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by Brett Davis

Toyota will showcase a pre-production version of the next-generation Toyota Yaris at the upcoming Australian International Motor Show in Melbourne. The new model will go on sale in Australia during the final quarter of this year.

Sporting an all-new body, the new Yaris is a lot sharper than the existing range, even showcasing some of the Prius design in the front end. The new shape is not only more energetic, it also provides increased interior space compared with the current model.

Dimension changes include a lower roofline by 15mm, an extended wheelbase of 50mm and an overall body length increase of 100mm. This is said to provide more room inside, particularly for rear-seat passengers.

The Toyota Yaris was introduced to Australia in late 2005 as a replacement for the popular Toyota Echo. The Echo and Yaris were the highest-selling light cars in Australia between 2003 and 2008.

Specific options and powertrain details are yet to be announced, however, lots of information will be released when all is revealed at the Motor Show in Melbourne. The show will run from July 1 until July 10. We look forward to bringing you all the coverage.

  • Gene

    The only thing I am interested in is whether Toyota Australia will retire the antiquated 4 speed auto. In the rest of the world Toyota have replaced them with CVT long long time ago.

    • Jack

      Hopefully Japan’s floods washed away the store room containing those 4-speed autos, and that Toyota will take it as a sign to build better, more current transmissions instead.

      • Aussie bender

        I hope whatever they do means big fuel consumtion reductions.
        The Corolla uses as much as the Golf GTI in ADR, the difference is the GTI requires premium but when you consider power/efficiency the Corolla is from the dark ages.

    • maximark

      I rather to have the 5 or 6 speeds auto than the cvt one, as an owner of a cvt vehicle I wouldnt buy one again.

      • Phil

        4 speed is the industry standard in this segment except for in Europe where most cars in this segment don’t have a automatic option at all.

        Anyone who was truly interested in driving would go straight for the manual – saving $2000, getting better economy, better performance and a more enjoyable drive.

      • Al Juraj

        Anything more than 4-speed, whether 5, 6-speed or CVT, is definitely better.

    • davie

      I think it will probably have a 4 speed. They could offer it with a CVT but Toyota thinks that Aussies don’t like CVT’s

      Nissan do the same for micra. we get 4 speed auto, rest of world gets CVT.

      • DriverTee

        and China get 4 speed auto for micra too.

        • Al Juraj

          It’s really a matter of educating people on the benefits of a CVT over a 4-speed. Toyota always play it safe in this department, which is quite annoying. I have always admired the reliability of their cars but global reviews on them being left behind simply land on deaf ears. I just know that at the back of my head the lack of ratios will blunt performance, economy, or even both.

          In America, the Corolla is the only one in its class left with a 4-speed, and the new Impreza will now have more gears in the automatic.

    • troy

      if im to have a lethargic wheezy 4 cylinder, ill change the gears myself.

      manual please…. oh wait, too hard for toyota drivers :p

    • Michael Czajka

      Prius and Corolla both have CVT… so why not the Yaris?

  • A

    Who cares…it doesn’t look very modern and the reviews I’ve read for it so far say it’s already outclassed by things that have been out for years such as the Fiesta and the Fabia etc…I have no problems with Toyota (not a hater, promise) but I think that sometimes they take a bit too much advantage of their customers’ apparent loyalty. They’re not even that cheap really.

    • Ima Hogg

      The buyers come back for reliability.

      • Stoney

        Sure my golf has had a few problems, but its never left me stranded at 20,000k’s with a blown fuel pump like the Toyota Echo I had did.


        • Matt M

          I love my new 2011 VW polo, but my fuel pump has gone twice, since February. I had an echo and Yaris in my uni days, never had an issue. They may look and run like a fridge, but the things go and go and go and go and go…ect

      • bahnstorming

        Toyota reliability isn’t what it once was…don’t give in to Toyota’s marketing propaganda

        • Ima Hogg

          Spose The last toyota that has been in our family is our Daughters 98 starlet. Never missed a beat. Before her it had a very hard life, got all its problems from the first owner fixed under warranty. She told it last year(bought in 2005) and it had to last the p plater age. Such a reliable car the starlet.

          • RS200

            Toyota’s are reliable because they use 15-20 year old technology!

      • Phil

        The buyers come back for reliability?

        Or is that they are forced to come back because of Toyota’s pathetic service intervals.

        3-6 month service intervals when all the European brands are 12-24 months….

        • QAZ

          3 months? where did you get that from?

          After warranty, most people just go for the per 10,000 km service. In fact if you do it every 6 months and you only have, say 5000 km, even the dealers will tell you that you can accumulate a bit more kms before bringing in.

          • Phil

            Toyota says for cars that do stop/start driving or travel on dirt roads – to service every 3 months/5000kms. It’ll be in the owners manual and on their website. However, I don’t know how Toyota would know how you used the car.

            You say people go for the 10,000km service after warranty? What sort of mileage are they doing during the warranty? Do they go for 5000km intervals? Most European cars are 15,0000-25,000kms.

            If you went over the 6 month perioud even with low kms as Toyota apparently suggest, Toyota would be entitled to void your warranty.

            Toyota’s service intervals are from the 1960s.

  • Car Fanatic

    For everyones information, Warranty Direct has used it’s claim Data to compile a list of the 100 most reliable cars ( in the UK.) their list has Corolla at no.1, Yaris at No.11 and it declines from there for Toyota. So basically they are selling all makes off the back of the Corollas reliability ( which is probably only reliable because old people drive them everywhere under 60 k an hour and never do more than 50 kilometers a day.

    • TMG

      I agree, the only thing I found odd was the the Auris is built in the UK (which goes agist most peoples belief that any UK built car is rubbish). and the Yaris I think is built in France (well the stying was completed there for this model)

      This one will need to be well spec’d and well priced as the competeition has moved past current model.


    OMG…the nissan tiida is dead.long live the toyota yaris…

    • union

      hear hear. It look very much like a Toyota Tiida. Yuck!

    • Lazybones

      Toyota really have given up designing cars these days. I hope this comes with a free brown paper bag to put over the drivers head.

  • vid_ghost

    It looks ok but i’m not a fan of the inside… very cheap looking

    overall i think the sky active mazda 2 and New Polo are a better option if the price is right.

  • Yonny

    Thank God that stupid centre electronic dash has gone, replaced by a normal one.

    Still wouldn’t buy one, though.

    • Robbo

      Everyone’s discussing reliability, maybe Toyota know they’re not so good any more by putting that HAZARD FLASHER button so prominently close to the driver!? Man, it even pushes the audio unit over further away! Priorities??

      • ST

        In all other countries other than this one, they use the hazard as an extra warning for cars following to prevent rear enders. It has saved me from a few rear enders when I was driving a 4WD and had a moment of sudden braking with the following car already close up to the rear of the car.

  • JD

    the outside looks good but the interior seems so cheap and outdated … especially that seat trim in the pic above

  • Joseph

    i like it, i will miss the central digital speedo, anyone got any word on the sedan?

  • Toyota Guru

    And what’s the bet Toyota Australia continue with the old, outdated, 12 year old 1NZ-FE and 2NZ-FE engines in this new Yaris, while Mazda bring out their far, far superior SkyActiv engine? Dear oh dear…

    • Jack

      People will still purchase the car. The Cruze 1.8 has a stone-age engine but it’s doing well on the charts.

  • Mr Gaspo

    Please Toyota no more 4 speed autos!!!! A CVT or a 6 speed torque converter auto will do nicely thank you.

    • Phil

      Why bother?

      They know that, no matter how awful the automatic is, people will still fork out $2000 instead of just taking superior performing manual.

  • Sumpguard

    I’m certainly not a toyota fan my employer has several of these that have done well in excess of 200,000 k’s with just regular servicing and one example has over 340,000 on it and trust me when I say they are driven hard. The reliability of this particular car is hard to fault.

    One major oversight however is the front end overhand that scrapes on every driveway access. Infact my employer gets them lifted at purchase. I wonder if they have fixed it with this model because it often results in the clips letting go and the bumper ripped off. The photos appear to indicate they haven’t.

  • Matt J

    The sad thing is, people are actually going to buy this. Compare the interiors of the fiesta and this. You’d think the Yaris was from the 90’s.

  • Vibe

    I like the steering wheel, and dash design isn’t bad, bit like a Jazz. That’s where the praise ends.

    Get with the times Toyota, this isn’t the mid 90’s.

  • Hung Low

    The Swift thanks!

  • Troy

    Another Toy-ugly-ota shopping trolly… it’s a sad day when the likes of Kia is releasing (reasonably) good-looking vehicles, and Toyata just keep regurgitating the same crap time and time again.

    Not as bad as the Rukus though I guess 😉

  • former echo owner

    former toyota echo driver. 3rd owner (family handmedown) 267,000 kms and so far no drive problems.
    engine and transmission still smooth
    never serviced on time, never treated it with respect.

    only problems: interior faded, and windscreen wiper blades needed replacing 3 times. But to be fair this car has never ever been garaged.

  • Xenon

    Guys let’s not forget that this car is competing with cars like i20 and this defantley isn’t worst then the i20.. It’s better in every way, this even has a nav built in..

  • http://ozmazda.com ozmazda

    Even the current facelifted 2 is a better buy and wait for the sky-drive/active update…

  • H2o

    Ford Fiesta, please.. The fiesta at 22k is way too much, i don’t care what it has, but the fact is no one is gonna pay that much money for a car of its size..

    And the Fiesta interior? Well personally i haven’t been in one but from what i see its nothing worth mentioning, in fact i will go as far as saying that this Yaris has a better interior then the Fiesta..

    And reports have it that this interior will come with CVT transmission.

    And the best thing is Toyota have the smoothest engines/drivetrains which are also the longest lasting of any other automaker..

    And yet people complain on CA and are amazed on why Toyota sells so much cars.. They’re not stupid Toyota/Japan, they know what they’re doing..

    • Phil

      I suggest you listen to some of the 4 cylinder Camrys driving around. Or have you ever heard one of those Wombat shape Taragos from the 90s accelerating? Toyota is not known for smooth engines.

      What source are you using to say that they are the longest lasting engines? They certainly don’t seem to be the first choice for the trucking industry, nor are they anywhere near GM for making Loco engines.

      • Ping0

        Actually Toyota engines are very smoth, i have an 05 RAV 4 and at idle you think the engine isn’t even running.. ALso the vibrations are at a minum, and i even rev it up to 5k and it handles it like a V6, V8 but its just a 2.4L 4 cyl VVT-I engine

        • Phil

          OH WOW, you can rev your engine to 5K? Fantastic. And its the VVti engine, so its not even a diesel! What a achievement. 5000rpm for a petrol engine!

          Your living in a fantasy land.

      • Mercboy

        I would say Toyota engines are smooth, my neighbour has an Aurion and the otherday i was treated in for a ride and its defantley smoother then any car i have been in.. Smoother and quieter then our E-class Mercedes..

        But since Lexus is Toyota and Lexus does have the smoothest of smoothest engines on the planet.. They have the lowest manufacturing tolerence for their engines, they’re fit to perfection and highest standards, no joke..

  • Samr

    Why did they make it bigger ?

    If they do it again next model it will be a Corolla.

    and the Corolla will be a Camry

    And the Camry will be as big as a Ford Fairlane

  • Phil

    My first thought was that it was a Dacia Sundero (Romanian car). What badge is on the front grill? Doesn’t look anything like a Toyota bade.

    • Al Juraj

      Toyota Japan doesn’t actually use the tri-oval global badge.

    • ST

      It’s the Netz badge. Dealers in Japan are separated into 5 distribution chain, Toyota, Netz, Corolla, Toyopet and Vista. Each sell a limited models in the huge Toyota range in Japan and sometimes variations of the same thing which is why there’s sometimes 2+ versions of the same car with different names/styling cues such as Auris/Blade however on every rear end, there’s a Toyota badge.

      Btw, Toyota in Japan never really had a Toyota badge up front unless it’s an export car or one sold by the Toyota distribution network.

  • James W

    I’ve been looking forward to the new Yaris since last christmas. Since I live in the UK, all I want to know is when it will go on sale in that country.

  • Roy b

    If theyrelease the 1.4 diesel and6 speed auto or CVT I am in

  • Michael

    My sister would probably buy a Yaris if it had a CVT in it. My mum almost didn’t buy a Yaris because it didn’t have a CVT in it. The CVT in my sisters Colt is one of the things she likes the most about it. It’s been trouble free… and she now has over 300,000 on it. The colt is a 1.6L and still gets better economy than the 1.3L Yaris. For those who don’t know anything about CVT’s they give roughly the same economy as a manual. CVT’s also give about 30% more torque… which is awfully useful in small cars… as you can do more with less. Plus CVT’s are very reliable (better than a normal auto). We’ve had two CVT cars… and in both cases we’ve loved them. 80% of cars sold are auto’s… so there seems no good reason not to use the best auto that’s available? Plus CVT’s are cheap to build! …but usually that saving doesn’t get passed on to the consumer. Also like the 15,000 Km services on the Colt… wish Toyota would up the service intervals? Even the little turbo smart has a 20,000 Km service interval!!! 10,000 Km servicing is not necessary. Having said all that… the Yaris is still a great car… but if only it could be better again!