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The Toyota Corolla has started 2011 as it finished 2010, beating the Holden Commodore to become the top-selling new vehicle in Australia for the third consecutive month.

In total, 4045 Corolla sedan and hatch variants were sold in January, a record for the first month of the year. As revealed in CarAdvice’s January 2011 VFACTS summary, the Commodore actually slipped to third for the month (2645 sales), behind the Mazda3 (3605).

It is the first time Corolla has maintained top spot on the Australian passenger vehicle sales charts for three months in a row, and the popular Japanese-built small car now leads the Commodore by more than 1000 vehicles after seven months of the 2010/2011 financial year.

Sales of Corolla and other Toyota vehicles were helped over the past few months by Toyota Australia’s cut-price financing offer, giving customers a 2.9 percent comparison rate for four years on selected new vehicles. The offer ended on January 31.

Toyota Australia’s senior executive director sales and marketing, David Buttner, admitted Toyota put significant effort into keeping the Corolla at the top of the charts.

“We supported Corolla strongly with advertising and marketing offers, just as our competitors did with their leading cars,” Mr Buttner said.

“Consumers have responded in such large numbers because Corolla is the right package for Australians of all ages.”

The Corolla had a 21.5 percent share of the small car segment in January, ahead of the Mazda3 (19.2 percent) and the Holden Cruze (11.0 percent).

Toyota’s total January sales result of 14,817 units represented a 1.7 percent increase compared with the first month of 2010, giving Toyota top position on the Australian sales charts for an almighty 70 consecutive months

It reversed the industry trend, where the average manufacturer lost 1.7 percent.

February’s results should give a clearer indication of Toyota’s true position in the 2011 new vehicle market, when there will be no more vehicles sold at the super-low finance rate.

  • Matthew

    That interior has had no thought put into it.

    • Bob

      Why the negative marks? I agree. Its awful.

      I wonder if anyone of the people giving a thumbs down has actually driven a corrolla hatch. Was it designed by aliens, for aliens? The A pillar blind spot is dangerous, the location of the gear lever is massively uncomfortable, and the accelerator is so high off the floor they gave me shin cramps after about an hour. Thats even before getting to the shiny plastic from the centre stack reflecting on the windscreen.

      I think many sales are from people like my mother in-law who buy it from the showroom without even test driving it, or more importantly, testing anything else.

  • casper

    prob will beat holden this year in sales….but 14 years is a bloody good record…like someone else to march or come close to it…….

    • Andrew M

      F Truck in the states…..

    • Dave S

      Australia’s number one selling car should at least be built in Australia.

  • rentakeyboard

    Bar in mind people may be waiting for the Oz producion of Cruze! Thats sure to put a dint in Corollas fllet sales.

    • chane

      still a daewoo…(oops sorry i mean GM KOREA CO.)

  • Jimmy James

    I weep for this country that the biggest selling car is something as unbelievably dull and completely lacking in character as this fridge on wheels.

    Its an appliance, not a car.

    • Golfschwein

      Me too. The hatch has a tiny glimmer of spunk to it, probably because it was done in a French studio, but the bloated and dreary sedan personifies Toyota dullness.

      2.9% beats 4 speed auto transmissions. What is a transmission, anyway? :)

      • Toxic_Horse

        Whitegoods , Fridge, can someone please come up with a new cliché , i cringe every time someone says that!!!

        • Shak

          I’ve got one. Terrible Car…Oh wait thats actually true…

          • Hansome_AL

            What’s terrible about it?? It’s built to last.. It’s just not a Car that you like to show it off.. It is like your normal white square washing machine or white regular fridge with 2 doors.. You are not going to show off those things to your guests right… So is this car.. It is not a terrible car.. it is just plain and too many out there… Give you another example… Diamond or Gold is really tempting to have right…. But if Diamond or Gold is as plenty as dust in the air… Do you still tempted to collect them as much as you can??

          • Toxic_Horse

            I do agree

          • http://www.saabsunited.com benrp

            The car itself is Ok,z just a tad dull, it could be worse though(Hyundai getz, Toyota Yaris ect)

      • Eric

        For the $8 per that 2.9% saves I would rather a car with style and performnce


    • mh2408

      Agree, just don\’t understand Toyota\’s popularity!!

  • Trump

    Toyota must be selling to fleets at massive discounts, even losing money to achieve these figures.

    Its hard to believe there are so many people would spend they’re own money buying such a plain car.

    • b88lee

      Its known that January is a quiet month for fleets so theyre not just selling to fleets

    • BP legacy 3.0RB

      They never losing money.
      Well, probably some for small cars, but huge profit from large cars, especially 4WD.
      That’s the big different compared to other company especially Hyundai/Kia.

  • Able

    I got the crap end of a medium-sized car not available at a hire company in NZ a month ago, yep, I got a Corolla. I even wrote a four page review of the car, slamming in every way I could because I was so bitter that I didn’t get the car size or car I wanted and that it was so rubbish! I was astonished that the Ascent hatch auto I had retails here for $26k on road and that simply is far too expensive! A Mazda3 does the boring things just as well, yet, is cheaper and far more exciting to drive and even look at.

    Toyota, just imagine how many sales you’d get if you actually put some excitement into your cars?

    • mrxandthexfactor

      The ‘smiley-face’ grille is ghastly and disgusting

      • Able

        Toyota would be afraid to be anything near as daring or controversial on any of their cars.

  • Golfer

    fleets don’t buy cars in jan.

  • m2m

    Corolla’s are extremely smooth and comfortable and cost pretty much nothing to own. But that’s about all i can give it. If i were going budget small car i’d take the Cerato. All rounder is Mazda3 and premium option is the Golf.

    • MF

      Being more expensive doesnt make it premium. Wake up

  • Dave S

    Has the threat of speed cameras wiped away any interest in driving from people? Do people no longer buy a car, which they can enjoy the drive?

    There is more to motoring than buying the cheapest thing on the market.

  • Shak

    Things should return to normal at the end of February when the effects of the 2.9% Finance offer die down. I agree with Jimmy above, its quite sad that people down the Commodore for being majority fleets, which it is, but at least is has some excitement built into that chassis. The Corolla is just an appliance with no driver connection whatsoever.

  • Dealer dude

    Toyota has expanded the finance offer- it’s now 3.9% across the entire range of corolla and yaris, not just the base model

    • Toyota Guru

      Wrong. 3.9% for 2010 plate Yaris, 4.9% for 2010 and 2011 plate Corolla. At least you’re right about it covering all variants now.

  • nickdl

    I love it how all the usual posts on a Corolla-related article are all “boring, whitegood, 4sp auto” etc. etc. Yet is the Corolla really so bad when you compare it to a VW-related article with its constant complaints of the quality, reliabilty, poor treatment by the dealers and the price of parts and labour? Now while the Golf is a more exciting car (personally, I think that while it is classy it’s a little bland) and has lots of advanced technology, it’s no good if it doesn’t work.

    My theory is that the French and Germans innovate and the Japs get it to work properly. Not all of us are enthusiasts and a lot of people, when purchasing their second-biggest asset, would just like it to do the job trouble free. Hence the 35+ million sales around the world.

    And yes, it could be concluded that a lot of these sales are fleets but out of about 30 houses in my street the most common car is the Corolla. Even so, fleets put a fair bit of thought into their cars. Breakdowns means wasted time and money so really what they want is a safe, reliable and durable car which is exactly what the Corolla offers. In a manual, it really isn’t a bad car. The interior does look a bit bland but it’s better than a lot of competitors and it’s not a bad steer either.

    • Eric

      35+ Million Corollas, don’t forget the name hasn’t changed since the car came out.

      People in your street may be driving companies cars that are fleet ordered cars.

      They may not break down but recalls still waste time.


      • TMG

        It’s called AURIS in Europe, it’s built in the UK for the euro market, and here in OZ we still sell more (then what is sold per month in the UK), people just don’t care about driving

      • Hansome_AL

        Dearest Eric

        I do understand that Recall is a waste of time, but have you ever considered the statistical reports on recall of Corolla car that need to be conducted because something could go wrong terribly if it’s not done right away??

        How many reports? Not many… How about the frequency of Breakdowns on every car? Quite a lot.. Therefore, breakdowns occur more often than a recall.. So I prefer to have a car that does not breakdown throughout it lives, but maybe just one recall. Then a car that breakdowns all the time throughout it lives, and a recall.

        Well perhaps it is a different case for you Eric, cause you owned Time and Patience..

    • Steffen

      Sadly, it’s the truth. I’ve had an exciting, fun to drive Golf GT Sport for 3 years now. It’s a great car when it works. Unfortunately it had literally dozens of workshop visits for apparently unfixable ECU issues. The service staff are generally incompetent and incapable of systematic trouble-shooting, so I don’t expect these issues to be fixed before the lease runs out at the end of the year. I would never want to own a VW after this experience.

      On the other hand, my wife’s ’97 Toyota Starlet has not missed a single beat. It is boring and underpowered but otherwise flawless and seemingly unbreakable. That’s why her next car is going to be a Corolla when she upgrades in a few weeks time.

    • Rick

      Aatually a fleet purchase is mainly concerned about resale and that’s why Toyota do so well ,ask most people that buy toyotas, in general and they will tell you that one of the biggest deciding factors when buying a car is resale ,hense the reason toyota is popular

  • Robert

    Quite sad that people are buying this “Pancake tin on wheels” What happened to vehicles with style and a reasonable interior?

    • jamison

      Well vehicles with style are at the 40K+ range…. why are you complaining that a 20K car isnt very exciting nor stylish?… the 20K price range cars are primarily for the 18-30 year olds who are starting out in there careers or at uni… or for people who look for cheap low maintenance cars…

      the people who buy stylish and exciting cars have 40-60K to spend and pretty sure Toyota knows they aint on the market for a corolla…

  • Martin

    What the hell is wrong with some people!? Did they even bother testing the competition… probably not.

    • MattW

      Of course they don’t. They’re the same people who always vote for the same political party because “it’s who Dad always voted for”

      • WOW

        And blokes buy commodores because thier mates have one. They don’t both testing anything else either.

  • Nick K

    Toyota is selling on price and its reputation for reliability. As a product it is bland and conservatively engineered. The Corolla would be great if it had a boot sized like the Golf not the Polo, it had a 6 speed auto, better interior, diesel engine option, offered 17″ factory wheels and a lowered sport suspension…oh, and the styling was not so bland. In short, build a cut price VW Golf competitor that was reliable and economical to own. Toyota bring what it is will make incremental and conservative improvements until the Koreans eat thieir lunch.

  • Octavian

    Oh what a feeling of no feeling. A good car for reliable transport and that’s about it. It has no feelings of specialness and quality design, just an appliance car for the masses who don’t care about those virtues.

  • http://caradvice terrytoyota

    has anyone actually looked at or driven the current model corola. i have just bought one after owning an 03 accord euro the corolla is as good as that and better in some areas.it is perfect for communitng to work. it wont win many races at the lights but hey who cares. i dont need it to handle like a cat on carpet either. i need reliable transport that is comfortable to drive and cheap to run.probably not as good as the golf but then it is not as expensive either

    • nickdl

      Exactly. That’s what the Corolla is all about. Glad to hear you’re happy. :)

      • toxic_horse

        I drove the previous model and it was really bad. I rented one and drove it from Perth to Margret river. The ridiculous console thing sticking out of the dash takes up precious space for no reason. The auto was terrible and the car felt really rough and crude.
        I know corolla’s are bullet proof but my old 89 Camry was a better drive.
        Cars I have driven for the same price that were much better include.
        Nissan Tida (now thats not saying much)
        Hyundai I30 , leaves it for dead
        Lancer , (while the interior is crap its 100% more fun to drive)
        Holden Cruze. Better in every way.

        • nickdl

          Well yes as an enthusiast I’d be happy to have a more exciting or better car and put up with lesser reliability and increased running costs. Your comments are mostly correct regarding the competition although not so sure about the Tiida. I’ve only driven the current model and previous in manual but the auto is without doubt out of place. The ones I drove were pretty good but I think I’d have a Focus at the moment as Ford are doing some massive discounts.

    • anthony

      I cannot beleive that you went from an Accord Euro,which is a real drivers car,to a Corolla,and are happy ???

      I would not be….

  • Lars

    It tells a lot about these people who are capable of putting 20000+ on the table for this “wonder”!

  • MF

    You can buy some other more exciting cars if you want, Toyota haters…maybe all of u should get a Golf and make Golf the most boring car to look at on the street. Its already bland enough anyway.

    • toxic_horse

      it already is

  • jamison

    What really really irks me and just makes me shake my head on how MOST people here do not get the demographic for such cars as the corolla.

    Corollas are budget cars… low maintenance, economic and practical.

    Why are people bagging it for not being exciting?

    If Toyota puts 200kW on it, its not going to be low maintenance, economic nor a budget car..
    it becomes a sports car… 50K+ range.

    For those who compare it to the Ceratos, Mazda 3s, Tiidas, Civics etc… then I have more respect to your opinions. They are similarly priced and same demographic.

    However, out of those cars, from my experience, the Corolla is among the cheapest to insure, features wise corolla matches up well with Mazda 3s… the mazda 3s are generally 3K more expensive though and for people thats big enough to sway towards toyota.

    If I was a person looking for a safe car.. I’d pick a corolla over a cerato or other non-japanese cars… its just the way it is, figures show it.. studies show it… corollas tend to run better in the long run.

    Base VW Golf is a joke…. price wise. 32K drive away for a VW brand car…. I’m pretty darn sure now that brand smugs/wanks are the primary target…. I mean.. similar power, similar features etc… if you want the premium Golf its price the same as an Aurion, Commodore or Falcon…. in the long run those bigger cars are more practical.

    Again, for the rest of the people complaining why it isnt exciting… well its not supposed to be..

    It IS like a fridge and a washing machine…. basically they are PRACTICAL… its for people who just wants a car to drive from A to B….. Please embed that in your head..

    If I had 20-25K to spend on a car…. brand new car… Corolla would be on my top 3 lists automatically as it matches up with most of what I’d be looking for at that price range…

    If I had 50K+ to spend, obviously I’d look for something sporty and has performance to justify that money..

    • Nick K

      You have a point… I just wish Toyota could make budget motoring more palatable for the rest of us.

    • Samr

      You can buy a Corolla with 200kw

      it’s called the Toyota Blade Master G, 3.5 Litre V6 with 206kw.

    • Smoothcall

      FYI – Base Golf is about 25k drive away

  • James

    Im not saying this because i have a Toyota but this is the second best. Yaris the first

  • Al Juraj

    The Corolla is simply a good car that could have been better. You see the usual boring bits, but they do work, and for a very long time at that. They could possibly run forever if maintained properly. It’s only a shame it keeps growing in size and weight but with hardly any power increase. It retains the same displacement engine since the AE102, and with the few extra hundred kilos and obsolete auto, the new car is obviously slower.

    Quick fixes are evident in this solid ride. Add a gear or two in the auto, introduce a bigger engine, from maybe the 2.4 topping out with the Aurion’s V6. These may not necessarily add driving excitement, but at least it would help maintain decent pace.

  • Noely

    Oh guys what’s wrong with the car? I do agree most of the Toyotas looks boring and are not your stylish cars to show off…but thats why toyota had great success.Toyota make cars for the most of consumers,they design ballance cars for daily drive.What do most of people want for their cars?Reliable,Comfortable and easy to maintain.You look all around,Toyota is mostly agreed of NOT a trouble maker.Even if me have a beautiful quick sports car i’ll still put a Toyota first to my shopping list for the movement from A to B.

    • TMG

      The Current Corolla sedan is the same size as the SV21 Camry (1988-1991) in lenght wheelbase, width, and the corolla is taller,

  • kj

    how many people designed the rear tail lights on the corolla sedan? what a mess. I have a sv21 Camry with 512k on the clock that,despite being a little tired it still gets up every day and delivers low 7l/100km on the highway and high 8’s around town.Toyota sells on reliability not style but I’m still buying an Octavia or a Yeti later this year because Toyota doesn’t make a mid size wagon or a compact soft roader with diesel. Maybe an sv21 with awd and diesel would lure me back.

  • Ryan

    Who cares if it’s boring! It’ll outlast anything else and that is why people buy it, reliability and afford ability. Not everyone wishes to be a Schumacher…

    • Matt

      I personally think there are many other cars that will out last corollas out there. For example, I see a lot of old mitsubishi lancers on the road still going strong after 15 years, and this is after a lot have been owned by p-platers and have been thrashed

  • HJP

    I am not a Toyota fan however what’s wrong on people pointing that Toyota cars were bad? While their cars will not win any beauty contest, they are built for reliability, practicality and affordability. I have driven Corolla, Camry, Aurion and I cannot fault any of them. Even my old 1994 Toyota Celica, before it was sold in 2005, it did not have any problem at all and it still drives good after almost 140,000 km on the clock. Toyota cars are just cars to get us from A to B. If people wants something more than that, they can go ahead get a more expensive car that they think it’s better than Toyota. We’re not here to negatively comment about Toyota. Please don’t waste time to post negative and useless comments if you don’t like Toyota. Moving on…

  • Jacob Martyn

    Can we get a list that includes how many Porsche were sold? and Audi A4?

  • Bold

    What I will complain about corolla, for some years it does not have esc, not even as option.

    Similar case: Toyota ECHO. It had one airbag when most similar cars had two.

    And rav4, you have to opt for side airbags.

    Cheap to maintain? Yes. But cheap? I don’t think so when you have to pay more in the first place.

    • bert

      Listen up all you key board warriors! I run a major used car yard in brisbane and i will tell you why the corolla is the biggest selling car simple here we go, cheap to run eg: toyota service advantage a service is $120 a mazda 3 is $400! resale value a VW golf if you are lucky you might get back half what you payed 12-18 months later no one wants any model VW used they are the worst used car to sell, same as mazda 3 terrible resaleand hard to sell used,with corolla we sell as many as we can stock best used car on the market they are a great small car for anyone who wants a reliable good resale value cheap to run car that will never break down!

  • anthony

    I recently had to replace my VW Jetta,and my head told me to get a Corolla.

    As hard as I tried to fall in love with a top of the range Ultima model,it was impossable to.Sluggish,bland,plasticy interior,etc.

    So my heart won,and I got a new Honda Accord Euro,after looking at everything out there.

    What a beautiful car,I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

    • MF

      So your wallet suddenly swells up when you see a Accord Euro? Honda magic! =)

      • anthony

        I thought the price jump was well worth it,so went for it.

  • Ee

    Why are people complaining about corolla being bland? It’s a smooth car, reliable and comfortable (the ideal thing)

    It’s a perfect car and the sales reflect this

    • MF

      Those people are just trying to justify the extra 5 grands they put in for their less-reliable. similarly-speced, Corolla-sized car.

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  • Apollo

    I bouhgt a Toyota Corolla Seca way back in 1995 and its still running well today. The only problem with it is that it was one where the altered the paint where over the years it peels off. Some model brands went for that cheaper paint.

    Never had the car break down. I get it seviced at Toyota for greese and oil change every 18 months. Only gone through 3 sets of brakes. Nothing else gone wrtong with it.

    Going to trade this one in for a newer model one.
    I like the new look of these. They look really cool to me. Going for the snazzy sports model.

    I wish they would drop the idea of cd stereo system for a mp3 player system. Would save a heap of space for wjat I really want is a car gps system.

    And I wish they would put back that speedo reset button for when I fill out the car I can reset it o zero so I get a better idea when I need to fill up the car. I’ve never really trusted car guages in any brand of car.

    I onced owned a Ford hatch but that was constantly going in for repairs. Before that was a Commodore and that too was another mouth to feed.

    Mates all gone Toyota too now. They just never require the work of Australian made rubbish cars that always need work.

    I am a 5th gen Aussie but am a realist. Aust can’t make anything that works well. That is life. The Japanese make stuff lasts much longer and are not high maintenence like anything made in Australia. Quality controls here in Aust are rather poor.

    Most people I know buy Toyota over any Aust made car.
    No woonder Toyota are number 1 and that is likely to continue in the decades ahead until we start to poach the Japanese approach to quality.

  • Peter

    looking to change the 1700cc 2002 Civic I went looking for something affordable but a little sporty. Focus from reviews sounded like the answer . It was expensive and on run out and very bland exterior box unless optioned up. All the others like Mazda 3, new Focus, Fiesta, Impreza were full of bling and bluetoothing but much more importantly had terrible vision out the back and rear quarters. Only the SX4 Suzuki and …Corolla.. offered any feeling of spotting that car out of the corner of your eye in a motorway lane change. Yes it was not fast but it did have a very easy to use auto which allowed horizontal tap into 3rd. No look and worry about dropping into 2nd when u meant 3rd. The Mazda 3 was terrible for vision and overdone on the dash bling plus its ridiculous mouth look and extraneous sticking about bits. I would never have thought I would have gone Corolla but as a round town safe reliable car it was the best especially when the 17″ wheels were a free upgrade. Its quieter on the chipseal too. So it joins the Swift Sport and S2000 as the workhorse. After the first few weeks novelty of a new car most of us go back to driving blandly along in queues avoiding officer noddy’s attention . ..ideal rola stuff.