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  • Jono

    i’m sorry, but no matter how many times i try to appreciate this car – i cant get over the bungled butt

    • Roadtard

      Agree. I think it looks terrible.

      • Luke

        The front end is very Porche and the rear end looks like a 1 series hatch/ X6

  • crouchy

    Did Chris Bangle design it? Ive tried my best to like this car but its just hideous..

  • Hansome_AL

    Dear Car Advice,

    Could you kindly provide the spec of the car please?

    • Ted

      Here’s the spec!

      Type 65° V12
      Total displacement 6262 cc
      Bore/stroke 94 mm x 75,2 mm
      Maximum power 660 CV at 8000 rpm
      Maximum torque 683 Nm a 6000 rpm
      Specific power 77 kW/litre – 105 CV/litre
      Maximum revs 8000 rpm
      Compression ratio 12,3:1

      Dimensions and weight
      Length 4907 mm
      Width 1953 mm
      Height 1379 mm
      Wheelbase 2990 mm
      Front track 1676 mm
      Rear track 1660 mm
      Dry weight* 1790 kg
      Kerb weight* 1880 kg
      Weight distribution 47% fr, 53% r
      Boot volume 450 litres
      Fuel tank capacity 91 litres

      Wheels and tyres
      Front 245/35 ZR 20 8,5 J x 20″
      Rear 295/35 ZR 20 10,5 J x 20″
      Rear (winter tyres) 285/35 ZR20 10,5 J x 20″

      Front 398 mm x 38 mm
      Wheel 360 mm x 32 mm

      Transmission and gearbox
      4RM (four-wheel drive) and 7-speed dual-clutch transmission

      Electronic controls
      4RM control (full integration of all controls: F1-Trac, E-Diff and PTU); ABS/EBD; ESC


      Top speed 335 km/h
      0-100 km/h 3,7 sec
      0-200 km/h 11 sec
      100-0 km/h 35 m
      Weight/power ratio 2,7 kg/CV

      Consumption and emissions (ECE + EUDC combined cycle)
      Consumption** 15,4 l/100 km
      CO2 emissions** 360 gr/km
      *European market version **With HELE system

  • Nick01

    I think it’s a very good looking car. Better looking than all the 612 Scaglietti, the 599 GTB Fiorano and the California.

    • bob

      You’ve received alot of thumbs down Nick, but I’m with you. I think it looks spectacular. Completely different than any Ferrari ever made. After a while, you get bored of the pure sports body frame. This is very refreshing.

      Vote me down…it’s all about personal opinion in the day. But, to all those that don’t like the way it looks, would you turn it down if given the keys? =)~

      • Shak

        While i wouldnt go as far as saying its stunning, it isnt a bad looker, and its a nice alternative to the usual coupe like proportions or the typical oval-oid shape of Ferrari’s past.

  • Ox

    I don’t mind the rear, it’s that silly “grin” on the front that ruins it for me.

  • M

    It’s amazing – so many negative comments re its look on so many sites – and yet cardesignnews – which seems to be a premier car design site – has called it “design of the show” for geneva…its looks are certainly challenging…

  • Nate R. K

    Ferrari just had to compete with the Honda Civic and the Mazda 3. Ferrari, you have disgusted me with your hatchback-ish disgrace.

  • Sonu

    Man this is like a Mazda 3. Hmmm I am sure it will be very rapid and fun to drive. I think Ferrari is losing the plot a bit when it comes to designs. Meanwhile the new Lambo Aventador looks the goods.

    • bob

      Are you all for real? On what planet does this even remotely look like a Civic or Mazda 3?

      I need to get drugs from where u guys get them…maybe then I’ll see it like that.

  • davina

    would rather stick with paramera

  • James

    If you look at the car in smaller details it is actually quite stunning in my opinion but as a whole i just don’t think it works. I also think that is not Ferrari’s fault we have to remember that at the end of the day Ferrari is a company that aims to make money and although capable, the 612 didn’t really sell. Ferrari listened to their existing and potential customers who lets face it are older and many of whom would have families and they asked for a car which could comfortably transport 4 people in comfort as well as luggage. Although a coupe is stunning it does not offer the head room required so the options were a body style like this or a sedan and imagine the reaction if Ferrari had of made a sedan! Lets hope that the replacement for the 599 GTB is as stunning as the 458, a beautiful V12 Berlinetta would be the cheery on-top of the cake (458)

  • Josh

    “This is one car you could just drive and drive until you meet the horizon.”

    I hope the horizon has a petrol station! :)

  • Gaza

    concept’s not that new …
    the Lamborghini Espada was much the same spec (sans 4WD) back in 1974 and it looked better in a lot of ways.

  • Luke

    Is this a joke? Some kind of horrible, horrible joke.