Holden has unveiled the Holden Captiva Series II, with new engines, new transmissions and sharper prices across the revised Captiva 5 and Captiva 7 ranges.

On sale from the middle of next month, the Series II Captiva ranges will include six-speed automatic and six-speed manual transmissions, diesel engines and improved fuel economy.

Prices of the popular Captiva 7 have dropped by $2000 compared with the outgoing model, and there is now a four-cylinder front-wheel drive petrol option that assumes the entry-level position.

All Series II Captiva 7 models are equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission.

Three engines are available: a 123kW/230Nm 2.4-litre petrol engine, a 135kW/400Nm 2.2-litre diesel engine, and a 190kW/288Nm 3.0-litre V6 petrol engine. The two four-cylinder units are shared with the smaller Captiva 5, while the SIDI V6 is transplanted from the Commodore.

The entry-level Captiva 7 SX is the only model to get front-wheel drive and the smaller petrol engine. Combined cycle fuel consumption is 9.1 litres/100km, which Holden says makes it the most fuel-efficient seven-seater in its class.

The CX and LX models are equipped with the 3.0-litre Australian-built V6. They achieve combined fuel consumption of 11.3 litres/100km and emit 268g/km CO2.

The diesel is available across all SX, CX and LX model lines, and achieves 8.1 litres/100km in front-wheel drive mode and 8.3 litres/100km in all-wheel drive.

The front-end design is significantly revised, with squared-off headlights, prominent lower fog lights, bold bonnet, a stylish grille and expanded lower air intake.

The taillights get the clear lens treatment while alloy wheels range from 17-, 18- and 19-inch designs depending on model. Three new paint colours take the body options up to nine.

Inside, new features include push-button park brake and standard Bluetooth phone connectivity and audio streaming.

The mid-spec CX adds climate control, driver info display, sports seats and rear parking sensors, while the LX gets leather seat trim, satellite navigation, rear-view camera, USB port and seven-inch multifunction touchscreen.

Safety is up to standard with six airbags, ESC, ABS, EBD, brake assist, traction control, Hill Start Assist, descent control and active rollover protection.

The compact Series II Captiva 5 will be available with the option of the 2.4-litre petrol engine and the 2.2-litre diesel unit, both of which are Euro IV-compliant and produce identical power and torque outputs to the Captiva 7.

Combined cycle fuel consumption for the petrol models is 9.1 litres/100km with both manual and automatic transmissions, and CO2 emissions are 217g/km (manual) and 216g/km (auto). Petrol-powered Captiva 5 models are available in front-wheel drive only.

The new Captiva 5 diesel is available as an all-wheel drive with automatic transmission only. Combined cycle fuel consumption is 8.5 litres/100km and emissions average 224g/km.

Holden says there has been considerable work done to improve the new model’s ride and handling, and to reduce drive noise.

Visually, the Captiva 5 Series II gets a subtle new mesh grille with thin air intakes and fog lights with chrome bezels.

All models are equipped identically. Outside, the new Captiva 5 gets 17-inch alloy wheels (16-inch steel spare).

Convenience features include a push-button park brake, multi-function trip computer, front and rear parking sensors, climate control and auto headlights.

The audio system is a seven-speaker unit with six-disc CD player and steering wheel-mounted controls.

Safety features include front, side and curtain airbags, ESC, EBD, brake assist, traction control and active rollover protection.

The 2011 Holden Captiva Series II goes on sale in Australia in mid-March for the following manufacturer’s list prices:

Captiva 5

  • Front-wheel drive petrol manual – $27,990
  • Front-wheel drive petrol automatic – $29,990
  • All-wheel drive diesel automatic – $33,990

Captiva 7

  • SX front-wheel drive petrol – $32,490
  • SX front-wheel drive diesel – $35,490
  • CX all-wheel drive V6 petrol – $38,490
  • CX all-wheel drive diesel – $39,490
  • LX all-wheel drive V6 petrol – $42,490
  • LX all-wheel drive diesel – $43,490

  • Shak

    I thought i’d get in quickly before Robin and the Holden haters. People may state that this is just a Daewoo, and while it is made by the old GMDAT factory in Sth Korea, its very hard to argue with what Holden is offering in this all round upgraded package. And it even has a bit of Australia powering its korean underpinnings. The value is still as good as ever, and now with the quality upgrades to the interior, its a very competitive package, and may even overtake the Kluger.

    • JR

      Except it’s tiny compared to a Kluger , more Rav4 size than Kluger and Territory size .

      • Shak

        In the real world it is, but V-Facts puts it in the same class. It isn’t really that much smaller inside anyway.

        • Andrew M

          V Facts also puts the Landcruiser Prado in the same class as the Territory and Kluger, so hardly a guide I would be using, Its certainly a smaller vehicle.

          If you want value and better styling from a smaller SUV like this, My money would be going for the Outlander

          • HmmSquare

            Would look at ix35 or even the kia one. as seems just as good value for money, if not ebtter

    • Joker

      Whilst i’d like to be able to justifiably defend the Captiva, all the previous reviews have been pretty negative.
      Fit, Finish, Quality and performance have all been hit and miss or non-existent.
      Value may be good but I think if the quality and drivability isn’t there, people will look to Kluger, Outlander and new Territory.
      Expect to see a mass exodus of polarised Captiva owners who won’t buy another.
      Some smart bits of tech in there, here’s hoping it’s leaps and bounds ahead of the outgoing models.

    • Robin Graves

      I dont need to say a word, the Craptiva does it for me, as do the lobotomised Holden lover comments.
      If that Allowtorque 3.0 does 11.3l/100ks I’ll eat my hat.
      What a joke, but the sad thing is inbreds will still buy this rubbish, they deserve it.

      • Bent 8 Brigade

        Uhuh, while all the high class tryhards drive reliable white automatic Toyota Corollas, hey Robyn?

      • rentakeyboard

        If captiva is such crap then why was it second only to Prado in 2010? Theyve been around for 4 years, which Im sure is long enough for word of mouth to spread, good or bad, on the general quality and day to day running of this vehicle.

        Are you worried these upgrades might actully put Cappy ahead of Nannas Prado?

        • Devil’s Advocate

          The Camira for example sold a lot many years ago and it was still a very ordinary car. Good concept but poorly executed/built. Going by your logic a car like a A-M DBS for example must be rubbish because they don’t sell many of them.

          Just because a car sells it doesn’t mean it is always good and vice versa…

        • Bold

          what do you mean “second only to Prado in 2010″? sales figure says forester, rav4, xtrail are leading this class.

          • Shak

            yes, but as i stated, while the Captiva is only a little bit larger than the cars you mention, V-Facts sales reports pitch it against the Mid-sized SUV segment.

        • Jez

          For what you get, they’re good value for money. You get a lot of SUV for around 45K. That said, we had one of the first generations (2007 LX Petrol). Didn’t have any of the problems reported in other forums etc. It was ultra reliable but it didn’t do the things it should’ve as well as it could’ve. EG. The climate control was ice cold regardless of the temp setting – seats were flat and uncomfortable on long trips etc. After 2.5yrs and 57000kms we only lost 12k on it, so that says a lot. We drive a very different SUV these days, but the I reckon the series 2 looks great.

      • matt

        11.3l/100k’s? seems heavy for a “new” engine. Maybe AWD really hurts it.. i just dont see how the new territory uses less (10.6 petrol) all while having over 100nm more torque. i was pondering the other day how useless GM 6 cylinder engines have been over the decades. ps robin eat your hat and choke….

  • Byron

    Looks even tougher & better looking than it previously did. Love the 19-inch wheels & the new powerful diesel/petrol engines. And finally, now a chance to buy a Captiva 5 too. Great looking interior too, lot’s a lot better than what it used to. Bring on the Aussie Cruze too 😀

    • Shak

      Too right, with this upgraded Captiva and the soon to be released Aussie Cruze, and also word that Holden is working on a Colorado based 4wd, and the impending release of the Malibu(Epica replacement) Holden could really take the fight to Toyota.

      • Joker

        Now lets not get ahead of ourselves here..

    • James

      Sorry Byron but I think you mean the 75% Korean made Aussie ASSEMBLED Cruze …..

      And the styling of the rea on these things is still really crook.

  • Mad Max

    Yep let the Holdenwoo comments start. I’m sure Robin Graves will start his normal rubbish comments. But haven driven a few current model Captiva 7’s (unlike a lot of the haters that will no doubt post their predictable comments) I found them to be a good drive. Some people have had problems with front wheel alignments but all in all, the quality seems to be pretty good and they even have reasonable re-sale values.

    • rentakeyboard

      thats funny i thought robin was a sheila

  • JD

    this car looks better with the holden badge than the chevy badge.

    Territory and Captiva will hit showrooms about the same time then, so competition will be fierce

    • BOB


    • NSX

      the only thing good about this car compared to the territory is that is has 50:50 3rd row seats

  • Alister

    I actually like the look of this and I am a FORD fan – this has a manual transmission so that goes a long way to help that, the design looks less fussy so not bad!

  • Jimmy

    Well, allow me to kick off the Holden bashing. If you buy this over a Territory or Kluger, you’ve wasted your money.

    • Peter


    • Andrew M

      If you buy this over a Territory or Kluger, the other 2 were probably too big for your needs. On the other hand if you buy this over a similarly sized Outlander…………..

      • Stoney!

        you’ve done well!

        • Andrew M

          Thats the sales person who has done well, not the customer

    • JEKYL & HYDE

      the people who do buy them think not.until now,it was the only one of the three with a diesel,and this was a huge chunk of their sales.now they may be in the same class,but they are in different markets.alot of this difference is in the interior room (captiva has least) fuel economy (diesel wins) and to a degree price…

  • Alister

    IT has a button hand brake, nice touch looks a lot neater

    • Joker

      It’s a smart idea…cheaper to export the Captiva to Australia as they don’t have to swap the handbrake center console around.

      • BOSSCR

        They should look at putting a push button Park brake into the Commodore.

  • Henry F

    The front end looks like a poor interpretation of a Honda CRV. Other than that, I’m sure it will sell well as it seems to offer good value for money.

    • Valet Dabess

      yeah but now the front end looks mitsubishi

    • Joker

      I saw Mitsubishi Outlander influences at first glance.

    • Nath746

      I saw the first picture and thought it looked a bit like a new territory try-hard…

  • mjb

    i think the design of the captiva 5 gels better than the 7. Great to see aussie (can we still call ford/holden that?) car companies finally embracing diesel.

  • fishman

    Its a definite improvement in looks over the current model, but fuel consumption for the diesel is woeful when you compare against the competion….

    • matt

      new korando for instance….

    • kj

      or the skoda octavia scout….

  • Alexander

    Stylistically it looks great, I much prefer it to the territory. Initial reviews of the Vauxhall Antara (Captiva 5) say it’s pretty significantly improved Refinement and interior wise. Although the territory may still beat it dynamically, it seems a tad unfair comparing them as the territory Is larger and based on a RWD chassis, it would be like comparing a Passat to a 5 series.

  • Karl

    How about putting the diesel engine from this into the Commodore instead?

    • Shak

      I don’t think it can be fitted in RWD applications, and even then, it doesn’t provide enough power to go with the Commodores perceived performance image. It would probably attarct a 2500-3000 premium in pricing and therefore most likely be sold in the upper spec Berlina and Calais models, and if it doesnt provide reasonably quick pace, then its pointless.

      • Karl

        You may be right with regards to performance, Holden don’t have to use this particular engine. I think a commodore with a diesel engine would be a great package.
        Diesel is widely available and it would suit the markets expectations of lots of torque at low revs in a large car.(the lack of torque being a big downfall currently).
        The V6 captiva now has the same engine and tranny as the commo, yet the captiva uses 11.3L/100 compared to commodores 9.1, roughly 20% difference. The diesel uses 8.3L, therefore a diesel commodore getting low 7’s should be easily achievable.
        It may seem odd now, but remember there was a time when Australians would scoff at a turbo’d 6 over a V8, now where would the Falcon be without it.

        • http://Audi Robj

          Only if they find a decent unit which they dont seem to have.

      • MattW

        The diesel might not have the same power numbers but its daylight second, 3L SIDI third when looking at torque.

        I didn’t have the olds’ diesel Santa Fe lined up next to a 3L SIDI Commdore for a drag, but the way that pulls off the line, a lighter Commodore with this diesel (with similar numbers to the Hyundai 2.2 diesel) would give a 3L SIDI Commodore a beating. And be cheaper on fuel too.

    • Golfschwein

      I reckon that would work a treat.

  • Buzzliteyear

    I’d pick a Sorrento first and Santa Fe second over the Captiva. The styling is better than the old one but is still pretty much the same. The pricing on the seven seater diesel is pretty good, and in fact it will be the pricing that will see stacks of these sold.

  • Jack

    It looks like they bolted headlights of a Lancer/Outlander onto the old Captiva and called it a day

  • Peter

    It does look better, but for quality, looks, comfort territory kills it! Not to mention Territory is Australian designed and manufactured supporting local jobs. The previous Captiva model I drive for work (2009)has flat as park bench seats, cheap plastics, wind noise travelling over 90km/h and terrible understeer…I can’t imagine the dynamics would have changed much with this update…Wouldn’t even consider buying one, I don’t enjoy the driving experience…

  • m2m

    The new front treatment on Captiva 7 looks great! It’s always been a somewhat decent looking family truck but i think this is much better! good news about engines/transmissions too.

  • nickdl

    Am I the only one that doesn’t like the design. The front-end is just a mess. Just looks like a half-arsed attempt at modernising the existing model. I’ve never liked the look of the Captiva, it looks too tall and narrow IMO. Other than that the interior, despite being packed with features, looks cheap, especially in the 5 seat model. The 2.4 will struggle and there is no chance of the V6 achieving that fuel figure in the real world. Totally outclassed by the Territory in every aspect, hopefully in sales as well.

    • Jimmy

      No, you are in the majority I would suggest.

    • bangel

      What i find with all korean SUV’s is they are too narrow , they look tippy toe , where as a territory is wider and looks more substantual and planted on the road .

      Even the jap mazda 7 and 9 and klugers look wider .

      Just another daewoo

    • Lynchy

      Na mate your definately not in the minority, it still looks Korean cheap, plastic fantastic, it may be competatively priced but if it has a lot of the same issues as the last release it wont help. New Territory will outsell this when it goes on sale, considering the diesel is reported to achieve high 7lt/100 economy figures in a bigger and dynamically superior package. I can see a lot of people switching out of their Falcon and Commodore sedans and jumping in RWD Territory diesel, particularly those who were considering a wagon. All those buyers who have been screaming out for a diesel powered Commodore or Falcon will be able to tick a lot of the boxes, great fuel economy, practical packaging, sedan like dynamics and modern styling (although that’s selective). Good times ahead.

      • JEKYL & HYDE

        this may be the case until ford’s woeful salesforce say “and the diesel is 5k more” instead of 1-2k.then people may vote with their wallets.be interesting to see if your right or wrong…

    • Frosty

      And the Ford Fanboys begin and spend all there night doing thumbs up for their comments and thumbs down to any Holden comment (Just watch the thumbs own for this now). We will see which one the public choose. We already know which one will most likely still be in production in 2016 because even Ford U.S. have no confidence in Ford Australia whether it be rightly or wrongly. How many of you actually critisizing the Captiva have actually driven one? I doubt any of you have and unless you have proof I would not believe your manure. My younger brother and I have always supported the opposition of each other and my brother has driven the CX current model Captiva diesel and is full of praise for it. He is a Ford man and has driven the Territory as well and whether you believe it or not he prefers to Drive the work Captiva. I will be buying the LX series 2 Captiva and will trust it with my new daughters (due in 3 weeks) safety going by my Ford fan brothers appraisal of it. I also would trust my 2nd cousin from Newborough who is a V8 supercar driver 100 times out of 100 over for a opinion on any type of car ahead of some of the drongos I read comments from here.

      • bangel

        Yer and my sisters cousins aunty works in the daewoo factory as a test pilot and she says it dont cut the mustard , its a skinny car , always looks like its going to topple , so no fast corners .

      • Robin Graves

        Pure gold. My uncle-daddy’s next door neighbour is a race car driver and he says Holden’s do the best skids ever.

      • Andrew M

        Come on Frosty, when you start using reference markers of 2nd cousins who get paid to drive Holdens and other relationships where you need pen and paper to try and figure out who you are talking about, credibility goes out the window.
        Im sure there are more Holden purchasers that have never driven a Ford than there are Ford purchasers that have never driven a Holden

    • MattW

      I was just thinking the same, looks like a bunch of kids fighting over the crayons did the front end

  • Nick K

    Makes the Sorento / Santa Fe and the diesel ix35 / Sportage look overpriced. The diesel 7 seater will sell up a storm! Well done Holden a good product at a sharp price.

  • http://zuboora.com mohamad is right when he


  • sam bob

    looks like the new FORD……lol

  • http://Audi Robj

    I have a 2001 Holden Frontera V6. A great mid size 4wd with low range. I have been waiting for a replacement for some time. Lokks like Im still waiting. This has no capability at all…

  • TT

    ….is it just me, or does the front of the Captiva 7 look a whole lot like the new Territory facelift?….

    • Frosty

      Funny considering the images of the Captiva wer out longer than the Territory so I suppose you could say the Territory copied the Captiva which sells better than the Ford.

      • Andrew M

        Still trying to convince your self on your new Captiva purchase??

        You chose what you liked, whether a fair judgement was made or not. At the end of the day something clicked and you made your decision.
        Its now almost like you are trying to justify to yourself more so than any fellow reader.

        “The Ford” you speak of outsells Astom Martin, so if I borrow your logic I would be absolutely nuts to consider the Aston as being a decent vehicle

  • Wizzy

    What a hideous piece of Korean crap!

  • Jeremy

    Excellent news! The release coincides with the new Territory.
    Just the ammo I needed to force Ford to sharpen their pencils!
    Thankyou Holden! I’ll never buy a car from you but you save me so much money!

  • Azza

    At least at that price I can buy 2 for spare parts .mmmmmmmmm I may need three…… really people look around before you pay the $$$$

    …….. I did’nt and I am paying for it :-{

  • Stoney!

    I like the look and features. Well done. However the 2.4 should have been a 2 litre turbo and the 3.0 V6 should have been the 2.8 turbo or the 3.6. Diesel is spot on though.

  • Mitch

    For all those people who think this is just another Korean Daewoo, some people might be surprised to know this is built in Thailand and has been since 2008

    • bob

      It was only constructed in Thailand from CKD kits for around 12 months. You can spot those vehicles as they share their colours with the Colorado since they were put together in the same factory.

      • Mitch

        So if it was for only 12 months, why are they still built there now?

        • JEKYL & HYDE

          bobs right,your wrong,move on…

  • zahmad

    I wanted to ask all those people who have driven the Captiva, which interior is of better quality? – the European Capitava 5 (Vauxhall) or the Captiva 7…

    • bob

      Quality wise they are pretty much the same, as they are both built in the same factory. However the Captiva 5 has a nicer interior design

  • ohyeah

    captiva 7 front end looks like Mitsubishi Lancer!

    • Dave S

      the front end looks little bit lancer (which looks nice) and a little bit next-gen barina (which also looks nice).

      I wonder if any VE updates will adopt a similar look?

  • Blitzkrieg

    Looks quite stylish inside and out,though still have my concerns that its made by daewoo with quality and resale value.

    • bob

      Never fear as there is no such thing a Daewoo anymore, so this is just simply another GM car

      • Robin Graves

        All they did was change the sign on the front of the factory, its still a Daewoo.

  • Paul84

    Why cant Holden do what Ford did with the Territory! Make Aussies proud of a REAL Holden based SUV. They already have the name…Frontera? Jackaroo?

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au Shackleford

    CRAPTIVA series 2, Just a whole lot more lipstick, still a pig!

    • Robin Graves

      You can’t polish a turd but you can roll it in glitter.

      • Captain Nemo

        “You can’t polish a turd but you can roll it in glitter” Talking about yourself getting ready to go out to a nightclub are we sweety??

        • JEKYL & HYDE

          quote of the month…

        • Robin Graves

          I don’t go to nightclubs, too many losers like you two who have as much chance of getting laid as this craptiva has of getting car of the year. Rolled in glitter you still have peanuts and corn kernels to the core.

      • Bent 8 Brigade

        Ha poor old Robyn still rambling on about Daewoo…guess everyone needs a hobby, or in this case obsession.

  • http://caradvice Shark

    Love the new captiva! i wonder how much the territory will cost?

  • Johnny

    I have spoken to a member of the police force who drove a territory on a regular basis and he advised me that it was not the vehicle he would recommend to anybody. So it seems all aussies are not proud of them.

  • Azza

    Santa fe 145kw

    Eats this Captiva for lunch

    And it is built to last

  • Patrick

    Why are all cars made in Melbourne poorly built rubbish ?

    • JEKYL & HYDE

      so that would be ford and toyota right?…

  • ryan

    Those taillights!!!! My eyes!

  • http://caradvice Captiva FOREVER

    Territory will be way over priced! so what if it’s daewoo AND?…Im still getting the new one.

    • http://caradvice Jason J

      Just got mine, and love it!

  • Beckyluv

    Well I have just brought the new Series 2 LX Captiva and couldnt be happier. Im an SS girl myself but as I have a family now and think trading in the V8 is a good idea while my family is little. Cant wait to fill all them seats up.. Those who knock it probably cant afford it!!!

    • Matty

      Any problems with your new car? Mines has bearly been out of the workshop.

  • Matty

    I received a brand new Holden Captiva SII LX two weeks ago. sadly its been in and out of the service department with an electrical fault that I’m sure has the guys stumped. Something to do with what ever controls the abs, hill descent, stability control as these are the warning lights that are flashing. This is getting pretty tough to take as I choose the Captiva over the territory because of the problems I had with my Falcon G6 (the Territory’s platform) build quality, trim feel off, the centre consol pulled out every time I unplugged my satnav, the Bluetooth did not want to work with an Iphone, but most important I had a real bad gas leak on it that was extremely dangerous.
    Back to the Captiva the guys have done their best to accommodate me with loan cars and things, but I do have a feeling its going to turn into a lemon.

  • Ken

    I own a 8 month old LX Captiva V6 after owning a top of the line Subaru Forrester for 8 months and I am so impressed with the Captiva. I have had no problems and the car is more comfortable, more responsive and drinks about the same petrol as the Subaru. I found the Subaru cramped and uncomfortable (6 ft tall) and the dash very flimsy and plastic. The Subaru was a manual as I expected it to be underpowered and it still was underpowered.

    The Subaru was a tad quieter and had softer and more comfortable suspension but the excellent features, value for money and surprisingly the great build quality of the Captiva (on par with the Subaru) by far outweighs the Subaru. I am about to order a new car and I have to say that the Series 11 Captiva will be my choice again.

  • Jason

    Can someone give me a true indication on the Captiva 7 Series 11. It appears the reviews are from the original Captiva which is left to be desired from what i beleive.

    I am in the market for one. I am a true Toyota fan but feel the Kluger is too big for us. The Rav 4 is great though dont fantsy the interior or the spare tyre at the rear. The Captiva has far more features in it. If some has owned the New Series 11 Captiva your comments will be apprecitated.


  • Errol

    I have just purchased the LX 7 V 6 Captiva over the Ford Territory and the Hyundia Sante Fe Why well i got a real good deal on my purchase this car ended up $10,000 cheaper than the best deal I could get with the Hyundia and Territoy was going to be another $15,000 more because it is a NEW model
    Despite my reservations I am actually getting 10.9 on average with the Holden V 6 Engine The deisel was not availabe right now because of a chip shortage out of Japan but hey it would take a while to make up the $1000 additional cost in fuel saving
    Getting lots of comments on how good the SUV ,,looks great finish on the paintwork rides real good slighly unhappy about the ratio/engine set up seem to be to big a gap between ratios but otherwise a great car

    • Tnabrooke

      If you don’t mind me asking how much did u end up getting it for im going tomorrow to try get a good price

  • Jackjackjackie_2001

    Im about to buy (prospectively) a captiva series II LX 7 with a sunroof and side steps thrown in this month. Its an ex demo with 1800kms on it. It seems to have everything I want, Im pretty happy with the look, comfort and drive. Compared to a subaru tribeca, mazda cx 7 and a nissan murano that have also test driven recently. The dealer set a price of $43,600 drive away. How does this compare to any others people have bought? And are all these problems that people are writting about from buying new or USED? How many kms? etc. wear and tear.
    Anyone genuinely unhappy and wish they had bought something else?
    Do iphones connect to the bluetooth??

    • Jordan

      You got your LX yet? Im looking at buying a diesel one.

  • tigger

    I don’t know where they got those fuel consumption figures from but my captiva absolutely chews it. Our avg fuel consumption is over 14L per 100klms :( I have never owned a car that uses so much fuel before. Even my big old falcon used significantly less fuel. I don’t know why it uses so much. It is a real shame because otherwise I really like my Captiva. It is a smooth ride and very comfortable. Has all the features we could want or need. The only thing missing is built in GPS but we didn’t get the top of the line model so I guess you have to pay extra for that.

  • J Kapila

    captiva 7 drive away under 30000, beat that ford..