Navara 550D over the petrol, and in Pathfinder land its around $5K more between the 2.5D and the 550D (no petrol here anymore), once you factor out the 7speed tranny, stereo, brakes and a few other goodies. Sorry to let facts get in the way of a good rant.

  • Falcodore

    I have been waiting for this engine and they are only charging 5 grand extra for a brand new, clean sheet designed motor! As much as i hate to say it, this has got the Territory beat hands down. It has more power, uses less fuel and the Grandy is a proper 4WD. It also has features on the base model Lerado that aren’t even available on any Territory!

    Sorry Ford, as much as i like the new Territory, i think my new car is across the road at the Jeep dealership.

  • stephen boyce

    problem with the disco4 is the tires. the disco 4 only has 19inch wheels. i hope Fiat brings the chrysler delta to Australia and ypsilon. The grand cherokee has 18inch wheels so you can get some good tires 17 inch wheels would be better they have those in USa. personally ilove the TDV8 landcruiser

    • chips

      allied make a 17 inch mag called a scorpion ive put them on my diesel ltd work great

  • Al Juraj

    The $5K premium is, well, too premium especially if the technology is not even cutting-edge. Too bad they can no longer source engines from Mercedes. The base X5 diesel outperforms this by far yet returns better economy.

    • Y

      $5K no. $2K may be.

    • Chips

      you hav’ta be jokin the X5 is so far behind and less powerful etc.etc.

  • chris hall

    A bit of clever marketing by Jeep Aust, the petrol larado is $50000 drive away, if you want the air suspension its another $2500. The diesel is another $5000 making it $55000 and if you want the air suspension its another $2500. The threshhold for the luxury car tax 2011 is $57466 which makes it $34, over the limit. Just dont buy any other accessory


    • chris hall

      Oh I forgot to add that you will really have to screw your jeep dealer to drop the extra $34 bucks

  • Davo

    Just drove the new Grand Cherokee Limited diesel yesterday…and bought it! Very impressive. I believe its the first one in the country. Much better value than an equivilent Prado.

  • Rman

    Drove a Grand Cherokee Limited diesel on Monday (had to literally take the plastic off the seats it was so new) and was very impressed. In fact so impressed I ordered a Overland Diesel on the spot…

  • Bryan

    So, how does the jeep compare to the Prado size wise? Are they about the same or is there a significant difference? I got a quote from our local Toyota dealer for almost seventy grand for a GXL Prado last weekend which was a bit of a turn off; looking at the figures, I could get the overland version for about the same money…

  • Richard

    I’ve just privately sold my extremely faithful 2004 Prado Grande but I will not be replacing it with another, Toyota have lost their way with the current model.

    Test drove the V6 Penstar and Hemi last month and will be taking the diesel for a test tomorrow.

    Last weekend I wondered into a city BMW yard to check out the X5, they threw an X5 at me to use for a week (I declined) but took it to run around for a few hours on Saturday. With the GC still weighing heavily on my mind I drove it to a nearby Jeep dealership, parked outside and wondered in just to reacquaint myself with the GC. I was convinced the GC was for my, it beats the X5 hands down, in fact, the X5 is too small, is over rated and is no comparison.

    A couple of months ago I was totally oblivious to Jeep and the GC, I’ve since researched the CG to death, read nearly every review and looking forward to signing up for presumably the Overland diesel tomorrow. Failing that, it will be the Penstar.

    • iain

      You will be super happy!

  • John

    My wife and I are preparing to retire and want to do some extensive caravanning. We looked at everthing that claimed to tow 3 tonne and got snowed with all sorts of ball weight capacity claims. We settled on Izuzu DMAX and the Laredo with us probably going Laredo diesel because of the layout etc – and that’s without even driving it.

  • iain

    I have one of the first CRD Grand Cherokees in the country and managed to get a full suspension pack as well with mine. Absolutely stunning 4WD with a diesel so quiet you would swear it was the hemi. Our first 1000 kms is up and we have averaged 8.2 litres per hundred with a best of 7 litres on a sustained country road and freeway run!
    That is corolla territory in a truck that can tow 3.5 tons!!! We are very very impressed and all with an interior that looks straight out of a BMW or Merc!

    This is the best jeep I have ever had.

  • Josh

    Test drove the new Grand Cherokee CRD. Was so impressed that I ordered one the following day. Fantastic value for money and very well equipped, even the base Laredo which I have ordered, and 5K more for the diesel is very reasonable. Get in the real world and look at the cost of other vehicles.

  • Joshua3331980

    I have been very impressed. I drove from Perth to Port Hedland and it was comfortable, quiet, and there is lots of power. I have done some limited 4WDing (Sand) and it really was good, much better than my previous Navara which was satisfactory. All in all I am very happy and the fit and finish is good, and the vehicle is very well equipped.

    • Joshua3331980

      Next week I am going to fit my Rocky Road lift kit as I dont have the Quadra Lift air susp. As I like takin g the vehicle off road it does need a little extra height, so the additional 2.5 inches should suffice.

  • naomi

    Ive been told the 7 seater will be here around Sept 12 is this true…..we want one now and its very annoying its not available yet!    love the look

  • Troy D

    Its funny how the prices quoted by caradvice are always a lot less than the actual price of the car.. I have test driven the V6, V8 and the turbo diesel and in outright performance (much to my dismay) the turbo diesel wins! not just wins but destroys the V8!!  The v6 was sluggish, the V8 had power from about 4k rpm but the turbo diesel actually spun the wheels on a dry road on take off (giving it a brake stall up to 2k rpm) where as the v8 didnt.  so more power, more fuel economy = better value.  As much as I love the v8 sound though… maybe Im getting old by picking the TD over the v8 but if it outperformed it like it should being basically double the engine size, I probably would of picked it, same as if the SRT8 version was out and only an extra 10k not an extra 40k like anticipated by the dealers (apparently $95k will be the sale price) then i would of got that instead.  My turbo diesel will be here on the 9th of feb so ill rewrite what i think of it then 😉

    • Vince

      i have to agree the turbo diesel is far better value mine also arrives around the same time

  • mark kelly

    New diesel engine model of Jeep Grand Cherokee is sale rapidly in Australia now. Diesel engine model is better than petrol engine model in some feature. This models looks fantastic in this picture.

  • Lb Raftery


    • Troy D

      Let me ask you though,  do you regret buying it?  If you had the choice again, what else would you pick or would you still pick the Jeep?
      May I ask what broke down 4 times on it? the engine or something else?  I was under the impression these fiat/VM motari engines were supreme?

      • chips

        the 1st 3 reasons for breakdowns turned out to be a crack in the fuel pump in the fuel tank. When the tank dropped below a 1/4 it sucked air into the system and on the third time they got it right and replaced the pump. No more problems other than the 4th time which was a bad mistak by the jeep dealer in tamworth as they missread the computor readout. and yes the jeep for me is the best deal,price wise & perfomance wise over 12000ks now & happy

  • Vince

    Its sad but every  year, new model cars have there lemons, even bmw and mercs some times you can be unlucky. Iam waiting on my new td limited but my dealer has lied to me on several times my car was suppose to be here two months ago now he says it will be here end of this month should  of been honest from the start. typical car salesman