Nissan Australia has today announced turbo diesel versions of the X-TRAIL are coming to Australia, with sales commencing from late July.

Nissan says the diesel variants are a result of strong customer enquiries since the new X-TRAIL launched in October last year.

“The X-TRAIL diesel will be the first volume selling model in the compact SUV segment and we are pleased to be able to respond so quickly to such strong customer demand for this model.” Nissan’s managing director and CEO, Dan Thompson said

The company will import two turbo diesel variants, the automatic diesel model will use a six-speed automatic gearbox and make 110 kW (320Nm) while the performance variant will come with a 127kW (360Nm) oil burner matched to a six-speed manual transmission (not available in auto).

Both engines are 2.0-litre in capacity with 90% peak torque available from 1750rpm. They are built in partnership with Renault.

2008 Nissan X-TRAIL diesel engine

Fuel efficiency and high levels of torque are the main reasons many have asked for a diesel X-TRAIL and they don’t disappoint, 7.4L/100km for the 127kW manual and 8.1L/100km for the 110kW automatic.

Both models are available in new entry-level designated ‘TS’ guise – based on the ST-L petrol X-TRAIL – and the range topping ‘TL’ – based on the Ti petrol X-TRAIL.

The TS comes with 17-inch alloy wheels, power windows and mirrors, air-conditioning, cruise control, a six-stack CD player, front fog lights and chrome door handles. Safety is taken care of by front, side and curtain airbags, stability control (ESP), ABS brakes, seat-belt pretensioners and Nissan’s intelligent ALL MODE 4×4-i system which incorporates Uphill Start Support (USS) and Downhill Drive Support (DDS).

Moving up to the diesel TL model, additional features include power operated heated leather seats, climate control air-conditioning and a panoramic sunroof.

  • 2008 Nissan TS X-TRAIL diesel from $36,990 $38,990 six-speed automatic.
  • 2008 Nissan TL X-TRAIL diesel from $39,990 manual and $41,990 six-speed automatic.

  • Matt

    If that 2.0dCi is the Renault sourced engine, this thing will rock! Congrats to nissan on finally getting a diesel in the X Trail – good move.

  • Mitch

    Finally, Navaran engine would have been nice tho 400nm of torque

  • http://deleted Alex

    About Bloody Time. This is the pick of the bunch in the UK and I don’t think petrol really suits the design. Lucky Aus for finally getting this engine.

  • Duck’s Back!

    I agree. FINALLY!!!!! But good work nissan!

  • Lightbulb

    I think this will be my next car & congratulate Nissan for listening to the people by importing these diesel engined models. Personally speaking, I have always like the X-Trail & think the latest model looks great inside & out. Nissan should be on a winner here by offering diesels & they will sell well !

  • http://evo Frugal One

    Where are all those loud-mouths who shouted they would buy the XTrail as soon as a DIEsel model was avail. in Oz?

    Pricing has been released.

    Importing 2-DIFFERENT-DIESEL-ENGINES??Like WTF Nissan??

    Kicks off @$36,990 for a man. AS IN $5000 more than a ULP, oh did i mention that DIEsel fuel is now 22cpl more than ULP?

    Like the good man said, “there is a sucker born every minute”.You would have to be a fool to buy a DIEsel [or a wood duck!]



    PS We are satisfield with our ULP SII XTrail!

  • No Name

    Frugal – so you don’t like diesels then, clearly you are a minority then. I do take your argument though the the D bit in Australia if not so worthy financially as it is here (UK). With your diesel being 20% more than petrol rather than our 10% it does somewhat erode the 30% economy saving diesel gets over a simialr size petrol.

  • Duck

    Hey Frugal One thats not nice to me…………………

  • No Name

    Aww Frugals gone quackers mate. Who wouldn’t want to inhale those lovely toxic fumes, or perhaps he has.

  • Petrol Head

    I think the New Grand Vitara Diesel could give the new XTrail a run for its money, its a darn sight better looking than the new XTrail (Plus $34,990 Vs. $36,990) Not to mention the GV has got a “proper” dual range for those who do actually leave the blacktop.

  • No Name

    Petrolhead – Funny they both use Renault engines but the unit in the Nissan is far far superior. Go back to Alborz video of the Vitara and listen to the noise. Horrendous. nope stick with the bigger Nissan

  • Duck

    I agree with No Name. The X-Trail Diesel is way superior to the Grand Vitara Diesel. I reckon the new X-Trail (even though not heaps different to the last model for exterior looks) still looks good, not ugly.

  • Reckless1

    The fuel economy of these is quite bad at 8 in a fictitious environment.

    Nissan diesels (like the Renault sourced 3.0 in the Patrols) have a legendary history of blowing up even when serviced regularly, and Nissan australia pretty much turns their back on them. In Europe, all the 3.0 Patrols were voluntarily recalled and replaced – in Australia, it was ignored unless the customer was very persistant.

    Buy a Nissan diesel at your peril – the score is on the board in AU, and it ain’t pretty.

    And at $5000 price premium, only a wood duck would be stupid enough to buy one. Note that servicing (especially low ash oil) is far more expensive than on ULP. The low ash oil is $15.00 per litre or more, and they’ve got pretty cute with it – use anything other than what the Nissan dealer sells you, and warranty is gone even for persistent people.

    The Grand Vitara is a better car than the Xtrail, but when I saw how they have rotated an East-West engine (and a shocker at that) and planted it in the GV, I was disgusted. Try a plastic water pipe running the length of the engine from the radiator to the water outlet at the firewall – sheesh, what absolute crap.

  • VW_Freak

    Nissan will be laughing all the way with this decision. There is a demand for diesel in this segment. Naturally, of course, there’s no sign of a RAV4 diesel whatsoever. TMCA, are you watching this space? Over-confident as per usual? It’s time to wake up!

  • No Name

    Uh Reckless – $41990 less £38990 is $3K not $5K. You’ve been sat inside too long and that calulator of yours need a bit more solar.
    And we’re talking 2.0 litre engines designed a year or so ago not a diesel behemoth from the mid ninties.

  • http://deleted Alex

    be nice to see a diesel/petrol comparison car advice?

  • DON

    It is a time that Subaru Forester and Honda CR-V should wake up and bring in Diesel engine now, not later.

  • Myke

    ^don’t forget the Rav4 Don, the thing is though Subaru and Honda use their own diesel engines and they don’t have a automatic gearbox, at this stage.

  • Lightbulb

    There has been discussion about pricing but I think you should consider that the new TL diesel manual is nearly equivalent to the current ST-L petrol manual version with regards to specs etc. Not sure about exact comparisons but price wise they are pretty close which makes the new diesel version an even better buy.

    Cheers !

  • Lightbulb

    Lightbulb should have said TS (& not TL !) compared to ST-L.
    Sorry for the mistake.

    Cheers !

  • John

    Even if diesel is 20 or 30% more than petrol, it’s still cheaper in terms of fuel economy. Driven properly a diesel while returning double the millage on the same size tank as a petrol car. You have massive amounts of torque with a diesel from very low in the rev range, so you don’t need to thrash the crap out of it to get it moving. The torque also allows you to short shift in city driving without it being a pain to drive, thus again saving you even more. Anyone who argues you don’t save money by running a diesel powered car needs to stop smoking their bong. Europeans have adapted to diesels a long time ago it’s about time Aussies woke up to the 21st century too about the advantages of using diesel over petrol. Arguments about diesels being noisy smokey etc don’t hold true with the latest designed engines. IF diesels weren’t the way to go some of the most prestigious and best car manufactures in the world like Mercedes, Audi and BMW wouldn’t be heavily investing in the technology. Driving pleasure comes from torque down low and diesel engines smack petrol engines all over in regards to this and delivering fragile consumption figures at the same time. Audi have also proved with their wins at Le Mans that you can make a diesel move as well!

  • Stephen

    Gents and gals,

    Thanks for the discussion. Good luck to Nissan.

    It will be interesting to see when the local manufacturers provide diesel derivatives. Obviously, the sooner the better.

    Secondly, it will be interesting to see what Mr Swan presents in next week’s Federal Budget about encouraging cleaner, more economical cars and disencouraging big,bulky vehicles on our city/suburban roads such as 4 wheel drives and the like.

    Will there be any revision to current FBT laws which encourage people to do excessive kms?

    I concur with John about the European model which would meet our needs, unlike the American one which is really obsolete.

    Anyway, just a few thoughts. Hope I haven’t disgressed too much from the X-trail matter!

  • Frugal-One

    JOHN –

    Do the math and get back to us!

    Its ok to be WRONG! :-)

    Hint, ALWAYS look to the see how the countries taxi-fleet are fueled, because that will always be the cheapest fuel to run overall.



  • Ian

    The new diesels may help halt the sales slide – only 700 odd new X-Trails were sold last month. Its crook looks probably aren’t helping its cause. Good to see Nissan continue to expand their model range though after years of sitting on their hands denying us product.

  • Pilbara

    G’Day Ian, Yes i agree the new X-Trail does look a tad crook in terms of styling….But hey Good luck to Nissan, we’ll see how they go… they are yet to build a ‘real’ genuine mid size 4WD but hey so is Toyota! Most are only used for the car pool, i guess.

  • 4×4 nut

    Forget all this talk about economy better ULp v Petrol, whatever, if your worried about fuel economy Frugal, buy a suzuki swift! Any 4×4 enthusist will vouch the prefered engine is Diesle , better torque, better towing, less compliacations, and you can get aquatic with them , more confidently than with petrol motor.

    Test Drive one of each off road and then get back to us!

  • Xpert

    I cant see the point in getting the diesel. We bought a new Xtrail in February and the worst fuel economy we have had to date is 8.3 L per 100 K.(6 speed manual), usually get 8.1 on open highway and its only done 5K to date.

    wWhen you start to do the sums the diesel is way more expensive: higher servicing cost, 20 cents a litre dearer fuel and a mechanic was telling me that the small disel motors rev consistently high and will require overhaul at the 200K mark costing 15K!

  • Rod

    I am afraid it is John who needs to stop smoking his bong. There are many reasons for buying a diesel engined car but saving money on fuel is not one of them. You can only expect to get about 30% better mileage and so with the extra cost of the diesel over unleaded and the extra cost for a diesel engine over a petrol engine it takes several years to break even. The reason European manufacturers produce so may diesels is because in Europe diesel is about 30% cheaper than unleaded. I did the sums for a Mazda 6 when they offered both engines and found it would take four years just to recover the extra cost of the diesel engine.

  • Trent

    Hey John I’m with you mate, I’m going diesel even if diesel is more expensive than petrol. Lets all not forget the prices we pay for the decent premium 95 and 98 octane fuels……….what are they selling for at the moment per litre, Rod, Frugal One!!!

  • Pimpin Nagwan

    When will Nissan Diesel be launch in Indonesia,we’re waiting for it

  • Sin

    Regardless of what negative comments there are. Nissan will set a new benchmark for the Australian compact SUV market. The environment, economy (fuel consumption and hip pocket) and the smile on the owners faces will benefit. To those who praise the new engine, have obviously did their research. Lower emissions and doing the sums by diesel vs petrol per cents a litre and litres per 100kms begins to make sense. To those who oppose, get out from behind the eight ball and see what is ahead. Australia is following the European market trend and disregarding American style attitudes with gas guzzlers. The diesel buyers, Nissan, the greenies and the environment will be the big winners. Just wait and see Toyota, Subaru ,Mitsubishi and others follow. Suzuki, Land Rover, Hyundai,Ssangyong and Kia are already there. However, the 2.0ltr tubo diesel in the manual X-Trail sounds phenomenal and very advanced. Bring it on!

  • Glenn

    To Xpert, Frugal One et al if, as you say, you can’t see the point in getting a diesel then, just a thought, don’t get one.
    Fuel economy is only one consideration: some people just prefer to drive a diesel. If you like the relativly free revving response of a petrol engine, great. If you like the good bottom end torque and tractability of a diesel, great.
    I wonder what prompts Frugal One to assert everyone who doesn’t subscribe to his point of view is either a sucker, a fool or a wood duck or possibly all three?
    As it happens I drive a ULP vehicle so maybe that makes me as clever as Frugal One and Xpert – theres another valid reason to buy a diesel.

  • NissanFever

    For all the diesel haters out there I say great – more choice for all of us that love them. I got my hands on the 3rd r51 Pathfinder delivered in Australia and just ticked into 95000km. If this motor is anything to judge Nissan’s commitment to innovation and the development of common rail diesels – then I can’t wait to drive the lighter X-trail with somehitng similar. I mean show me any person who loves Nissans that would not agree there is plenty of grunt i these motors that leaves all toyotas wondering what just passed them. I have found a dealer in Syndey who will have the TL X-trail available this week. I intend to repeat history and purchase one of the first X-trail TL’s in OZ and still keep my Pathy. Sure diesel is more expensive at the moment, but go away and look at consumption rates when towing – something that is important to us who use it as a 4wd should (torque).

  • Glen

    A comparison of these three diesels would be interesting,
    Nissan X-Trail, VW Tiguan and Hyundai Santa Fe.

  • DoubleDee

    Friday 25th July 1pm: I have just driven an X-Trail TL Cdi diesel automatic from Northern Nissan in Melbourne, and very, very nice it is. I previously owned the old model 2.5 litre auto and the new diesel has a lot more low revs power and very smooth, with its 6 speed tip-tronic gear system (as reported from overseas sites). I had pre-ordered one (in May) subject to test drive and I can’t wait to take delivery – next week sometime. Getting on for $20,000 less than the Freelander 2 HSE, which it equates too in terms of standard leather trim, huge sun roof etc etc. The Freelander 2 was very nice, but not worth the huge price difference. Currently the X-Trail diesel has no competitor in terms of drive and price. Can’t understand why Nissan has kept so quiet about the diesel version – perhaps they have very few models arriving in July?

  • Bruce


    • Syd

      DP chip. Google it, it’s worth it. Mine has all the power and torque under the sun, but now, look out, no need for petrol. I raced my cousin in his 2010 ST Xtrail and flogged him!!!!

  • Tony B.

    Just got mine a week ago. Applied hypermiling driving techniques to see its fuel sipping capacities and boy was I surprised! Coasting in neutral, turning off the engine while waiting at intersections and accelerating very gently and slowly, with car navigation, radio and AC turned off, to my great surprise I got average 25km/liter in a dense city driving conditions (Tokyo). The car is still too new to do its best mpg capacity in hypermiler’s hands, see how it goes after the car has at least 5000 km on its odometer.
    Nissan, fabulous ecology car. Hope they could start thinking about X-Trail diesel hybrid plug-in version (phev).

  • Gabriel

    The petrol X-trail is a better bet than the new diesel version. I own a diesel X-Trail and it has an oil leak which continuously contaminates the EGR valve and air filter, affecting performance. Nissan has been trying to fix the problem for 8 months, but no permanent solution on the horizon.

    The Diesel X-trail is a lemon.

  • oduro stephen

    my is question what is the cause of engine oil coming into radiator tank on Yd22t engine manual.thank you

  • JMorris

    Do yourself a favor and ignore XTrail Diesel. Had a 2003 XTrail and required overhaul before 200K as said XPert.

    If you like it badly, get the petrol version.

    Quieter ride and way more reliable.

  • Byron

    G’day all!

    I bought a brand new TS X-Trail back in August 2008 when they first came out. Today (31st August 2010) it has just clocked over 70,000km of trouble free running. Mine is a TS manual, it is a very comfortable car to travel in with great room in the boot, and plenty of power.
    I’m happy and am considering trading in on the new series 3 updated version!

  • susan

    Hello any owners of T31 X-TRAIL

    I’m looking at a 2008 diesel.

    What is important to me is whether I can fit a 8ft6in malibu surfboard inside the cabin….

    and how high off the ground is the roof… ie I’m short and have to get stuff off the roof racks.

    Can anyone help with this vital information???

    Much appreciated..


    hi and good day all year
    plez any one have complet engine and transmission for nissan 2008 T31 2.0L CDI