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2012 Volkswagen Up! review

Why an Up!? Well, a house purchase and renovation necessitated a cheap commuter. I was initially intent on a 500 or Panda with the emotive Twinair engine, but I couldn’t go past the Up! at the prices they were being offered. And yes, I will use the exclamation mark if I want to, if only to make our Pro_cee'd GT feel better about its automotive punctuation...

2012 Volkswagen Up! Review

I purchased my up! in late 2012. There is so much to love about this little VW. The 1.0 litre triple cylinder may be lacking in bottom end torque, but it is keen to rev and pulls the car along sweetly enough with a very pleasant warble from both under the bonnet and tailpipe. The interior remains tight and rattle free...

2012 Volkswagen Up! Review

I bought this up! around 12 months ago. I wanted the least expensive transport my ego could afford. The Fiat 500 Pop hadn't yet fallen to $14k driveaway, and I was underwhelmed by both the Micra and the Mirage. They both seemed like appliances you'd buy from a large discount department store. The up! won me over on first impressions...