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The 2011 Toyota Camry and Hybrid Camry have been awarded five-star safety ratings by the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP).

The maximum five-star safety rating is up from the previous four-star rating, with Toyota Australia now fitting passenger seat belt reminders and improving driver’s knee protection.

The five-star rating applies to Camry and Hybrid Camry vehicles produced from May 2011. All new Camrys are equipped with dual front, side and curtain airbags, advanced front seatbelt reminders and pretensioners, as well as ABS, EBD and ESC.

While the safety upgrade is great news for customers, it was largely prompted by the Federal Government’s mandate for all passenger fleet cars purchased from July 1 to have a five-star safety rating.

A significant percentage of Camry and Hybrid Camry vehicles are purchased by the government, and failing to comply with the new laws would have significantly impacted Toyota Australia’s sales.

The standard Camry 33.13 points out of 37 while the Hybrid Camry scored marginally higher at 33.22 points.

The Camry earned 14.29 out of 16 in the offset crash test, 14.84 out of 16 in the side impact crash test, two points for completing the pole test and the final two points for having seatbelt reminders fitted.

The Hybrid Camry ranked 0.08 points better in the offset crash test and 0.01 better in the side impact crash test.

The Camry also scored a ‘marginal’ rating in the pedestrian protection test, scoring 14.5 points out of a possible 36.

  • save it for the track

    Ahh yes, and ‘seatbelt reminders’ make a difference to the cars safety if it’s in a crash. That’s what I don’t like about ANCAP, there’s more than one four star car out there that’s just as good in an impact, but miss the 5th star simply because they don’t have a chime to remind the dullard motorist to tell their passengers to buckle up.
    And is the ‘pedestrian protection test’ part of the cars ANCAP rating? If so, how does the protection of a wayward pedestrian make the CAR safer for the occupants?

    • Robert

      and to test this, they leave 1 dummy without the seatbelt hoping the driver dummy tells them to put their seatbelt on before they can drive into a wall

    • tekkyy

      at the moment, the pedestrian rating is not part of the formula for the main star rating

    • Andrew M

      Not quite so save it,

      In this case and like wise with the commodore it was more than the seat belt reminder that kept it from 5 star status.

      If you read the article it says they also had to do some work on preventing Knee damage on impact. From memory the Commodore also had to re design the collapse of their steering column to achieve 5 stars.

    • dailydriver

      save it for the track – you, sir are an idiot.
      I have had my kids disconnect their seatbelt while I was driving. The only reason I knew was because the car started chiming at me. Had I got no warning and had I been involved in a bad collision, you can bet your as$ there would have been a difference to safety!

    • Leyianart

      Why do we care about the “pedestrian protection test” ?

      In every 4/10 cars on the read have Bullbars!

      What’s the point?

      • nickdl

        I think the pedestrian protection test must be designed so that pedestrians in the middle of a road know which cars they can run in front of…

  • Duckula

    Agreed… how is a stupid little chime a safety feature, and in my opinion if you neglect to put your seatbelt on then you get what you deserve….

  • Shak

    Agree with both above comments. We need a bit of tough love in this country. if you are stupid enough to not wear a seatbelt, then tough luck. And how does pedestrian Protection testing make the car any safer for me or my family?

    • Duckula

      LOL I do have to say that, from the crash pic at the top, it kinda looks like my grandpa driving his camry, cos he is bald and can hardly see over the dashboard ( but he would never drive fast enough to set off an airbag..hehe)

  • Dave S

    My only questuon is: why is it…’all passenger fleet cars purchased from July 1 to have a five-star safety rating’? Why not all fleet cars, utes and SUV’s.

    Surely everyone deserves the same level of safety, not just the passenger fleet car drivers.

    • Phil

      Problem is there are no 5 star cars for certain uses.

      A large number of mining and scientific research departments need a rugged agricultural style vehicle like the Landcruiser 75. I don’t think there are any 5 star cars like this.

  • Eric

    I think they need to add a 6th Star to the cars who are better/safer than their 5 star counterparts.

    • Phil

      I think they should just increase the speed/add a 2nd test at say 80km\h.

      All this adding of pedstrian freindlyness, mandatory ESP, seatbelt warnings etc, is ridiculous.

    • tekkyy

      we are a bit slow but we’ll upgrade to the 2009 EuroNCAP scoring…eventually

      for one they get proper pole test now
      broken down to regions just like frontal offset and side impact

      its been set at 64km/h for a long long time
      any studies showing average speed of collision these days?

  • Toyota Guru

    Finally, my wife’s Hybrid Camry no longer has the same crash rating as a Great Wall X240. 😉

    • Shak

      Well if im brutally honest, it still does. The chiming feature in no way affects the structural integrity of your car, and that is what the old Four star result was based on. This new rating is just with the inclusion of a passive safety feature. So therefore, in a crash, you would technically have the same chance of survival in the GW, and the Camry.

      • svd

        Most of the above comments show that you all forgot or missed the knee airbags were also added. This car is marginal 5 star and the seatbelt reminder allows it to scrape over the line.

        • tekkyy

          no knee airbags
          just an improved steering column, like the 2009 Commodore

          no can’t compare with Great Wall X240 at all, that one is barely 4 stars

    • Andrew M

      Toyota Guru,

      You wifes Toyota Camry still does have a 4 star crash rating unless you had it sent back to toyota to have the steering wheel column redisigned and a selt belt chime added

  • john

    hopefully the chime reminds the driver to check the kids belts if not their own

  • nickdl

    Well let’s hope that Toyota Aus can still turn a profit after adding such an expensive part to the Camry…

    As much as the ANCAP is a joke in this regard (my 4 star-rated SY Territory is identical to the SYII 5 star one, albeit a passenger seat-belt reminder), you’d think that Toyota would have fitted the reminder earlier just to get the extra star. Just goes to show that people don’t seem to care what they’re getting when they buy a Toyota, they just want it to work well for a long time.

    • svd

      Also strange that Toyota were able to fit a seatbelt reminder for the front passenger on the current Corolla and the previous model. The current Corolla couldnt pass muster either for a while until they fitted ESC which most of its competitors had standard.

      • nickdl

        I guess the technology of the seatbelt reminder was beyond that of Toyota at Altona until now…

  • Lukaas

    nickdl… the camry is a GLOBAL vehicle, I think the rear chime bell was a “luxury” if you compare it to the US spec and others. Camry is designed for multiple countries with varying levels of safety requirements.

    • TMG

      Believe it mandatory to have the bells in all US cars, (its safety standard 208) Yes the Camry global but not sold in the UK and Western Europe (they have a narrow body Avensis) it is sold in Russia though couldn’t find out if they got the warning bells,
      As for varying levels of safety, seems the OZ built one lucks out (wonder if the exported model gets the warning bells)
      Now I’m a fan off all things manufactured here, but I think it shows the contempt for the market that Toyota needed the Govt to wield a stick, before doing what should have been done from scratch.
      And Yes Ford should have done it earlier on the Terry, but they coped stick from the customers not the govt.