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Renault has released the details of its fastest ever road car – the 2011 Megane Renault Sport 265 Trophy – ahead of its unveiling at the Nurburgring this weekend. Renault fans and CarAdvice regulars will recognise this car from the video we posted at the beginning of last week.

The special edition Megane R.S. 265 Trophy will be limited to just 500 examples worldwide, and unfortunately it seems unlikely that any will make their way to Australia.

Renault Australia’s Emily Ambrosy confirmed the Megane R.S. 265 Trophy was “unavailable in Australia at this time”, and although she would not rule out a local introduction, she admitted they were likely to be snapped up quickly in Europe.

The high performance Megane Renault Sport 265 gets an additional 11kW and 20Nm, taking total power to 195kW (265 horsepower) and 360Nm.

The R.S. 265 Trophy shaves one-tenth of a second off the R.S. 250’s sprint time, launching from 0-100km/h in six seconds flat. The 265’s top speed is 254km/h, 3km/h faster than the standard Megane R.S. 250.

Renault Sport’s engineers have uprated the engine’s maximum turbo pressure to 2.5 bar (up by 0.2) and revised the air intake to account for the higher pressure and running temperatures.

The Megane R.S. 265 Trophy has a unique exterior appearance, highlighted by glossy black red-rimmed 19-inch alloy wheels, Bridgestone Potenza RE050A tyres, red ‘Trophy’ decals, and LED daytime running lights. The 265 also reintroduces the Liquid Yellow i.d. metallic paint, reborn from the Clio Renault Sport 182 and V6 255, and the Megane R26 and R26.R.

Inside, it scores Recaro seats with yellow seatbelts and details, Renault Sport onboard performance tracker and a numbered plaque.

Owners of the Renault Sport 265 Trophy models sold in the UK will also gain free access to the full 2012 Renault Sport UK track calendar, which is valued at around £650 ($1000).

The 2011 Megane Renault Sport 265 Trophy will be available to order overseas from June 20, with deliveries to begin in late July. Just 50 are destined for the UK, with prices starting at £27,820 ($42,890) – £3800 ($5860) more than the R.S. 250 Cup.

  • spark

    Is there really any need to release a new model thats only “3km/h faster than the standard Megane R.S. 250″? Seems a little bit useless since the performance gain is so slight

    • Phil

      Renault do this every few months with their sport Megane/Clio range.

      They usually have either a “Cup” “Williams” or “Trophy” nametag along with a slightly uprated HP designation.

      They’ve done it so many times, it’s impossible to keep track of which is which.

      • Arky

        The usual “special editions” are just cosmetic differences though, so this minor power and torque improvements (however slight) really is unusual. Of course, the amount they’re charging for such a tiny performance difference is pretty staggering. I wouldn’t buy it.

        Bring back the V6 Clio, I say. Now there was a car with character. The Megane 250 is an awesome car, don’t get me wrong, but there’s something about a little city hatch with a giant engine in the back that says “surprise!”.

    • F1MotoGP

      Maybe cornering speed is much higher!!??

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=609899031 Jenny Tudball-Smith

      Hey I just looked at the lap times around the Nurburgring and she is a heap quicker than the 250..  :( and in liquid yellow – I would pay the extra for it.  I have a 225 and not a huge fan of the 250 shape – but in liquid yellow I think anything would look good in :) hehe

  • Hector

    seriously useless model. for only 11kw. you would barely even feel an additional 20nm of torque. save the money and buy a chip that will take it way past 195kw. something you might actually notice.

    • Hung Low

      It will still blow the doors off a Golf Gti regardless!

      • ClioRS200

        Even the little Clio RS 200 blows the doors of the Golf GTI!


    i just wish it wasnt a renault

    • ClioRS200

      I wish ignorance wasn’t a gift…

  • mcl334

    you get more kit in top spec aussie model + add $850 chip!!

    Reno would be better if they fix up minor grievances.
    IE. crap stereo, less angle on gauges ETC.

    • ClioRS200

      I suspect the Cornering speed has been improved much more.

      After all Renault Sport are not drag racers…

      But when it comes to cornering they humiliate almost everything around them!

      • Adrian

        I agree. Most people that bag renaultsport are not aware that these cars aren’t about drag racing in a straight line, any fool can do that, but are about driving mechanics. So 11kw might not seem like a lot but put that with the torque and handling upgrades and this thing will be a dream machine on any twisting winding road and perform better than any ford or holden performance car.

        • Freddo

          Another one bagging aussie performance cars?
          Lets see this thing carry your mates and tow a boat at the same time?
          I know for sure my mates wouldnt get in this metro fwd boy racer shoebox!

          • Thomas

            He didn’t bag Aussie cars, just merely stated that this vehicle would out perform them on a windy road. Get out of your bogan “everybody hates me” mentality and read what people are actually writing about before commenting on it.

          • bangel

            Not every one is a fat bogan with a caravan .

          • Freddo

            Not everybody is an IT expert that enjoys understeering, unreliable, fwd shoe boxes!

          • Adrian

            Yes as pointed out I was NOT bagging aussie cars I was making a statment about handling on windy road. There is no need for the aggression. People dont buy these cars to tow boats, they buy them to enjoy driving.

          • bangel

            Not every one is a fat bogan who enjoys sloppy handling , unreliable rwd tanks designed to lug caravans , no economy , overweight .

          • RH

            Maybe Freddo your mates a bunch of fat lards !
            These cars arent made to compare directly to Crummydores.
            Crummydores are gas guzzling barges…… dinosaurs that appeal to fewer and fewer people as time goes on. If there wasnt a V8 series in OZ the crummydores and falcons would be largely irrenivant ……

  • Gambler88

    i’m pretty sure i saw one the other day in brisbane’s fortitude valley. it was parked outside the police beat, it looked gorgeous and caught my attention. when i looked back into my rearview mirror i was wondering what model it was.

  • John Citizen

    still one of the hottest hatches around

  • Nick

    This is a stunning car! It is a complete performance package that will humiliate anything this side of $100k.

    Only gripe is that the French have not cottoned on to Ergonomics, and interiors.

    • Lukaas

      humiliate what cars exactly?

      Its a nice looking car especially in person, but its far from humiliating a lot of cars that its competing against…

      • bangel

        Its true competitor arrives next year , scirocco R , let the battle begin , or just buy a mk6 gti plus chippy stage 1 .

        • Leyianart

          Megane RS 250 has out performed the Focus RS, Golf R and Scirocco R. So how is the arrival of the Scirocco R going to affect anything? It’s not a better performance car than the Megane RS 250.

  • Charles

    Yeah the interior is just awful and being that is where you spend all of your time driving it, I just couldn’t live with it. It’s a shame because I love the look of this car and the performance is great but I just couldn’t own one with that interior.

    • RH

      Tarten seats anyone ??????

      The pinicle of bad taste

  • Captain Nemo

    Good job Renault awesome little car. This baby makes a VeeDud Golf look like a jelly coated suppository.

  • bangel

    Ah corporal nemo and fung ho , have we lost faith in our rubbish crumers and falcoons , i cant see bogans driving french , then again probably as reliable as the OZ made junk .

    • CRS200

      Hey Bangel!

      When are we going for a twisty road drive?

      I really what to show you what Renault Sport is about and teach your VW (presuming by the way you talk you own one) a lesson?

      • bangel

        HAHAH will be collecting MK6 before the end of the month , boat docked , then its off to APR for stage 1 , 190kw + and 400nm+ , quick enough for your french bucket .

        • CRS200

          Congrats on your purchase!

          You do realize the Clio RS 200 cornering ability will eat the Golf alive, don’t you?

          I really would love to show you how wrong you are mate we gotta meet up for drive!

  • Golfschwein

    You wouldn’t find me waiting for a Scirocco. I’d choose one of these…in YELLOW!!!

  • Charger

    As someone with a TRADE background not a IT Degree French cars are THE WORST and most unreliable cars on Australian roads people who bag out Aust built cars try changing Auto’s at 30k, cyl heads, misfires, etc. Engines under warranty as they cant work out whats wrong! So it looks great and goes well until you have to pay for the up keep unlike Jap performance cars!

    • Jim Sim

      Hey man, but they have soft touch plastics.

    • Thomas

      Yes reliability may have been an issue with French cars in the past, Renault Sport has always had little reliability issues that have plagued Renault/Citroen/Peugeot. Also with the technology gained from the colaboration (takeover) of Nissan. Renaults have never been more reliable.

      Renault now offers 5 year unlimited kilometre warranty accross their passenger range because their vehicles are now some of the most reliable cars in Europe.

    • CRS200

      So your telling me that my 2.0 liter engine the same used in Formula Renault is unreliable!?

      Another ignorant for the list!

      Ps: Owned 1.2 liter Clio for 6 years. Over missed a beat!

    • RH

      charger ….. your degree most be in blindness. Current (NEW) Renaults are among the most reliable cars on the road in Europe. The cars in oz have seen a huge reduction in warranty claims and Renault and Volvo are ranked no1 for customer satisfaction for Euro cars in oz ….. your comment is arrrgghh CRAP !!

  • Striter

    2.5 bar? isnt that close to 30psi, must be a pig to drive off boost..

  • CRS200

    The new RenaultSport Megane Trophy 265 has broken the record for a front-wheel drive car at the Nurburgring Nordschleife!

    • CRS200

      Renault has taken the lap record for a front-wheel drive car at the Nurburgring Nordschleife with the new RenaultSport Megane 265 Trophy – which has just posted a time of 8 minutes 7.97 seconds.

  • GTiMk6

    I drove this and the GTi, this feels lighter with a bit more feedback but GTi has more overall grip and a stronger engine. Smaller turbo is better off boost, and a chipped GTi is an easier and faster drive. Also, new GTi is much better drivers car then old GTi.

  • RH

    i like how the Gti fanboys all saying get a Gti and a chip. I have to laugh you need mods to make your car close to the RS250 in standard form…… RS250 gives Golf R numbers at Gti price .