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Coinciding with the arrival of the new 1 Series Coupé in Australia, BMW has announced a new performance range of parts and accessories for drivers to emphasize the sporting character of their BMW.

Available initially to BMW 1 Series drivers, whilst making its debut with the Coupe, current five-door model owners will also be able to retrofit new performance options for the suspension, drivetrain, aerodynamics, and cockpit of the car.

BMW 1 Series Performance Range

“The BMW driver with a passion for dynamic driving and individual, sporting style now has new options to live out his or her personal preferences and enhance the performance of their car,” said John Fairman, Aftersales Marketing and Business Manager at BMW Group Australia.

All BMW Performance components are available individually, although BMW has comprised a series of packages for the convenience of buyers.

BMW 1 Series Performance Range

The BMW Performance Aerodynamics Kit comprises a striking front air dam with a highly expressive, fully integrated surround on the BMW kidney grille in black high-gloss look as well as dynamically contoured side-sills.

Model specific accessories such as exterior mirror caps, rear spoiler and rear diffuser are also available, made from genuine carbon-fibre.

BMW 1 Series Performance Range

Highlights from the suspension package include BMW Performance sports brakes, BMW Performance suspension, BMW Performance spring-strut reinforcement bar made of carbon-fibre, as well as attractive double-spoke light-alloy wheels.

The brake upgrade is not all show and no go, comprising of six-piston fixed-caliper brakes on the front finished in brilliant BMW Performance Yellow.

BMW 1 Series Performance Range

A new perfomance air intake system gives the straight-six petrol engine extra air supply for extra power. The filter cartridge and the internal air flow have been modified, improving the flow of air and minimising the risk of a drop in pressure whilst introducing a far more sporty induction note.

An extensive range of interior accessories complete the sports car feel of the Coupe.

BMW 1 Series Performance Range

Stunning BMW Performance sports bucket seats for the driver and front passenger feature a stylish black alcantara finish, and also integrate side airbags.

An innovative multifunction sports steering wheel finished in alcantara and leather includes an LED display on the steering wheel rim presenting various data such as the oil and coolant temperature, lateral and straight-ahead acceleration, the ideal point to shift gears, and the time of day.

BMW 1 Series Performance Range

A performance gearshift lever finished in chrome and black alcantara ensures precise operation and shortens shift travel by approximately 25 per cent.

Decorative trim in carbon design on the centre console, the dashboard and the panels on the front and rear doors as well as the side areas at the rear further accentuate the sophisticated and sporting style of the interior.

BMW 1 Series Performance Range

All BMW Performance products are sold and fitted by BMW dealers and covered by BMW’s full warranty.

BMW Performance Pricing and availability:

  • Aerodynamics Kit from $1,640 plus installation
  • Rear Carbon Spoiler $755 plus installation
  • Kidney grille in black high-gloss $136 per set
  • Carbon exterior mirror caps $633 per pair
  • 18” double-spoke light-alloy wheels including tyres $4,920
  • Performance sports brakes (135i Sport) $3,082 plus fitting
  • Performance sports seats $4,070 each
  • Carbon strut brace $2,055
  • BMW Performance gearshift kit $350
  • BMW Performance air intake system $1,300

  • Dlr1

    Apparently value for money is a term that BMW is not yet familiar with. These options (excluding fitting) are worth about 23K. Add that to your 71-76 thousand dollar 135i coupe, tick a few other boxes on the BMW option list and before you know it you’ve spent well inexcess of $100,000. Seems like a lot of money when a 1 series starts at less than 40K.

  • B///M3

    You’re right Dlr1, with that kind of money 335i coupe would be far better choice.

  • Poision Ivy

    A little greedy BMW……..

    Dont like the seats or the carbon fibre,looks like some ones riced it.

    No spot lights either………is for the same reason that the M3 hasn’t. More air flow ???

  • http://- crouchy

    4g for those seats???? WTF BMW? Just another money spinner that ‘certain’ people will no doubt get sucked in by..

  • JW

    I’m sorry, but the styling looks like an afterthought. It looks more like a short stumpy hatchback than a coupe.

  • Phill

    Cool modes for your BMW if you got the cash,But if your series 1 has smaller engine than the 3 liter it makes you a bit of a wanker.(More show than go)

  • Tom

    Still looks like a really fat person sat in it and made it crease in the middle. Like an old couch that is sagging in the middle from years of use. Not a look I’d want from a 100k coupe. Sorry bmw try again

  • Bob

    It’s the car tailored for the VL commodore owners and R33 skyline owners with all the Supercheap auto go fast bits glued on…… once they’ve sold enough drugs to actually move up in the world and afford one.

  • Jerry

    BMW is very arrogant. They think they’re god and can charge whatever price they like. Unfortunately there are too many morons in Australia who buy BMW for the sake of brand.
    I personally hope that BMW sales will decline significantly. Hopefully this will force them to cut their price
    oh, I also hope there will be less morons in Australia

  • http://911GT4 LOVE GTR

    The BMW 1 series looks ugly and cheap (especially the tail). The carbon-fiber add-ons make it look even more tackier.

  • http://- Rob

    Jerry, sure the accessories are expensive, but you could easily find them elsewhere, but at 71k this car is an absolute bargain.
    Sour grapes.

  • Matt

    Poison Ivy – No foglights due to the intake for the brake cooling

    Love GTR – go away, no one wants to hear you

    and jerry – what a dumb comment, get off your high horse in your ss holden and try drive a real car :)

  • Doogle

    Hehe…my anti spam was falcon

    $8k for the seats?! Get some Sparco’s installed…would hate to know what the steering wheel is worth…ouch. What about the ecu mod for 360hp?

  • Charlie

    The BMW Performance range is awesome and I will defo be purchasing the products.

    They have been developed for BMW by BMW so I can rest assured that if I fit any of the products they will have longevity and stand up to the job not like the readily availabler cheap aftermarket copies…after all you only get what you pay for!

    Great stuff BMW, keep up the good work.

  • Eric_diender

    I like the brakes. I have a 135 & I think it sits a little high. I also agree with others that it’s not the best looking coupe around, but when your driving it you don’t see what it looks like. All you notice is how it performs. I have a few aftermarket Go Fast goodies on mine & it becomes an M3 eater with very little encouragement.