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There wasn't much wrong with the seventh-generation Volkswagen Golf, but the new 7.5 version borders on perfection. It's quite possibly the best all-round hatchback ever built.
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LIST PRICE From $34,490
FUEL ECONOMY 5.2/100km

Volkswagen Golf Wagon Review

Wunderbar Wagon...

Volkswagen Golf Review & Road Test

An economic environmental crusader that doesn't sacrifice drivability.

Volkswagen Golf GTI Review & Road Test

And we thought it was impossible to better the Mark V Golf GTI...

Volkswagen Golf Review & Road Test

Rewriting the small car rulebook Model Tested: 2009 Volkswagen Golf Mk VI 118TSI Comfortline; 1.4-litre, four-cylinder, petrol; seven-speed DSG; five-door hatch - $32,990* Options Available: Metallic Paint $700; Electric Glass Sunroof $1,900; Vienna Leather Upholstery $3,300; RNS510 with Dynaudio Excite $4,000; Reversing Camera $350 CarAdvice Rating: It doesn't matter what you say, some people will never believe you...

2010 Volkswagen Golf GTI Review

I’m somewhere in the Victorian Alps with about forty-kilometres of clean, windy road ahead and I’m driving the new GTI at eight-tenths with former F1 driver Hans Stuck on my tail. Make that nine-tenths. I’m carrying an awful lot of speed into these curves, and yet even in the tighter sections, the GTI is seemingly unflappable...

2009 Volkswagen Golf Review & Road Test

2009 Volkswagen Golf Review & Road Test New Golf hits the competition for six Model Tested: 2009 Volkswagen Golf Mark VI 90TSI Trendline; 1...

2009 Volkswagen Golf MkVI Review

2009 Volkswagen Golf  Mark VI - First Steer   - by Paul Maric Leaner, meaner and greener. That’s the message Volkswagen wants to send with its new Golf. Launched to the Australian motoring press yesterday in Byron Bay, New South Wales, the next generation Volkswagen Golf comes with a set of new engines that increase fuel economy by up to 25 per cent...

2009 Volkswagen Golf GTI Pirelli Review

2009 Volkswagen Golf GTI Pirelli Review & Road Test Model Tested: 2009 Volkswagen Golf GTI Pirelli, 2.0-litre, four-cylinder, six-speed DSG, three-door - $47,490 (RRP) Most powerful Golf GTI to date, great overall package; excellent value; sporty look & feel, great interior Body-roll; Torque-steer CarAdvice Rating: - Photography by Tristan Schoonens There are some icons in the automotive world that have earned their reputation...

2006 Volkswagen Golf R32 Road Test

2006 Volkswagen Golf R32 Road Test Test model: 2006 Volkswagen Golf R32, five-door with DSG Options fitted: Electric glass sunroof - $1621.00 – OK, I’d think about it Satellite navigation system with CD changer - $2436.00 – No, I’d buy a portable touch screen unit for less than $1000...