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The all-new 2011 Ford Focus will go on sale in Australia in August in sedan and hatch form with three different powertrains and four specification levels.

The four-door sedan and five-door hatch body styles will carry over, while the wagon body shape sold overseas will not make it to Australia.

Following Ford Australia’s current naming convention, the luxury model in the new Focus range will wear ‘Titanium’ badging, with three other models – potentially to remain CL, LX and Zetec – will slot in below.

The three engines will include two petrol units and one diesel.

Ford says the most frugal engine in the new Focus range will be the smaller 1.6-litre Duratec Ti-VCT petrol. Ford says customers can expect fuel consumption improvements of more than 15 percent compared with the outgoing model, which means it will use between 6.0 and 6.8 litres/100km on the combined cycle.

Overseas, the 1.6-litre engine is offered in two tunes – the first with 77kW of power and 150Nm of torque, and the second with 92kW and 159Nm (Ford Australia is yet to confirm specific performance data). Combined cycle fuel consumption is 6.0 litres/100km according to overseas standards, with emissions averaging 139g/km. Acceleration from 0-100km/h takes around 11 seconds.

The larger 2.0-litre GDi petrol engine will produce 118kW of power and 198Nm of torque, and utilises high-pressure direct injection for enhanced performance and efficiency.

The 2.0-litre Duratorq TDCi diesel is available overseas in three different tunes: 85kW/300Nm, 103kW/320Nm and 120kW/340Nm. Ford Australia says the engine will offer a significant increase in power and torque, suggesting the 120kW/340Nm unit will be the one sold Down Under.

Despite Ford Australia’s claim that the 1.6-litre petrol will be the most efficient, overseas tests rate the 2.0-litre diesel at 5.3 litres/100km combined.

The Focus is available overseas with a 110kW/270Nm 1.6-litre EcoBoost petrol engine, but this variant will not be offered in Australia.

Both the 2.0-litre engines will be available with either a manual (five-speed GDI, six-speed TDCi) or six-speed PowerShift automatic transmission.

A reduced drag coefficient (0.295) also contributes to the enhanced efficiency of the new Focus.

Increased body stiffness (30 percent greater rigidity than the previous model) has led to improvements in noise, vibration and harshness.

Ford Australia has confirmed Active Park Assist, cruise control with Adjustable Speed Limiting Device, Adaptive Cruise Control and push button start will all be available in the new Focus, depending on the specification level.

Mid- and high-spec Focus models will also incorporate an Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) system similar to that used in the new Territory.

Inside, the Focus features the latest generation of Ford’s Human Machine Interface system, and includes twin five-way steering wheel-mounted toggle switches and soft touch interior surfaces.

Ford Australia President and CEO, Bob Graziano, said the launch of the new ‘One Ford’ global Focus represented an “exciting new chapter” for Focus in Australia.

“In every world market where Focus competes, customers are looking for expressive design, affordable innovation, superior quality, responsive performance and exceptional fuel economy,” Mr Graziano said.

“In Australia, the all-new Focus presents all these elements in an outstanding package. It will raise the bar in these areas and deliver a new level of standard and available content, enabled by its global scale.”

Australian Focus models will be sourced from the Saarlouis plant in Germany. Specification and pricing details will be revealed closer to the launch of the 2011 Ford Focus in August.

  • vti07

    Will they make an RS model in the new shape?

  • Nick K

    Good move Ford… This car deserves to do well.

    • Aussie bender

      The 110Kw 1.6-litre EcoBoost turbocharged petrol returns better than 5L/100KM
      Remind me why Ford Australia are not bringing it here???

  • o

    im surprised ford is going to keep all the cool tech in the new focus for oz.

    • andronicus

      so they should, it will be nearly 2012 when this hits…..if they don’t have at least a flux capacitor in the next model then we are livin in the stone age!

  • bangel

    Good car ford, this should kick goals , adding some class to the market .

  • RD

    If Ford had ANY sort of forward product planning the headline would have read:

    ‘2011 Australian built Ford Focus on sale in August’

    Oh what could have been… :-(

    • http://www.fordnewsblog.wordpress.com Benno5693

      And to see it fail by the law of averages and take the already profitable FoA down with it? Me thinks not :/

      Does the Titanium get MyFord Touch???

    • Andrew M

      There cant be much profit in a 20K small car.

      Labour would be the same content as a 40K Falcon, and parts would be about the same.

      And on where its made, When does this switch to the Thai plant which was meant to make the price more competitive?

      Holden are only making the Cruze here because they tapped into “green” funds. Ford asked for “green” funds for the Focus and got knocked back…..Go figure

      • Shane

        I thought from memory Ford were granted funds to build the Focus but transfered the cash over to the Falcon development instead?

        Correct me if I am wrong…

        • Andrew M

          Ford were originally building the Focus with some other grants in place before “green” funds were announced.

          When green funds came out it enticed Toyota to make the hybrid camry and Holden the cruze.
          Ford then said hey we want in on that deal, it sounds so much better. The Gov said no and pretty much in the same announcement the Focus plans were axed.

          The smaller amount of funds they originally applied for was then transferred to Falcon.

          2 seperate funding stories…….


    it seems that ford and mazda could show a few rivals how to make a good 4cyl motor…

    • delux

      which rivals? they’re all making small turbo engines nowadays.

      • JEKYL & HYDE

        how about holden,toyota,hyundai,kia etc.give credit where credits due delux.are you implying the cruze’s 1.8 is somehow better than say this or mazda’s new sky range?…

        • union

          err… the 1.4 turbo in the cruze is a ripper and as good as any small turbo on the market. The 1.8 is an anchor and not turbo charged making your comment completely redundant in answering delux’s comment regarding small turbo engines!!!!

          • andronicus

            I drove the iTi 1.4 Turbo in the new Cruze II today.
            Wouldn’t call it a ripper but there are not a whole lot of other options for turbos in small cars around that price so should do ok.

            Was ok to drive, little lag, but did provide some enjoyment.

        • Martin

          Did you not read? The new Rio’s 1.6 produces 100kw…

        • delux

          Are you saying Mazda and Ford are the only companies to produce direct injection (with and without turbo)engines? Your statement is rediculous. I’m a ford fanboy, and i’ll give credit where credit is due.

          • JEKYL & HYDE

            i am saying that,it least in the affordable range,they could well be the benchmark motors…

  • mark

    hopefully with the high dollar they price it well

  • delux

    Can’t wait to see pricing and equipment for the new focus

  • Qikturbo

    The sedan with those wheels looks quite good.
    I am more interested in the turbo model that will replace the current XR5.The interior looks interesting.
    I believe that the Focus is the only car that can take the fight up to the VW Golf.

    • Kampfer

      The look is not as boring as the Golf but may be too much for the mainstream market?

      In OZ if the Focus is selling for same price as Golf most ppl will still pick VW over Ford.

  • Damian

    Ford Australia screws us once again. Where’s the 1.6L Ecoboost? the 1.6 Ti-VCT should be reserved for the Fiesta and has no place in the Focus.

    • dailydriver

      Agree 100% – raped by FOMOCO.AU

    • delux

      I think its a smart move by ford to introduce an economy non-performance orientated engine in to the focus range. It’ll have a lower price point and compete with the likes of the 1.2 Golf. I’m deffinately hoping we get the Turbo at some point in the future though.

  • bangel

    You can get a current XR5 , with the loverly warbly motor for $34k drive away , top car , could almost tempt me out of the GTI

    • Bent 8 Brigade

      Probly best to get out of the veedub bangel…they’re bottom of the pile in reliability surveys after all.

      • bangel

        Better than an old tech V8 , with no future in a world of ever increasing fuel prices , ford embracing fuel efficient 4 cyl engines like the rest of the world .

      • Captain Nemo

        Learn to spell mate there is no “B” in VW its VEEDUD.

        • bangel

          Ah corporal zero , bent english like your mate , out and about in your old tech RWD ozmobile .

      • Golfschwein

        Yes, I’m starting to resent my own Golf feeling good and tight after 98,000 kilometres, and am planning an exit strategy.

        • bangel

          Yes mine at 46k , no problems , still drives like new , puffed up ECU , love the B road blasts .

          I am worried it might explode like a crummer one day .

          • Bent 8 Brigade

            So bangel after all this mouthing off about Holden, it turns out you drive a German Corolla.


            Suggest if you want to experience a real performance car take a HSV GTS for a wee spin around your B roads…oh wait, it’s an Australian car…it won’t be any good will it, we don’t make good cars here

          • Golfschwein

            And they really do keep their feel. I was given a brand new Commodore once as a company car. It felt fantastic for the first two weeks, tight as a drum. Then, almost overnight, it felt as though half its spot welds were taken out. It was among the last of the VSs to come down the line and was the least reliable car I’ve ever had.

          • bangel

            Yep tried my mates R8 piece of junk , wobbly rear end , bit dangerouse actually , and never buy the manuel , unless you have a truck licence .

            Overall 90’s teck , overweight , thirsty , irrelivant in todays world .

            Probably be safer in an old magma .

          • Bent 8 Brigade

            They really do keep their feel…you gotta be kidding. I drive tons of different cars in my job, including older Golfs and my experience is somewhat different.
            Nice story about the VS…My old VS was tight as a drum, would an unreliable German Corolla even make it to that age? Judging by the reliability surveys it sounds like a bit of a lottery. Good luck!

          • bangel

            Golfy’s right crummers turn feral taxi pretty quick , just not screwed together well .

            I have reps calling on me who have been told no more crummers , too much problemo , too much fuel .

          • Golfschwein

            My VS Commodore’s record in 100,000 kilometres:
            *Missing trim plugs on underside of dash on delivery.
            *Rear main seal leaking by 1500 kms and fixed on first inspection. That was one week’s driving, yeah?
            *Power steering pump failed in driveway and had to be towed to dealer.
            *Intermittent bucket-of-bolts noise in engine when revved hard. Uncureable and undiagnosable.
            *Bonnet popped open at speed 32 times on drive back from Kalgoorlie. I fixed it by jamming two metres of driveway towel in the catch.
            *Auto trans found 1st and 2nd gear only at 99,000 kilometres. New tranny required.

            Good luck finding that many faults in a Golf or any other car! :)

          • Bent 8 Brigade

            Nice story, Golfschwein… did you and your fellow cultural cringer bangel get your heads together on that one? Shall I create a fictional Golf horror tale, too? Lame…

          • Golfschwein

            I’ll create one for you. The Golf’s been terrible, ever since I put a Gen III V8 in it. Hee hee!

            No, seriously, those things happened to my VS. Two colleagues who got theirs at the same time were luckier, admittedly. I don’t make things up, and am genuinely sorry that you don’t believe the account.

      • paulb

        VW might become the worlds larget vechle manufacter in 2018.But i see problems in the OZ market.
        1.The grey felt hat Passat,horribly styled.
        2.The pricing of the Amorak,at best its no4 in the ute world.Behind Hilux,Ranger,BT50.

  • Shane

    My wife is holding out for this car!!!

    • dailydriver

      I just hope for your sake you speak not of s3x!

  • Kampfer

    “The Focus is available overseas with a 110kW/270Nm 1.6-litre EcoBoost petrol engine, but this variant will not be offered in Australia.”

    That is disappointing, is OZ weather and/or our sh!t fuel too much for this engine? If that’s the case how 2L EcoBoost will works on Falcon?

    Please move the handbrake to the right side on out RHD cars…

    • Harold Scruby

      If Toyota can’t even move their handbrake in their Australian-built Camry, what hope does the German-built Ford have?

  • nickdl

    Looking forward to it. Only hope is that the buttons for tiptronic gears on the lever do not come in to fashion. They seem very annoying.

  • dailydriver

    “The Focus is available overseas with a 110kW/270Nm 1.6-litre EcoBoost petrol engine.”

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, represents everything wrong with Ford Australia.
    When the hell will Ford AU give people what they want?
    It took them how many years to get a diesel Territory to market? Oh that’s right – its not even here yet!

    So close yet fail!

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au FG

    I agree with someone above and also say that Ford and Holden are the worse car companies to screw us. That’s why we are turning to other car manufacturers to get at least the same “deals” as overseas.

  • maximark

    Thanks God that our Focus now come from Germany instead of South Africa.

    • Adonis

      Agreed. SA build quality is horrendous

      • birdie

        we have a 06 focus since new from SA and have had no dramas with it @ all

      • Phil C.

        Horrendous? Like the last model Golf built in South Africa?

  • Phil

    Why isn’t the wagon version coming here? Hyundai i30 wagon sells in decent numbers…

  • fishman

    No wagon, and no ecoboost…ford austrailia really is run by a bunch of fools

  • K20A

    Good car, deserves to do well. Now, Ford Australia please bring on the C-MAX. Or at least trial a couple of thousand units to gauge how the market react. It will be a good rival to Dualis + 2.

  • Shak

    Ford you have the right product. Now hows about spending some money on marketing!!!

    • Qcar

      and a new styling team, this thing is dog ugly

      • JEKYL & HYDE

        umm,no.it’s not actually.beauty’s in the eye of the beholder,and all that…

  • Woody

    Looks pretty good, and hopefully it will be a good seller for FORD, just gotta wait for the RS/XR model now it should be a ripper..

  • JDC

    I am keen for this! Good on ya Ford

  • Denzo

    Love the inside. Hate the outside.

    Inside is very nice for the segment.

  • Calculus

    Looks great. Has SUV styling. Hoping for rear aircon vents and an end to the 4 speed auto.

  • Micko

    Ewwww, I just vomitted in my mouth. Head like a beaten favourite. Global ford. Typically American influenced styling. Whoops, just vomitted again.

  • Caz

    Is a diesel wagon just too much to ask for?
    Wake up Ford…