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There wasn't much wrong with the seventh-generation Volkswagen Golf, but the new 7.5 version borders on perfection. It's quite possibly the best all-round hatchback ever built.
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LIST PRICE From $34,490
FUEL ECONOMY 5.2/100km

Hot hatch comparison: Volkswagen Golf GTI v Ford Focus ST v Renault Sport Megane 265

It’s rare that a higher-specification variant of a popular mainstream car would be the best-seller in the range, but that tells you much about the enduring status and appeal of the Volkswagen Golf GTI. With one in four Golfs driving out of VW showrooms wearing the revered three-letter badge, the GTI is almost ubiquitous on Australian streets...

2013 Volkswagen Golf GTI Review

The seventh coming for Volkswagen's iconic hot-hatch refines and redefines the breed.

Volkswagen Golf Review: 90TSI

The latest-generation Golf is a certified game-changer, even at the entry-level.

2013 Volkswagen Golf GTI Review

CarAdvice heads to the UK to test the latest version of the world's most famous hot-hatch.

Small car comparison: Volkswagen Golf v Mazda 3 v Toyota Corolla v Holden Cruze v Ford Focus v Hyundai i30 v Opel Astra v Honda Civic

Before the fireworks are blown at year's end more than a quarter of a million Australians will sign for a small hatchback or sedan, of which about 75 per cent will pick one of the eight nameplates featured in this test. This is the biggest, most relevant test of the year. The catalyst for this mega-comparison is the arrival of the new Volkswagen Golf...

2013 Volkswagen Golf Review

The seventh-generation version of Germany's world-famous hatch is hard to fault.

Sports car comparison: BMW M135i v Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution v Subaru WRX STI v Volkswagen Golf R

Which is the best fast car for less than $70,000? For years it has been the Japanese all-wheel drives, but two contenders from Germany argue the toss…...

Ford Focus ST v Renault Megane RS265 v VW Golf GTI: Comparison Review

The Ford Focus ST has blown onto the hot-hatch scene. Will it cause a hurricane to rip through the rock-solid Volkswagen Golf GTI and Renault Megane RS265?

2013 Volkswagen Golf Review

The new Volkswagen Golf has arrived. And it's a winner.

VW Golf GTI Cabriolet Review

Does Volkswagen's iconic hot-hatch lose its shine when it loses its roof?

Volkswagen Golf GTI Review: Edition 35

An anniversary edition of the VW Golf GTI adds an extra bit of spice to one of the all-time-great hot-hatches.