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by Brett Davis

Mercedes-Benz and its performance division AMG have reportedly given an official codename to a new V8 coupe it plans to build. According to Autocar in the UK, the car has been called the Mercedes-Benz SLC by a number of company officials and will be built specifically to rival the likes of the Porsche 911.

The SLC is said to be under development right now, following a strict performance program similar to the one used on the SLS Gullwing. It is expected to fit into the showroom underneath the mighty SLS but above the SLK55 AMG, with a UK price tag of around £75,000 (AU$115,000 after a straight conversion. Price is not to be compared with Australian market as the conversion does not include various taxes and charges).

Mercedes-Benz has apparently confirmed to Autocar that it will be a strict two-seater featuring a front-mounted V8 engine. It will be engineered by AMG and use the next-generation Mercedes SL platform as a base. It will offer compact sports car proportions however, measuring no more than 4.5 metres in length. It will also offer ‘contemporary retro’ styling, including various cues taken from the original SLC of the Seventies and Eighties.

The car will be marketed as a true Porsche 911 competitor which means it will be relatively light in weight and offer superior handling and dynamic driver interaction. Mercedes-Benz officials have apparently earmarked the Porsche 911 Carrera S and the Aston Martin V8 Vantage as benchmarks in the SLC’s development.

The SLC is expected to debut sometime in 2014 as a coupe, with a convertible version following in 2016. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as development progresses.


    won’t be a porsche competitor if it doesn’t offer a manual transmission, which it wont

  • Pauly

    I hardly see the transmission options being the limiting factor here.

    Porche offer their dual clutch PDK transmission on the 911, and any bets that Merc will have a dual clutch option too.

  • Common

    Not an eazy task to rival a 911,Aston tried and failed

    It will be interesting to see how things develop.

    • Grammar Nazi

      Depends on what you mean by ‘rival’.

      I think in Aston’s case they meant having a model squarely in the same category as the 911, which would take sales of Porsche. Aston isn’t a volume brand so they’d never ‘rival’ Porsche in the sales charts.

      In the case of the Merc, they could definitely try and achieve sales figures in the sports-focused coupe segment, whether they make it a drivers’ car is another question…

      • Common

        I ment on track rival as that is were a 911 is at home.

        I get what you mean when you say sales rival though.

        But because Mercedes Benz officials have said they want to rival the 911,if the new Merc can’t atleast equal the 911 on track,most people would see it as a failure,which is not good for sales.

        It has to be as quick on track

        I don’t think Merc can do it straight up.IMO

  • shane

    there is no such thing as a rival for the 911

    • delux

      except a Cayman.

    • Homer

      The 911 is a very special car for a relatively small market. Brilliant as it is there are better choices for a day to day drive, but very few, if any, better choices for a Sunday car.

  • Nugsdad

    “Price is not to be compared with Australian market as the conversion does not include various taxes and charges” obviously left off ” and gouging of the Australian Consumers that takes place from German manufacturers


    isn’t the SLK AMG a rival enough for the 911?

    i guess it’s more of a Boxster on steroids, and methamphetamine

  • MB

    I realize it’s just style mock-up, but that picture has me seeing a lot of Ferrari California in it.

  • bretti

    this is what the sls should have looked like, awesome

  • sandy

    YES PLEASE. (not that i could ever afford one though!)