• NotTheStig

    “From the exterior, it’s easy to spot the Series II Captiva in traffic. The front end has been transformed to give the Captiva a very classy and elegant feel.”

    Um, it has been transformed into a mismash of unrelated shapes and contours – I won’t hide that I don’t like these but the earlier models at least gave the impression one studio was involved in the styling. This looks like no one could make up their mind ! Change for the sake of it and without providing any advantage whatsoever…

    As for the rest – well, it is a OK transportation device but there are better ways to spend your money. And those rear seat ? – you wouldn’t put your worst enemies kids a few mm ahead of the rear tailgate would you ?

  • NotTheStig

    Oh, I forgot this other classic line “Behind the wheel of the Captiva 7, it feels just like a sedan to drive”

    REALLY ? – what sedan would that be ? And having spent a couple of years in a X5, I can tell you a Craptiva drives nothing like one of those either…

  • kris

    This is a decent car. But whats the point of a diesel if fuel economy is crap? Wake up Holden, fix your engines otherwise you will be history and that will be a shame!

    • Al Juraj

      Holden don’t make engines.

      • Devil’s Advocate

        Yes they do Al Juraj. Besides making the 3L and 3.6L engine for the Commodore in Port Melbourne, the V6 petrol engine in the Captiva is also built here. They also supply various V6 engines for other GM divisions from other continents…

  • flyer

    the blue one looks more bland and boring than series 1, which is no easy feat.

  • nickdl

    Interesting that you state it’s similar to an X5 to drive, Paul. If so, Holden have done an amazing job of a mid-life update of the Captiva to transform its dynamics – perhaps Ford really should be worried. I’m not really a fan of the Captiva; the engines aren’t that great, it looks wrong on the outside and cheap on the inside but there is an amazing level of kit for the money. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it sell very well.

    • adam

      the territory’s not half as ugly as the egg shaped captiva. so ford shouldn’t be too worried.

  • Dave

    for this price no middle o rear row air on vents a deal breaker for me and family

  • Wd

    Manual gear box please, will make more use of the engine and the AWD

    • Devil’s Advocate

      Actually the diesel with a 6sp auto would be able to keep the engine on boost better during “everyday” driving. Plus in things like mud and sand an auto can actually be better than a manual due to the constant drive it provides etc over varying speeds…

      • Chippies!

        Good for sand as long as the tiptronic holds the gears as requested

  • Westie

    The worst features of the Series 1 Cappy were the cheapo interior, rock hard ride and poor fuel economy vs the rivals.
    Well, one fixed.

  • c3vzn

    Not saying it\’s good looking, but compared to the Chevrolet version that it\’s based on, I\’d say Holden have done an admirable job. When I saw that version the first
    time I expected the Holden to be much worse.

  • Shak

    Well going on this review, Holden seem to have pulled off a very good mid-life refresh of the Captiva, and im sure it will reap very good dividends, well and truly above the success that it currently brings Holden. Holden realised long ago, that majority of the clientele for Captiva, Cruze and even Commodore, really couldnt care how well the car performs at or above 7tenths, they want kit, safety, space and value mainly. That’s what Holden have to, and have delivered. Well done Holden.

    • Doctor

      Shak, it reminds me of what a marketing exec once told me.
      There’s only two things to know:
      1. A turd is always a turd; and
      2. If you roll it in sparklers then you can always sell it to women.
      As most buying decisions are made by our women (even if they try to let us think that it was our decision) then Holden will sell heaps!

  • D.Mark

    Seriously Holden. What is wrong with you. Boring design, hard ride, bad fuel economy and still too pricey. 32,490 for that? If I was looking for a mid-sized SUV around the same price, I would be looking at the Mazda cx7. Sure, slightly higher priced at $33,990 for the Classic, but a far better looking car, nicer interior, similar fuel economy and a much better design. Plus, build in Japan it’s built better and will give a stronger re-sale value.
    Plus it’s a great car to drive !!!

    • Shak

      True, i guess if you were looking for a sportier vehicle with better quality you could go the Mazda, but the value just isnt there. You wouldnt get anywhere near the same kit, and not to mention 7 seat capacity.

  • sambo

    Hi Guys
    Help me out
    i need 7 seater my Budget is $38k
    I saw series1 sx diesel driveaway $33k
    Series 2 cx for $39900 drive away
    I am getting mixed review

    • Shak

      Going on a couple of reviews i have read of the Series II, and just by the upgrade in kit and engines, better off footing a bit more cost upfront to reap the benefits of the Series II in the long run.

      • Devil’s Advocate

        I agree with Shak on that one Sambo. Considering the Series 1 was no better than “class average” to drive and now the Series 2 according to this review rivals the BMW X5 when it comes to handling (no mean feat considering how well the X5 handles, plus it also means by association with the X5 that it is at least as good as or has leapfrogged the Territory when it comes to handling) then that alone would be more than worth the extra fun credits… BTW, that was a big call Paul, I hope for your sake that it delivers! 😉

  • sambo

    Hi Shak,
    Thanks for your help
    Thanks to my Negotiating skills I was able to get cx series 2 diesel 7 seater for under 40 drive away so very happy with that…………. Thanks to the boys @ Mornington…….
    Very Helpful Manager Not just a Commission Maker

    • Shak

      Its ok mate. At the end of the day as long as you did some research and drove the car, and are happy with it then everything is good.

  • Kieran

    Yet another new vehicle let down by a firm uncomfortable ride.

    It seems most auto makers have abandoned the art of suspension tuning and striking a good ride/handling compromise.

    There used to be many fine cars that brilliantly combined a compliant, comfortable ride with fairly good handling.

    • LPG

      The Captiva has a firm ride because thats the only way they could tune the inferior Daewoo suspension to handle well.

  • Dennis

    Would the Diesel drink less after after say 20k Km’s behind it?

    But seriously anything under 10 per 100km is nothing to complain about…

  • Catter29

    the new territory looks way better.

    • Ford

      Honestly, why on earth would someone by this Daewoo over an Australian Ford Territory. Youre getting a better deal with the Territory in every way. Heard alot of negative comments going around about the Captiva’s. The more Holden source from Korea the more their quality is slipping (and they werent exactly known for quality to begin with).

  • Max Power

    I love how in the ad Holden try and deceive people into thinking this car is European with their line “European good looks”.
    I am not sure why Holden are trying to deceive people into thinking this car is European, when you read what all the bogans say on this site, they hate European cars. Anyone who buys European cars, are too smart to buy anything with a Holden badge on it, so they won’t buy the this poor example of an SUV. I can only assume it is Holden’s attempt to make the bogans who will buy this car feel a little bit fancy.

    • supercujo

      Are you saying that the Captiva is kinda like the crappy Maccas Angus Burger?

  • Dave L

    I was recently in a Holden showroom and had a close look at the Captiva 5 and 7 Series 2. A series 1 was also in the showroom, and I think the series 2 is an overall improvement, particularly the interior. I thought they were reasonable value for money. The Captiva 5 seemed slightly more stylish and better packaged. However, until it’s confirmed that quality issues with the series 1 are resolved, I’d still tend towards one of the Japanese rivals or even the Santa Fe as a preferred option. As someone else already stated, the resale alone may be good enough reason to look elsewhere.

    • Hung Low

      If you do not need the 7 seats, go drive a Nissan Murano ST in comparison @45k on road! The difference will really surprise you

  • The Original Tom

    Benjie, articles can and have been edited before after comments were published in order to fix spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and informational errors.

  • leftie

    The Series 2 Captiva is a big improvement over the series 1 so if your looking at captiva’s your better off going the series 2.
    Max Power, Holden are right in their ads the Captiva 5 is Euro designed as it’s made in Germany by Opel.
    I can see Holden selling bucket loads of them specially the LX model because it’s so much cheaper then it’s rivals.
    We were looking looking around for a second car we wanted something more room in the back so we thought some sort of SUV or wagon.
    We test drove and checked out the S2 Captiva and most of it’s competitors there are differences between them all but for us the LX Captiva 7 would of been the best choice because you got so much kit for the price.
    We probably would of bought one on the spot but then the missus decided to drive a Calais V sportwagon, well I am glad she did although it cost us more seriously if your
    looking for family car and are not going to use the AWD then sportwagon is so much better.

  • Guru harps

    I test drove the captive 7. Turbo diesel and I’ve driven the territory.
    Captive diesel has alot of power and great handling.
    Territory has too much body roll.
    Had 3 kids in the back didn’t notice the weight at all.
    So instead of reading the review and being critical. Drive one first, you will be surprised.
    My Captiva will be coming end of May. I can’t wait.

    • nick

      totally agree, I have just driven one and love it, tried a few other suvs and much better style in captiva and better 7th seats more space.

      Now trying to negotiate a good deal on a CX Diesel!

      Most negative comments are from Ford fans!!

      • JNA

        what is aprox resale value of captiva7 SX petrol after 3 years? any good ideas will be helpful…

    • Matt

      i recently bought a LX series 2 captiva in black.. basically it shits all over a territory. The LX is way cheaper than the top model of territory. i traded my SSV ute so the fuel consumption is great if u ask me.. A lot of these people who whinge on this site havent actually drove 1 and just rely on a review..

  • Big Joe

    As an ex holden technician i can agree that the old captiva had an extremely hard ride. Exasserbated 10 fold when ona counrty road ontop of the mountains used heavily by freight and cattle trucks. We were recommending the replace ment of all four tyres by 30,000Km. And by the sound this problem has and probably will not be rectified.

    Other manufacturers have far better equipment levels, better resale and better handling. As an example i test drove VE S2 Redline Wagon, it rode no better and had less comfortable seating than my old VX S1 executive.

    As a mechanic, the 4 things i say to people looking for a newer car is :
    #1 Test drive each make with in that market
    #2 Know what you want it to do and use it for
    #3 Know what you want to spend
    #4 Know what the maintenance costs are

    • jimi

      #4 Know what the maintenance costs are

      has anyone done comparison on maintenance cost between captiva 2 vs mazda CX7 or 9 vs subaru forrestor XT vs anything else?

    • http://holden Lucy

      #4 Know what the maintenance costs are

      Thats easy, I am married to a Holden Mechanic.
      Seriously, I took the Captiva series 2 7 seater for a drive today and I loved it. I test drove the first series when it came out but hubby said to wait as there were too many problems with it, so I brought the Holden Cruze to tide me over. I am definately getting the series 2, just got to decide on the colour.
      I am so over parking my Cruze and coming out and finding great big 4 wheel drives either side of me and reverse parking and hoping I dont reverse into someone, so Im joinin the bandwagon

  • Ax Man

    if you need a 7 seater, the Captiva II is great.

    think about why you need a 7 seater-you’ve got 2 or 3 kids, they have a friend or 2 over and you want to take them out for ice cream. what are the options that give you parkability, affordability and ok fuel efficency (assuming you opted forthe Diesel model) and, it is the car for the lady in your life.

    it’s not rocket surgery, Captiva II = perfect

  • Ax Man

    I agree with the suspension.
    as Big Joe says it would be too hard for off road/country roads/roads used by cattle trucks etc(i imagine)
    but for highway and around town it is great.
    anything other than 99% road usage, Captiva, CX7 or 9, Murano etc don’t cut it.
    new diesel Territory may cut it bu haven’t driven one yet

  • Still Looking

    Since drowning my peugeot 306 trying to cross some water, I have been looking at trading up our other car a Mazda 6 Wagaon to an SUV so that I can tow a boat. I have looked at the Outlander, Territory, X-Trail, CX-7, Forrester, Touraeg, Peugeot 4007, Sorrento.
    Without having driven the car the Captiva LX has the best overall package for the price.
    We want the 7 seats (for those times when you need it), we want to sit up higher (with every one else in SUVs) we want Bluetooth, Reverse Camera, Leather, We want diesel economy (here comes another recession).
    The Captiva looks like its the one. From coming from Peugeots renowned ride with there own shock absorbers (not so much anymore), to Mazda sports car feel of the 6 (with 215/45/17 fitted) I am looking forward to find out how firm the ride actually is.
    Will let you all know my thoughts.

  • johnniesazzler

    Two colleagues with Captivas (2007 – 50k km & 2009 – 30k km) have had serious mechanical problems with theirs, and some web surfing shows that these aren’t isolated cases. In particular, stretched timing chains (petrol engine) seem to feature prominently in fault reports. It’s possible that these problems are limited to the Series I model, but I would want some assurance that they’ve been resolved before committing to purchase one.

  • 7 seater


    Have read all of the above reviews & I am still interested in the Holden Captiva LX diesel 7 seater,budget is $45000.00, is there anything else out there with the same inclusions etc for that price and if so what brand of car?

  • Captiva owner

    Can anyone explain the USB not being able to charge an iPod/iPhone? This completely baffles me. My captiva doesn’t seem to pick up my iPod at all. I’m not sure whether this is a fault or they way it’s meant to be. Would have loved to have seen the Holden iQ system instead of the system in place.

  • http://Caradvice Kelly

    Yes it will not charge the device, it’s in the above review. And yes Holden should put the iQ in!

  • Rocket Speed

    I picked up my Series II MY12 3.0L V6 Captiva LX yesterday and I’m completely happy. Granted it is no X5 but at just over $40K it is exceptional value. The ride is firm but nothing like my M3 on 19″ wheels!!!

    Horses for courses I say!

    Holden well done on a well packaged good SUV.

    • sher

      Hello, can you tell me how the fuel consumption is going on your car?

  • Macca_

    I tested most other SUV’s and the Captive CX diesel won hands down for price, drive and ride. Had for it 6 months now and its has been great, capable off road. Fuel economy of 10.4 l/100 mixture of town and short highway driving. We have ford territories at work and they have been a mechanical nightmare particularly transmissions.

  • Lowkey

    An astute buyer will buy a new Captiva. I bought my late 2009 model LX new, V6 auto, 7 seater. I knew the build quality on these from Daewoo were great but I wanted to drive them first. I drove the both the diesel and petrol. I liked the petrol more but what turned me off the diesel was the size of the motor. Only 2.0. If it was over 2.5 ltr I may have purchased it. But am very happy with the V6. With constant air con I average 12.4 and under 10 with constant highway driving. 

    The first thing I noticed when I test drove it was that it handled and drove superbly, just like a good sedan. Has every feature that I could want but the only thing that would have made it perfect would be the second and 3rd row air cond vents. Not a big issue though.

    Now I paid $41,000. They were 49,500 driveaway. That is about 9,500 for the dealer with dealer delivery so he made about $1,000 from me. The margin is similar now so don’t pay more than $41,000 for an LX auto petrol. They’re be happy with a $1,000 margin these days but don’t push your luck.

    Also, I helped my mate get an identical to me for same price. When going on holiday it was being repaired at the panels for a small ding so he hired an XC 90 Volvo which I think is double the price. He loves the Captiva too and reckons the XC90 has nothing on the Captiva for driveability. My only suggestion, look at the LX for build quality and drive it. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Holden Captiva Specs

Car Details
5 (4x4)
Body Type
New Price
Private Sale
$14,410 - $16,380
Dealer Retail
$15,910 - $18,920
Dealer Trade
$11,500 - $13,100
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
220Nm @  2400rpm
Max. Power
103kW @  5200rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio
Bore & Stroke
Compression Ratio
Valve Gear
Drivetrain Specifications
Drive Type
Final Drive Ratio
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption (Combined)
10.7L / 100km
Weight & Measurement
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Not Provided
Ground Clearance
Towing Capacity
Brake:1500  Unbrake:750
Steering & Suspension
Steering Type
Turning Circle
Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Front Tyres
235/65 R17
Rear Tyres
235/65 R17
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Front Suspension
MacPherson strut, Coil Spring, Gas damper, Anti roll bar
Rear Suspension
Multi-link system, Coil Spring, Gas damper, Anti roll bar
Standard Features
Air Conditioning
Control & Handling
17 Inch Alloy Wheels, Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Electronic Stability Program, Traction Control System
Cruise Control, Leather Steering Wheel, Parking Distance Control, Power Steering
CD with 6 CD Stacker, Radio CD with 4 Speakers
Power Mirrors
Cloth Trim, Power Windows
Dual Airbag Package, Anti-lock Braking, Head Airbags, Seatbelts - Pre-tensioners Front Seats
Central Locking Remote Control, Engine Immobiliser
Optional Features
Metallic Paint
Service Interval
12 months /  15,000 kms
36 months /  100,000 kms
VIN Plate Location
Driver Side Eng Scuttle
Country of Origin