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ZX Auto Grand Tiger Owner Car Reviews

2015 Zx Auto Grand Tiger (4x2) Review

I have a 2WD Diesel Grand Tiger pick-up and I've found it a nice car. I've driven 20,000 km and it works great. I was involved in an accident and it's a solid car. I always felt safe. There was a dificulty repairing the steering system. The steering was never soft and gentle. It makes wide angle turns and is very noisy. This remembers me of a container truck...

2013 ZX AUTO GRAND TIGER (4x4) Review

I would definitely NOT recommend purchasing one of these. If there were no quality issues it would be a passable car for work or private use for the price however I bought one of the first 10 in the state, have done 3900km and taken it back 5 times to get things fixed...