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Volvo C30 Owner Car Reviews

2011 VOLVO C30 T5 S LIFESTYLE Review

I have owned this car for over 1 year, and found it to be good but not roomy enough. The doors are very heavy, the boot is very small. It handles well, but I would not buy another one even if they still made them, the resale is horrible on these cars. After having many Volvos this has got to be the worst. Don't get me wrong it runs well etc but it's for a certain market...

2011 VOLVO C30 1.6 DRIVE Review

I have owned my c30 Drive for just over a year and have done 28000km so far of faultless zero problem driving. I am very interested in the environmental credentials of cars and know how to drive efficiently. Consequently I have managed to achieve a brilliant AVERAGE economy of 3.8 litres per hundred for the last month of mixed urban and freeway use from a car that many of my friends think is a sports coupe...