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Toyota has released the first official photographs of the successor to its successful light car, the Yaris.

The company catch cry for the Yaris has always been “compact outside, spacious inside” and while that might be ‘marketing speak’ it’s pretty much on the money, as far as the overall design of the car goes.

It’s a vitally important model for Toyota and the 2012 Yaris will need to improve on the current design significantly, given the class of competition around in the light car category these days.

The big news is ‘affordable multimedia connectivity’ through what Toyota calls ‘Toyota Touch & Go’. According to Toyota in the UK, it will be standard kit on nearly 95 percent of sales. At the heart of the system is a 6.1-inch touch screen display, although details of what exactly its functionality will be are unknown at this stage, but let’s hope it includes speech texting.

Toyota also says the car will be built to the highest engineering standards, and quality materials and soft touch surfaces will feature strongly in the car’s interior.

Engine-wise, the Yaris will be available with three fuel-efficient, low emission powertrains; 1.0-litre VVTi, 1.33 dual VVTi and a diesel variant in the 1.4 D-4D, which Toyota Australia has confirmed this morning, is being looked at for this market.

There will be a new Toyota Yaris show car at this year’s Melbourne Motor Show, but the car won’t be released in Australia until the fourth quarter of 2011.

  • Martin

    Can definitely see bits of Kia Picanto in there.

    • Martin

      Side crease along the door handles and the lower grille are practically identical.

    • http://CarAdvice Michael Todd

      I agree. Lots of Kia lines to be found. It seems the hunter has become the hunted.

      • http://CarAdvice The Salesman

        Kia Cee’d headlights.

  • Scott

    Pitty bout the outside, but with a small diesel, no one else will have a chance….

    • Josh

      Ford fiesta diesel…

  • rose

    They just dont get it do they….lowering the engine isnt gunna save fuel….lowering the weight and removing the need to have to hammer the accelerator to take off will lower fuel consumption

    • Y

      Not if you lower the engine capacity and use tricky valve work and/or direct injection.

    • Phil

      Maybe its you who doesn’t get it. Smaller engines can easily provide better power and economy if done properly.

      The 1.2 TSI Polo for instance has 175NM constantly avaliable from 1500-3500rpm and excellent economy.
      That’s the same max torque as the much bigger 1.8 Corolla engine, except that it’s 175NM is only avaliable for a split second at a much higher 4400rpm – thus you will need to “hammer the accelerator” harder in the corolla to “take off”.

  • vti07

    Making new Yaris look like a mini Corolla is not necessarily a good move as it might tempt some potential Corolla buyers to downsize?

    • anthony

      Lets see what the next generation Corolla will look like,that cannot be too far away now…

  • Doctor

    I still prefer Electrolux’s bar fridge!

    • Y

      Wadeva float ya boat :)

    • PhantomHamster

      yeah but the fridge doesnt have a parcel shelf to put the box of tissue and my bowls hat….

    • gazza

      There’s always one clown!

    • gazza

      But the electrolux would still have more power than your BMX bike, hey DOCTOR!

      • mrxandthexfactor

        no no,
        a fridge will USE more power not have more power

  • Daniel

    Girls who have no idea about cars will love it. It will sell well.

  • Pumpit

    It looks and is better then others in this class, i20 is a failure, Fiesta is too expensive and Mazda is too weird

    • troy

      i20 WONT be a failure,.

      once getz production is stopped, and 120 replaces it at a cheaper price, itll sell like the proverbial!

  • Mad Max

    So does it still have a 4 speed auto or a CVT? When are Toyota going to start using dual clutch auto’s?

    • Phil

      When are Australians going to learn to drive a manual?

      • RS200

        Aren’t you asking too much?

        Aussies even start complaining when a car like the Golf R only come as manual, pathetic.

        Auto’s are for going from A to B, manuals are for Car Enthusiasts.

        Funniest thing I gave heard an Auto driver proclaim: “I’m a great driver”

  • Redvelet

    Ford Fiesta, please.. The fiesta at 22k is way too much, i don’t care what it has, but the fact is no one is gonna pay that much money for a car of its size..

    And the Fiesta interior? Well personally i haven’t been in one but from what i see its nothing worth mentioning, in fact i will go as far as saying that this Yaris has a better interior then the Fiesta..

    And reports have it that this Yaris will come with CVT transmission.

    And the best thing is Toyota have the smoothest engines/drivetrains which are also the longest lasting of any other automaker..

    And yet people complain on CA and are amazed on why Toyota sells so much cars.. They’re not stupid Toyota/Japan, they know what they’re doing..

    • tw

      Fiesta isn’t 22k, spouting misinformation isn’t going to make this car suddenly better than a Fiesta.

    • andronicus

      If you haven’t sat in the Fiesta then why are you mentioning its interior at all?….and if you havent sat in one, you havent driven one so maybe think about that when you decide to rubbish a vehicle that many (including the reviewers on this site) have called one of the best small cars available.

    • mrxandthexfactor

      The Fiesta has a 1.6L engine. This has a 1.0L/1.33L/1.4L-D. Smooth drivetrains but not dynamic. Power steering numb. New Yaris interior simple and basic, Fiesta interior cool and flashy.

    • Phil

      Redvelet, whats your basis for the claim that Toyota has the smoothest and longest lasting engines?
      I’ve never seen Toyota win any awards for their engines (apart from the Prius engine winning economy awards).

      If they’re the longest lasting engines, why do they only offer a basic 3 year warranty on the engine? Mitsubishi offer a 10 year warranty on their engines.

      • Phil

        Also, if they’re so long lasting, why does Toyota say to bring the car in for servicing every THREE months if you do “intense” stop/start driving or a maximum of six months between servicing for “gentle” use?

        • Robert

          Not sure about their engines now a days but my 86 corona with 2.4 hilux engine is beaut. heaps of torque in it and it never dies (believe me, i’ve tried). i know it’s not regarded as the same toyota of today but they were great back then, i don’t know when they changed

  • Adam

    The usual Yaris bashing in the comments section, of which 99% have probably never driven one.

    If you’re so uninterested in the car then why read about it?

  • Woody

    Its good that Toyota will be offering 3 differant engines, Im sure they will have a good seller on there hands..

  • Matt M

    I had an echo and a yaris through uni and loved them, they were always different quirky reliable little runabouts, that dont try to pretend they are anything else.
    They were both fun to drive and never had a problem.
    However this new Yaris is neither quirky or even different. Looks like any other cheap runabout… looks to have lots its spunk. Saying that it might still be a great little runabout.

    • RS200

      Fiesta has a proven dynamic chassis it’s competing in WRC. All cars that compete in the WRC always have a good dynamic chassis.

      But they are competition only difference is that Ford go from the normal boring fiesta to the almighty Fiesta ST (XR4) now that is another story.

  • Demonaz

    I really like that interior, and the fact that Toyota is focusing on media connectivity.

  • Toyota Guru

    Hey Toyota, take a look at the Polo, especially the GTI, mix with your reliability, and then you’ll get it right.

    • QAZ

      Polo doesnt look that good…i have no idea why people think its “classic”

      • CRS200

        The Polo is a magnificent car and much better quality than the Yaris and better engine technology.

  • Henry

    the seats finnaly got some design to them!

  • mrxandthexfactor

    Signs that Toyota is slowly learning to add style and sports appeal to their cars. Hope Toyota will continue to make their cars better.

  • john

    The diesel sounds interesting.

  • Vins

    It looks good. Hope it looks as good in flesh metal.

  • sanctum

    I cant handle that dashboard. the loop around the head unit irritates my eyes to no end! its as if the head unit is designed around the passenger

  • http://weightlossaidsthatwork.com Weight Loss Aids That Work

    Looks ugly.

  • Lukaas

    – it looks good
    – Diesel is interesting
    – good sellers, because at 15K drive away, you get a fun looking car, that has good “trendy” features, reliable… just dont put 3 big guys in the car and expect to reach 100kmp in less than 20 seconds :-)

  • Vysoke Tatry

    It looks good, I like the high roofline; that’s something I appreciate (that’s why I wouldn’t buy the current mazda2)
    The diesel is interesting but I’d still probably prefer petrol in a small car. Will definitely test drive when available!

  • Joe

    The interior looks awesome!

  • rentakeyboard

    At least they got rid of that stupid central pod!

    Still looks like a shrunken Corolla.

    • Al Juraj

      Having a diesel in the lineup makes this the ultimate courier car. Please, just don’t have a 4-speed auto in it.

      • ClioRS200

        It’s a Toyota with reliable 1980 technology, do you really expect it to have a dual clutch auto?

        That’s why Toyota are so reliable they are still using 1980’s technology.

        Japanese car makers are going to suffer allot in the next coming years if they don’t start using Turbo powered engines.

        The only interesting Japanese brand is Nissan but yet again they are owned by Renault.

        • Munich

          Toyota Japanese automakers manufacture their engines with the highest precision and this makes them the smoothest and most reliable and quietest engines..

          Look at Lexus, they currently have the most advanced car in the planet, LS600HL

          • tw

            I don’t think you know what advanced means

        • Al Juraj

          Well, the Fiesta has a dual-clutch auto. And (Dual VVTi isn’t 1980s technology. Only the 4-speed auto is.

  • Eric V

    I like the idea of a diesel Yaris. A driving range in excess of 1,000km appeals to me, plus the added Nm low in the rev rang where it is actually usable has to be good.
    I’ve driven the Fiesta diesel (LX comes in at 20K) and its a very nice car and almost had my money, until I drove a Suzuki Swift and then heard they may bring their diesel to Australia next year.
    So I’m holding off for the moment. However a Mazda 2 diesel and a Yaris diesel means I may have to hold off a little longer and then test drive them all in one go back to back.
    Main point is, there are some very good small cars out there at the moment and some good ones just around the corner.

    • Al Juraj

      Diesel would be sensible for small cars and it’s only a matter of time when Oz is educated of the benefits of an oil-burner. Many people are simply unconvinced because the higher dealer price and fuel cost precede the economy benefits.

    • Dale

      Eric you sound like a Car salesman dream client

  • Sumpguard

    How is it that Toyota has managed to get it’s small car to look better than everythign else in their current line up? I’m not a toyota fan by a long shot but this actually looks half decent.

    We have a fleet of these at work (current model) and considering the abuse they get they are a very tough little car. If you were buying your daughter her first new car (or she was) this would be an excellent starting point.

  • alittleconfused

    i’m a 19, a girl, and looking for my first new car!
    i want something pretty and looks good, but i want to be able to put my foot down and it zzzzzzzzzzzooooooooooms away!
    can the yaris do this for me?
    (don’t forget im on my p’s so i can’t have any high performance vehicles orV8 blah blah!)

    • Wanda

      Get a Ford Fiesta; looks good and goes hard!