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There wasn't much wrong with the seventh-generation Volkswagen Golf, but the new 7.5 version borders on perfection. It's quite possibly the best all-round hatchback ever built.
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LIST PRICE From $34,490
FUEL ECONOMY 5.2/100km

Sports car comparison : Subaru WRX STI v Audi S3 v Volkswagen Golf R

The new Subaru WRX STI has a lot to live up to, especially now that we know the garden variety WRX is a significantly better car than the old model in every way. The early signs are good, because the STI in Premium guise, as tested here, immediately ramps up the bang-for-your-buck factor. At $54,990 (or $49,990 if you forgo luxury kit), it’s a massive $10,000 cheaper than the model it replaces...

Hit or Miss: Special edition cars - Part 1

Carla Zampatti Ford Laser While Carla Zampatti made her mark in the fashion industry as a talented designer, in the car industry her impact was unfortunately more like a stain. Zampatti partnered with Ford Australia to create special edition versions of the KB and KC Laser. The first release came in 1985, and was followed up with a second collection including Meteor’s in 1987...

Sports car comparison : Subaru WRX v Volkswagen Golf GTI Performance v Renault Megane RS265

Rewind two decades and the Subaru WRX was the affordable performance king, its launch immaculately timed with the rise of Playstation rally games and the temporary demise of hot-hatches. By the end of the 1990s the Peugeot 306 GTi had died, while the Volkswagen Golf GTI had become a softie. Not long into the new millenium, though, a hot-hatch reprise was led by a reborn Golf GTI, and the tables turned...

Volkswagen Golf 90TSI Review : Long-term report one

What's a Volkswagen Golf like to own? We buy one to find out...

Volkswagen Golf GTI Performance Review

James Whitbourn jumps down from Golf R to Golf GTI Performance, yet it actually proves to be a step up...

2014 Volkswagen Golf R Review

James Whitbourn heads for the hills to see if the new Volkswagen Golf R really is a big step-up on the popular GTI...

Volkswagen Golf Wagon Review

Expanding the Mk 7 Golf range and adding practicality, the all-new Golf wagon isn't perfect...

Mazda 3 v Volkswagen Golf : Comparison Review

Which base model is the best buy? We pit the Volkswagen Golf 90TSI up against the all-new Mazda 3 Neo to find out.

Premium hatch comparison: Audi A3 v BMW 1 Series v Mercedes-Benz A-Class v Alfa Romeo Giulietta v Volkswagen Golf v Volvo V40

‘Premium’ is perhaps the word most difficult to define in the automotive lexicon. To some, it may be about delivering an image above the mainstream and the connotations of a badge; to others it may be about the tangibles of a product and the engineering behind the façade...

CarAdvice top three cars of 2013: the testers' picks

Jez Spinks - Editor-in-chief 1. BMW i3 Will electric cars ever be bought by the masses rather than a minority mix of wealthy early adopters or government fleet buyers? We’re still many a year away from the former scenario, but the BMW i3 (above) is one of the most convincing examples of the breed yet...

Hot hatch comparison: Volkswagen Golf GTI v Ford Focus ST v Renault Sport Megane 265

It’s rare that a higher-specification variant of a popular mainstream car would be the best-seller in the range, but that tells you much about the enduring status and appeal of the Volkswagen Golf GTI. With one in four Golfs driving out of VW showrooms wearing the revered three-letter badge, the GTI is almost ubiquitous on Australian streets...