• JD

    looks like BMW is going to integrate indicator lights on the side mirrors

  • ze scheister

    why bother with the camo, bmws all look the same, bar the i8

  • A

    I hope they do a better a job than the one they did on the 5 Series. It’s just my opinion of course, but I think the new 5 Series M Sport is a major step back from the previous model and the rear bumper especially looks so cheap. And the 1 Series needs to look good because the patent pictures of the new A Class and the Giulietta look rather excellent.

    • Jimmy

      I wouldn’t say that the new 5 looks cheap or is a ‘step back’, but it certainly isn’t as adventurous or pretty as the E60 was. It looks like a solid, handsome-ish car, albiet a rather dull one. I’m with you though, the new BMW design language and similarity between models is unexciting. It’s as if they’ve adopted the VW concept. Hopefully the new 3 and 1 series will be a bit more special. The 5 series and X3 are particularly average.