Nissan North America’s latest US advertising campaign for the Nissan Juke puts the polarising crossover vehicle up against a more widely appealing Sports Illustrated swimsuit model named Amber.

Time will tell whether the Juke’s latest advertising campaign will bring a new breed of customer to Nissan showrooms or alienate entirely fellow members of Amber’s gender.

  • My Cars Called T-Rex

    There blokie ads and funny as well but the car isn’t that blokie.

    • DGS

      yep, i agree, I would prefer the blond.

  • BarryHamburger

    ugly car

  • Roadtard

    Mmmmm someone’s got a very lovely daughter.

  • http://no Joe D.

    Ugly car, ugly girl. It all makes perfect sense.

  • whatthe

    She obviusly comes with airbags, but what about side curtains? :)

    • DGS

      She doesn’t have a horn either, you would have to install that yourself.

  • Kaan

    Imagine all the Labor/Greens supporting feminists up in arms over these ads. Doubt they will allow it to air.

    • Sumpguard

      Imagine if the rest of the world was as narrow minded as you to believe feminists are aligned to one side of politics? Ads like this wouldn’t happen anywhere. Germaine Greere is a liberal supporter and the world’s worst feminist and Ita Buttrose loved Howard and hated Keating.

      The good news is that neither of them ever looked as good as the honey in the ad above so men don’t care what they think 😉 . But then that’s what made them feminists to begin with with. Jealousy really is a curse. I’ve yet to see a beautiful woman in her mid 20’s complaign about too much flesh on TV. It’s always the old bats that have run their race or man hating female truck drivers with shaved heads.

      …..and it’s good to see Nissan are doing their bit to keep abreast of clever advertising. As said above this ad would be pulled in the first day here in Australia.

  • bruzzer

    can you imagine this ad in australia.
    it would’ve been removed after one day.
    we like to think australians have a sense of humour reality is we dont.

    i can remember a few good ads that were removed.
    Hyundai sante fe with kids driving
    BMW spinning around and painting at the same time.

  • Save It for the track

    I thought those were some fairly impressive figures. I also noted the power/torque of the 1.6L engine in the vehicle, which turns out is also turbocharged. 140kW/240Nm from a naturally aspirated 1.6L (even direct injected) would be very impressive, aving teh turbo info added now makes sense.

    • Torque

      Most of us think the figure is impressive.

  • Gav

    If you want some interesting, amusing and frustrating reading, check out the advertising standards bureau website. They have case reports. I remember reading about a Mitsubishi ad that was banned because it has about 1 second of footage showing people boating without a life jacket.

    I no longer wear life jackets when boating because I want to be cool like the Mitsubishi owners

    Anyway, these ads are cool, pity the general public won’t see them

  • Mark

    The ads have very odd lengths – 36 seconds, 42 seconds. Most ads are 30, 45 or 60..?

  • RickyC

    Does anyone else think the guy in these ads resembles Jim from “The Office” ?

    • Itstoohottoday

      What guy?

      You actually looked at something other than the girl?

  • Nick K

    Makes me happy to be alive… Go Amber!

  • Vak

    In the US, the Juke is priced between $US18,980 and $US22,570

    Hmm… and what about that girl?:) lol

  • UniversityOfGoogle

    “This video is private”