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The third-generation Ssangyong Chairman H has been unveiled at the 2011 Seoul Motor Show, with the model again featuring obvious Mercedes-Benz design cues.

The front incorporates the headlights of the first-generation Mercedes-Benz CLS and the more upright grille of the S-Class.

As for the back, it’s a little more unique. The best we can say is that it’s an evolution of the second-generation design, which featured similar square lines and slightly more cumbersome proportions.

The interior is probably the Chairman’s best angle. The large central screen gives the dashboard a modern appearance, while the wood grain trim makes for a positive contrast with the mostly dark surfaces. The cabin is finished with leather upholstery, and includes ventilated front seats and a heated steering wheel.

The new Chairman H will be available with two six-cylinder engines: one with 147kW of power and 270Nm of torque, and the other with 163kW and 310Nm.

Ssangyong CEO Yoo-il Lee said the flagship Chairman was an important vehicle for the reborn company, which was rescued from the brink of closure by Indian manufacturer Mahindra and officially acquired in February.

“The newly released Chairman H premium sedan enhances the luxury and class of the Chairman series, which has grown to become Korea’s representative brand,” he said.

“Going forward, we are excited about developing into a global auto company and establishing ourselves as a world renowned brand through our strategic partnership with Mahindra.”

The Chairman H will be manufactured in Korea before going on sale in its domestic market in May.

The Chairman is no longer sold in Australia, with the previous model last sold here in 2008. Although never a volume seller, Ssangyong delivered more than 100 of them in its last four years on sale.

  • Ethan

    Tough choice, I think i’ll take the one on the left… legs that lead to heaven?

    • http://Audi Robj

      I’ll take the one on the right then. Kimmie-chan.

  • Shak

    Not as ugly as I would have expected. Although the more boxy version of the Lexus LS rear end just looks horrific.

  • http://Audi Robj

    Even the Equiess is better than this.

    • Tim

      Equiees is a grear car.

      • chnny

        equus? woof woof

  • Ima Hogg

    All we can say is that it is better than the last one!

  • b

    Why doesn’t it look like a Merc?

  • heath

    yeah the left for me is the winner

  • Gav

    Sometimes we pray for cars to come to Australia……….This one can stay where it is!!!

  • Baddass

    Weird, there’s actually two Chairman models on sale, the older Chairman H (which this is the updated version of) and the newer Chairman W, which looks much better, and comes with a 7-speed auto and optional 5.0l V8. I know which one I’d choose.

  • Rumps

    It’s gonna be a bummer for Ssangyong when people walk into their showrooms asking for the left one.

    I doubt they have perfected cloning, if they can’t make a car right…it’d come out all mangled and with 3 arms.

  • goodjjp

    This will replace 1st generation of chairman

    2st generation with v8 7spd awd is upper model of previous chairman

    This 3rd generation chairman will replace 1st generation

    1st and 3rd generation = Commodore
    2nd generation chairman W = Statesman

  • JD

    ok so

    FRONT HEADLIGHTS: looks similar to the Merc C class

    READ HEADLIGHTS: looks similar to LEXUS LS

    • JD

      now that i think about it

      FRONT HEADLIGHTS also looks like the previous gen Merc S class

  • AustralAsian

    First impression are
    Mercedeish at the front,
    Lexus lx at the back and plain o’l melting pot of imitation interior.

    I’m only a consumer at the end of the day and I don’t know how to build a car so you got to start from somewhere just like the japanese and the others. You copy until you come up with your own ideas.

    • Sneek

      the Japanese never copied, Lexus LS400 (1989) was a better car then the S-class.. ($1 billion dollars spend 6 years in development) result = superior car.. Honestly read a book..

  • Critique

    Yes, its a Merlexus !!! with Lada interior !!!.

    Take a look at the Russian President’s limo’s from the 1940’s to current – not much difference.

    • DGS

      Not Quite a “ZIL” (russian made limo). There is no obvious place to stow an AK47 in the door, and there seems to be no Vodka minibar for the driver!

  • bigtrain

    It just a update/facelift and as for this mercedes looks well ssangyong are in partnership with mercedes what do you expect?

  • http://wasaoa.com.au alan

    what a bunch of morans, I think it looks fantastic, I wish i can buy one, you guys didn’t like it?!not surprised, what would you expect from idiots who fellow premetive sports like “footy” (aussie rules rugby..my Ass)

  • claudia

    I am from Sydney Australia I bought a C600 with Motor Registered to Mercedes Benz with No. It rides beatifully. Quiet, fully loaded with electricals, reclining back seats. As soon as your personal keyn is activated the mechanism adjusts seats, mirrors, steering wheel automatically to your chosen options. Never had a days trouble, with the exception of a fuse, replaced it myself. I can fault this car for comfort, not heavy on fuel (not light either)lots of room. Absolute quality for money. I think Mercedes Benz redesigned the old 600 which was discontunued in the 80s. She may not be a “stunner” but beauty is skin deep. She is reliable and a keeper, I speak from first hand experience.

  • Barbra

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  • Terry M

    What a lot of wanker comments !! Ive owned a chairman from new for 7 years now and I also own 2 benzes, an E class and an S, The Chairman has without a doubt been the most reliable car I have ever owned in 52 years of owning cars. Bring the new model to Australia and I will be the first to upgrade to a new one !! After 7 years people still pull up beside me at the lights and ask me all about it !!. If I can not ever upgrade it I will keep it, that is unles hyundai bring in the Equis !!.

  • Nando

    I honestly like all of the comments here….Being a very satisfied owner of a chairman for the past 5 years i imagine that every1 that has left a comment in here NEVER had the fortune of driving such a great car. i am very disappointed  that the car is not sold in Australia any more, it was (n still is) the best full size car i have driven. after 5 years it is still catching a lot of attention wherever i go. I have given up a Jaguar S for it 5 years ago and never regretted it. Restrain from commenting if you don’t know the car from the inside. Thank you

  • alwazir

    german will always be # 1 and everyone is copying them even stupid japanies ” they do nothing but copying mersedes in the ugly lexus .and this one is just garbage.

  • Jevas_lantang

    chairman is the best comfortable luxirous and even an o round car go ahead ssangyong as i can judge for the world Korea is the number one in technology bravooooooooooooooo

  • David Votoupal

    There’s room for both Chairman H and Chairman W in our market. Pricing would be very competitive, the H would be a good price-leading luxury sedan and the W as a premium flagship. In Korea it competes with the Hyundai Genesis and Equus, and the Kia K9.