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Chrysler has released the all new 2008 Grand Voyager in Australia with a starting price of $56,990. The 2008 model has improved significantly, with the entry price only increasing by $1,000.

The old 3.3-litre V6 engine has been replaced with a new 3.8-litre petrol V6 and, for the first time, a 2.8-litre turbo diesel is also available. Chrysler says there is more than 30 new improvements for the ‘original’ people mover. The new engines are now coupled to six-speed automatic transmissions which replace the aging four-speeds.

Other notable features include standard Reversing camera across the range, all-new Swivel ’n Go™ seating system, the availability of dual-DVD screens for second- and third-row entertainment and MyGIG™ Multimedia Infotainment System.

2008 Chrysler Grand Voyager

The most obvious change, however, is the all-new interior and exterior design which now resemble the rest of the Chrysler line-up. On first glance you might assume that the ‘all-new’ 2008 Grand Voyager is only a facelift. Not so.

2008 Chrysler Grand Voyager

The designers have managed to create better aerodynamics by using cleaner lines and a more smooth design. According to Chrysler, many of the car’s design cues, such as body-to-glass proportion, sleek pillars, chrome accents, simple wheel flares and detailed ornamentation come from the Chrysler 300C.

2008 Chrysler Grand Voyager

It has also gotten a little bigger inside, Chrysler has widened the roof by 152 millimetres, while the daylight opening drip line has been adjusted to create a body-to-glass proportion similar to the 300C.

2008 Chrysler Grand Voyager2008 Chrysler Grand Voyager

The Grand Voyager still maintains its Stow ’n Go seating system that allows fold into the floor second- and third-row seats. Essentially the Grand Voyager can go from a seven-seater people mover to a two-seater cargo van in about 30 seconds.

“This is the ultimate vehicle for families and people on the go, it offers the flexibility of seven seats and room for heaps of gear without sacrificing fuel economy. It epitomises travel in style and comfort.” said Gerry Jenkins, managing director, Chrysler Australia. “

2008 Chrysler Grand Voyager

The biggest selling point for the new Grand Voyager might not be the engine or transmission, it’s more likely to be the new Swivel ’n Go™ seating system. It offers second-row seats that swivel 180 degrees to face the third row. There is also a removable table that can be installed between the two rows.

2008 Chrysler Grand Voyager

The Swivel ’n Go™ seating system makes the Grand Voyager the only people mover in Australia to offer this seating arrangement. It is available on all variants.

2008 Chrysler Grand Voyager

Coming back to the engines, the standard 3.8-litre V6 produces 142 kW (5,200 rpm) and 305 Nm of torque (4,000 rpm). Fuel economy is rated at 12.3L/100km for a combined cycle.

2008 Chrysler Grand Voyager

The optional 2.8-litre turbo diesel pumps out 120 kW (3,800 rpm) and 360 Nm of torque from a low 1800 rpm. It sips only 9.3L/100km of diesel for a combined cycle.

The reason for the diesel’s excellent low-range torque delivery is the Variable Geometry Turbocharger which spools up faster from idle, helping minimise turbo lag.

Chrysler is offering Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) across the range. The system is backed up by Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Traction Control. Other notable safety features include:

  • Driver and passenger air bag
  • Seat-mounted supplemental air bags
  • Side Air Bag Integrated Curtains (SABIC)
  • Knee blocker, driver and front passenger
  • Brake Assist
  • Brake/Park interlock
  • enhanced Accident Response System (EARS)
  • ParkSense® Rear Back-up Sensor System
  • ParkView™ Rear Back-up Camera
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Perhaps the greatest addition to the new Grand Voyager is a people mover-first dual DVD system that has the ability to broadcast three different media simultaneously. The MyGIG Multimedia Infotainment System has already made it to other Chryslers, but no doubt it will see the most use in the Grand Voyager.

For example, you can have your PS3 running in the second row while others are watching a movie in the third row. A sure hit with the kids.

The system comes with five wireless, infrared headphones which allows passengers to pick between which ever media they want to tune in to. it is available with a USB port, dual A/V jacks, a 20-gigabyte hard drive that can store music files as well as video.

2008 Chrysler Grand Voyager

The entertainment system encompasses the ParkView rear backup camera and satellite navigation (optional).

Using the car’s inbuilt control system, owners can personalise their car to new levels. For example you now have the ability to determine if you want the lights to flash and horn to honk when locking and unlocking the vehicle using Remote Keyless Entry. The system also shows compass/outside temperature, average fuel economy, distance to empty, trip elapsed time and tyre-pressure.

2008 Chrysler Grand Voyager

There are too many improvements to go through, so here is a summary:

  • 12-volt power outlet and dual A/V jacks in C-pillar
  • All-row supplemental side-curtain air bags with added rollover protection
  • Ambient halo lighting
  • B-pillar grab handles
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) 7.1 surround sound, 10-speaker audio system
  • Dual DVD entertainment system that can play different media at the same time
  • DVD-based navigation system with touch screen and voice-controlled operation
  • Eight-way power passenger seat
  • Faster, quieter power sliding doors and lift gate
  • First- and second-row heated seats (cloth or leather)
  • High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps
  • Improved front-door storage compartments
  • Improved overhead console with integrated storage compartments
  • Integrated mirror signal lights and puddle lamps (Limited models only)
  • Mesh storage pockets on second-row bucket and quad seats
  • More cup or bottle holders, including new bottle holders moulded into the sliding passenger doors
  • Movable LED pinpoint lights
  • MyGIG Multimedia Entertainment System
  • One-touch power third-row folding seat (with four seating positions) and power recline
  • ParkView® rear back-up camera (included with MyGIG)
  • Power lift gate switch located in rear quarter trim
  • Rear-view interior conversation mirror with sunglass holder
  • Removable, rechargeable LED flashlight
  • Second- and third-row retractable sunshades
  • Second-row power windows
  • Six-speed transmission standard with 3.8-litre V-6 engine and 2.8-litre turbo diesel
  • Standard Electronic Stability Programme (ESP)
  • Traction control and Brake Assist
  • Supplemental seat-mounted, side air bags
  • Swivel ’n Go™ seat system
  • Two distinct seating systems
  • Tyre pressure monitoring
  • UConnect® Hands-free communications
  • Umbrella holder
  • YES Essentials stain-resistant, odour-resistant, anti-static fabric seats

2008 Chrysler Grand Voyager Pricing (RRP)

Grand Voyager LX

  • 3.8L V6 Petrol 6 speed automatic $56,990
  • 2.8L CRD 6 speed automatic $59,990

Grand Voyager Touring

  • 3.8L V6 Petrol 6 speed automatic $62,990
  • 2.8L CRD 6 speed automatic $65,990

Grand Voyager Limited

  • 3.8L V6 Petrol 6 speed automatic $72,990
  • 2.8L CRD 6 speed automatic $75,990

  • Dlr1

    Don’t you just love how they’ve managed to increase the price by “only” $1000. Given that 2 years ago the exchange rate was US71c per AUD and its now US92c.

    Shouldn’t this car which starts at below USD $30,000 for the 3.8 litre model be significantly less? The 3.3 litre model starts at only $23000 and $42000 buys the limited with ALL options. Yet we are asked for $57k to 73K for the same vehicle with RHD. Not to mention the fact that the US market also gets a lifetime powertrain warranty.

    If US manufacturers were serious about turning their fortunes around and increasing their global market share they now have a golden opportunity given the weak USD. But i guess they’d rather see Australians buy KIAs and Taragos instead.

  • realcars


    Anti spam is KIA hA hA hA!!!!

    i think I’ll stick with the Grand Carnival for the time being.

    Torque & power figures aren’t much for the v6.

    Stow n go seating a huge plus though. Same colour as the carny ha ha ha.

  • Myke

    I was gonna say, for such a high engine displacement power and torque seem a bit low for the two engines.

  • realcars

    agree with you 100% DLR1.

    Unfortunately they all give us Aussies a jolly good rogering when it comes to price and equip levels.

  • Adam

    I like it! Would make a nice replacement for the Tarago, when is the review coming? Also how reliable will it be?

  • Jason

    Can you please compare this to the Toyoyta tarago? With another kid on the way this actually looks promising.

    I am still pesimistic about Chrysler given their recent management change overs but I can over look if this goes well. Looking forward to the review.

  • Charlieman

    I think this car will suffer from Chrysler Australia’s inability to market its cars. I bet it will disappear below the radar rather quickly.

    I too would like to see this compared to the Tarago V6. That puts out 200kW, but given the features and diesel availability the grand voyager might do well

  • Carl

    Is that diesel the Mercedes one? and if so has it been de-tuned coz it seems very low power and torque outputs for that size?????

  • Eddy The Expert

    Shame that it will suffer like all other Chryslers and a Kia Rio will have better interior quality.

  • Jason

    I disagree, from what I have read on O/S sites, this is abig step up, but can’t find a local review at the moment, not sure if these are made in the same place as the US voyagers

  • realcars

    u mean killer wasps…ha,ha,ha

    and they make up the price as u walk onto the showroom floor….ha,ha,ha.

  • realcars

    it’s rather ironic that Tarago (200killer wasps)and now Voyager(3.8 V6) are playing catch up to Kia /Hyundai.

    I know I am going to be ridiculed(especially by Toyota snobs)but do yourselves a favour and open your minds and see past the badge snobbery unless money is of no consequence of course and u don’t mind being ripped off.

    Oh what a ripoff!!

  • Carl

    Just checked the numbers for the Dodge Nitro 2.8 diesel and power is 130kw and torque is 400nm….is there a missprint in this story???? or has the this Voyager received a de-tuned diesel engine for some reason?????

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au Anthony

    To be perfectly honest, the Kia Grand Carnival looks better. And its a hell of a lot cheaper notwithstanding the additional luxuries and features. I also hope they have looked at the brakes, as they had to be replaced three times in one year, on a previous model, which belonged to a friend’s wife!

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au/ alborz

    Not a misprint, unless its an error on Chrysler’s Press release.

  • Carl

    Thanx Alborz, I guess only Chrysler can understand the reasoning behind the de-tuning of that engine??

  • Dlr1

    The diesel engine may have been re-tuned to deliver more of its torque lower in the rev range, especially in that 1000-1800 rpm band. Peak torque is developed at slightly lower speeds. Certainly helps considering fully loaded these things weigh over 2 1/2 tonnes. and they take some effort to move from a standing start.

  • realcars

    Having owned the first series without a problem and now a Grand I can only say that whilst happy with the original for the price the Grand is light years ahead in every department and still at a terrific price! Got a top trade for the old one(immaculate as I’m a fussy bastard)and paid 37k driveaway for the Grand 18months ago.

    P.S The Grand Carnival is sold in the states as a Kia as well as a Hyundai Entourage. Both are “really” Hyundais.

    Also In the states both come with those “may as well be forever warranties” darn!!!.

  • Carl

    Dir1, it appears that Chrysler has sacrificed a massive 100nm of torque to get it from 1800rpm instead of 2000rpm in the Nitro!!
    I’m not an expert on this subject and you no doubt you know more than me on this issue so i would be interested to hear tour view on whether it’s worth losing 100 torques in this case??
    (i made a mistake and wrote 400nm and it’s actually 460nm of torque in the Nitro!!)

  • Carl

    ^^sorry meant your view^^

  • Crouchy

    The excellence of the swivel and go seating cannot take away from the poor interior appointments and chryslers reputaion to build decent quality. Yes, the 300c and possibly the nitro has done a bit for the younger crowd but i dont think the people who will buy this are as convinced.

    Price an issue.. quality an issue.. moving these off the floor.. an issue

  • Dlr1

    Carl, i agree 100Nm does sound like a lot of torque to lose and what may be hard to see from the figures is how much (if any) is gained (compared to the Nitro) at say 1000-1500 rpm.
    The other variable we don’t know is whether re-tuning the engine has given it an economy advantage over the original outputs when used in the Voyager. Maybe it’s now 5-10% better? Maybe not.

  • Lyle

    what the hell…is that 3.8l an old commie ecotech?

  • Anthonii

    Even for a people mover thats damn ugly.

  • Stephen

    More American rubbish.

  • Stephen

    Oh, I forgot to mention that the Griswalds would love it!

  • realcars

    needs the faux woodgrain down the sides.

  • Alex

    I have just read a review for this in top gear magazine and they said that although its still got some of the problems of the old one, diesel refinement is miles better (although still needs more power for a 2.1 tonne car) and also that the interior, although still not quite up to standard, is alot better than the old one. Its also alot safer. If you ask me, if your looking for a seven seater people mover, your an idiot not to get the Citroen C4 picasso or Renault Grand Scenic. They look good, drive well, have good resale value and are still very practical. They also still drive like cars. I also wish that Ford would give us the S max and the Galaxy in Australia and that Renault would bring the Espace because they are all great cars that carry at least seven people. I think that if they brought the Espace and the Galaxy here it would also make Toyota pull their socks up with the Tarago – other things are miles better now.

  • Stephen

    Realcars, I think Chysler is offering the ‘faux woodgrain’ as optional extras. Yes, plural. I suspect that there will be a number of different grains from dingo to greyhound if you get my drift. Yes, only in America!!

  • o

    sheesh for a chysler that interior is incrediable it looks 100 times beter than any thing in the chysler group

  • Reckless1

    Why would anyone in their right mind buy this POS when you can get the perfectly adequate Kia now with 5yr wty, or the Transporter and Vito if you want classier transport.

    Chrysler have done the same as with the recent new Cherokee – slammed the price up by $5-10,000 and hope there are enough stupid Aussies who will stump up the extra. Problem is, there probably are.


    This one big ugly $hit box……..

  • Duck

    Front looks a lot better! But….its getting boxy……the rear reminds me of the Dodge Nitro to much specially with the same brake lights!

  • Andrew

    Nice press release Car Advice. How much does a car maker give you to advertise their new product on your site?

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au Anthony

    Andrew – you’re either a funny guy or just a dope. Do you really think we at car advice (the only independent auto site in the top 5 in Australia) would take money from a manufacturer? Pull your head in.

    If we took money as you have suggested – I’m damn sure we would not have flown economy or shared 3/4 people per room in Europe for the Veyron, Lambos and DBS drives!

  • Kelvin

    Err, why would they not provide the press release? That is half the reason we come on a virtually daily basis to review the site! Because it is updated with information.

    You can’t expect a review a day.

    Stupid comment Andrew. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

  • Andrew

    Anthony Says: “Andrew – you’re either a funny guy or just a dope. Do you really think we at car advice (the only independent auto site in the top 5 in Australia) would take money from a manufacturer? Pull your head in.”
    Maybe I misinterpreted the tone of the article. It reads to me like an article from a marketing department. Much like the “All new” Jeep article recently.

    Kelvin Says: “You can’t expect a review a day.”
    There can be an issue with quantity over quality, although I emphasise that it is difficult to provide consistent good quality articles. However, the automobile industry is complex and I think diverging from the obvious may make for more compelling reading.

  • No Name

    Alex – you may be right about the alternative Scenic and C4 being a better choice but neither are the size of the Voyager. Renaults elderly Espace or Peugeots C8 or maybe Ford European Galaxy are better comparison. The Galaxy would be my choice over this large engined slug. Yeh this old Merc engine is a donk over there 320CDI unit.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Wholeheartedly agree with ANDREW concerning this website. Do not change the format as it is a first class run website and is plenty informative and diverse. Believe me it is easy to see that when you tour the others that it is very unique and includes comments from the people who run it………hell that is an unreal thing period!!!!!!!!! The focus is on information and not funds willy nilly from manufacturers! SERIOUSLY WELL DONE CARADVICE AS SIMPLY A PERFECT WEBSITE!

  • No Name

    aaawww you big creep Maximus. but I do agree with you. Keep it up. But All I would suggest is say some side by side comparisons.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    LOL NO NAME………..side by side comparos and with many others as well is fresh, full on good and nice read.

    Hey Iam not in love with Website dude, it is great as is my point!

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Becoming too American as slab boxed look to it fully! Do Americans truly know how to make a sweet unslab like car…..augers well for G8 that will do well over there as sweet looking, some cylinders shut down when at speed, feature packed and unreal price! This will happen!

  • kj

    that’s a cool car. just not sure if I can afford at this present rate.

  • George yerou


  • Daniel

    I think you are all wrong!

    This is one of the best cars I have ever seen released in Austrlia!

    From the 100% pure italian cow leather seats/steering wheel/and handbrake, to the three 10 inch high defintion colour LCD screens. This is one of the most well equiped and most ergonomically designed lurxury car in Australia and can be compared to Mercedes and BMW.

    It carries 7 large adults in pure luxury from point A to B seemlessly, smoothly, quietly and in luxury.

    People on the street from a long distance away turn to see a car with a distictive large chrome grill, HID Headlights and fog lights, chrome side mirrors with side indicators, chrome running around the windows and down the side of the car, 17 inch chrome wheels, tinted windows, and a huge Chysler wing badge running across the front of the bonnet screaming “Look at me”

    This car stands out on the road and people are affraid to cut you off when they see this huge, powerful looking machine in thier rearview mirror.

    No other car in Austrlia matches this. the Kia Carnival is a cheap pice of Crap, the toyota targo is a expensive waste of money with nothing to show for $70 000, the Mazda MPV may as well be given away for free and there is no other car that even comes close.

    This car with power sliding doors and boot, power folding Stow and Go seats, auto headlights and wipers, woodgrian inserts, power first and second row windows, heated first and second row seats, built in sundshades and so much more comes with everthing you could possibly think off.

    Not to mention recieving a 5 star crash test rating and saftey feature including ESP, traction Control, BA, Multiple Airbags, Rollover protection, seat belt pretensioners, and a first where if you do some how do happen to crash the car automatically shuts of the fuel, disconects the battery, turns the inside lights on and the hazrd lights and sends a prerecored message to police and abulence to let them know that there has been a crash.

    All in all this car is a well refined best of machinery and no other car matchs it in syle, safety, lurury, features, or anything.

  • http://www.lunardrive-in.com David

    I love my RG series Grand Voyager and this seems to have improvements in all the right areas. I love the exterior shape and the interior is very large and very stylish.

    The 3.8 is the middle engine in the 3.3/3.8/4.0 family. Will we see the 4.0 here? Same economy as the 3.8 but with more power and torque.

    I have been very impressed with the Chrysler vehicles in the last couple of years and this is another step in the right direction. It will never match the price of the Kia, but compared to the Chrysler it is like a 1963 Holden panel van in safety, features and development.

    Other than the Tarago, the other people movers are under-powered 4 cylinders. I bought mine because I have a large family. Load up the kids and luggage and the Chrysler gets the job done. Not many think to do that on the test drive and that is why so many underpowered people movers clog the roads.

  • Stuart

    I have been shopping for a replacement for a 2000 grand voyager ( brought new ) for over 5 years now and have had such a good run ( 126000 kms ) with it that I have waited another 3 years for a vehicle to come along to replace it. I have looked at all the vehicles menstioned above including tarago, Mercedes Viano and Kia grand carnival and none of them come close to the spec and price of the new voyager. I carry both adults and family in my current vehicle and after checking this machine out last month it is on my buy list. But I am going to drive five vehicles first , 3.7 and 2.8 voyagers and then the Tarago, VW , Viano ,and the Kia . I sure know which one the kids want.

  • kim Mason

    This is the fourth new grand voyager I have bought and seriously the last model was better. The brakes last 15K if you are lucky.The first 2 times they were replaced under warranty after that it is all yours. There is a wind whistle which I believe is from the sunroof maybe. Today the roof racks flew off the car into oncoming traffic. Destroyed the nipper boards and mal. On inspection… the boards were still tied to the nipper boards… which were now roadkill. We brought 2 lanes of traffic to a halt on the M! and I only hope everyone saw it was a Chrysler and avoid owning one. A selling feature of this car was that it was lighter on brakes. HAhahaha. Stupid me for buying another 1. It is however comfortable to transport a group and you can caonvert it from a seven seater to a van in minutes. Apart from that is is expensive to run and guzzles tyres, brakes and petrol. And the roof racks are pathetic.Flimsy and pathetic. Almost killed people on themotorway today

  • Jake

    The 3.8L V6 might be new in Australia, but it’s been used in the US since 1991.