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  • AB

    Sounds like the Cruze is not a bad drive!

    However I am surprised they stuck with a Watts Linkage, especially when you consider how good the IRS is in the Commodore!

  • Damian

    The interior looks pretty well done for such a cheap car – certainly better than the tacky Japanese interiors. That manual shifter looks like a short throw shifter as well. The diesel seems to be the pick. Can’t beat 360nm of torque – more than an SIDI SV6.

  • http://mazda bangel

    Wow an extra 143 kilos over the front wheels , is that correct , hows the handling in the diesel

    • Hung Low

      Thinking of buying one now bangel?

      • http://mazda bangel

        Na steering would be cactus

  • AussieCars

    No ‘Hill Start Assist’, no Bluetooth streaming
    Lol, must be a pretty awesome car if there negatives.

    • JEKYL & HYDE

      but seriously,

      one can buy a cd player with usb,bluetooth,ipod for what,say $250.holden want $5-600 just for bluetooth.wake up…

      • AussieCars

        What are you talking about? There is Blutooth phone handsfree (requires answer button, mic in the car somewhere) and there is Audio streaming (for songs streamed to stereo over BT ) as Im sure you know… A $250 stereo with BT phone control will not have it built into the cars loom for steering wheel answer and usually require some ugly exposed mic. Yes its pricey but anyone who knows how to buy a new car would get this thrown in for free.

        Yes disappointing the Commodore has BT streaming standard and the cruze does not. But half of new cars on the market that offer BT still do not offer BT audio streaming…plus it does make up for it a little with that chunk of built in storage.

        Im awake.

        • JEKYL & HYDE

          i was directed at holden,not you(lol).plus the cruze’s bluetooth isn’t steering wheel answerable(i think it’s a switch on the glass,like captiva.plus if the storage your referring to is in the cruze(not commodore) be aware that it’s only in the sri-v.

          were you also aware that there are several aftermarket systems that slot straight into cruze’s dash with sat nav,bluetooth,usb,dvd,rear camera,etc,for like $1k installed…

          • AussieCars

            lol my apologies, I just was not quite sure why I was being told to wake up! I figured the answer button was on the steering wheel like my wifes SV6 and just about every other new car. Silly, silly, Holden.

          • mornington

            Where do you buy the after market sat.nav.bluetooth.usb.dvd.rear camera etc installed?

        • Value shopper

          For $400 you can get cheerful chinese double din units with everything ie GPS , ipod bluetooth , reversing etc etc . And if your lucky you can get them with correct loom connectors and integrated steering wheel functionality .

  • Hung Low

    The Park brake- A Hill Start feature standard in all cars for over 50 years!

    • JEKYL & HYDE

      and a “ride the clutch” as a backup…

  • Sammy

    I was blown away by the refinement of this car, Im just waiting for the hatch or wagon to arrive and Im ordering.

  • Ezzagun

    When Skoda brought out the 1.4 turbo in the 90TSI last year there were cries of “OMG, no way will Aussies buy that, such a small engine!!” and yet look here at Holden, jumping on the forced induction bandwagon. Wonder how the 2 engines compare? I realise Octavia is a slightly bigger car, arguably better build and interior quality, but sounds as if similar driving pleasure, surely the Cruze and Octavia could be cross-shopped (but no doubt the Holden badge will woo Aussies with it’s traditional pull).

    • Able

      I think that’s because we’re used to Euros and turbos but for Holden (and their yesteryear tech mind) and their followers it’s a new thing. Shame the 90TSI doesn’t go like my RS however…

      • R-Bone

        yesteryear tech mind?

        • Able

          Yesteryear tech mind you…

      • Hung Low

        Yes Holden still use ‘Old Technology’ like pushrods, but they have been using direct injection, turbo diesels, Cylinder de-activation (SIDI)and magnetic ride suspension. The latter 2 not yet used in many euros like VW/Skoda.

        So lets tell the whole picture shall we ABLE?

        There are other reasons why people will buy this over the 90Tsi, vast dealer network, not as ugly as the Skoda, cheaper running cost and brand acceptance.

        I must admit there are a few RS hatches that are a bargain buy at the moment for around $35k new on road, but until Skoda get a proper dealer network, marketing, sort out their supply issues, and styling the masses will look at them like lepers!

        • Damian

          “…Cylinder de-activation (SIDI)and magnetic ride suspension. The latter 2 not yet used in many euros like VW/Skoda.”

          Wrong. Cylinder de-activation and SIDI are completely different things. Cylinder de-activation is a gimmick and provides nearly no real world savings. An SS equipped with AFM actually loses power and torque. Hardly an improvement – it’s more like a step back. The Euros don’t need DOD because their low-blow engines are at peak efficiency.

          Holden have only recently adopted SIDI (direct injection) in their line-up. The Volkswagen group have been using direct injection for almost ten years.

          MRC is only available on flagship HSV Clubsport GTS and Senator. You could hardly classify these as run-of-the-mill Holdens. Furthermore, when you’re offering a glorified taxi for $90k, you need to justify it with some sweeteners. What better way than to offer MRC. VW have ACC adaptive suspension. Whilst the operating mechanisms of ACC is different to MRC, the effects are the same. ACC even changes steering parameters. Try getting MRC to do that.

          • Hung Low

            My mistake its AFM not SIDI and I did not see VW use it with its V6, after all it is only a benefit for bigger capacity engines. Looks like Honda have been selling a gimmick as well, what would Honda know about engines.

            As for VW ACC, it does NOT change steering parameters, instead it like all adaptive systems react to changing steering parameters and road surfaces. Get it right!

            As for the Glorified taxi, does not change the fact that it will blow away that glorified Golf R hatch in performance and I do not see anything else from VW that is a performance match for the same price!

            The most favourable reason for the use of D.I with VW was mainly because of the euro market and fuel cost, they need efficiency where as until the last few years fuel was relatively cheap in Aus as a comparison.

            All in all the claim was Holden uses yesteryear tech, today it simply is not true!

          • caddyman

            “As for VW ACC, it does NOT change steering parameters, instead it like all adaptive systems react to changing steering parameters and road surfaces. Get it right!”

            I Own a VW Passat with ACC and it DOES firm up the steering when in Sport mode, the change is astounding going from comfort to sport.

        • bob

          Not to mention that the Skoda only has a 4 star safety rating as opposed to the Cruze with 5 stars

  • Save It for the track

    Yep, I had a chuckle about the Hill start assist comment as well. Good to see that it still has a proper ‘park brake’ i.e. hand brake. Would be very easy to start on hills.
    I doubt that the diesel engine itself is 143kg heavier than the petrol, that would be quite a heavy little four cylinder diesel then. Until there is a back to back test on a track of the 1.4 turbo against the diesel (with the same gearboxes used) we won’t really know which is quickest. Rolling accelleration times (relevant for overtaking) would be interesting as well, which I suspect the diesel would be superior, unless of course Holden have done some electronic trickery in egnine management to blunt the diesel, so as not to detract from the ‘performance’ model 1.4t.
    Anti Spam: Ford.
    let’s see how the new Focus is when it comes out, and despite how good it may be, see Ford bungle the marketing…

    • Yonny

      … see Ford bungle the marketing…

      Just as long as they don’t bungle the quality.

      • Joker

        Focus will be better. No two ways about it.
        The only reason the Cruze would/could be better is due to the aging platform and engine’s
        Ford’s Global Program will be better thought out, using a fresher platform that has leading engine/transmission combos
        (only second to VW IMO)…all they need is a unified marketing campaign budget so Ford Aus can change their image.

        • Damian

          Ford will never be able to change its image unless its dealership service departments get a complete overhaul. They’re run by a bunch of incompetent morons.

          • ddd

            You think holden dealers are any better??

            hahaha i think not.

        • Bri from the North

          Well, maybe they could improve the image like Holden has by starting to manufacture in Australia again, you know, support the ecconomy that supporst you… Here we have standards and before I get flamed I have worked overseas and see how operations work in developing nations.. it really is an eye opener, I recommend working in a developing country for several months to get a feel for the priority given to certain things which we place higher priorities on. seriously, the primary reason I started to look at a Holden as I have always been a Ford fanboy, is Ford offshored, Holden has started to onshore again… When Ford do the same it will improve their image.

  • Shak

    Simply put, Holden said they would fix what was wrong with the Korean Cruze, and they have, and thrown on a couple of extra niceties for good measure. if only i didnt have to wait two more years to replace my Cruze…

  • Steven

    Yes! A mainstream car gets front seats right!

    See that bit of under thigh support at the front? ALL cars should have this.

    It’s as crucial as having a round steering wheel or see through windows.

    It would be nicer if the thigh cushion extended but you can’t have it all I guess.

    • Andrew

      That is there in the VE’s Sportec, Sport and Calais seats, only not in the Omega, its also there (adjustable) in my mum’s 3 series !

  • nickdl

    That blue colour on the dashboard of the SRi is a nice throwback to the early 90s. But, other than that, it seems hard to fault the Cruze. I’d say it won’t be long until Holden offer the diesel in SRi spec – they offered it in CDX spec pretty quickly a couple of years ago after the massive demand. Holden are on track for Australia’s next no. 1 seller once they bring the sedan out.

  • filippo

    Wow! This review takes me back to the early-mid 80s when every Australian motoring journalist put their full weight behind the Holden Camira, lauding it as a far superior car to the Mazda 626/Ford Telstar, Nissan Bluebird and Toyota Corona of the time and praising it with almost tear-jerking affection. When most Camiras began falling apart a few years later the journos dumped it like a cheap hooker.
    I wonder whether history could be repeating itself.

    • http://mazda bangel

      Yep and the journo’s gave it the car of the year , dont think history will repeat too many better cars than the cruz today , the other koreans are better .

      • Bri from the North

        Better Korean cars? the Koreans refer to their own cars as disposable! Has our range of cars been degraded below “Disposable”?

    • Hung Low

      Yes they are still using the same tooling, assembly line, components and processes as the Camira! Your intellectual light bulb must be rated at 1 watt as well!
      Fact is the Cruze has proven itself more reliable and better built than most affordable Euro’s with a shiny interior!

  • R-Bone

    So is a cheap hooker the same as a cheap comment? Both suck, as you have just proven…

  • kris

    Poor review of a poor car. Why would anyone buy this over a Mazda or a Subaru is beyond me.

    • Andrew

      Because its loaded with kit, costs not as much, supports the local economy, need i go on ?

    • Stoney

      Amazes me when the facts are in front of the haters faces they still can’t see through the clouds.

    • Jeff

      The mazda is not adapted to australian conditions (ride is not as good), it has lots of road noise, chews through petrol, has a worse engine (compared to the similarly priced 1.4T), doesn’t have a diesel, has a cheap-feeling interior, looks hideous and has less comfortable seats. Why anyone would buy the mazda is beyond me.

      I have not driven the subaru, but its fairly evident you have not even driven the holden.

  • Max Power

    There are two reasons why people would buy this. First one is that they are bogans on the dole and can’t afford a decent car. The second is that they are bogans in low paid employment, who used used to buy Daewoo. They think that because the Cruz has the Holden badge on it, they will be bogans that are a little bit fancy.
    Holden should end the facade, and drop the Z for a D, and give the Cruz the name that is most apt, the Holden Crud.
    Only poor Bogans and the intellectually challenged would buy this car.

    • Hung Low

      Lucky you are not known as MAX BRAIN POWER! You must have been one of the lucky ones to flee the Housing commission estates when they found you a new foster home!

      • Max Power

        The Commondore is the poor man’s car, the Cruz is the destitute man’s car, and HSV are for Bogans who either struck it lucky in lotto, received a redundancy payout or had a successful compensation claim.
        Anyone with an IQ high enough to get a well paying job, wouldn’t be intellectually handicapped enough to buy dressed up Daewoo’s.
        Holden’s are nothing more than genuine immitations of Korean cars, re-badged and sold for inflated prices to Bogans, too stupid to know any better. Buying a Korean ripoff Cruz, is like buying a Wolex from Thailand, but paying a 100% mark up, because the Wolex was re-badged as a Casio.
        I feel so sorry for Bogans, going through life settling for less than mediocrity, and being to ignorant and stupid to know any better.

        • Stoney!

          Wow, I genuinely feel sorry for you, your hate for a vehicle that really isn’t too bad compared to the toyota trash in the market amongst other things, is really quite astounding.

          I bet you must foam at the mouth and start spitting at the windscreen every time you see one on the road (meaning a lot of foam and spit resides in your car). Seriously dude, it’s a well priced well equipped reliable and semi attractive car. I don’t understand your hate, you seem to be taking this a little to personally.

          My work has a number of such cruzes, and is one of th biggest organisations in NSW, now that they are Australian made I’m sure we’ll see more.


        • Bent 8 Brigade

          Looks like Robyn got herself a new name! Hi Robyn!

          • Captain Nemo

            I was thinking the same thing too

            Same troll-op different user name.

        • Robin Graves

          Finally someone with a brain instead of the usual lobotomised Holden sheep.

        • Ray H

          and you would drive?

        • sjdj

           In your comment, you have not made one accusation with proof to its
          name. I wonder if you have ever driven one before? or whether you have
          actually sat in one before? A bit rich for you to even generalise the
          people who buy this type of car. Of course you don’t know any details of the person who would buy this car, their salary or why they had chosen this car. “Anyone with an IQ high enough to get a well paying job, wouldn’t be intellectually handicapped”, if that is the case, then they wouldn’t even be mentally fit enough to drive a car, and it is an insult to people who prefer to drive cars like these, does it matter whether it’s dressed up or down? as long as the driver likes it and they are able to afford one, then what is the problem? It seems like you know nothing about the market , the people and what they actually want, so get off your stupid high horse and stop generalising the population who actually find this car a decent drive, which you obviously have no idea about.

  • Terry

    Nice to see that the diesel has some stick. Don’t really know why they wouldn’t add the SRI badge to it – they did the same thing with the old manual Astra diesel. Maybe its been done to surprise people as to just how good they are when you get behind the wheel. Glad Holden have given the line up a decent treatment across the board. Still sad to see that it really isn’t a very pretty car and despite all efforts still has that cheap plasticky look to it (inside and out!). Such a shame that the Cruze isn’t the new Astra. Such a bloody shame.

  • Max Power

    This car is Korean, just because it is built here doesn’t change the fact it is a Daewoo. Well priced? Considering the vast amount of Tax payer money used to develop this car, it is over priced and under equipped.

    If I did indeed foam at the mouth and spit everytime I saw one, the interior of my car would be near pristine. Most Australian’s, luckily enough, are not stupid enough to buy a re-badged Daewoo, at Japanese car prices. There are other cars from Korea with the same list of standard features at a lesser cost.

    • Terry

      I do have to agree with the comment regarding the amount of money poured into Holden by ‘our’ Government to build this car here. I apopreciate that it created jobs at Holden but at the same time as the funds were approved they shut down the Family 2 plant that made engines and sent them worldwide. Lots of the 2.2 and 1.8 engines in the older Holden rebadged Opel products were actually made here, sent overseas and then bought back in a european shell. From what I’ve read the amount of jobs axed by Family 2 actually equates pretty equally with the number being created by Cruze. So basically Holden fired a lot of people, got a whack of cash from the Govt and then hired them back. Keeping Oz manufacturing alive is all well and good but I don’t know whether the Govt should be chipping in with flawed business case proposals. I’d be really surprised if Cruze has a long shelf life here and exports are going to be pretty poorly perceived in terms of value when the korean factory can make them cheaper. From what i understand the US version will be made in mexico and, to date, the UK have pretty well shunned the Chevrolet product as a bit cheap/nasty.

      • Robin Graves

        It’s kind of ironic (moronic) that the family 2 was a remnant of the camira. From screwing a boat anchor together to tek screwing a Daewoo together, what value for money our tax dollars are getting when the profit goes towards paying back Obama.

    • Ray H

      make up your mind….. is it Korean or … has it been developed and refined in australia. Incidentally, it is built in Europe (current european and British touring car champs) and the US. You should try driving one instead of your Thailand built ford

  • http://mazda bangel

    Right terry , JD POWER UK rate chevrolet last no 27 on their list of customer saisfaction which includes the cruz .

    Kia and hyundia are better looking and more reliable , any one looking at the cruz should seriously cross check those two ranges .

    As usual the great unwashed will believe the buy aussie hype from the foreign owned GM .

    Current cruz already look old and outdated in style with boring colours and grandma mags

    • Bent 8 Brigade

      How’s that axe grinding going for ya, bangel?
      Do you work for Sinead in the Ford PR department, cause you sure do spend a great deal of time on here trying to rubbish Holden, and failing.
      Guess it must frustrate you to see Holden doing so well…?

      • http://mazda bangel

        Obviously a dino judging by the name , how will you cope with a turbo .

        I have owned GM product , very disappointed with quality and reliability , still we learn from our mistakes .

        Oh it will sell , the junior bogan brigade will love it .

        Educated thinkers will by pass .

      • Robin Graves

        Selling subsidized polished turds to lobotomised bogans at tiny margins that go to Obama, you must be so proud bent snagger. At least you’ll get to drive a Cruz as a loan car while your crummydore is in getting fixed again.

        • Bent 8 Brigade

          Gee Robyn maybe you and bangle the axe-grinder could get married and have a couple of bitter angry anti-Australian kids together. Just think of all those nights around the fireplace telling stories about Camiras and reminiscing about Daewoo.
          Good times.

  • Snowman

    Sometimes I wonder if comments are worth it on this site :(

    And thanks for the review, when my i30 diesel is up for replacement, this will certainly be on the list for consideration…

    • http://mazda bangel

      Stick with you i30 mate

      • Ray H

        and you would be an expert?

        • wre

           well have you actually read half the comments on the site?  It has little or no relations to the CAR BEING ADVERTISED, even if there were, it is a general comment, not a genuine comment.

  • Golfschwein

    I think it’s time for all the Holdenwoo propogandists to do a little internet research. Golfschwein suggests a Google Images search on Daewoo Maepsy, Saehan Camina and Chevrolet 1700, just for starters, and you will see the Holden/GM/Korea links go back to the early seventies, and are as thick as thieves. In other words, it’s nothing new.

    The Chevrolet 1700 was a Torana LJ, right down to the grille, and was even available as a station wagon.

    • T

      Daewoo used to re-badge GM vehicles not the other way round. Golf Pig you need to do your research. They have had previous links, sure, but not all their cars were re-badged Daewoo’s like they are now (except Commodore and Colorado).

      • Golfschwein

        I’ve done my research and know what I’m writing about. Your choice was to misinterpret it and add your own bits. Take your apostrophe out of your plural.

      • Bent 8 Brigade

        Yeah, actually Mr T, thing is, Daewoo is pushing up daisies so feel free to waffle on about a defunct brand… like anybody apart from dear Robyn and her hubby-to-be bangel the axe grinder would care.

        By the way, woukd you care to enlighten us as to whether in your opinion judging by the current auto landscape in Australia Holden did the right thing sourcing vehicles out of GM’s Korean operation? If not, if you were Holden GM what would you have done?

  • http://Stig paulb

    Most of the Cruze sledging comes from the fact that its now locally built.It looks modern,has all the goodies.Maby a bit bland,but hey bland.Toyota and VW are the legends of that

  • budgie

    It’s just a car. Why so much anger and venom from some here over a bloody car? I think some of you place too much importance in your own opinions. I am sure you scream and jump up and down about anything you don’t like. Go for a walk and smile at being alive for once.

    • Ray H

      here here!

  • http://caradvice.com TC

    Can only say that I hired a cdx – non-turbo petrol, had 52k on it. Did 1000k in three days – city (Sydney), freeway, motorway, country and curves/bends driving all included. Aircon on basically all the time. Seriously, apart from tiny little annoying things like no driver’s footrest and bad key placement (hit it when indicating off roundabouts) this car was a dream – better than the Camry that I normally drive! Not as smooth putting on the power etc mind you, or as powerful, but that is obvious. Never a drama with overtaking but did have to ‘plan it’ – soaked up bumps and climbed hills easily (Bulli pass) – handled 75 kph bends at 130kph easily wich really shocked me. Kiama bends at 90 kph and i reckon it had another 20kph in it without being upset…just my opinion but after this trip – I will be leasing a 2.0 litre diesel!

  • Unhappy

    I bought a brand new Holden cruze cdx last yr it is a piece of crap yes it does look good in and out but that’s where it ends being not only does it have no power but makes a high pitched squeal when reversing and braking has been back to dealer numerous times and instead of fixing the problem they are fitting the car out with a part that ‘should’ dull the sound as they have no solution for the piece of crap. I hope this new cruze redeems itself but I definately will never buy a Holden in my lifetime and neither will any of my friends or family who have witnessed my car in action. So to all that want a quality car stay away from the Holden cruze and Holden in general for quality service

    • Very Happy

      mine had the same squeal at the 15000km service they fitted something which fixed the problem and is now gone not sure why yours lacks power i keep up with commodores off the mark easy guess you just need to learn how to drive it or did you get the auto why anyone would buy a 4 cyclinder auto is beyond me……anyway take your cruze back into holdens and ask for the part to be fitted not sure what it was but fixed mine :)

  • Maya

    I bought a 2/2011 Cruze Cd for my wife. Very disappointed. Holden advise a vibration / Shudder experienced during low speed operation is a characteristic of the model. Engineers are working to resolve. No one from Holden will advise what the problem is yet they are happy to put in writing that it is safe to drive. Our vehicle has been sitting in the dealership for almost 4 weeks 300 km on the clock. If considering a CD Cruze…..test drive the actual vehicle not a demo as you may end up like me. The shudder was not in the test vehicle but you sure need to check you haven\’t bought one with a bonus characteristic. It is, in Holden\’s words a characteristic of the model….go figure! Consider a second hand P76 before you buy a Cruze. I have been advised by a senior customer relations officer the improvement by Holden engineers has something to do with the CV joints being packed with incorrect grease. I am a noddy when it comes to mechanics but I sure as heck know the difference between a fault or characteristic

  • k4phnx86

    i’m not a hoon…but this would be more attractive with a 2.0l petrol turbo and AWD. My calibra turbo is still years ahead of this this. All plastic fantastic inside. Why ruin the awesome styling with a pathetic diesel or 1.4 turbo. It’s just another cheap Peugoet…All show no go.

  • thubleau

    Seems to be a lot of angry people commenting on something they know nothing about.
    i will even bet some of the “owners” don’t even own a car.

    There is a lot of bull about this car because i believe not many ,or make that few on this site have actually driven one let alone own one.
    i do own a Cruze CDX, I down traded from a 2008 Lexus IS250 and that’s no bull.
    The Lexus cost me $60,000 on road this Cruze is almost the same size cost me $25,000 on road with extended 7 year warranty and 5 year road service,mettalic paint,paint treatment as well.Am I worried that it will fall to pieces,no way, why should I ,i have never owned a car longer that 4 years.
    The truth is what you get for your money is more than what you pay.Spend another $900 put a reworked engine chip in the vehicle and you will be pulling 117KW and 200NM.in the 1.8.
    Oh, sorry forgot to mention….i am a qualified Auto mechanic retired.i used to work for Ford,I owned Holdens , Fords, Mazda 6 twice,Datsun twice,Citreon,VW’s,(3) Lexus, I probably missed one or two but what the hell at least i know what i know,the best car I have ever driven was the Lexus,wonderful, depreciation value,sitting in a garage at minus $9,000 per year did not make a lot of sense..was it worth the price …NO!!!
    The Cruze is worth every penny and if you look at the USA sites with the Chevy badge and all their choice of models 10 bags etc and they still winge because they have to pay $20,000US.
    This car was designed and built in Korea for the American market.That is why every where else in the world has had this unit for years and as some boofhead said it is not being built in Mexico for the US market ,it is being built at a US plant,do your research before you open your mouth oh….does anyone know where the VW Jetta is built ????

  • thubleau

    That should be “said it is being built in Mexico”


  • michael83

    I still think that holden should have badged it as the Torana, and made it rear wheel drive..and had the option of the SIDI V6 motor..but we can’t always get what we wish for…I love the interior and that diesel motor goes gang busters..
    I think the 1.4 turbo is a bit of a mistake… N/A Corolla’s are 100 kw if it’s going to be turbo petrol make it fast…

  • P4nfa

    So many haters. This will eventually outsell the commodore. The best selling single car in Australia for the past 15years. Go red 😛

  • Geoff

    Very impressed, Test drove, Had to have one cdx 1.8 for the miss and one cxd 2.0 for me bueaty of a car all you doubters try one, open your minds lol

  • Digger

    Thubleau is right. It’s such a pity people who obviously know nothing about cars abuse this site by showing their preduices.
    I loved this review and will put the Cruze on my shopping list…Probably wait for the SRI-V with the deisel motor ?
    Well done !!!!

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au rax

      Hi can any one advise whether high grade petrol is good for car as i got a new cruze CD 1.8L manual car & feel bit less power during start up when compare to Hyundai

  • Geoff

    I use 95 and 98 unleaded, the cruze is a bit slow on take off but higher up the auto kicks in like a slingshot I love my cdx 1.8, I brought the missis one and thought I’d spoil myself too love it.

    • http://caradvice.com.au Rax

      Hi Geoff txs for reply so after using 95/98 can i know how much fuel consumption it took for 100K’s on 91 i got nearley 9lits for 100K’s…Txs in advz… rax

  • Ford

    Unfortunately the true test for these Korean cars isnt driving one around for one day but the test of time. I think alot of people will be disappointed when they starting falling apart.

  • JHP

    Korean parts+Australian built=avoid them at all cost!

  • Geoff

    Rax I’m getting about 7.8 per 100k I only drive 50km p/day I use 95/98 for a little more zip, I have only done about 1400 km fuel economy should get better with age. Though my VT Calais 6 used 12/13 per 100km. My wife only drives 20km per day she gets about 9 per 100km, drove down th coast, trip about 200 km used 5.8 per 100 km would get an average of 750 km per 60l tank very happy with our cars :-))

  • Geoff

    Ford & JHP I work in the auto industry sorry to burst your hopes on Korean parts guys but prob 80% of parts to all of the major comps come from Korea or Thiland soon all cars will come out of those country’s that’s capitalism :-))

    • Rax

      Thanks a lot Geoff…….

    • JHP

      yea… thanks a lot for that info
      have fun looking for a new job, when auto industry dies

  • Fse

    Am I the only person who thinks the interior is rubbish compared to everyone in its class (3, Civic, Corolla, Lancer etc etc)?? Sorry but, fake chrome and scratch prone silver plastic trimmings just don’t work well.. And the blue interior lighting is nasty..

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  • NotaCruzeLover

    Well, I just got handed a shiny brand new Cruze to drive for a few days for work. I’d rather be driving a Sigma.

    I hate it. I can’t put it any nicer than that. It’s got to be the worst car I’ve driven in decades. Unresponsive, uncomfortable, and unattractive.

    I can’t wait till work gives in and lets me drive around in my 2005 Hyundai (It leaves the Cruze in the dust for every possible measurement of quality.)

    • NotaCruzeLover

      I should clarify – they gave me the auto. If that makes a difference and the manual is better, I will on second thoughts reserve overall judgment on performance until I drive the manual as well.

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  • Scott

    I have owned the 1.4 SRI-V for about 2 months.  It is the first small car I have ever owned and I love it!  It zips along, has all the bells and whistles, quite good leg room and looks smart.  Very happy!

Holden Cruze Specs

Car Details
Body Type
New Price
Private Sale
$10,560 - $12,000
Dealer Retail
$12,120 - $14,410
Dealer Trade
$8,400 - $9,600
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
200Nm @  1850rpm
Max. Power
103kW @  4900rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio
Bore & Stroke
Compression Ratio
Valve Gear
Drivetrain Specifications
Drive Type
Final Drive Ratio
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption (Combined)
6.9L / 100km
Weight & Measurement
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Not Provided
Ground Clearance
Towing Capacity
Brake:1200  Unbrake:695
Steering & Suspension
Steering Type
Turning Circle
Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Front Tyres
205/60 R16
Rear Tyres
205/60 R16
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Front Suspension
MacPherson strut, Coil Spring, Gas damper, Anti roll bar
Rear Suspension
Multi-link system, Coil Spring, Gas damper, Anti roll bar, Watt linkage
Standard Features
Air Conditioning
Control & Handling
Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Electronic Stability Program, Traction Control System
Cruise Control, Power Steering, Trip Computer
Radio CD with 6 Speakers
Power Mirrors
Cloth Trim, Power Windows
Dual Airbag Package, Anti-lock Braking, Head Airbags, Seatbelts - Pre-tensioners Front Seats, Side Front Air Bags
Central Locking Remote Control, Engine Immobiliser
Optional Features
Metallic Paint
Service Interval
12 months /  15,000 kms
36 months /  100,000 kms
VIN Plate Location
On the cross member LHS
Country of Origin