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Update: 2011 Ford Territory Review.

We’ve all seen the spy photos and speculated all that we could about what the blue oval had done with the new Territory, but finally, here it is. The all-new Ford Territory.

Styled with Ford’s new Kinetic design philosophy in mind, the new Territory is arguably the best looking SUV made in Australia, of course that’s not a hard task, given it’s the only one.

Even still, upon first glance it’s very difficult to fault Ford’s design team for anything.

The exterior exudes sophistication of a whole new level from Ford Australia and may be a sign of things to come with future products.

Ford’s exterior design boss, Todd Willing, told CarAdvice that three designs made it to the final cut before the “capable sophistication” design got the nod of approval. The idea behind the design was to keep the soul of the old Ford Territory but modernize it to an extent that will see it stand the test of time.

From the front the tri-plane design is a little bit Aston Martin like but certainly fits the Territory’s new design philosophy. The bonnet is now far more masculine thanks to a modest bulge and surface sculpting.

Looking at it side-on you will easily be able to tell this is a Territory as it still very much maintains the same exterior dimensions as the outgoing model. Using what Ford calls guard flutes the Territory gains a more unique profile.

As for the rear, Ford has eloquently faded the rear three-quarters and the boot together with the use of glass across the rear.

There are three variants, Ford Territory TX, TS and Titanium (replacing Ghia). The base model comes with 17” alloy wheels and projector headlamps, the TS gains sportier wheels and the smaller upper grill gains a more upmarket look with chrome inserts.

As for the range topping Titanium, it gets the whole kit with 18” alloy wheels specially made for the Territory and lots of highlights around the cabin (full details at the end of article).

Sitting inside the interior of the new Ford Territory is very much inspired by the FG Falcon. Except that it looks better. Ford’s designers said the idea was to go for a family look, so that someone getting out of a Falcon and in to a Territory would feel straight at home. There is a gigantic 8-inch LCD touch screen (mid-top range only) that sits right in the middle and takes care of audio and other controls. From the three vehicles that Ford showed us, we can report that the a reversing camera is available across the range (we suspect it will be standard). However, Ford is yet to officially confirm full specification levels.

There is use of soft touch plastics on the doors and anywhere you can rest your arm on, but the dashboard makes do with hard plastics. Ford’s interior design chief, Scott Ferrier, told CarAdvice that the money that would’ve been spent to make the dashboard soft-touch plastic was put to better use around the interior.

There is great use of space with an out-of-sight holder specifically designed for your iPod/iPhone/Mobile. Storage areas are secured around the cabin and using a tambour door the main storage area underneath the centre console (which also houses a tissue box holder) is well designed.

The seats are soft and comfortable and there is just as much room in the cabin as in the previous model.

Ford revealed little about the powerplant options except that it will be offered with petrol and diesel. Ford did confirm that the diesel engine will be available across the whole range but only as an automatic (no manual in Territory at all).

In fact, it will also be available as a diesel rear-wheel drive. Which will be the only rear-wheel drive diesel SUV available in the non-premium segment.

There was no opportunity to drive the vehicle but check back later tonight for more news on the Territory as we bring you more stories.

Ford will release details of the engine and specifications on the 9th of March with the actual vehicle launch in April.

Check out the pictures at the end of the article.

Model-by-model exterior designs
– TX (model series entry)
– Front upper grille: Moulded black
– Front upper grille Finisher: Painted black
– Front lower grille: Moulded black
– Front lower grille Finisher: Satin Chrome (E-Plate)
– Front lamp inner bezel: Satin Chrome (E-Plate)
– Front skid plate: Moulded black
– Wheels: 17-inch alloys painted Alpine Silver
– Fender feature: Moulded black surround and inner bezel with directional indicator
– Beltline moulding: High chrome
– Rear skid plate: Moulded black
– Lower bumper garnish inserts: Painted black

– TS (mid-series model)
– Front upper grille: Moulded black
– Front upper grille finisher: Painted Satin Alloy
– Front lower grille: Moulded black
– Front lower grille Finisher: Satin Chrome (E-Plate)
– Front fog lamp inner bezels: High chrome
– Front skid plate: Painted Satin Alloy
– Wheels: 18-inch alloys with painted and machined face
– Fender feature: Moulded black surround and inner bezel with directional indicator
– Beltline moulding: High chrome
– Rear skid plate: Painted Satin Alloy
– Lower bumper garnish inserts: Painted black

– Titanium (high-series model)
– Front upper grille: Moulded black
– Front upper grille Finisher: High Chrome
– Front lower grille: Moulded black
– Front lower grille finisher: High Chrome
– Front position lamp Inner Bezels: High Chrome with LED light bar
– Front skid plate: Painted Satin Alloy
– Wheels: 18-inch alloys in a unique design with accent colour and machined face
– Fender feature: Painted body-colour surround, moulded black inner bezel, High Chrome spear
– Beltline Moulding: High Chrome
– Exterior rear-view mirrors: Integrated LED directional indicator
– Rear skid plate: Painted Satin Alloy
– Lower bumper garnish inserts: High Chrome

More details:

  • Alexander

    The front and interior look great, while the sides show their age, and the rear lights just dont gel. The original rear lights design would have looked better and more modern door pressings would significantly improve the sides… but other than that it seems like a decent facelift, any economy figures for the TDCI?

    • Naughtyius Maximus

      Very side on as front guards are very squarish in profile (tops of guards were it meets bonnet should be more rounded and sculptured which they are not). Lights at rear look odd as don’t flow with design of car (from rear the lights are not big from top to bottom and side on they look odd with rest of car). This cen the doors are slab square and look dated as glass should be frameless around glass. Front is classy as – it gels with bonnet well!

      • Alexander

        I agree, it’s slab sided and very dates and the lights are horrible, they should have saved the costs on changing the lights and put it towards re-skinning the doors…

        • Nasal Explorer

          You’re right, Alexander. Different lipstick, same pig. The diesel is the only redeeming feature of this update.

          • kennyboye

            HA! I love it Nasal Explorer.
            I think it has somehow lost its X5-like dimensional balance and now just looks wrong (ducks the flurry of down-pointing thumbs)

          • Nasal Explorer

            I love how some of the commentators below call the Territory a “Terry”. Too cute. Get a real life guys.

    • Jackson McFly

      what a hideous design. There is nothing new about this car – its the same as the old one with a new party dress. and what an ugly dress!!

      I thought the original territory was a good looking vehicle when launched, but this looks like a half sucked mango.

      Still, you can bet the ford fan boys will flock to this new pig in droves.

      I hope the deisel and box are the goods, or this pig will have nothing going for it.

  • Aleks

    I’d buy it, especially in diesel form. The question that most people will be interested in is price, though, what other competitors does it really have.

    Captiva diesel, ewww lol

    • Alexander

      the Craptiva is a smaller car, so it shouldn’t technically be compared to a territory; although it’s diesel engine is ridiculously loud and unrefined…

      • Jeremy

        Of course it will be compared to Territory. It comes as a 7 seat SUV with diesel. Size difference is negligable.
        As much as I hate the Captiva, I’m thankful for it. It’s because of Captiva taking so much market share that Ford was forced to stick in a diesel.
        Australians sent a clear message saying we want SUVs and we want diesel.

      • Goodfa

        I think you will find that the updated Captiva due in a few weeks will have a much improved diesel engine.(& Petrol engine)

        • Robin Graves

          Much improved on the current boat anchors the craptiva has isn’t saying much

        • Ad

          Captiva is korean and crap and is also the size of a Toyota Rav4 or Honda CRV. Lets suppor OZ built, Ford has a great locking SUV.

        • Smithy

          Seen the video of the “new” captiva and it’s pig ugly!

  • K20A

    Territory TDCi.. Australia’s best ‘Real World’ car?

    • Aleks

      One thing that annoys me with fords local offering is the stupid old school wipers, seriously ford, get with the times and put some flat blades on, especially since you already use it on the Mondeo and Focus.

      • K20A

        Yes, that would be nice.

        Not only they’re cleaner (it’s more flexible/’hugs’ the windscreen better), it’s also safer because it’s designed not to snag on you/your clothing when you happen to get hit by one :)

        I know they’re more expensive though, so maybe that’s partly why FMA hesitates to fit them as a standard fit. I doubt they’ll fit those though.. if it makes do without ‘soft-touch’ plastics on the dash, then no chance with flappy wipers..

        • GC

          I dont know, a set of $10 wiper blades is more appealing than a ‘special’ $65 set that lasts the same amount of time.

          • Aleks

            They do not last anywhere the same.

            The flat blades last way longer, don’t ask me how they just do. The normal ones I use to replace every 6 months, the flat bosch blades I put on my car, are still going squeak free, much better wiping performance, and its been two years.

          • Wipers?

            I would kill to pay $65 for wiper blades. My VW GTI blades are $148 a set!!

      • jfbr

        people sure are fussy

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au Goose

    Why does only the top-spec model have a reversing camera standard? In 2011 thats pretty discusting as its a useful safety feature that all SUV’s need. Seems only wealthy peoples kids deserve not to be run over in driveways. Other than that,a good effort ford and good luck with it.

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au/ Alborz Fallah

      Mid and top spec, I am sure it can be optioned on the TS as well. Full specifications were not released. So that may differ. I was only going by what the three different variants that Ford showed us actually had on them physically.

      • http://www.caradvice.com.au Goose

        I stand corrected-it did say upper and medium level models-I was reading it in a hurry,but the base model should still have it.

    • Andrew M

      Probably to keep the list price down.
      I assume you would still be able to option it on lower spec cars. Its quite common that cameras are only standard on upper models.

      The safety argument could also be turned around to ask why parents dont spend a few hundred more and option it.

      On the other hand, I wouldnt be surprised if camera on SUV’s became mandatory soon. In fact, im already surprised it hasnt as of yet

      • fourl6

        id say you cant option it on the base model, and if you could it will be expensive, The base model only comes with a mono screen so the option would have to include the colour touch screen, which would then probably need duel zone as its all the one unit, so by then you might as well buy the TS…

    • MeestaNob

      Territory base model is mostly aimed at fleets as a replacement for the Falcon wagon, hence no need for family friendly stuff like reverse cameras.

      • MattW

        Good point, I didn’t think about that it that way

        • gkm22

          Mate does this mean that kids don’t stand behind Fleet cars, the cameras should be on all SUV’s

    • Modern Man

      TS and GHIA have it as standard now. no reason it would change. The TX (Base spec) has no coloured screen. hence no camera

      • Cam

        I recently imported a dash mount sat nav unit from China, the cost of the additional reversing camera was $13. Given the screen is in every model there is NO excuse for this not being a standard feature. Come on Ford, step up and take a look at the new Grand Cherokee.

    • Thomas

      If you read, it stated that on the three models they tested all had reverse cameras. Therefore, CA suspects that it will be standard across the range. I wish people would read the articles before making stupid comments.

  • boss

    great work indeed i would definately think of getting the titanium model

  • Andrew M

    So no “My Ford”???

    • nickdl

      Yeah, doesn’t really look like it, I guess in Aus we’re unlikely to get it with some dodgy excuse from Ford. Other than that, this looks like a great all-round package for Ford. I am a fan of the styling because it’s not too revolutionary (also good because it means the resale on my Territory won’t be as bad!). It’s probably best driving vehicle in its segment and the only thing better is the X5 at nearly twice the price.

      We’ve been waiting a while for the diesel, so it had better be good, for Ford’s sake as well. Assuming Ford market the Territory adequately, they could have Australia’s best selling SUV and possibly outselling the Falcon.

      • Andrew M

        outselling the Falcon would be weird considering the Falcon lends itself to this vehicle.

        Lets say this does boost to 2500 per month approx (as per original release), and if it were named a Falcon SUV, it would mean the Falcon name plate would outsell the Commodore

        • Spork

          Uhhh yeah and maybe if Holden renamed Captive to Commodore SUV what would the result be then?.

          • Andrew M

            And if they based it off the Commodore platform and made it here, then yes, fair game.

            Im talking on the justification of sales volumes of Australian products, not some sales bragging rights

          • Azzza

            Yea and the Commodore is based on the captiva NOT

            The captiva and the Commodore are two differnt cars

            The Falcon and the Territory are based on each other MATE
            Both are made and built and designed in Aust by real Aussies
            Lets support a real Aussie company KEEP THE JOBS HERE!!!

            Holden on the other hand are nearly all KOREAN MADE

            Captive made in south Korea (old Dawooooe factory)
            Commodore made in South AUSTRALIA

          • Spork

            Of course you’re talking sales bragging rights, otherwise why try to inflate the crap sales of Falcon by including Territory, lose the double standards…you apply it to one, you apply it to both.

          • Andrew M

            What Im getting at is how people claim the Commodores operations are justified yet the Falcons sales arent.

            Justification of Australian operations is a long standing debate applied to the 2 main Aussie makers.

            What Im saying is if Ford can sell the same or more numbers off one platform as Holden does off of their one platform, then both manufacturers have a stable future.

            The double standards at play are those who say Holdens figures show stability, yet Fords dont.
            People forget that the Terry is effectively a Falcon product, and is diferentiated as much as a Commy wagon from a sedan

        • mosmanite

          Going by Sporks logic then the sales of wagons should be removed from Commodores figures. While we are at it you might as well remove the V8 sales as well (seen as Ford don’t offer one at this time).

    • MattW

      Yeh I’m a bit disappointed no SYNC or MyFord, would leapfrog Holden’s system

      • Owoteva

        From what I’ve read there’s some issue about customizing it for the AusPac region. It’s the same reason we won’t have it on the new Focus for a couple of years so you’d expect a series 2 update to add it in

  • http://www.sillbeer.com Brendan

    3rd row seats are still a problem from the looks of it. Ford should have fixed those with this iteration with split fold on the 3rd row, and an easy pull the strap and it’s up arrangement.

    Looks pretty good. Not sure why they don’t offer a premium wheel package of at least 19×9.5 with a decent offset to compete looks-wise against the X5.

  • Gibbo

    Looks good. Are they still going to offer the turbo 6?

    • Alborz Fallah

      Nope. The diesel turbo will cater to that market according to Ford.

      • Jeremy

        That makes zero sense.
        Turbo I6 was built for a “performance” oriented SUV.
        Turbo diesel is all about efficiency and the trade off is performance.

        • http://fordforums.com.au Paxton

          There is a reason why there is no Territory Turbo this time around. Nobody bought the last one.

          The Diesel Territory will be a more than capable performer. It can hold its own and then some to the petrol versions.

          • Andrew M

            You beat me too it.

            I dont think they sold too many Turbo Terrys, so why dedicate a line to it any longer. Turbo Diesel would fill the product slot with much more worth.

            But on the flip side, surely it wouldnt be that hard to fit a special order if someone did wave the green backs for one

          • TMG

            The Fed’s bought them all…

  • JD

    the car looks more better than i anticipated from the spy pics.

  • Andrew M

    I like the slightly re designed dash.

    The section with the passenger airbag flows much better than the current FG interior.

    I would assume however that the FG11 will get this interior when its upgrade is due

  • Pete

    Done a great job Ford! The front is awesome, very sophisticated and modern design! And the interior is beaut! There may be hints here of the upcoming Falcon upgrade!

  • bangel

    Looks good , hope all the suspension problems are finally fixed

    • Andrew M

      They were fixed with SY11.

      It was only the original Terry SY1 that had the joints pulled up

      • Ron R

        The SX and the SY1 had ball joint problems – hopefully sorted for this new model

        • Smithy

          Ron, already sorted quite some time ago with the SY11.
          I wonder how BMW are coping with it, since they copied the original design.

          • Ron R

            Actually that’s what I meant Re: SY11 -it is now fixed – my 2006 SY1 had to have its ball joints fixed at 100k.

  • ChopstaR87

    if this is what the FgII interior will be like… i would be happy with it!

    this shows good signs for FGII LEDs DLR and New head lights which every second person complains about the FG and the touch screen looks good… but what functions work off the touch screen???

  • http://holden paulb

    Smart finish in the cabin,centre command panel in the line of sight.Got some of the good FG control panel,smart outside with new engine options.Great start to the new decade Ford AU

  • zahmad

    Such a great front end! Put that on the Falcon and no one will say it looks like the previous BF!

  • Steve-Poyza

    Disappointed. The new face and tail lights don’t make up for the ageing body. And what a shame, the front looks real good…

    • nickdl

      I know styling is subjective but could you give me a similarly sized SUV with a better-looking body? The thing about SUVs is that the front and rear ends tend to change a fair bit, while the body changes very little, if not stayst the same between generations.

      Examples: BMW X5, Cadillac Escalade, Mitsubishi Pajero, Toyota Prado, Nissan X-Trail, Nissan Patrol, Volkswagen Touraeg, Lexus RX, the list goes on.

      • c3vzn

        Have you seen the side profile of the new RX? It is one of the handsomest SUVs I’ve seen. More than makes up from the bland front and rear. They should have at least put in a nice character line on the side of the Territory. By the way, the Titanium should of 19 inchers, the 18s look small.

        • nickdl

          I never said any of the examples I gave were ugly. Some are, some are pretty good looking. My point is that with SUVs at least, all-new models tend to look quite similar from the side despite being completely different at each end, inside and mechanichally. Compare that to small hatchbacks, like the Focus, where the body shape almost always changes completely with each new generation.

  • Jimmy

    Better late than never with the diesel. Is the Kluger about the same size?

  • Sonu

    This is a good looking car and well suited to Australian conditions. I agree with comments above, the TX model should have a reversing camera. Other than that, its another aussie gem.

    I hope FPV do a v8 version :)

  • Alister

    Technology? auto rear boot door, dosent look like it!
    Push button start?
    Sat nav on top of the range ?
    Tri zone climate control ?
    heated leather ?

    These are standard in competitors they should be standard here too.

    • Who Knew

      Some fairly useless tech.
      Keyless start is a big problem if you don’t have the transponder in range, say when you change drivers
      Tri zone climate control, my car has dual zone and we never change it from one side to the other. why would you need tri zone.
      Heated seats in Australia are never switched on except for the one or two coldest days in the mountains. We don’t live in Sweden.
      Auto boot? Harden up mate, if you can’t reach the strap, tie a piece of string to it!
      Sat Nav is available on the current range of course it will be available on the new one.

      • Jeremy

        I love keyless cars. No more digging into pockets to open doors and then to get it started.
        Once you get used to it, its a real pain not to have it.
        Instead of heated seats, I’d love to have cooled seats – perfect for the Aussie summer!

      • Alister

        I am not saying I need to use it everyday, or even use it at all, but the kluger and cx9 offer it on competitor cars, so FORD need to offer it here.

    • Jack

      Heated seats in Australia, ha ha ha! Thanks for the laugh.

      • Jimy

        We have a Jeep Patriot with Heated seats and use them all the time, and live in QLD. My wife loves them and they are great on her back and on long trips. We wouldn’t buy another car without them. Don’t knock it until you try it!

    • Andrew M

      The old heated seat argument…..
      My sunburnt lip can tell you where that idea can be shelved.

      Next you will say it needs Xenons.

      Ill give you one little thing, keyless start would be pretty handy, but not the end of the world on a 40K vehicle which offers so many other things

  • Alister

    Drive says reverse cmaera standard on all models!

    • nickdl

      What would those sh!t-stirring morons know…

      • nickdl

        Don’t believe me? Try and find one on the back of the TX? Unless the CIA have hidden one I’m pretty sure it will just be a $400-500 option.

        • fourl6

          you wouldnt see much on that mono screen in the tx…
          Drive=Fail… again

  • Shak

    I hate to say this, but where do i sign up!!!

    • Jeremy

      One minute you are going to get a HSV, the next an LS350, now a Territory?

      • Shak

        never said i was going to get an HSV, already have the IS350, and im just saying how much i like the new Territory. Geez stalker much.

        • Baddass

          What happened to the SSV and Cruze? You go through more cars than fleets.

          • Shak

            You guys arent very good at the stalking thing. SSV traded in for IS350. Still have Cruze.

        • Jeremy

          Ok liverpool boy…..

  • Jeremy

    I’m due for a new car in the next few months. This is high on the list of possibilities. It will largely come down to pricing.
    It will be good for those wanting a run-out bargain on the old model.

  • jaded


    Such improvements, so much innovation…NOT!
    Pretty much same Territory with revised front and back..
    re-moulded fg falcon interior…

    does this vehicle deserve so much attention? seriously?

    i am not suprised ford h.o. killing off the falcon range..

    only thing going for this car is the new diesel (which competitors had a few years ago already) and rear wheel drive…crap exterior, re-used interior…

    i think the outgoing territory is a better buy..
    the model actually looks quite well balanced, whereas this looks like a last minute job in prolonging a model that’s a tad over the use by date!

    • My Cars Called T-Rex

      You like the diesel because its euro built.

      I have to say,out of all car enthusists,Euronators are the most bitter,they love to lay the boot into any other,Aussie,American or Japanese makes no difference.

      Now,jump back in your Polo and go away.

      • jaded

        Come on! Fair go!
        I was just speaking my opinion…
        And I am not replying to you just for the sake of an argument with you!

        I actually don’t drive an euro car…I drive Japanese!

        I respect your comments however you don’t need to get so aggressive towards that comments that I made…afterall, it’s just an opinion..

        All I am saying is…Ford Territory on paper is great..rear wheel offerings and diesel option…

        but seriously, if you compare Territories design to any of it’s competitors…you gotta admit…it’s a tad boring…as in…just changing the rear/fronts…is not that much of a new model!

        commonsense will tell everyone..if this was such a great vehicle in terms of design…wouldn’t it have been exported over to other rhd countries and even translated to lhd markets?

        I think the downfall of Holden and Ford Oz is their design dept are a bit behind the rest of the world..

        if even Kia/Hyundai can pull off design breakthroughs in their new models, sure Ford Oz can as well. RIght?

        anyway…that’s my personal opinion…and my opinion is that australian motor press give too much credit to holden/ford oz..if we critise a little …wouldn’t they try harder???

        • James

          That is not an opinion it is an essay… An my opinion is your opinion is utter garbage

  • Cam

    I’ve been waiting on some details before making a decision between the new Grand Cherokee and the Territory, based on this the the Jeep is in the lead, loads more techno goodies, offroad capability and imho better looking HOWEVER no diesel until mid year, I think I’ll wait.

    • Jimy

      I’m in the same boat, heart is saying Jeep because its different, not many people would have them, and I like the offroad and techy aspects. Head is saying Territory, cheaper on services and parts as I think I’ll be keeping this car for a long time.

  • Mick

    I’m looking forward to the diesel, however I do feel it is a bit of a disappointment that its not the 3L that is used. I’m guessing the 3L wasn’t available to them, but still the 2.7L is an outgoing engine overseas, I feel they could have done better using a more modern alternative. The new 3L diesel used in the Rovers have oodles more power and use noticeably less fuel. Its design wouldn’t quite be suited to Australia, although even a more realistic version of the same 3L would prove to be beneficial over the 2.7L. Also I’d like to point out the psychology behind the engine size. For a large car, 3L is the boundary between an engine that sounds too small and a one that sounds a reasonable size for the size of the vehicle. That alone will actually put people off the diesel choice!

    Its just like say wait for 12 minutes or wait for 13, 13 psychologically sounds like a long time, whereas 12 minutes sounds like only a short wait!

    • Jeremy

      You are thinking about it too much and not reading enough about it.
      The 2.7L TD is a brilliant engine and highly refined. Once it’s tuned optimally for the Territory I think most people will be pleasantly surprised by it’s performance, fuel efficiency and smoothness.

      • matt

        well its still 2 cylinders and 500/700cc up on the captiva and considering were getting RWD and AWD diesels… perhaps a 600Nm rwd diesel would be abit to much for the drivetrain in rwd mode… think miami v8

  • Robin Graves

    Looks good, they could have upgraded to the MyFord system, backlit the steering wheel buttons and changed the dash menu buttons to one side so you can use one handed, other than that, looks good.

    • Frosty

      So Robin has shown her true colours. HE/SHE/IT is a Ford fan who just likes to bag Holden. This is just a bitsa car. Bits of Toyota Kruger at front, bits of Holden Commodore in the front guards and Falcon Taillights at the rear. Other than that it looks like a old model dating back to 2004. The interior may look good but looks can be deceiving. We will see how it stacks up with the other newcomers that come here including the upgraded Captiva due in March.

    • bangel

      DARL its an 8 year old car with a tarted up front and back , looks very old from side view.

      Swan song last one wont be another , the cost of tooling another in 4 years will bury it .

    • Robin Graves

      With the budget in mind this car is above par. I’d rather say this car is ok but has a few flaws, than be a sheep and wait on a craptiva. Lemon is your true colour frosty. An 8 year old territory with an update still beats a 5 year old polished Turd. Where does that leave the VE? Billion dollar bunky.

      And if I’m a one eyed Ford fan, I’d probably buy a Sorrento diesel instead.

      • Captain Nemo

        C’mon Miss Graves we all know your a Ford fangirl just tell us which one you own. The game is up Focus? Festiva? Fiesta? Ka?

        • Robin Graves

          Tell me what engineering marvel you own first. Mazda mx5 with a holster for your hairdrier and a socket for your buttplug?

          • Captain Nemo

            Well i’m guessing by your childish comment it’s probably a crappy Fiesta in faded White with auto.

      • matt

        lol no im sure robins said he/she owns a i30 diesel auto… or dont you anymore and wanna do a shak and change your mind?

    • Falcodore

      I’m guessing Robin Graves is an undertaker ; )

  • Brenton Ellis

    Dingo Ugly

  • Frosty

    Have not got the time to go through all comments at moment but has anyone also noticed the Commodore vents on the front Guards especially how the lower and mid grade Territory’s with th Indicator lights in them. I think maybe Ford will do the same with series 2 Falcon. Would not be the first time Ford have copied Holden. Even Beemers have added them on some Models after Holden introduced them in 2004 with the VZ SS range.

    • birdie

      not the first holden have copied ford either

    • MattW

      They are called speed holes, ask Homer Simpson

    • Robin Graves

      I suppose audi copied the glued on eBay leds too did they? The only ones following a crummydore is the cops, usually after the idiot bogan driver has ‘dropped a skid mate’

    • Devil’s Advocate

      So Frosty, BMW etc added side vents on the front guards AFTER Holden “introduced” them on the VZ SS in 2004 hey? Now my maths isn’t the best, but BMW had side vents on the Z3 which was released in 1996. Now by my twisted mathmatics the year 1996 comes before 2004. They also had side vents (that are more like the ones used on the recent BMWs and the ones “introduced” by the VZ SS you were talking about) on the Z8 and E46 M3 which were both released in around 2000, which still come before 2004 in my world! I could be wrong though as Holden have never copied off another manufacturer. The C pillar on the VE Commodore sedan looks nothing like the Hofmeister Kink that has been a BMW design feature since the early 1960s…

      It is not as if side vents are a new thing either as for example Aston Martin have been using them since the DB3 in the 50s. I am also sure they “copied” it from some one else as well. There are only so many ways you can design certain features on a car so there are bound to be similarities across the industry!

      LOL anti spam = BMW!

    • Devil’s Advocate

      I forgot, BMW also had the side vents like those fitted to the M3 etc on the 2000 C from 1965. WAY before 2004!

  • Devil’s Advocate

    Glass across the C pillar? From the side on pictures above the C pillars are body colour and a continuation of the rear qtr panel all the way up to the roof. The D pillars on the other hand… 😉
    I hope the diesel takes off for them. As mentioned above however, it is just a shame they are using the older 2.7L and not the 3.0L.

    • Jeremy

      It’s all about cost. Although having the 3L as an option would be nice.

  • Lynchy

    Ford have done a good job on this one, there’s a couple of small things I would of liked, but overall I think they’ve revised most things people wanted and probably on a shoe string budget.

    With regards to the My Touch, I believe it’s still only been designed for use in the US, apparently even the new Focus will ship without My Touch to international markets initially (There’s obviously still some teething problems with the “One Ford” strategy) there may be a couple of the features in this system but highly unlikely to have the majority, probably closer to Holdens IQ.

    I think there’s every chance Territory will overtake Falcon sales, so many Falcon owners have been screaming out for a diesel that I think we’ll see a pretty big swing to the RWD Diesel Territory, afterall it was ment to be the Falcon wagon replacement.

    It may be time to sell the F6 and get in to some diesel territory.

    • Andrew M

      Yeah, Im still not buying the Diesel in the Falcon argument though, it just doesnt make sense in more ways than one.

      Diesel Falcon could hope to achieve what?? 8L/100k??
      The ecoboost motors will achieve that and probably for a lesser premium.

      Also, Diesel isnt as green as the unleaded burning ecoboost. Ford wont win any green stars with a diesel Falcon, something which is being screwed down on manufacturers more and more.

      Diesel Falcon wont improve drivability as the current I6 motor already beats popular diesels for pulling power.

      I can understand the concept of diesels in small cars and larger SUVs etc, but I dont think it will ever be justified in the Falcon.

      I think the only reason the Terry ended up getting it is because the market for the SUV class showed otherwise, and Fords hand had been forced.
      I wouldnt be surprised if they were trying to work on an ecoboost version for the Terry too.

      • Will my wife like the green

        What about putting the V8 from the GS Falcon in the Territory?

  • bangel

    Enjoy it fan boys this is the last one made in OZ , there wont be another , cost too much to tool up a for a new falterritory.

    • Azzza

      Mate you better buy one soon they will be a collectors items real soon. Ford will have their name in Aust for a lot longer the the Holden badge. Are holden even financial yet …….. the New Viva/Cruze put together in SA will be Holdens last nail in its coffin.

      No company can build cars in Aust and compete with Koreans cheap labour for long

      That why Ford import from Thailand the Fez, Focus ….

      • Andrew M

        Holden arent going anywhere either Azza.

        Both brands currently produce around the same level of Aussie made stock.

        But on the Viva/Cruze project, I do question its longevity.
        I doubt there is enough margin on a small car to cover the high Australian wages.
        The Viva/Cruze project only got day light after Green funds were announced and everyone looked for a way to tap into it.
        Lets see how the project goes after 5 yrs or so

        • Azzza

          Ay mate the Green Funds just got pulled by Julia Gizzard

          It all for the flood victims now in QLD

          • Andrew M

            I assume the already allocated funds will be honoured.

            Good to see the rest will go to a worth while need.

            Now how about canning the broad band??? Im sure that many billions could go to getting people the life essentials first.

            She is too busy trying to stamp her name in the history books to pull such an idea….just like Rudd before her

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au Goose

      When the XD Falcon came out forever ago,many tipped it may be the last,and every all-new Falcon since has copped the same speculation,yet the Falcon is still here-four generations later.You gotta hand it to the Falc….its a bloody surviver! I can’t see the Terry being any different.Obviously you drive a Proton and care not an ounce for real cars,or the people they employ.

      • Azzza

        The territory will be a winner is what I am saying, no other Nation make cars this good

        • http://www.caradvice.com.au Goose

          I was responding to Bangels post….yours actually made sense.

  • http://www.holotropik.com technofreak

    Very very impressed! Good work 😉

  • Adriano

    Tsk tsk Ford. No 50/50 split fold seat for the third row!… I’m gonna strike a new Territory off my short list. New Kluger or CX9 for our next family car I think.

    • Able

      That was one of the first things that I noticed too… bit of a practicality misfire? But c’mon, Kluger’s are as dull as and CX-9’s are the sole reason oil use is going up (okay it isn’t solely, but you get my point). Territory still has it for me!

  • buzzliteyear

    We own a 2009 model TX AWD Territory and love most of it, except minor build flaws. The current design flows pretty good from front to rear. It drives brilliantly and packs everything a family 7 can fit in it for the long drives to the coast – does it with ease.

    So when I look at this latest update I have to say if you’re going to fix the front you have to fix the rear. The rear is the only part of this update that doesn’t look right even if it has wrap around tail lights now. Apart from the doors its one area that has been around for along time untouched and in need of a sweeping change – ala CX9 style.

    When the time comes we will upgrade to a diesel but I have to say that I am also a big fan of what I have read and seen with the Kia Sorrento, sure its slightly smaller but it has had some rave reviews, its a diesel and its a great price. Will make for an interesting comparison. I’m not considering the Kluger, overpriced.

  • The Realist

    Looks like a boat.

    Why is Ford dispensing with familiar ‘Ghia’s’ and the like? What the hell is ‘Titanium’? It’s almost as bad as ‘G6E Turbo’.

    • JEKYL & HYDE

      yeah,kinda like a x5,but 1/4 the ask…

      • The Realist

        Sad that true Aussie bush beaters are still built by the Japanese.

        • JEKYL & HYDE

          what are you talking about exactly?.whats exactly is wrong with jap built anything?

  • Bob

    I guess Ford getting rid of the Ghia name was much the same as Holden getting rid of the Premier, Belmont and Kingswood names…. Its called moving on to newer things

  • adelaide_john

    looks too much like a toyota, the head and tail lights are taking up more and more of the front and rear guards with every model update. And what does this achieve other than just a styling exercise !

    • Smithy

      If you are going to make stoopid comments like this please don’t say where you are from – you’re embarrasing everybody else.

    • matt

      headlights look smaller on new one?

  • Suntory time


  • Ad

    I would love to have one. Looks great and fits a family of 5. Hope the quality is better than the first one.

    • Jeremy

      Potentially holds a family of 7.

  • Smithy

    I think that this is a good update, in the styling, tech and mechanical packages.
    Interesting point is that this Territory styling update has had more done to the rear than Falcon wagon ever did – new rear qtr panels, bumper and trim details – a sure sign that Ford are serious about the Territory (and Falcon) being around for a while yet. As the CEO said: We wouldn’t waste $230+ million on a product line that doesn’t have a future.

  • http://Neptune Rabbit

    First SUV/4WD I’ve liked…ever.

  • Byron

    Umm NO.

  • Paul

    Now I am not a Ford or Holden man, If i like the looks of a car I like the looks of a car and this i like, but then again I liked the last one too.
    I makes me laugh though hearing all these obvious commodore people who think that the Commodore is an Australian invention Ok it is now with the VE but everything up to and before have just been fiddled around Opels/Vauxhalls made into rear wheel drive and give better engines.
    On another note the engine in the Captiva is not crap! it is a very reliable VM Motori engine that up untill a short time ago also powered all Jeep,Dodge,Chrysler diesel vehicles, it might sound somewhat unrefined but it is a VERY reliable engine/brand that has been for a very long time and at one stage Owned Ducati.

    Just my 47 cents

    • Devil’s Advocate

      Just to add another 2c incl GST for you Paul, the Opel Omega that the VN and then VT were based off were indeed rear wheel drive, just like the Rekord that the original VB drew heavily off. With the Omega, Holden added quite a bit of length and width into the Omega floorplan where basically only a couple of mounting points for things like subframes etc remained. They also shared basic structural things like turret shape and even door handles etc

      • Suntory time

        The only body panels the VT shared with it’s donor platform, were the door shells (new window frames) & door handles.

        The VT & later the Monaro exercise in budget engineering (with amazing results) are what attracted GM’s higher-ups to GMH for the development of GM’s ‘budget’ global platform.

        GMH has been able to do wonders with the kind of budget that (fat & lazy) GM Detroit would need to design a glove-box.

        The reason the VE cost “1 billion dollars” to develop, is because it was a whole new set-up and the engineers had to start from the ground up for the first time ever.

        This is why the VE is such an accomplished vehicle that delivers the goods in a proper complete package (especially the V8’s).

      • Robin Graves

        They must have added extra to the floorpan using old for-sale signs, thats why so many darwin awards are handed to Crummydore drivers that hit a pole or tree and each half of the car end up a few hundred metres apart.


    the marketing genius’s at ford have done it again.if the article’s correct,there is no diesel 4wd,and no diesel man 4wd.EPIC FAIL.and for the first time in 10-12 years,the farmers of australia finally got a wheat cheque.i guess their wifes will be down to toyota,subaru,holden etc,to but their next diesel 4wd family car…

    • Michael

      It doesn’t say that the diesel will only be available in RWD all it says is that that is an option available with the diesel engine and that this option is the only car for its price that that is available on if you notice the TDCI titanium is baged AWD!!!!! you theory is out the window!

      • JEKYL & HYDE

        my bad,the write up is a tad confusing…

  • grat

    Looks like it doesn’t have 50/50 split #rd row seats!!Was hoping they would put that in!

    • Jeremy


  • jfbr

    once again ford makes a winner….

    i just wonder if their marketing dept will actually get off their fat lazy a$$es and tell people about this great car??

  • Eric

    CA can you please do a comparison with CX9 and Kluger.

  • Mikko

    New front and back, side view looks just like the old one. The Territory now looks out of proportion. Had they based its exterior on the Kuga, it would have been a winner.

  • Michael


    • Jeremy

      That would be cool but unlikely!

  • Ifyoucantaffordamercedesbuyatoyota

    Ford dealer has mentioned $5000 above petrol for diesel Territory. They must be joking! How to kill a good idea/product – price it out of the market!

    • Daniel D

      Diesel needs to be within a few hundred dollars of the petrol models. If you are right about the price it will kill a lot of private and fleet sales.

      FPV are trying the same game right now with much higher prices for the supercharged V8’s. Ford might want to talk to them about how thats going before they hike 5K on a Territory.

      40 million spend on the new V8 and the best V8 Falcon ever and all FPV can do is match the old Boss engines sales from last year. Price is a factor for buyers in the current economic climate.

  • Dotis

    Forget the GM/Ford debate. The truth is both companies have dished up crap products & service to us in the past. Cars that would not steer, stop or go around cornes competently… and they rusted (I saw a brand new XB that was rusty on the show room floor).
    Their marketing people could not read the markets beyond next week so products that would have done well were not considered. Don’t even mention quality products and service – just didn’t exist. Diesel engined cars and utes (yes fuel efficient)and 4WDs would have held up the Japanese invasion way back then! Now GM & Ford are JUST starting to get the messages of quality, innovation and service. Keep it up guys – and oh, by the way I predict the new Territory (diesel) will be a winner.

  • Joe

    I have just spent the past week driving an ix35 Highlander Diesel and covered approx. 400km of both highway and suburban driving.
    Yes, it is a good little car. Yes, the engine and transmission are very good. Yes, the interior is quite good and looks fairly modern. But, the suspension is rock hard and at the same time the handling is only average, the steering is light and lacking in any feel, the front seats offer hardly any support and the base is far too short, the stereo is very ordinary and the styling? Well I think that the Kia Sportage kills it. The fuel economy(and this ix35 had over 20,000km on the clock) averaged 8.4 l/100km which is not bad but hardly great.
    In short, it is a competent smaller SUV but no way a Territory competitor. The new Territory, if the old one was anything to go by, will be a great car.

  • http://Tesla Smoothcall

    Looks a decent upgrade considering the money they had to spend.

    Will be interesting to see the functionality available in the new ICC. The actual screen graphics look to be high quality, and it gets rid of the silver piano key buttons from the FG that I don’t like.

    It’s certainly fighting in a tough market segment but the diesel means they are in with a chance.

  • nickdl

    Overblown and ugly? Oh you mean just like the ix35 then.

    • James

      Uh huh do you feel better now? The only ridiculous thing are your constant annoying comments that are nought but frivolous self loathing… Cheers have a hyundai

  • matt

    perhaps you speak crap?

  • Rocket

    Aussie built……….ozzie ozzie ozzie oi oi oi!!!

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au Goose

      Wouldn’t it be good if Holden did an SUV of their own,designed and built in-house? All they’ve managed up to now is 4WD based on Commodore wgn which was on the market all of five minutes,and Craptiva. Full kudos to Ford for knocking something up on their own,and giving it time to find its feet on the market.

      • Suntory time


  • Robin Graves

    Are you related to HyundaiSmoke? We never determined if he smoked Kumhos, Camel, Pole or crack.

  • Andrew M

    Territory has never been available with a V6, so perhaps you have been looking at the wrong brochure.

    So Hyundais 2.2L puts out more than Fords 6cyl with 270kw and 550nm??
    I ought to check engine specs more regularly if thats the case

  • Peter King

    I absolutely love the look of the new Territory, we currently have a 10 month old Ford G6 which we purchased because we loved the quality, the upmarket look and fit out & affordable price. Now we have a dog and will certainly consider the new Territory as a second car now that it has finally been upgraded to match and exceed current design styles. Well Done Ford Australia, keep the updates coming!

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au Goose

      Umm….your’re going to buy a Territory because you now have a dog?? Must be a very special dog Pete.

  • Gerg

    Same stupid short skinny tyres.

    I really want to buy one of these things as I believe in supporting Australian manufacturing and our rear wheel drives (or rear bias ala BMW/Porsche) basically p!$$ on the asian imports for ride and handling BUT even Tribecas run 255/55s. What the hell is wrong with Ford, they are being bagged from pillar to post for the small tyres on the GT, the F6X was a flop (small wheels and tyres) and the Terrritory has not increased 1 mm in any direction since 2004. Ford obviously agree if you look at the top picture the aspect ratio has been changed to give it a lower and wider stance.

    Cant stand small tyres and the podgy, pigeon toed stance any longer. BMW, Audi, Porsche and VW can fill their guards properly. If Ford cant give me at least 255/5518 on 8″ wheels, I’m shopping elsewhere.

  • Gerg

    The ix35 looked impressive at first glance but now has the overblown try-hard appearance and, according to the car mags, is a very underwhelming drive. Plenty of kit and gadgets for the aspirational who wouldn’t know a bum dragger from a beautiful Korean panel curve.

  • mark

    Great looking car. If Ford can price this car correctly, it will take market share from Kluger and CX-9 (its main competitor) and even from smaller SUV from the likes of Santa Fe, Sorento and Captiva.

  • Kaan

    I don\’t know what some of you guys are on but it looks disgusting. Rear lights are stupid, the front is to flat and not chunky enough and the interior looks like they have stepped back into the 80\’s.

    2/10 poor effort if you ask me.

    • James

      Didn’t ask you…

  • Bob Smyth

    This would have to be UGLIEST front end since the FORD EDSEL, this ugly duckling with a Huge gob the main saviour for this AWD vehicle is thats its a oil burner which is 7 years overdue and this vehicle can not be compared with the Grand Cherokee 4×4., or such !
    Having been a Ford owner for 30 years and having had two TERRITORY\’S… I will say Ford has become a follower and not a leader….Take the Ranger and Focus range out what have innovative NEW CARS have come out off Ford AUST

    • ExHoldenFan

      Disagree. I used to think Ford had the Ugliest, boring, boxed design, then came along the FG. Sold the Holden and bought the FG. Love the new Ford design, and this territory is definitely a vast improvement.

      Well Done Ford. About time you gave the Territory a facelift! It sure needed one. Ugly duckling turned sexy.

  • http://www.magicgates.com.au bob halligan

    Have asked ford for towing capacity for the deisel terry, but they replied all will be revealed in March. If it gets 3000kg rating, I think many caravan owners will have a serious look.

  • Lakers

    Ive gotta admitt I never been a ford fan(I drive a nissan 350z)..but I just luv the face lift and new interior on the territory..tryin to convince my dad to hold off on gettin a new falcon for one…I think it will be more practical for him…he worries about the fuel ecconomy.. I like the fact the front end grille has a touch of aston martin about it thats why we alli luv it….

  • DMT267

    At least CA are calling it the 2011 Terri. Some are saying 2012 and showing the same picture…. wankers.

  • JC54

    Windscreen cracked in the first week
    – was told it was a stone chip but didn’t hear or see anything !!