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The 2011 Honda Jazz facelift has been launched in Australia offering upgrades in safety, specification and styling.

All vehicles are now five-star safety rated by ANCAP, and come standard with six airbags (dual front, side and curtain), stability control and front and rear seatbelt reminders.

From the outside, all models score LED taillights and a revised mesh grille that Honda says has been designed to resemble a “happy face”.

The new interiors now feature USB connectivity and Bluetooth hands-free phone compatibility. A new multi-function trip computer sits in the instrument panel, while the dashboard is now finished in a satin-look plastic.

The mid-spec VTi model scores front and rear sports bumpers, side skirts, ‘Gunmetal’ coloured grille, fog lamps, cruise control and 15-inch alloy wheels (with a full-sized alloy spare).

The range-topping VTi-S gets all of the above, but trades the 15s for 16-inch alloy wheels and adds a rear spoiler.

Two new colours have been added to the range – Polished Metal and Fresh Lime Green – taking the total number of paint options to seven.

Engines and transmissions are unchanged, with the GLi continuing to be powered by a 73kW/127Nm 1.3-litre petrol engine and the other models running a 1.5-litre petrol unit with 88kW of power and 145Nm of torque.

Pricing of the range is largely unchanged, except for the VTi-S automatic, which enjoys a $1000 price reduction to cover the discontinuation of the VTi-S manual variant.

Manufacturer’s list pricing for the 2011 Honda Jazz:

  • GLi manual – $16,990
  • GLi auto – $18,990
  • VTi manual – $19,190
  • VTi auto – $21,190
  • VTi-S auto – $22,690

  • Ima Hogg

    Two questions. Where is this made and how is the Honda Jazz in reliability records?

    • MF

      I believe its made in Thailand. There are always lemons in any model of cars, but from the resale value of the older jazzes, they have been doing pretty well in reliability department.

      I have had 2 jazzes, the first one got written-off because a Holden rodeo bumped into the back of my car. I was slowing down to a yellow light and he was accelerating…

      Anyway, both jazzes have been excellent for me.

    • Vibe

      My Grandma (yeah, stereotypical Jazz owner, don’t laugh) has had one since 2003 and it hasn’t missed a beat. Admittedly it’s only done 45,000 km but even then not the slightest thing has gone wrong.

  • Promaster

    What I love about Honda is that there able to squeez the most power out from a small engine.

    • F1MotoGP

      …and get bad fuel economy!! I had the old and new Jazz and fuel economy on the new Jazz was up by 21%!

      • Dan

        Might be your heavy foot? :)

        • F1MotoGP

          No! I drive very easy you can ask Honda dealers and even they confirm it it use more fuel. I pumped up my tyres to 38-40 psi, used synthetic oil 5w-30 and bought PULP98, drive easy fuel economy was best city 7.1l/100km

  • mmmmmm

    why is honda always playing catch up with adding safety features to their cars

    • svd

      I don’t think that Honda play catcup with safety so much as they, like Toyota, are paranoid the price of the vehicle will severly disadvantage them so they leave a few items out to keep the cost down. If you look at the European market or even across the ditch to NZ you will find that these safety items have been on these vehicles for some time and this applies to both brands. The safety items are taken out for Australia or rather not fitted. You will see this time and again when you read the ANCAP crash test reports where it will state that ESC for example is fitted for the NZ version but not the Australian version. Are the Japanese trying to kill us off – now I’m getting paranoid.

  • Vibe

    Everyone who says these are overpriced should take a second look, they’re a fantastic car for the money and have a lot of great little features that you’d only find in a Honda. And they can fit almost anything, literally. Two Fisher and Paykel dryers actually.

  • Aleks

    I love their “now comes with Bluetooth” and all it is, is the crappy dealer option fitted to the a pillar.

  • F1MotoGP

    I had 2 Jazzes. The first one with CVT transmission. I done 31T km and averaged 5.95L/100km. I sold it because of the transmission problems. I had none. I bought the new Jazz 5 speed auto. Very good good quality but the gearbox at 60 can not decide which gear should be in. It is jumping from 4 to 5 and back to 4. Very annoying!! Fuel economy is much worse than the previous Jazz done 28T km average fuel economy 7.25l/100km. Now I got Corolla. Much better.

    • Promaster

      The jazz and corolla are different classes.. The Yaris is Jazz competitor.. The Civic is corollas buddy..

    • Davpearn

      Couldn’t agree more re the grade logic(?) auto. It is an ADHD sufferer. The most indecisive hyperactive auto I’ve ever driven and the most ILLOGICAL changing up just before two down shifts.
      The worst aspect in this terrible auto is what sort of life expectancy will get get from the transmission?

  • Roger Ramjet

    Now I got Corolla. Much better.

    Must be the 4 speed Auto!

    • F1MotoGP


  • James

    Mitsubishi Colt is a good alternative

    • Jackaroo3.1D

      The Colt is rubbish. It has dreadful seating, steering and is soo badly designed it uses an octopus strap as part of it’s slpit folding rear seat !.

      You were joking right ?.

  • Samr

    They dropped the manual sports model?

  • MF

    Different cars suit different purposes. If you want the ability to carry various things and a lot of them, Jazz will be your top pick!

    If you only want a car to get from one point to another, then pick a cheaper yaris (or even a getz for that matter) to save you money. Or if you want “style”, get a polo…

    You really have to own one to experience Jazz’s superior use of interior space.

  • Nick K

    Christ, what have they done to the nose of the VTIs…. man, the front end looks so ugly. At least the car finally gets stability control.

  • Able

    The previous Jazz was a great car, but the current Jazz hasn’t moved the game any further along and is still at the same point as the old Jazz. Disappointing considering how far the new Polo has brought the small car class with it’s Passat-like interior quality and Golf-like dynamics.

    • MF

      not too sure about the quality…in the “First car buying experience: From research to ownership” article the new polo he got leaked water from day 1…

  • Mark

    I have the same experience as F1MotoGP. The new Jazz economy is much worse than the old CVT model.
    This facelift of the VTiS is terrible. Did they let a 15 year old design the front bumper? Woeful!!

    • F1MotoGP

      Put it in plain English Honda got problems. Why I changed to Toyota because Honda dealers – visited 3 dealers – just interested about money. I asked questions about the new City they knowledge was very poor. I try to trade in my Jazz and they had problem to fing out it is 1.3 or 1.5 liter engine. When we come to get a deal on the City I got VERY LOW price for my car and after 10 min they offered me $500 more. At Toyota I got $2,100 more!!

      • Ernest

        I got Honda City. It used definitely same machine with honda jazz VTi. But my milage really good.
        In the city usually 6.7L/100KM. Last year i drove 2000KM to brisbane. Got 5.1L/100KM.

  • http://www.clearimagephotos.com brayden

    That red cars front end….

  • m2m

    Nice, solid little car. Good to see some equipment upgrades too. Shame they discontinued the manual VTI-S. Does it still have paddles like the old model with CVT? gimmicky but kind of neat in the compact class.

    I’d still take a 2, Fiesta or Polo first, but for a family runaround it’s Hard to overlook the Jazz’s practicality!

    • ddd

      fiesta and polo i can undertsand, but mazda 2? serious? plastic cramped peices of #@%. nice engine and handling, shame about the plastic lined tin can it comes in. not even enough room in the rear for groceries, and thats important in a shopping trolley!

      like the 3 they are WAY over rated!

      • m2m

        Well i owned a 2 for 3 years (written off by a drunk driver, saved my life) and now own an SP25. They do nothing wrong, everything right. If you need a car for groceries, buy a sedan or wagon, not a super-mini. The 2 needs an upgrade to keep up with the Fiesta, Polo but it still comfortably outdoes the Yaris, Getz, I20, Rio in most areas.

        Each to their own, but it certainly served it’s purpose for me.

  • Promaster

    Honda should bring back the S2000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://caradvice OSU811

      What about, NSX, Prelude, Integra, CRX.?????????

  • ddd

    LOVE my 02 model ( jap made ) 1.3Gli

    i laugh when people say they brought swifts etc, because for the same $ they get bigger engines.

    They also dont get the 5.4L per 100kms i get, they also cant get a washing machine in the back. They are also annoyed when they realise their 1.5 is no faster ( and in some traffic light drags, SLOWER ) than mt 1.3

    ive done 150 thousand HARD kms in it, ive not been kind to this little car and its NEVER let me down.

    I would not even consider any other car in its class as its replacement. Fiesta comes close, but cant get anything in the back. mazda 2 is just an over rated pokey rice bubble too.

    ive never met a dis satisfied jazz owner. oh and my sister just purchased a second hand 03 model for $6900 and its mint. She figures if i cant kill one, they must be okay!

    long live the wonderful jazz!

  • Huff

    my bro has the 2010 model and let me tell you these Jazz have a mighty small engine, and are extremely reliable and the interior space is excellent..

  • Byron

    Weird thing is, the VTi-S looks really good looking, esp the new grille & side skirts. Sadly, I don’t think Honda will improve in sales. The updates & price reductions they have done to their cars over this past year or so are B/S & haven’t done anything to their sales. Kia & Suzuki are ready to pounce into the top 10 any minute now.

  • VTI

    Any Jazz owners here? What is ur average fuel consumption? Mine is around 6.8L/100km (15% freeway driving). Can’t get any better :(, my is 1.5 VTI CVT.

    • http://caradvice OSU811

      I drove a 2010 VTI-S manual for a couple of weeks
      85% highway driving, but still driving it reasonably hard
      if I got the chance on an open stretch of road or through some bends. It averaged 5.0L/100km. I thought that was brilliant and had trouble matching it, doing the same driving in a new hybrid Insight!!!(had to drive the Insight more sedately to match the Jazz fuel consumption)

      • kg

        How do you find the road/wind/tyre/cabin noise? Tempted to buy a Jazz but I had a HRV before which was very noisy on freeway …

        • http://caradvice OSU811

          very good for a small car!!!
          not as good as a civic or impreza etc!
          but they are in a different class and price!
          certainly a lot better than a new fiesta I drove

          • kg

            Thanks, seems good news :-)

    • MF

      I have a 1.5 VTI CVT. Pure freeway driving is 5.3L/100km. Suburban (without going on freeway at all) is around 6.8L/100km. My average combined is 6.4L/100km (with 80% suburban, 20% freeway).

      Always manage at least 600kms out of the 42L tank before i fill up.

  • anthony

    The Jazz is my favorite car in this class.

    Polos look good but are apparently all rattle traps…

  • Octavian

    Were are those photos taken? It looks like inner Melbourne. By now, the Jaz should have adopted the more ergonomic European style exterior door handles, then it would compliment the clever seating.

    • Jacob Martyn

      yeah, the door handles are horrid!

  • Huff

    I always see new golf that have their hazard signals turned on and broken down on the roads..

    And not to mention their heavy electrical, mechanical and design faults with Volkswagens..

  • Eddy

    Yeah lol I sold my 2006 Golf, so much problems, I figured that I wouldn’t waste any more money on fixing it only for the problem to return.. Problems such as: air con faults, fan fault, ignition coil failures, front lights failure, brake light failure, fuel pump needed to be replaced, rear lights needed to be replaced, interior dome light failure, power windows malfunctioning, front passenger door lock failure and airbag light was on, although VW said airbags were fine and that the dashboard computer regulator was malfunctioning.

    HONESTLY DO NOT EVER EVER EVER! EVEN CONSIDER A VOLKSWAGEN, they started of as rubbish and always will be trash, overrated garbage the golf is!!

    • VTI

      Sounds terrible:( what about the current model Mark 6? Are they much better in terms of durability and stability? Love the GTI both Polo & Golf.

  • Nick K

    The Jazz is a lesson to others on packaging, this car is truly a Tardis. What disappoints me is the use of an inefficient auto, cheap looking interior and a butt ugly facelift for the VTI and VTIs. This car is so close to greatness yet Honda can’t help but stuff up what is a basically excellent piece of engineering.

  • maximark

    If I’m in the market for these small cars I would wait for the yaris.

    • http://teletech.com.au F1MotoGP

      Yes. The new Yaris dashboard is much better. Jazz is OK but the auto in city traffic jumping between 4th and 5th gear. Very annoying!!

  • GO

    Ohh please don’t bring up Volkswagen, they truly lead the pack in unreliability, its like the Germans design the car to break down…… Its just beyond belief?

  • anthony

    I had a VW Jetta which was outstanding.
    Replaced it with an Accord Euro when it was written off,and the Honda product is brilliant.

  • Lyndon

    Changes have been made to the Japanese and European versions of the new Jazz to improve NVH, suspension, and steering to provide increased ride comfort, better high speed handling, and improved “on-centre” steering. So far Honda Australia has made no comment in this regard. Does anyone know if these changes have been made?

  • Oaklegs

    I am thing about buying a Jazz VTi for cash and the on road price is say $21.5k.
    If there are 3 local Honda dealers in my area how can I get the best deal for my money.
    Can I reasonably say I want a 5 year warranty plus door protectors plus floor mats whatever for the same price.
    I.e. will a dealer go cheaper than list price to get my business.

  • Mark

    who know’s the Honda Jazz auto 1.3 GLi’s, a tank of fuel can drive how many KMs? (in city area)

  • Mark

    yes, I forgot to mention the year made.it is made in 2010.

  • Eric V

    I finally decided on a Jazz two weeks ago and I am very happy with it so far.
    1.3 ltr GLi manual, MY12, and I am averaging 5.4 l/100km which is exactly half of what my old Magna was using.
    It sit on 100 comfortably, does everything it should and I enjoy driving it.
    I’d shopped around, drove Fiesta/Swift/Polo/Jazz and settled on the Jazz as it best met MY needs. Fiesta diesel uses less fuel, Polo better built, Swift more fun to drive, but every car choice is a compromise and the Jazz was the best compromise for me.
    Decent built quality, Honda badge (to me) is important, reliability will hopefully match my Magna (210K on the clock and all I spent on it was servicing and the regular tyres/batteries/brakes), and an interior package that cannot be matched by other cars it’s size.
    And I really really like the seats.

  • Ron

    My girlfriend has a 2008 1.5 Jazz VTIS auto
    what a noisy car (tyre and engine)…the car has no torque and requires higher rev to get a “go”, hence noisy quite often. The engine noise is uninspiring or say whining. The seats are quite uncomfortable.
    Handling is ok but not brilliant. No-feel at all.
    Fuel consumption in city is 7.8L/100km, not that impressive. Highway though is 5.xL/100km.
    Has anyone tried to press the door? It is a piece of thin metal only (you can press it in). You close the door, you don’t hear the thud but brittleness. I honestly feel unsafe in this car. I know its NCAP 5 stars, but it does not pass my emotional comfort.

    Pay 1-2k extra for a Corolla or Mazda3 or choose Fiesta instead.

    However, I admit to say its interior space is massive and clever. It is a mini-van. It can swallow a bike in it when seats folded down. It has more cup holders than your passengers on board.

    I will say that Jazz is designed for the ladies to go to Westfield or city run or beach, not for highway.