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Update: 2011 Ford Territory Review.

Ford Australia has revealed the pricing of the 2011 Ford Territory, with the SZ model range set to start at $39,990, and the long-awaited diesel variants to attract a $3250 price premium over their petrol counterparts.

All three model variants – TX, TS and Titanium – include a rear-wheel drive petrol model, a rear-wheel drive diesel and an all-wheel drive diesel.

There is a $7000 difference between comparative TX and TS variants, and an $8000 difference between TS and Titanium variants.

Highlights of the TX model-line include a six-speed automatic transmission, five-star safety rating, 17-inch alloy wheels, iPod/USB integration, Bluetooth phone connectivity and cruise control.

The TS scores 18-inch alloy wheels and adds an eight-inch colour touch screen, front fog lights, dual-zone climate control, seven-seat capacity, premium audio system with amplifier and subwoofer and a reversing camera.

The range-topping Titanium gets unique 18-inch alloys, as well as LED running lights, privacy glass, auto-dimming rear-view mirror, satellite navigation with Traffic Message Channel, 10.2-inch rear DVD entertainment system and leather seat trim.

All variants will come with a 17-inch steel spare wheel.

The petrol-powered rear-wheel drive TX remains the entry-level model in the range. Its price has increased $100 over the outgoing Territory SY II.

The new TS starts at $2100 above the old model, and the same price jump applies to the Titanium, which replaces the outgoing Ghia nameplate.

As previously revealed, the new 2011 Territory will be available with the choice of a petrol or diesel engine.

The 4.0-litre six-cylinder petrol engine produces 195kW of power and 391Nm of torque (just like the Falcon).

Available only in rear-wheel drive, the petrol-powered Territory variants will use 10.6 litres/100km of fuel on the combined cycle and emit 249g/km CO2.

The 2.7-litre V6 TDCi turbo-diesel produces 140kW and 440Nm of torque. The rear-wheel drive variants will use 8.2 litres/100km combined and emit 217g/km CO2, while the heavier all-wheel drive models will use 8.8 litres/100km and emit 232g/km CO2.

Rear-wheel drive models will have a maximum towing capacity of 2300kg, while the all-wheel drive diesel models step up to 2700kg.

The 2011 Ford Territory goes on sale in Australia in May for the following manufacturer’s list prices:

Territory TX

  • Rear-wheel drive petrol – $39,990
  • Rear-wheel drive diesel – $43,240
  • All-wheel drive diesel – $48,240

Territory TS

  • Rear-wheel drive petrol – $46,990
  • Rear-wheel drive diesel – $50,240
  • All-wheel drive diesel – $55,240

Territory Titanium

  • Rear-wheel drive petrol – $54,990
  • Rear-wheel drive diesel – $58,240
  • All-wheel drive diesel – $63,240

Note2011 Ford Territory Review.



    looks like ford have toyota squarely in their sights,at least as far as pricing goes(ouch).the all-wheel drive titanium is in “euro” territory(no pun intended)…

    • Princess

      Well it certainly has tried to rip off the front looks of Honda’s EURO Accord

  • http://johnmitchellphotography.com John M

    The TS and Titanium AWD Diesels when priced at ‘driveaway’ will be easily $10-$20K over the Korean ‘twins’ equivalents. This will not make sense to the average Aussie family buyers that the Territory is usually aimed at, no matter good the Territory is to drive.

    • nickdl

      Well the Hyundai and Kia haven’t really made a dent in the market with the Santa Fe or the Sportage since they were launched so what makes you think they will now? I think the biggest concern for the Territory is the Captiva. It sells well and has the reputable Holden badge but for a lower price.

      • Sumpguard

        I can tell you for fact that the model that everyone wants in both the Hyundai and Kia is the top spec diesel model and there is simply no stock available for 6 months.
        The sales figures certainly do not reflect the demand for the vehicles as you claim.

        Similarly the best vehicles in class don’t always get the best sales. Toyota’s Kluger with its bland interior, dull ride and dull looks is prove of that.

        • Sumpguard

          ….and for the record I quite like this Territory.

    • Zandit

      The Hyundai and Kia models are in a different class altogether from the Territory. The only real competition is the Captiva7, Kluger, and maybe the Challenger. Yes, there is the X5, and Q5/7 which are of similar sizing, but they aren’t in the same price bracket that this SUV is targeted at. I own an IX35, and I can guarantee you, this is nowhere near the size of a Territory.

      • Sumpguard

        I agree with what you have said. However for siome reason known only to himself Nickdl made the comparison.

        • chippies!

          I think he was drawing comparison to the Hyundai Santa Fe and Kia Sorrento which are in the same category – diesel, AWD, seven seat option

        • nickdl

          Yeah sorry I meant the Santa Fe and SORENTO, not Sportage. A valid comparison?

  • http://Telsa paulb

    Territory is great bang for the buck,this vechle is Japanese+European quality

    • Mani

      Really? How so? The AWD titanium is priced at $63,500. That is a hell of lot more when you compare it to it’s Korean counterparts that it’s competing against. So what do you get for the extra dollars – just curious as to why you think it’s value for money?

      • http://Telsa paulb

        Mani,in testing and developing new Territory.The Ford Engineers used a BMW M5 as the vechle they tested against.They did not feel they where lacking in design,dynamics and styling,not to mention the very fuel efficient diesel engine.
        Not to rubbish the Koreans as you are rubbishing Ford AU.This vechle is compatable to a BMW,that makes it fantastic value for money…Ford AU will not dissapear quietly in the night.

        • Damian

          “The Ford Engineers used a BMW M5 as the vechle they tested against.”

          Where’s your source for this claim?

          • http://Telsa paulb

            I meant BMWX5,the Ford chief engineer told ABC Motor Journolist Will Hagan.On the Tony Delroy Motortorque ABC radio Sydney+Perth.Mr Hagan told all the radio audience.Just being compared to a BMW is a big tick

        • ritchie

          I think you mean x5 paulb..& it’s a bit naive to think this is as good as the bmw for 63 grand..dont get too excited boys, all we have so far are some photos, figures & prices.

          • gletty

            true….it may not be as good as an x5..(canbus communication for internal electrics etc) and the ability to handle like a car half its size….. but keep in mind, bmw’s are overpriced (here in oz)….and the ability to compare the vehicle to meet criteria just like the x5 has for the field a territory is in…..well thats just excellent.

            great work ford….a lot of families dont have $120k for a family car.. for a car half the price i’m sure its on par for safety, value, features etc….

        • HNC

          And Ford used the Audi A6 as a comparison and basis for the Falcon so does that mean the Falcon is as good as an Audi A6, I dont think so. I dont think there will be too many people comparing a Territory to a BMW X5.

          • http://Telsa paulb

            Of coarse the Falcon no Audi A6,but the Audi A6 does not have a cutting edge LPG system available either.

  • Goodfa

    $3,250 extra for a Diesel is not too bad when you consider that Holden charge $4,000 extra for the Diesel in the Cruze.

  • http://caradvice OSU811

    $5k extra for AWD in the diesel???????
    what for?, surely AWD doesnt add anywhere near
    that amount to make? (just ask subaru where it is std)!

    • Alex

      I agree, there is almost no benifit for the TD as fuel consumption is not low enough to pay it back fast enough. Especially since the LPI Falcon makes so much more sense.

      Funny how they won’t offer LPI on the Territory, it would be cheaper to run and have MORE power and torque than the petrol.

      AWD is largely not needed in urban enrionments anyway, I have a Subaru and love it but the AWD is over kill with stability control, brake assist, traction control etc al standard now.

      This car would have sold for that money in 2004, not now.

      • pezza

        think your forgetting the extra tow capacity and driveability whilst towing the AWD offers. Given how popular territory is with grey nomads and families in general that want a nice car to tow the boat and caravan with I think I makes sense.

      • Carl

        You are forgetting that resale value of the diesel will always be higher for an equivalent vehicle. So why do people think that the full price difference has to be made up over time????

      • Andrew M

        I think the no LPG in Terry situation is linked to ADR’s preventing LPG tanks in factory fit from being under passenger seats.

        Aftermarket fitment isnt goverened by these rules

        • chippies!

          They should use a donut tank instead!

    • DWS1

      Have you had a look at how much extra Toyota, etc want for Diesel versions of the same car?
      Plus Both the AWD Territory and Kluger have been a few grand more than their 2WD versions, so it is not news. The fact that the Territiry is that low with the diesel is great value.

    • James Cortez

      EXPENSIVE!! I know the grand cherokee is petrol powered but at 45K is cheaper than the territory diesel AWD and it is a REAL 4WD not a sissy 4wD lie Ford. The cherokee has better features and more importantly it has low range gears so you can take it off road not like this city, sissy 4wd.

  • Alex

    As much as I love this car, I can see the Korean Diesels including Holdens Captiva taking most family sales. Although smaller and viewed as ‘inferior’ I highly doubt families will care, its al about value and price for most.

    I would prefer a Territory over the smaller Korean alternatives, but I would prefer a real 4WD over a Territory for that money anyway so the point is moot.

    Great Government and Fleet car though, but I doubt that is a good thing.

    • DWS1


      • http://Mazda Daniel D

        DWS1 you need a new Chinese made keyboard with a working caps lock too. Get the dealer to throw one in with your new Territory purchase.

      • James Cortez

        So you buy Aust made product no matter how unrealistic / blown up expensive the price is?? You may as well donate your wealth. Can’t believe the rationale. every product has a price or perceived price.

  • http://caradvice OSU811

    Diesel engine is good value though-)
    you wouldnt even consider the petrol
    with current petrol prices and for resale!!

  • Mani

    The diesel AWD versions are massively over priced. Is anyone really going to spend $63,500 for a diesel AWD Territory? For that money there are much better alternatives out there and for less money you get what many consider to be a better car with superior performance & handling, better fuel economey and five years unlimited km warranty free driving.

    • Crummydore

      It is expensive… but look how much people are forking out for the Klugers!

      With the Territory you get much more interior room, and the dynamics will be the big difference. (ask Ged Bulmer)

      • Devil’s Advocate

        I agree the Territory is MUCH better dynamically than the Kluger Crummydore, however there is actually not that much difference at all when it comes to interior space. I remember the brand new Kluger hire car I rode in a few weeks ago and it had more than enough room for me in the back as well as the interstate travel suitcase/backpack etc requirements of 3 people in the boot. Shoulder, leg and head room of the Kluger in the front 2 rows is within a couple of cms here and there of the Territory, nothing really in the scheme of things for a car that size. Where the Kluger does win out though is in “boot” space.
        According to the the Ford website the new Territory has 1153L of space behind the 2nd row of seats, the current model Kluger has 1197L. Now in my world 1197 is larger than 1153… 😉

        Having said that I would still rather a Territory over a Kluger any day that ends in Y! :-)

        • Andrew M

          Boot measurements stated in wagons can be deceptive as I believe the cargo volume is measured to the bottom of the rear glass.
          You only have to raise your rear and side screen in the cargo space 50mm and the litres on paper would increase dramaticlly

          • ohrly

            holy wow 40 litres of extra boot space… this is a great deal of space indeed. you can fit a few more reems of paper!

          • Devil’s Advocate

            Andrew M, this figure is for both of them from the floor to the roof as quoted by the manufacturer ie total space behind the second row of seats. If it was only for the space underneath the screen/blind/glass I would have mentioned that for clarification. Then again you probably would have commented that “why mention only the volume up to the screen/blind/glass considering there is all that space above it”!!! LOL. Admit it, either way I would still have lost! Just so you know if I had both figures I would have mentioned them!
            I just thought the fact both of them being over 1100L would have led people to logically come to the conclusion that it was indeed volume to the roof considering most large wagons/SUVs on average are between 500-600L from floor to screen/blind/glass. Maybe I am giving some people too much credit??!! :-) TIC

            I couldn’t find figures for the new Territory up to the screen/blind/glass as info is still sketchy. Needless to say though the previous model Territory (which has exactly the same floor to ceiling volume as the new one so you would think the volume to the screen/blind/glass would be very similar) was around 60L smaller than the the Kluger up to the screen/blind/glass.
            So no matter which way you look at it, the Kluger still has more cargo space than a Territory. Still doesn’t make the Kluger better though!!! :-)

            Still doesn’t mean the Kluger is better though! :-)

          • Devil’s Advocate

            Orly, I am not denying 40L isn’t really that much space in the scheme of things, however I was just highlighting to Crummydore that in reality there isn’t much between to two as after all, he did say and I quote “With the Territory you get much more interior room”. Facts are still facts, no matter how close the numbers may be!

            Or maybe look at it another way, when at Woolies/Coles/IGA etc next look at how much space 40 1L milk cartons take up in the fridge. Or if you don’t do grocery shopping and are a car enthusiast, stack 8 average bottles of engine oil next to each other. That is at least another small suitcase and sometimes on a trip that can make all the difference! :-)

        • Crummydore

          Hmmm.. you have done your research there!
          It is a real shame that the Territory was never built on the long wheelbase chassis (add some extra metal behind the rear doors) then they would have had a truly spacious product to slam the competition with. The only car that had any usable space behind the 3rd row seats was the Adventra – you can actually fit a folded pram behind them – which has always bewildered me that they make these 7 seaters that cant even the minimalist of cargo!!!
          And yes Holden – the Craptiva suffers the same issue (you had a better product with the Adventura).

      • http://Mazda Daniel D

        Also if you can resist being the first kid on the block with the new Territory, then prices will drop quite a bit in a few months time. I would expect that a Titanium Diesel for mid to low 50’s with very little demo km’s will be achievable within twelve months of this car going on sale.

        If you want petrol, then prices will be much cheaper as Diesel will be the models with the most demand.

        Fords pricing lately as been quite screwy on some models and very reasonable on others like the XR50th. In the end Ford can put any price they like on the car. People will only pay a certain amount and Ford and their dealers will have to come to the party. The consumer will ultimately set the price of this car and the dealers will support that. Ford will too eventually.

        FPV are in the process of learning this lesson with the new supercharged V8’s which are an awesome engine, but way overpriced for their market. They aren’t exactly setting the sales charts on fire and already you can get around $8000 off a new GT or GS retail price.


    • Don Quay

      Mani, don’t keep it to yourself. Tell us please, what are these cheaper competitors that you reckon have better performance, handling and fuel economy to the Territory?
      I’m buggered if I can think what they are, particularly as no performance figures for the Territory have been published and no one has driven one yet to compare the handling either.

      • Mani

        Sure Don, check out the specs say for a Santa Fe and Sorento diesel against the Ford’s diesel. Yes agree the Ford has not been tested yet but keep in mind that the Soretno has won awards already and has the runs on the board. For a smaller diesel engine in the Sorento and Santa Fe you get the same power and torque figures as the Ford however the Sorento WILL perform better because more torque is available at lower revs. Then compare the fuel comsumption figures. Ford are quoting 8.8l/100 kms on the open road. The Sorento and Santa fe are doing that at a mere 7.5l/100 kms for auto or a measley 6.7l/10 km for a manual. Which ever way you look at it the Ford diesel is a poor second to the Korean diesels and then when you chuck in a 5 year warranty with unlimted km’s on the Korean models and a price tag that is some $15,000 cheaper for the top models well I think I have made my point.

        • ExHoldenFan

          Sorrento and santa fe? HA! Cant even compare Ford to Hyundai and Kia! It’s like comparing apples and oranges!

    • James Cortez

      You bet Mani, waaay overpriced for a sissy, city dweller AWD not even a 4WD as it has no low range gears. Let them / Ford suffer as it won’t make their sale forecast

      • Mani

        Totally agree James. Just can’t see how Ford can justify $63,500 for their top of the range diesel AWD. When you look at what’s available on the market for less money you really are just throwing money away if you buy one. I suppose Ford do it because it has strong badge loyalty and Ford nut bags dont mind being ripped off…

  • t39

    Unless one needs 7 seats, Jeep GC seems better value. Are Ford prices for real or just something to discount 5-10k from?

    • nickdl

      Yeah Falcons, Commodores and Territorys don’t go for the RRP, if they do, you’ve been ripped off. When we bought our Ghia AWD it was about $20k of the new price for a 1 year-old car. I saw an ad in the paper about 6 months ago for brand new Territory Ghias for around $7k less than RRP, and that’s with driveaway pricing.

      You’ll be able to get an AWD diesel Titanium for less than $60k driveaway in a couple of months, once the hype from the launch dies down.

    • jbot

      I’m currently living in the US and the Jeep Grand Cherokee is a fantastic 4WD. From what I’ve heard its going for a similar price as the Territory will in Australia (obviously a lot cheaper here), so would definitely be a strong competitor against the Ford. I’d take both for a drive if I was looking in the market but I’d be surprised if I went for the Territory.

  • GooSE

    No AWD petrol option?
    and of course the deletion of the turbo petrol models, this diesel engine better be good

  • mmmmmm

    ford is is still counting on any current AWD owners will want to change to diesel and be prepared to pay the premium for it when they upgrade.
    I’m not convinced they all will.
    The $3250 premium makes the $5000 lpg aftermarket conversion sound a lot cheaper than when i investigated a while back.

  • steve

    The diesel AWD territory is getting quite expensive, even the tx is reaching $50k once you include the seven seats many will require. This brings it in line with more luxuriously equipped rivals at similar prices such as the kluger kx-s and cx9 classic. And without the AWD option on its petrol engine, this raises the prices for AWD prices even more. I believe it will be a challenge for Ford to justify this extra price for petrol AWD buyers. Still, the territory looks to be a great car and I can’t wait for a test drive.

  • http://johnmitchellphotography.com John M

    I have been waiting for 5 years now for Ford to make a Territory AWD Diesel. At $63+on roads, why not buy a Hyundai/Kia?
    Its not as if Im buying an Investment! As the the Territory will depreciate faster than Julia Gillard’s Popularity at a Miners convention.

  • http://garyc gary

    I was waiting to buy one of these, but when I saw the value in the diesel Kia Sportage Platinum at $41,500, I couldn’t resist. Unfortunately the Territory is uncompetitive with its pricing no matter how good it is. Another era has arrived and Ford aren’t in it.

    • Sammy

      The Sportage is half the car the Territory is

      • Zandit

        Hahaha!!!! Literally!!!

  • Nick K

    Worthy car… But it’s competitors are cheaper. Times have changed, 5 years ago this would have set the market on fire… I’m afraid not now.

    • Andrew M

      What are its competitors??
      Kluger and thats about it. Its not over priced compared to a Kluger.

      The korean offerings from Kia, Hyundai and Holden are all a good size smaller and dont offer the level of engineering this does. This is also the only Aussie designed and built SUV so wages are little higher than a bag of rice to drive around with some aussie pride.

      But on the price front, its well known the big 3 Aussie manufacturers never sell at list price anyway.
      Dollars always fall off when you walk into a Ford or Holden showroom for eg.

      I dont know why they dont both cut their list prices and be done with it.

      • Nick K

        I agree this is a cut above the Korean offerings, however they are close enough and cheap enough to make getting sales harder for Ford and for Toyota for that matter. Still, a worth car and deserving of success.

  • Gene

    The price they charge for each higher grade, if you break up the each item price, is every bit as expensive as VW.

    $7000 for 18-inch alloy wheels and adds an eight-inch colour touch screen, front fog lights, dual-zone climate control, seven-seat capacity, premium audio system with amplifier and subwoofer and a reversing camera

    $8000 for unique 18-inch alloys, as well as LED running lights, privacy glass, auto-dimming rear-view mirror, satellite navigation with Traffic Message Channel, 10.2-inch rear DVD entertainment system and leather seat trim

    Should I say Ford is too expensive for people have been wrongly flogging VW for expensive options? I cannot decide.

    • TMG

      Break up the full item costs of each upgraded spec, and then add what, the options you highlight between each model are just the tip of the iceberg, there is a lot more in it. Under your idea is it’s better to buy base and save, or do you want something extra but not willing to pay for it.

      Oh what price do VW charge for Metalic paint, Ford it’s free across the board (Transit and Orange XR5 exculded)and what is included in each upgraded spec on a VW and then what you have to add to bring it in line with the comp.

      • Gene

        Do you make a living striking strawmen that you build yourself? Did I say anything about which brand is better value for money? Did I say which brand I prefer? I couldn’t find it so please get off your high horse.

        And what is the rest of the iceberg? Do you know something that is not in the press release? I was quoting the press release, siting the price difference and the extra equipment verbatim. What’s your problem with that?

        • TMG

          I do apologise for my misrepresentation of your argument, I do forget that press releases hold all the answers and as such must be taken as gospel when forming a discussion, or putting forward a point of view.
          As for my high horse a mere pony will suffice, as a fan of the Territory (although not stated nor do I remember accusing you of belonging to any particular brand alliance) I purely went on the defensive using unsourced material (a quick trip to Ford and VW websites) for that I too am sorry.
          From now on should I only make comments using the facts given in an article or comments posted? alas I cannot decide.

          • Gene

            I appreciate your apology. Having some facts to back up your claim is a good thing you know. Alas I still cannot see what your fact sheet is. May be you’ll slowly learn?

  • nofearzzz

    Looks like it made it.

  • Car Fanatic

    I’m not a huge fan of the Territory but this one looks good. The price does seem a little high but a titanium Diesel is similarly equipped as the CX9 Grand Touring or the Kluger Grande. I can see this taking some GT and Grande customers away as they are priced similarly yet both the Mazda and the Toyota are far thirstier and don’t hit peak torque until higher in the rev range.

    Rare for me to say this but well done Ford.

  • Car Fanatic

    Actually Mani, I agree with Don. You say 5 year warranty which could only mean Hyundai, Kia and Mitsubishi all which doubt would outperform this Territory. To be honest, you’dbe looking at the Euros for better performance handling and Fuel economy and each of those are well in excess of 63,000 bucks.

    • Mani

      Ahh Car fanatic, how I do love to point out when people are wrong. Here are your specs for the 2.7l diesel Territory engine;
      Kw: 140
      Torque: 440 from 1900 rpm
      Fuel economy: 9.0l/100km for the AWD titanium diesel
      Now here are your specs for the 2.2l diesel Sorento engine;
      Kw: 145
      Torque: 436 from 1800 rpm
      Fuel Economy: 7.4l/100 km for the AWB platinum auto

      So now lets look at the facts.

      The sorento diesel engine is smaller but punchier and more powerful then the ford diesel and it uses a lot less fuel to run. Then take into account the fact that the Ford is about 150kg heavier, well your claim that the Territory would outperform the Korean diesels leaves me scratching my head as to why you would make that stupid remark.

      Dont take my word for it, i’ll quote what car advice has siad about the ford diesel in it’s own review

      “The diesel Territory is not what you’d call very quick. It doesn’t have the same initial pace as say a Kia Sorento-Hyundai Santa Fe 2.2-litre R-diesel, but it’s more than adequate for the job and feels just as quick as its petrol equivalent.”

      So go ahead people, go and spend the extra $15,000 on a car that is not as good as it’s Korean competitors…go on.

  • http://ozmazda.com ozmazda

    Ford have cleaned it up well and the diesel is a great package…just need Mazda to drop a diesel into the CX9….

  • Jay

    Titanium All-wheel drive diesel @$63,240… is a bit of a joke..

    For almost 62K (ext on road) one can get base spec BMW X3 20D with better fuel consumption figures, similar power and slightly lower spec. Overall build quality of a BMW is light years ahead of Ford…

    • gletty

      mate….i’m an x5 owner….(MY2011 – xdrive40)

      relax I wouldnt say “light” years….

  • Car Fanatic

    Yes Jay, however the X3 is a smaller class of SUV so not really a competitive choice for Soccer Mums. Also a friend of mine bought an X3 and decided (against my advice) to ad several optional extras. He ended up paying 78k on the road.

    • Jay

      HI Car Fanatic, Agreed options on BMW can make the overly expensive. However, new generation x3 has grown considerably in size and infact is same size as last generation x5.

  • goodjjp

    Territory should compare with
    Kluger , CX9 , Tribeca , Murano , Santafe , Sorrento
    I dont know why some people bring up kia sportage..;;

    BTW it looks very good..
    I personally wasnt expect this much…;;changes
    and they made good choice drop 4wd on petrol varients…
    Wish they make LPG Injection territory as well

  • James Cortez

    EXPENSIVE!! I know comparing this diesel territory to the V60 volvo 2.4 diesel is not really apple to apple but the volvo is only a few grand dearer and
    1. has a much better quality and
    2. longevity plus reliability record
    3. Better features
    4. more prestige brand

    Is it expensive because of the expensive labor downunder??? Hell probably no as Swedish labor is expensive too. Ah I see Ford wants to reap a lot of profit from their product.
    Down with FORD!!

    • http://Mazda Daniel D

      It looks like Ford US have told Ford Australia that they have to turn a profit no matter what quantity of cars they sell. So since Ford is selling less of everything, they jack up the price on each unit they make, to make up for it.

      Sounds silly and is self defeating, but thats my best guess. I can’t believe someone at Ford thought $63K was a good idea, but rather that they need that amount to cover costs on what is a very low volume car by trade standards.

      The only positive is that the base model has been upgraded to the point, that really it is good enough and by far the best value for your dollar. You really need to want the trinkets to justify the extra is this new range and this is from a current Terri Ghia owner.

      • chippies!

        I was scared off when I first heard $63k and still would not pay it. But I’d now have the TS because it looks nicer and has similar equipment levels.

        At the end of the day, there should be plenty of room for dealer negotiation and a high RRP is nothing new for local brands. I remember when the Mitsubishi 380 came out, they were asking $35k for the manual base model…

  • Bill

    Makes the LandRover freelander look positively a bargain and a true off-roader at that, more comfortable, better handling and good solid buy.

    • chippies!

      I really like the Freelander 2 however it has risen in price. I’ve been looking second hand and it seems like they are holding their value well enough too.

  • http://Caradvice Ford fan

    Overpriced! rather get new captiva,

  • paul

    I read all of your comments and all i see is price price price,and everyone’s buying the top of the line.

    Lets face reality.
    If price is everything to everyone all those chinese brands should already be no.1 by now, there cheap as anything.
    And how many Titanium AWD drives do you think ford have projected to build????? Not everyones going to buy/want one.
    I drove the the Territory yesterday and its fantastic.
    I would like to see everyones comments after they do the same.

  • http://Telsa paulb

    Just to remember this vechle has been built+ designed for Australian conditions

  • Toyota Guru

    Pfftttt…more Ford garbage for soccer mums.

    Hurry up and bring out a Kluger Hybrid Toyota!

    • cjg22

      they already do, its called the RX4450h

      • cjg22

        whoops, RX450h

    • http://Telsa paulb


    • TMG

      According to the band Everclear, Don’t all Soccer Mums drive Volvos?

      As for the Highlander Hybrid, as it is a Camry under the skin, If they built it here I would agree with you, as they won’t, and I do like competition I’m still a fan of the Terri

  • http://Subaru Sumodog

    I am surprised that noone mentioned perception of quality difference between Toyota and Ford .
    Koreans are for still for buyers whose main priority is price.
    I love the work ford oz has done with terry in particlar driveline .
    Exterior styling unfortunately is not their best effort.



  • isaac

    with the dvd player do you have to use the head phones ??