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    The article was deleted accidentally, restored comments below:

    Author : KJ
    Very nice car, too bad it doesn’t come in an auto otherwise I’d have one by now :(

    Author : Mitch
    Bugger an auto, the best driving is done in a manual.

    Author : Watto_Cobra
    Good review Matt. If I went FWD route it’d be this or TDCi.

    Author : Jess
    What a bargain, beats any hothatches priced similarly…would choose this over any sports sedan personally!

    And with manual thing, you’d better learn how to drive manual!!!!

    Author : 280zx
    Iz Niiice

    Author : Ford is No.1
    Ford have won many hearts with the Mondeo, personally its worth 5 stars, I have driven it and I would say its the most rewarding drive I’ve encounted in years and I’m sure the new Ford Falcon will be up to that standard. Holden should take note when they brought out the billion dollar VE before comparing it on par with German models, I think that is the biggest joke in Australian car history, the VE doesn’t come close to likes of the Mondeo and soon to be new Falcon, Holden should grow up and keep figuring out more lies to advertise Daewoos which is the only thing Holden are good at (billion dollar advertising)….

    Author : GhisGT
    Pfft, rag on Holdens all you like, at least they are selling cars. The Mondeo personally worth 5 stars? And yet you say the VE is a joke? You really are one-eyed.

    Can’t say I’ve ever driven the XR5 Mondeo, only the turbo version, I thought it wasn’t a patch on the Focus XR5 turbo. Now that really IS a good car and rates much higher in my opinion.

    Also, I’ll think you find the AU is the biggest joke in Australian car history, it nearly killed Ford AUS for a reason you know ;)

    Author : Car Buyer
    How are the sales going so far? Any idea? If it does not sell in adequate numbers, it will be killed off, just like previous Mondeos and resale value would be buggered.

    The smaller engine in the other variants are underpowered as it is a heavy car.

    How many car buyers choose manual instead of auto these days? Around 8%? Try driving in the major cities in a manual car – sheer torture.

    Author : Ford is No.1
    The AU was and is a excellent car it was only Holden freaks that pick on it, I thought you drove a Ford GhisGT, just because you don’t like looking at a particular model doesn’t make a bad car overall, until you have driven the Mondeo your words are meaningless you know damn well in my last post is only the truth just think about it for a second… :-)

    Author : Tom
    You do realise GhisGT that your post just showed how little you actually know about Ford cars. The XR5 mondeo is the turbo version, unless you are talking about the diesel, in which case its obvious why it isn’t a patch on the focus XR5.

    Having said that the VE is also a very good car, except for the interior quality and fuel consumption. I wouldn’t consider it to be a joke. In regards to the Mondeo not selling that well so far (it sold something like 352 last month) most dealerships have sold out their allocation for the next two months, the problem is in the shipping at the moment, ford can’t get enough in.

    Author : Anthonii
    I like it, though it is a Ford Badged Sports Car, In FWD? I really have nothing against FWD personally but i would have assumed different…

    Author : John
    Comment: can i have one in black?

    Author : John
    i saw 5 mondeos in the space of 10 minutes the other day…who says they’re not selling?

    Author : John
    ghisgt…you’re a fool…the only reason why holden are selling cars is because they get bargain basement el-crapo cars from korea…i mean barina 2 star rating…viva…looks crap and sounds crap…epica? should be renamed EPIC-CRAP!

    ford made the same mistake with the korean sourced festiva…but this time they sell quality cars…cars people feel proud to own…unlike all those people out there who bought coffins on wheels…maybe holden should hand out a funeral payment plan for the next batch of barinas they sell.

    so many aussies are fooled because of the price…sad…very sad indeed.

    Author : The Original Tom
    Any chance you guys can include the weight of the vehicle in your stats?

    Author : GhisGT
    Ahh, right Tom. Wasn’t sure if there was an XR5 non turbo Mondeo or not. But you are right, I don’t know Fords product line back to front, Doesn’t mean I don’t know what I like :)

    To me, the Mondeo was just unsure of what it was. Sports and luxury seemed to clash, making it a little edgy on the road. Added weight also doesnt help the cause.

    The Focus you could drive all day. Might not have the same trimmings, but still very comfy and what I thought was a better interior design. Power is fantastic, as performance is really something to be proud of. Sorry, but the Mondeo never did it for me.

    And John, how am I the fool? Isn’t the Commodore outselling the Falcon, and the cost is the SAME?

    I think your one-eyed outlook on cars is very sad personally. There are many Fords that I think are fantastic, but there are also some I really dislike. At least I’m man enough to admit that. The bottom line is Ford could make a giant turd on wheels, and you would still be here defending it. Not to say that the Mondeo is turd mind you…

    Author : Ford is No.1
    I didn’t say the VE model itself was a joke it was the way they approached Australian public with deceptive propaganda, I said > Holden should take note when they brought out the billion dollar VE, comparing it on par with German models, I think that is the biggest joke in Australian car history. Comparing superior marques is a bit gullable while having no proof to back such comments, please read carefully, when more people wake up to the truth while sifting through lies everything becomes clearer….

    Author : John
    ghisgt….you fool…

    ford has made turds…fiesta…for once…and au falcon…for seconds…so before you judge maybe look at the crap cars in your eye before looking at trying to sound domineering in a forum that doesn’t require you to pretend you have an iq of a 5th grader to defend your credentials of saying holden sell cars more…

    well dur…commodore is sellin more because its new…how incompetently stupid is your argument? its like talking to a 2 year old…

    Author : John
    correction…festiva not fiesta…

    Author : John
    hey fordisno1…the VE is a joke…everytime i see one it doesnt impress me one bit…a guy in his stupid gts was trying to make me speed by tailgating me…i pressed hard on my brakes hoping his piece of crap would end up crumpled…but the scared look on his face was pretty much the icing on the cake!

    plus commodore is the most recalled car in australian automotive history.

    Author : KJ
    Even with lessons, I would be scared to drive this as my first manual car. The diesel with leather would be alright but compared in price you lose out. Hopefully the next Focus has an auto diesel and comes with more options!

    Author : Tom
    well, original tom, from the ford website and the brochure the mondeo XR5 weighs 1604kg, which is a fair amount, but most fo that weight is in the new much larger and much stiffer body than the old mondeo. It’d be great if ford eventually converts it to an aluminium structure, but that would cost an absolute mint to do. Failing that the next big hope would be if ford fit the new volvo 3L turbo six (it has the same engine mount points as the xr5 turbo engine), as that bad boy cranks out 212 kw which would probably be the limit the FWD design could comfortably take.

    Author : GhisGT
    LOL @ Ford is No.1

    Mate, it’s not the x-files. There are no lies, and no propoganda… geeeze dude, get some sun light hey.

    I was trying to keep this sort of along the lines of the Mondeo.

    Also, Australian car journos compared the VE to German models, every car mag did. Should read the results…

    Ohhh wait thats right, Holden paid them all out..ahhh thats right

    *cue X-files music*

    Author : Ford is No.1
    Just another bogan trying to be a hero John, I have had much the same issue with commodore drivers too, just ignore them they don’t have a life but wishing they did by doing stupid things on our roads….

    Alborz: please can you wipe out spam word Daewoo I dislike typing such a over badged car name… :-(

    Author : GhisGT
    Tom, thats is a fair bit of weight, but then again, it was a fair bit of car with just about everything in it you could ever want.

    The main problem that I has was it seems to be focused on for of a sporty thing…. rather than a touring thing, which I though it seemed better suited to, which is where it misses out not being available in an automatic.

    Author : Ford is No.1
    GhisGT your favourite magazine called Wheels paid for such talk, (sad hey!!!) not many unbiased people in Australia had the balls to say Holden is as good as BMW, get a grip dude!!!! Holden fans would believe anything one eyed media journalist have to say, OK if the VE is as good as German builds where are the awards to cement this theory, Holden have only won minor trophies to express such try hard antics..

    Author : Yianni
    What a fantastic car.

    I agree with the auto though. For Australian conditions an auto is necessary. A twin clutch like the DSG transmission would be a perfect match for a car like this.

    I don’t know if Ford Europe have one in the works but I think its needed.

    Ford Australia have done a fantastic job with their entire range. Look at all the quality cars they’re bringing in for us to enjoy compared to Holdens offering.

    Barina – Festiva
    Viva/Astra – Focus
    Epica – Mondeo
    Commodore – Falcon
    Captiva – Territory

    Enough said I guess.

    The only decent cars in Holden’s range right now are the Astra and Commodore. The rest are all Koreanwoos which is sad.

    The sad thing that makes me angry is most people have no idea about cars and they simply assume that all Holdens are designed and built right here in Australia.

    Author : Tom
    You’re right GhisGT it is a fair bit, and it does make the mondeo more of a sporty tourer than a traditional aussie sports sedan (being FWD doesn’t help much either).

    The main benefit of the manual that I see for most people is the better fuel economy. Thats why the regular 2.3L mondeo with a 6 speed auto has the same ADR81 as the xr5 mondeo, even though the XR5 has a much stronger engine. Although as Matt said, if you get heavy with the accelerator like all turbo cars the actual fuel consumption goes up a lot. I think if ford could sell more mondeo’s without harming falcon sales then we would have an auto XR5, but I guess the numbers don’t stack up and most manual drivers like a sporty car, and the mondeo xr5 is the sporty tourer of the range.

    Author : Tony M
    Does anyone know, perhapes you Matt, what are the times (seconds) for overtaking from 80km to 110km for the Mondeo petrol variants and diesel model.

    Author : Yianni
    Argh cant edit my above post! Was mean’t to say Fiesta instead of Festiva! haha not much sleep last night :p

    Author : Brian
    John … I agree Holdens 4 cyl cars from Korea are crap … I know, I sell them. They are a makeover of the existing Woo models with better suspension, stronger steel atc but are still crap. The 2 star rating for Barina is not the full story, ANCAP just changed their rules and the Barina was the first to go under it, Courier and more also has 2 stars but the press hounded the Barina. Also ANCAP crash one car straight on and thats it, the manufacturer crash tests dozens in all conditions and simulates thousands , neverthless the cars are still crap, like most the cars in that category to be fair. The Opel sourced Barinas were great but dearer, the new Captivas are excellent as will be the new models coming from that plant but currently you are right, like a lot of 4cyl Jap and Korean cars they are pretty much like driving a Weet Bix box. Epica and Viva … moving right along but only as bad as their counterparts, Astra we still have fortunately and they are awesome. can’t wait until the new generation of cars come out of that plant as while the plant is 1/3 owned by Holden Aust 1/3 GM USA and 1/3 Korean Govt its fulls of Auzzies so think Holden. There will be some good stuff come out of there make no mistake. Costs are less there is the thing.

    Author : Joe Paglia
    Hi again folks,

    Joe here your friendly blogger.

    As I have previously stated I drive a Mondeo XR5(lowered,19" alloy wheels and modified dual exhaust),and they are absolutley fantastic vehicle to drive.I challenge anybody on here to show me a better value for money euro sports hatch on the aus. market.
    BTW John couriers havent sold here for two years!.


    Author : Matt
    Sorry TonyM but I specifically signed a form saying I would not performance test, time or race the vehicle (etc).

    I can’t dig the information up anywhere for you either mate.

    Author : Focus
    Joe Paglia, answer to your question – Focus XR5 turbo!

    Author : Iamthestig
    Not much wrong here… It is a nice thing to drive and look at.

    The only thing I noticed was the lack of air vents for rear passengers. But that is all…

    Unfortunately the lack of an auto option isn’t the issue for most of us reading here, just our partners ! – Luckily mine loves driving a manual so I always have one to drive…

    Author : Bob
    iamthestig – there are air vents on the B-pillars on each side for rear passengers standard on XR5 Turbo. They’re actually in a great spot as they’re at face level and not pointed at your knees so the air flows really well.

    Matt, the 4kw power decrease is as a result of the wider torque band. The 2.5 Turbo in the Mondo has a 500rpm or 750rpm wider range of peak torque against the version in the Focus as it is tuned for a longer, fatter torque delivery.

    Author : Duck
    The AU was a joke!

    Author : Ford is No.1
    No Trying to tell the world the VE drives and handles like a BMW was a BIGGER joke!

    Author : ash
    The weight of the mondeo is 1.6 ton and if I am correct the weight of falcon is only 200-300 kg extra. considering the weight issues, if the new falcon does 9.9l/100km, it will be awesome. The australian car manufacturers are maturing very well and global intergration of australian LWD into the ford empire will enable quality cars to aussies. cant wait for FPR cars….. smoking hot looks plus killer performance…. awesome..

    Author : Matt
    Cheers Bob, I was hopeful they’d pump a few more in to it though, dial up the boost just a little. Another 15 or so kW would make this car brilliant.

    You’re right on the rear air vents, very well placed. The front ones are quite good too. I am quite short and most cars front vents freeze my hands instead of my face – rather annoying – the Mondeo’s are spot on and the round vents can be adjusted infinately.

    Author : Ford is No.1

    The Mondeo beats Holdens Daewoo great Epic disaster in every department, how much tarnish does a company want to create, at least the Mondeo attracts the right crowd even the name is perfect not being total girly name ( Epica ) hahahahaha :-) , I feel very proud for Ford making right decisions the last decade or so, it will certainly help in future….

    Author : Iamthestig

    Ooops – my error – the XR5 has the rear vents. When I was poking around the other models I noted the missing vents but I didn’t look in the back of the XR5…

    The XR5 interior is much nicer than the downmarket models…

    Author : Joe Paglia
    As I have said previously, the Mondeo XR5 is a great car and for the price is fantastic value. The Focus XR5 is a better handling, sportier, quicker and smaller, less well equipped car which appeals more to a younger buyer who doesn’t need a bigger,roomier car. The old saying, horses for courses applies here. As a Ford fan its nice to have a whole series of positive comments and reviews for a change and I do agree that Ford’s model range (with the FG Falcon) is better than say Holden’s and definitely better than Toyota’s. All that Ford need now is the SZ Territory, WR Fiesta and all new Ausie designed Ranger and then there will be no excuses.
    By the way, Dreamscience, a UK based tuning company, offer a range of flash tuners for Euro Fords(available in Australia) including an XR5 kit which lifts the car to around 220KW. Can’t wait to get that fitted to my XR5 for only around $1200.

    Author : JW
    7.3 seconds? That’s pretty slow for the price you are paying, $42k or something… Even common fleet hacks like the Aurion can manage 7.5 seconds… with an auto… for $8k less.

    Author : TP
    Second that JW!!

    Personally Id wait for the Ralliart Lancer… would be same price base (mind you, base would more than likely have more features then fully optioned Mondeo)… AWD, dual clutch trans, 100 in high 5s. Now I can tell some people might say they are different, but the Lancer is actually quite large, I think they can be compared.

    Author : john
    wow a holden dealer admitting holdenwoos are crap…now if holden itself came out and offered full refunds to everyone who bought them…

    and to australia for claiming to meaning a great deal to australia when more than likely they mean more to korea…

    Author : PI

    With the Mondeo XR5 you get lot of creature comforts like auto headlights, auto wipers, park sensors front and rear, keyless entry and start, bluetooth that integrates not only with your mobile phone but also with the car’s radio and airconditioning so you can voice control all of these items.

    If this is not enough, perhaps consider the re-sale value of a 1-2 year old Aurion and what the fleet buyers do to the value of each car.

    Author : Naughtyius Maximus
    TP….love your openings on interpretations at times to get point across. There is more to cars then obsessive 0-100 times! Line up the look of Mondeo with Aurion and Mondeo looks better (front on).

    Love the comments after you Joe….oh what a feeling!

    Author : DW
    TP one word that mondeo gains and that the Lancer does not… Refinement. mondeo buyers are different to lancer buyers, mondeo is a euro car aimed at luxury perfomance, sure the lancer ralli art is a good quick car but at the end of the day its a tinny lancer.

    Author : Naughtyius Maximus

    TP…..and then you compare apples with pears and come up with a belief as silly as Lancer wheelbase versus Mondeo? Will check mms out on that one as seems unrealistic!

    Author : Phill
    A classy midsize family car with sporty looks,pitty theres no auto

    Author : golfschwein

    Anyone querying the Mondeo’s weight will forgive it upon discovering that the sedan’s 86mm shorter than a BF sedan and 30 mm wider. I think. So it’s not really a medium car at all, but a large one. I remember seeking the info out at Ford’s website once. It appeals, and I’d have a diesel shortlisted if I was looking for a new car.

    Fordies, I think the public at large have cottoned on to the 2 star Barina and Viva non-entities. I agree that Ford is at last building a cohesive range here, courtesy of European sourcing. Only the Falcon wagon is the weak link.

    How can Holden’s boss not have worked out that barina, Viva and Epica are a waste of space? I bet you the head man’s onto it. Results/decisions at least a year away, let’s say.

    Author : TP
    Sorry NM I prefer Aurion look… Im not being biased, I dont mind the Mondeo but for some reason I just dont like its look.

    I think it would be naieve to think someone buying a XR5 wouldnt test a Ralliart Lancer, fair enough the XR5 does have refinement over it but they are both sporty sedans, same power, roughly same size, same price. I also dont think the Lancer would be that unrefined, Im sure they wont be just marketing to rev heads, and its certainly got a far more extensive features list then Mondeo which counts for something in terms of ‘luxury’

    Author : Chris
    No offense TP, but if you like the look of Toyota’s compared to something as striking as a Mondeo- there is no case of interpretation…you just have no taste ;)
    The Aurion, albeit a more modern interpretation of a Fridge…is still exactly that. A Fridge.

    Author : o
    this car s great but no auto and sat nav? people should really look at this over the crappodre,craptiva,baricrap,viva[crap],and epicrap
    fords model lineup is really picking up now that its euro inspired with no american or korean crap good work ford

    Author : Phillip
    I think people overestimate the need for an automatic gearbox in cars. A couple of friends of mine have bought autos only because the car they liked in the showroom with the right colour and options just happened to be an auto. Often it’s more of a supply than a demand issue.

    Sure, for people who use their car for their city commute, an auto is better. But many people live in the country, commute a small distance or (like me) take public transport or bike to work, a manual is fine (preferable even).

    Also, you’d be surprised at how simple some modern manuals are to drive. My father used to have a manual EA Falcon and that was a real pain to drive in the city. However, many modern manuals (especially many diesels) are extremely forgiving, have light clutches, and are surprisingly easy to drive.

    A car like the Mondeo XR5 would certainly sell more if an auto was available, but selling in smaller numbers gives a feeling of exclusivity to those who have one which is a big bonus.

    Author : Peter
    Great car, great package overall. This isn’t a performance car by any means, but it’s good to see a higher output for the sporty model of the range.

    Author : TP
    Chris perhaps pull your head out of your a*se… Im saying I prefer the Ralliart Lancer here, but yes I did make reference to the Aurion front end imo being better, I just dont like the Mondeo. No sat nav as another poster mentioned, geez Lancer has it all over this… I think its features kit must be twice as long, so much for European; I spose it might have one thing European about it, overpriced, only problem is the likes of BMW and Co can get away with it, a Ford cant!

    Author : troy
    as for way above with the VE baiing and daewoo references…

    SAying holden uses lies to sell…. mate… barina AND epicac are NOT selling. epicac has been out over six months now and ive seen 3 or 4. i think i saw 5 mondeos in one day, and i live in a pretty big place.

    VE sold VERY poorly in its first few months, and the only thing that made its sales lift was the fact, falcon is sooo old now.

    BA/BF converted many a holden man ( or is that boy? ) and if not converted them… at least made them look!

    BF is better on fuel than VE, and i agree with the comments above on VE’s woefully plastic interior, where it looks like the glovebox is ready to fall off at any time. ( and the falcs arent much better )

    I hope the Mondeo can stay together in australia. Our cars made here sometimes cant cope with our extremes, wonder how these imports will fare?

    at least they have sold more mondeos already than the last model of vectra all together ( which when was released was ugly…. but now seems to be in style?? )

    Author : Naughtyius Maximus
    TP….can understand.

    Why…..I still love the tan coloured Sportivo I seen at Sydney and would plump for one easy! Classy side and rear and front suited it as not full on sporty – inside was hot as and just oozed class. As you know Iam not a one car supporter and love the Falcon (albeit the wagon bit of a sore point as Ford appears shit scared to change much, no twin exhausts out back, rear tailights should of been changed fully, no shebang update on LPG, LPG with 4sp auto).

  • tonyn

    why were the post deleted??

  • alec

    I noticed this car was fitted with straight exhaust tips rather than the dump pipes seen on earlier cars. Were they aftermarket exhaust tips or has ford upgraded them??
    I like the mondeo, it is definately a car that looks better in the metal than photos do it justice

  • William

    Perhaps Ford discovered that straight tips look a million times better than those dump pipes in early spy shots. It’s interesting though because in the Mondeo brochure it shows dump pipes on the XR5.

  • KJ

    My comment on lack of auto still stands! In addition, the XR5 badge is ugly and the fact that it’s also on the rear passenger doors (ala Falcon XR6) makes it worse. They are tacky and make it look like a Holden.

  • William

    KJ, the XR badges on the current Falcons arent on the doors – they are on the sideskirts (I own an XR6). The new FG Falcon, however does have the badges on the doors. Do you think that the XR Badges on other Ford XR models are tacky? Becuase they are the same – bar the number of course.

  • William

    I agree with the comment regarding no auto transmission (even though I will only have a manual car) I think with the option of an auto transmission this car would be more appealing to some people, as would they lower spec Mondeos with a manual option. Both are available in europe, so why not here.

  • KJ

    I don’t know why, but I find the whole badge on the door/sideskirt thing a rip off of the SS on the Commodores. I wouldn’t have thought people who buy XR Falcons would buy a Focus or Mondeo with the same badge because of that (coming from someone who went from a Fairmont to Focus Ghia).

  • Oz.

    alborz, why restore them? It’s good if we had a freash start. Anyway it’s up to you.

  • Tom

    its just a …. badge. I mean, why would people not consider an excellent car like the mondeo … because the badge was in the wrong spot. Of all the reasons why someone wouldn’t buy a mondeo, I’d like to think that would be the least likely.

    But KJ you’re probably right, i’m assuming rational people buy cars, which we all know isn’t always the case. I think William the problem with getting in an auto xr5 or a manual zetec is that because they are only importing a low amount each month, financially you have to limit the range to maintain viable number of sales per model. Ford has only forecast 500 sales a month.

  • Oz.

    Mr GayReview, look like you just can’t accept how good Ford is.

  • No Name

    Hey Gayreview – Ford deliberately upped there stake with this new Mondeo to pitch the quality at the 3 series. Take a look in the flesh and compare it with a 3series. It just as stylish if not more so.

  • will

    no name, I’d say the mondeo is ALOT more sylish than the three series. Just compare the mondeo to the 320i, the 320i’s just fifteen feet of blandness (normally finished of in a dull grey colour).

  • Lino & Denise Borrillo

    SOOOO impressed with this vehicle have ordered one from local dealer this month!! Loved the features, and having been the owners of an XR6 Turbo when they first came out, we are looking forward to our new XR5 Tonic with bluetooth. Our great dealer has ordered for us, and we should be on the road come April. Can’t wait!!

  • Phillip

    Who cares if it doesn’t have an auto. Do people complain that the Smart ForTwo cannot carry a family of 7, that the Mazda MX5 is terrible for off-roading or that the Alfa Brera cannot tow a boat? If it’s not for you, don’t buy it! Almost every other car available has the option of an auto so you’re spoiled for choice. I would rather drive a car that ISN’T available as an auto, exactly for the reason that it’s not for everyone.

  • http://tvr TP

    Ralliart Lancer… dual clutch tranny, cant go wrong

  • Matt

    GayReview – Have you driven both? I have, and I driven dozens of cars a year. I can tell you first hand, it drives as well and is almost built as well. If you dispute this, your bias is obviously too one sided.

  • Bavarian Missile

    Hey Gay Review……..Ive owned a few 3 series and really unless they are the top of the food chain in BMW …like 335i and M3 they are pretty average. Even Jeremy Clarkson said the Mondeo was better than the 3 series. Me Ive loved BMWS for 20 + years.

    I had said previously that If i was in the market for an every day car,this would be it over any Poverty pac 3 series!

    This is a cheap stylish and well appointed car,only thing next to it would be a Volvo but this is better value!

    I think its spectacular and the best looking Ford on the market currently!

  • William

    Tom, I would only consider buying a manual car anyway meaning that the XR5 would be the only choice in the Mondeo range. I had the opportunity to test drive one and I was very impressed and would definately consider one when I am due to replace my XR6. I think the Mondeo actually has more leg and head room than the B-Series Falcons which should be a good selling point.

  • http://elfin CL SMOOTH.

    I prefer the euro zf auto its crisp,and quicker than a manual with the best of both worlds alot better than the 4 speed auto,which is a good trans.The new mondeo shares euro style with the new falcon which is a very good lookin car aswell.

  • http://tvr TP

    This car lacks torque. This car lacks torque. This car lacks torque. Less Torque then Aurion, producing even higher up.. and only very slightly lighter. Ford fairies, whats your defence to this?

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    1. Aurion larger car and much larger non-turbo motor
    2. Mondeo looks stunning and Aurion only looks passable as good to nice as much more conservative
    3. 2.5 litre five-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine producing a respectable 162kW and 320Nm is not bad for the size….obviously economical and at a rated 245kms top speed why have oddles more NM? The motor is not overkill on the turbo and is compromise between power and economy
    4. A lot of extras are in this model Mondeo

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Obviously the Toyota Tossers are obsessed about average to barely passable good to nice look and not stunning! When you want barely cool looking….get yourself onto a Toyota! Hopefully that will change one day??????

  • Bavarian Missile

    WTF are you on about now TP.

    This for starters is a Volvo engine and a brilliant one at that. How about you compare apple to apples.

  • Bavarian Missile

    TP have you read my reply!

  • Andrew M

    ha ha ha
    mate how about comparing in class vehicles? ha ha ha

    how about this……… regards to a 4cyl camry
    “This car lacks torque. This car lacks torque. This car lacks torque. Less Torque then HSV GTS or FPV GTP, producing even higher up..”

    you see how stupid you sound???
    oh but then again i thought you always say torque doesnt count for anything???
    grow up kid!!!!!!!!!

    what i was really checkin here for is does anyone know where i can download or view todays V8 supercar footage?
    i wasnt able to catch it today grrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    TP….torque the talk and get your hand off your stalk as you will go blind!

    Great to see Tander come in 23rd. Doesnt get much better then result! Sorry Andrew M!

  • Andrew M

    you are a dead set poet!!!! ha ha ha

    ah it seems the result may be to my liking with GT in 23rd ha ha ha
    oh well cant find footage i suppose i better just check out the results as they lay on paper instead
    ***kicks can***

  • Andrew M

    ha ha ha
    ok what happened to Tander?

    how did the DJR cars go? they placed alright!!!!

    and a good effort from holdsworth yet again it appears.
    he wont be with GRM much longer though i suspect as rumour has it Garry doesnt pay his guys very well.
    im sure plenty of teams would be wanting to wave a cheque at him

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Whincup think was first, another Falcon and Lowndes 3rd. And that is the real Lowndes as there is a unit getting around on here devoid of character and clout….the opposite actually! Must be in some sect where they dream up weird comments like TP, Dingo and others. Mind you if Dingo is there the numbers wont be bare, as he comments and raises a frown……….but we all know he is a arse-clown!

  • Bavarian Missile

    Tander broke something,boohoo…..

    Seems like Steven has put on some weight AndrewM……Will broke something I think so a DNF! Guess who got the first drive through for the year?

    Morris for punting off a rookie and typical Morris style said it wasn’t his fault!

    Hey I did have a giggle when poor James came in with a flat after leading,and his engineer is saying “now stay calm”,James replies” you telling me to stay calm pisses me off so shut up…..hahaha

    Cant believe you didn’t record it?

  • TP

    No comeback guys aye. What you people love to sidestep is the Aurion, like the Falcon and Commodore, are family cars. This XR5 is a car thats trying to be more performance based, therefore more power and more torque is essential, just as the TRD had a big increase to both in peak and low down torque, should the XR5. This XR5 is underpowered compared to similar priced vehicles, it lacks torque and its pricey.

  • Bavarian Missile

    What are you on TP………

    Its not even the same in cylinders to an Aurion ! Its like Andrew said why not compare it too a Toyota 4 cylinder too then. The 2.5T is a fantastic engine and would outlast your Aurions for starters,its Volvo remember not Ford!

    Plus I tell you what 1 sec difference can be a drivers reaction time in a race at the lights,and seeing you’ve taken all day to reply I guess you just got nailed!

  • Andrew M

    you got your “come back” you wanted.
    i showed how ridiculous your statement was by putting forward a further example.

    so whats your take on the Typhoon having 150nm or so more torque than a TRD?
    and that is actually a direct in class comparison comparing 2 performance vehicles with both using boosted 6cyls

    why doesnt a camry have the torque of a Boss V8 TP?

    come on dont tell me you are that stupid………

  • Andrew M

    will broke something????
    well the results have both the DJR cars placed together at 5 and 6

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    And he is back…..the TRD is supercharged for starters and the Mondeo is turbo not full on. At least this model is released and not withdrawn from sale due to glitches with it. What will TP compare next the VW Lupo with a Ford Territory or maybe a SmartTwo2?

    When you want spunk you buy the Mondeo hunk…. when you want class you buy the Aurion for solely on looks it is an arse!

  • Bavarian Missile

    Sorry I thought it was Will……so you should be happy!

    TP you astound me sometimes with your comments,I actually think your an intelligent person but you just amaze me when you come out with stupid things without real meaning or substance!

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    BM….Iam certain he does it deliberate and baits people! Observe him as he states something and doesnt visit for ages then comes back on!

  • Phil C

    The Mondeo was in the Top 3 of Wheels COTY. Deservedly so. It was compared quite favourably with the Mercedes C-Class but was ultimately beaten. No shame as the MB starts around double the price.

    The outright straighline performance may be lacking, but the crisp handling, excellent interior and wonderful road presence / exterior makes the Mondeo range a bargain.

    There are already a two in the work carpark, and from what I hear there is a wait of about 2 months now that supply has been improved.

    If you think you might like it. Go take it for a test drive. It’s as good as anything from Europe that is twice the price.

  • TP

    STILL no comeback. The engine size argument is a fluff, you can use that when the car weighs less, because yeah you dont need as much power, the XR5 weighs just 50kg less than an Aurion, so the fact its a small engine cannot be used as an argument, thats Fords fault for using it in this application! The fact is they are trying to be a more perofrmance based car, yet it lacks power and torque, the torque part is funy because the Aurion, not a performance car, is attacked on these grounds. DOUBLE STANDARDS ANYONE?

  • golfschwein

    TP, it’s good enough for me that the Mondeo is its own car. Ford are selling this car as the top end car with a sporting flavour. It’s not up against M3s or Audi S4s and isn’t priced like them.It’s going to sell to those who find a technically interesting and gorgeous-sounding turbocharged 2.5 litre straight five in a dashing 5 door body, appealing. A beautiful interior and far superior road manners thgan an Aurion will cap it off.

    No one’s going to say, “gee I wish it had the 200kw 3.5 litre V6 from the Aurion”. WE know Aurion, like most Toyotas, is a ho-hum-to-reasonably good car with a jewel of an engine.

    Likewise, the XR5 isn’t going to be on the radar of the Aurion’s target buyer. They probably don’t KNOW that you can buy a 5 cylinder car, and if they do, they’d quietly furrow their brow and say, “hmmph, that sounds strange”

    So let it be. It would be awful if we didn’t have the choice of configurations that makers provide us. Buy your Presara. Enthusiasts will plump for a XR5 every time.

  • Bavarian Missile

    Facts…..Mondeo 2.5T 5 cylinder 162kws @5000 320 NM @1500 RPM 0-100 times that just gearing! Cost $41.900 Its power to weight ratio is 109 kws to a tonne

    Toyota Aurion TRD 3.5 S/C 6 cylinder 241 kws @ 6400 400 NM @4000 Cost $61,990 Its power to weight is 147 kws to a tonne

    How do you compare the two?

    So thats the forced air system compared for you.

    The Toyota Aurion Sportivo {thats a similar cost to the Mondeo} has 200kws @6200 336NM @ 4700 and its power to weight is 123 kws to a tonne.

    So from that I think their pretty comparable,bearing in mind The 0-100 times for them are less than a second ,which is nothing. On looks the the Mondeo has it all over the every boring Camry. Yet one is forced induction the other is not,so unless its based on cost ,not the same either.

    XR6 Turbo for you which is faster than the TRD Aurion heavier and is less money…but at least they are both 6 cylinders.Thats comparing apples to apples ,sir!

    I know that wont keep you happy but I really am not in the mood to continue arguing about something that’s not even the same!

    Where is Ross ,hes good at this crap. If you come back TP and Im sure you will Ill get Ross to boggle you with tech stuff!

    Missing my wingman Wheelnut,but hes back tonight on CA. Cant wait!

  • Dave

    Everything that Australians have come to accept from a car except some of the more radical looks. Australians just do not like cars with a certain radicalness. No-one better to ask about this than Ford (Remember the AU Falcon?)

  • Bavarian Missile

    Ok AndrewM looks like I was day early on Will,how weird was that. He has the most gorgeous blue eyes I noticed today!See women do look at mens eyes first which not where I imagine Wheelnuts eyes were all weekend with the grid girls…hahaha

    Good old Tander you wll be happy at him for pushing SJ off as much as I was with Craig pushing through past Coldbum….grrrrr

    Hasn’t finished here yet so know one tell me who wins.

  • Andrew M

    oh well ive got nothing else left to do or say but laugh at all the bitter people out there ha ha ha ha ha (yes TP you are one of them).

    yep stevie J had a bit of bad luck against him.
    first tander spun him round then a terrible judicial ruling

  • Bavarian Missile

    Hey AndrewM cant believe Lowndes,what was he thinking? Yep SJ was doing ok up to my last post seems it all fell apart after that!

    Welcome back Wheelnut!

  • Wheelnut

    Hey babe; I didn’t spend that much time in the pits.. any how I was only there to get autographs and buy FPR/FPV stuff for you.. Sen tit all off on Saturday hope you like

  • Wheelnut

    Yeah but you’ve got to remember that TP Mikka; Dingo and Guess Who… would compare a Yaris to a Konigseigg?

  • golfschwein

    Do you really think this is radical, Dave?

  • Wheelnut

    KARMA – Looks like Craigs actions have finally come back to bite him on the ass.. After repeatedly bumping those in front of hinm out of the way [ as he has obviously lost the ability to pass]
    He too was taken out in an incident in which the he made the initial contact [virtually a repeat of PI]

    I was at the track [at turn 9 where it all started] then when we saw the 888 car spin out of control and hit the wall we cheered.. the funny thing is i was surrounded by Ford Fans

  • Oz.

    This week I will still have the Holden mob cheering around me over the Courtney/Lowndes/Winterbottom accident because it was only Fords in it. I personally don’t care that they crashed out because Whincup still won.

  • Andrew M

    wheelnut have you ever heard a crowd go ooohhhhhhh when someone crashes?
    no matter who it is the crowd loves a good bingle.
    Graig is still being voted the “most liked” by fans so i dont thnk it was a show of great dislike for the man.

    i dont think courtney can whinge though as courtney did his fair share of barging around the track. his battle scared falcon was proof of that.

    PI was similar in that lowndes was bottled up behind an inconsiderate slower car in Tander and this time JC

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    THE HILLS ARE ALIVE WITH THE SOUND OF MUSIC….nope, wrong take. Oops, what….yep tis BM and Nutter! If ya are Italian BM I would pinch you on the cheek and say “GOOD ON YA”.

    Dave….obviously I agree with the AU but when all is said and done I dont think the new Falcon is that radical and in GE and top end sports models in looks fine as! Maybe you should look forward and not back as you will damage yourself! The BA was new and unreal….just outdated on front blandness a lot. With many choices, 5sp auto as standard and great features you gotta love it!

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Well said OZ and agree with Andrew M about Lowndes!

  • http://elfin CRAIG LOWNDES

    Mate, james courtneys actions of bumping me on the ass sent me out the race real funny hahaha.

  • Bavarian Missile

    Wrecked Coldbums chances too,cause if Lowndes hadn’t of snuck through on Coldbums inside a few laps before {that lost him 3 spots}he would have been in front of Lowndes and not been in the mess! Seems like Ford fairies dont apply at the race track,they don’t support the brand just themselves!

    Dave you think..I thought Aussies weren’t as subdued as the Europeans,in general I mean. You think the AU was radical?

    Where is TP? I waisted 20 mins on that post on stats for him!

    Hahaha Wheelnut you know me just stirring…..Why would you look at the Yellow Glen when you can wait for the Bollinger….hehehe You live in the Barossa,work it out!

    Nice wording by the way!

  • Bavarian Missile

    NM…… not Italian……But feel free to pinch me.hahaha

    Well I agree with Wheelnut on Craig I think hes obviously had enough of being Mr nice guy from the last few years,got him no where except popular. Meet the new Ambrose!

    I like to see biff and barg but couldn’t he be doing it to the Holden drivers……hahaha

    Hey Wheelnut……..looks like where in for some interesting times ahead.

    On a happier note Looks like karma has already hit Russell!

    Me has a new Voodoo doll..I told you I was physic ….

  • Andrew M

    ha ha yeah it was good to see the new comer Vangisbergen that now drives Ingalls old car out performed him.

    yep exactlly,
    i think craig has been told to rub it up a bit more as he has been critisised as being too soft and not getting noticed. i think some people had felt he had lost the enthusiasm as he wasnt in there mixing it with them enough but rather letting Jamie take the honours

  • http://elfin CRAIG LOWNDES

    Not getting noticed and soft,real funny.hahaha.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    BM…..I dont deal in stolen things so cant pinch you. Ha Ha Ha Ha

  • Bavarian Missile

    Nice to hear you laugh again AndrewM….I thought the same thing.That young guy is going to be a star.Russell did him a favour by leaving! Jamie is out to kill ha…..Come on Ford don’t back off this year,make the new race car mid session great! Go Frosty though……

    NM…..Stolen things what ever do you mean…..

    Im all paid for,by me!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey you know that the mans the head in a relationship but the womans the neck {head out of the gutter Wheelnut,sorry bad pun} with out women you guys wouldn’t move! You think your making the decisions but in actual fact were pointing you that way!

    Im not stolen , I left the store by myself …..and found a better one that respects me for being more than just a trophy. He could see that all along . I know your joking NM…but Im not.

  • http://elfin CRAIG LOWNDES

    Dont worry we wont back off,and im natrally agressive and im not going to change because thats what made me famous back in the early days.Craig Lowndes 888.

  • Andrew M

    I’d love to see a good year from James courtney.
    he is real deserving and his past performance in other categories show he has talent.
    i think he has settled into the category now and we might just see him taking a few race wins too.

    i doubt we will see someone come into the category like Ambrose did and be right on it again

  • Bavarian Missile

    Ambrose was a star…….an arrogant one but I guess thats what it takes sometimes.

    I think Jamie is going for it……nice guy too and very deserving.

    I am still going for Coldbum…….hes on the edge and will get there,I think hes like Jamie 2 years ago.Sweet guy!

  • Andrew M

    its funny as i looked through my magazines from “yesteryear” in search of info re the toyota entering into V8′s debate,
    that i came across articles of whincup, courtney and frosty in the back pages in write ups on their sucess in particular categories before V8′s

  • Wheelnut

    Yeah but back then [HRT Days] when you were having/causing accidents.. your team had a bigger budget and moree resources to build you another car..
    Infact HRT often had a number “race ready” cars back in the workshop to reduce the amount of time they had to spend fixing your car in between rounds.

    I have the series of sequentioal photos of your roll at Calder back in 98 which I intend to get signed by the REAL Craig Lowndes

  • Wheelnut

    Youre right BM Lowndes is the New Ambrose.. as he is complaining about an accident he caused which took him out of the race and thereby snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

    In the same way Ambrose was blaming others for the Accident involving Murphy at bathurst whcih ended hsi hopes of capping of a terrific season

    Yet if they had kept coll and abided by the rules [balaklava]neither of them would have been in the situation they found themselves in.. which is why I have absolutely no sympathy for Lowndes in relation to the incident at Clipsal.. he had brain fade.

    You’re also right about the Ford drivers having an uncanny knack/ability of taking ouut other Frod drivers

  • http://google Ian Mann

    Lucky none of these ‘cars’ were around when you were merely an itch in your old mans jocks. They would have fallen apart in the first 50 miles of the dirt roads where I lived. Strange thing is than many of that old breed of cars is still around. No power steering, no power brakes, no air con, no radial tyres, no nothing and no plastic. Any of you guys remember an Australian Motor mag being banned by BMW for future launches when their tests claimed that the Holden HZ radial tuned suspension out handled the Beemer. Have a nice day

  • Phill

    Ford.Best model line up in OZ.EAZY

  • wilsact

    Awesome car.

    Pity there is no auto version. Would team great with the turbo motor…..if only.

    Until they bring one out, will have to keep looking elsewhere.

  • Dancing Bear

    I own a Mondeo XR5 and it is the best car I have ever driven.

    I drove a Presara from Perth through Margaret River last year. It has a great engine but being surrounded by grey leather and faux timber it still felt like an old man’s car. Sure the Presara may be half a second faster to 100kph, that matters little. As a car to drive to work in everyday, I smile every morning when I leave in the XR5. The XR5 is a shade better looking than the Camry/Aurion/Presara. I tried to like the Presara, I just couldn’t.

    I hear complaints that its a manual and not available in automatic. Well, if you are serious about driving and call yourself an enthusiast and still drive an automatic then you are a hypocrite. I don’t understand why people want to drive an automatic. It’s just laziness.

    For the record, I didn’t even both test driving the Epica (Holden’s Mondeo equivalent). Do you think that was a mistake????

  • agbaje olawale

    compliment am the excutive director of jimmy agbaje motors in which my father happen to be the chairman and it been long we have into ford motors, either by sale or repair . we buy second used fords cars or any american design cars we will appriciate if we can have any dealer for negociation on sales of cars. please only fords and american cars .

  • Pom

    “I hear complaints that its a manual and not available in automatic. Well, if you are serious about driving and call yourself an enthusiast and still drive an automatic then you are a hypocrite. I don’t understand why people want to drive an automatic. It’s just laziness.”

    Come on now – check out VW’s DSG gearbox that sits on the R32 and special edition golfs (and the new Bugatti Veron – so expensive I cant spell it) what about the M3 DSG or just about any of the paddle shifts or tip tronic gears out there – the XR5 is not a track car.

    I completly agree about your comment The XR5 is a shade better looking than the Camry/Aurion/Presara. its just a shame the XR5 is not made here to support Aussie jobs!

  • Dancing Bear

    Thanks for your response.

    It’s also a shame that Aussie made cars are of inferior quality to their European imported counterparts, although Aussie made cars compare favourably with most things that come out of Korea.

    Paddle shifts are gimmicks and are usually poorly executed. Some people like them, but they are not my cup of tea. Call me a staid old traditionist! My comments were directed more towards the car jockeys who want a Commonbore type automatic so they can “commute”.

    I would have seriously considered an Aurion TRD but the price difference between the XR5 and the TRD did not mirror the difference between the cars. The TRD is overpriced for what you get.

  • Peter Harding

    I fell in love with this car the moment I sore it on TV. I had to wait about 3-4 months before it was released for sell in Australia, when it was released I bought at the first available moment, I was one of the first people on the Gold Coast to have a XR5, it is a beautiful car inside and out and it is a dream to drive.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Have seen a heap of these and must now say it is boring old and wont age well!

  • Former 325 owner

    I have just taken delivery of a new Panther Black XR5 trading in my BMW 325i M3 Sport pack. I did consider a new 325 or a C class Merc until I started reading the reviews in the UK press regarding the new Mondeo. Considering a similar spec’d 325 was going to cost over $92K it was a no brainer to go for the Mondeo XR5. The XR5 is a better looking car, it handles and drives better. I would even say the build quality is better. The reaction from friends and work mates has been consistent. “I can’t believe how good it is” If you are in the market for a BMW Think again.

  • Bavarian Missile

    Interesting comment..I would have thought over the poverty pac current BMW but didn’t think it would come close to a 325..great looking car the Mondeo although the only thing that annoyed me was the manual bonnet holder,you too surprised after having struts in the BMW ??

    Although wouldn’t trade the M3 on one,what model BMW was it out of interest?

  • Former 325 owner

    The M3 is in a different class and considered one of the best cars built. And is $150,000. The cars I have previously had was a 325i E46 with M3 sports pack (Not an M3). I also tested the new BMW325i E90 and was very underwhelmed by it. Before negotiating on the E90 they were after close to $100,000 (M Sports pack, sunroof, 18″ wheels). Rip off.

  • No Name

    Waaahey – UK press are showing a Mondeo coupe. Guess it’ll have a slack engine though. GO have a look folks. Its not bad.

  • No Name

    try auto express . co. uk

  • CarolB

    I pick up my new Mondeo XR5 tomorrow and I can’t wait. I have had my share of new commodores over the years but this Mondeo is far superior than any of the commodores out there today – there’s just something about it.

    We liked the look of the XR5 on the road (the standard Mondeos are not much to look at) however we have spent nearly 3 months test driving other cars in the same class (Aurion, Commodore, Mazda6Turbo, Liberty) and both agreed the Mondeo was much more fun and stylish, both inside and out. Not to mention that the space in the back seat of the Mondeo is bigger than ALL of the other cars. We have kids.

    Add to that the sheer arrogance of the Holden new car salesman who obviously pre-qualified us as non-serious buyers. At the Holden dealership we had to walk into the showroom and ask for assistance – even though they saw us looking at their top line commodores on the lot.

    The Ford dealer we have bought from could not have been more attentive and helpful. This also adds to the Mondeo experience.

    As I said, can’t wait to pick it up tomorrow, the only 2 things we argued about were the colour (he wanted black and I wanted Ambition Blue) and the personalised plate, which we still haven’t agreed on.

    I got the Ambition Blue. Well it is my car.

  • Fordfan

    What’s the point of the Mondeo? Just buy a Falcon – more powerful, larger towing capacity, better body.

  • Twilight

    Bavarian Missile, you’re absolutely brilliant! haha. i’ve read your comments before and loved them, but this article in particular is awesome! lol.

    the fact is, im almost 17 and am lucky enough to have my dad in this industry. saying that, i have driven an XR5turbo mondeo from dads work (which my cousin then baught and i drive around today) and i got to drive an Aurion AT-X when it was my families hire car in port douglas, and let me tell you, Mondeo absolutely shreads it to bits!

    i hated the Aurion… yeh, fair enough my ‘rents drive an MY07 sportivo and i love it, but i hated the Aurion. i love the mondeo, i think its brilliant, and im not being biased coz i am a ford fan – ITS A FACT!

    quality and technology even – can’t compare the two.

    good review CA.

  • Dooby

    I ordered my Modeo after doing 2 hard months of research, test driving, and dealership visits (every weekend, sometimes during the week in the arvo). I hate negotiating for cars, but I really like the Mondeo. Compared to others around, it met all of our needs.

    I know no one cares about fuel consumption, but for an every day car it’s important to me. The engine in the XR5 is brilliant! It’s not nearly as quick as the focus XR5 if you want something to earn a ticket in, but it’s still very respectable and it sips the same amount of fuel as the 4 cyl. Mondeo.

    We looked at everything from the Toyotas, Audi, Holden, BMW 1 series, Renault, and so on. For the list of features, build quality, fuel efficiency and price I challenge anyone to name a better mix, especially in a package that is pretty good on the eyes.

    Are their faster (thirstier) cars? You betcha. Are there more luxurious? Yup…and my pa would love em. Cheaper? More expensive? yes and yes. The Mondeo definitely isn’t for everyone, but it hit my sweet spot dead centre. It’s the right price, with the right features, in the right sized package, with decent performance in a fairly frugal fuel sipper.

    For whoever said the XR5 is trying to be a race car….uhm….no. I think you’ve missed what’s it’s about. The focus XR5 (with the same engine) is far quicker as are many other “hot hatch” type cars. That’s not the point at all. The turbo in the mondeo is just a way to put a bit more punch in a car to ensure that it’s not quite a motor head’s choice and quite the grampy sedan choice…but a happy medium for those of us who have to compromise.

  • HAL

    hey dooby

    thanks for your thoughts on the XR5 Mondeo – have you taken delivery yet? I am currently tossing up between it and the Focus XR5, which I just took for a test drive at lunch today. Love the sound of that sweet little engine and the punch from the line just brought a smile to my face every time I took off, unreal little car. But that’s just the thing, it’s small. I’m used to driving a Mazda6, so am struggling with the down-size, but am worried that the Xr5 engine isn’t quite as much ‘fun’ in the Mondeo as it is in the Focus. What do you reckon?

  • Peter Harding

    I have had my XR5 Mondeo now for about 13 months, it is still a good looking car and still turns head when I drive pass. The proformance of the engine is unbelieveably responsive. I have seen a couple more Mondeos on the road now but still not many. Everyone I talk to says that it is a great looking car

  • Solly

    After a long and thorough search for a new family based car, I have just taken delivery of my new Mondeo XR5T..
    I looked at a large range of cars including Mazda6(gutless) Subaru Liberty (GT way to $$$ & a bit small) Commodores & Falcons (I drive a VESS for work and know how good and how bad they are)
    I even looked and really liked the SKodaOctavia RS but was put off by lack of dealers (something Skoda need to address if they are seriously in the Oz car market). The XR5T was top of the list. If you want a well built car with plently of go that handles superbly and looks great do your self a favor and drive one… I did and I’m hooked. I have never owned a Ford before, but if they keep making cars like this, it might be the start of a long association.

  • lola

    a Ford Falcon is a much better car than Mondeo, its a real car, rear wheel drive, big 4.0Liter six and not an inferior V6 or a I4 or I5, its a bix I6 and 4Liters or a big V8 at 5.4, or turbo 4.0. Falcon all the way.