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There wasn't much wrong with the seventh-generation Volkswagen Golf, but the new 7.5 version borders on perfection. It's quite possibly the best all-round hatchback ever built.
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LIST PRICE From $34,490
FUEL ECONOMY 5.2/100km

Volkswagen GTI drag race: Polo v Golf – video

How do you prove one car is faster than another? You drag race them – duh! The new Volkswagen Polo GTI isn't far off its Golf GTI stablemate these days in terms of power, but how does that translate in straight-line speed? In this video, Car Mania aims to answer that question...

Volkswagen: Next-gen R models to be more 'extreme' - report

Volkswagen says its future R-branded performance models will be more 'extreme' than the current crop, hinting at a next-generation portfolio that could include a crazy Golf R, R versions of the upcoming I.D. electric family, along with R SUVs...

Volkswagen Golf twin-engine Pikes Peak racer restored

Volkswagen has made a lot of noise about its return to Pikes Peak, frequently referencing its history at the legendary Colorado hillclimb. It doesn't own any records at the mountain, and it isn't a frequent competitor – in fact, the company has only entered once...

Volkswagen confirms 48V hybrid for Golf 8

Volkswagen has announced a new 48V mild-hybrid system will roll out across most of its range, including the upcoming eighth-generation Golf family. Like similar systems used by Audi and Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen's mild-hybrid technology will combine a conventional internal combustion engine with a 48V belt-integrated starter generator and a 48V lithium-ion battery pack...

CarAdvice podcast 100: We celebrate our 100th episode at Mercedes me Melbourne! 

We celebrate our 100th episode at Mercedes me Melbourne! On the panel this week is Mandy Turner, Andrew Beecher, Alborz Fallah, Tony Crawford, Mike Stevens, Scott Collie and James Wong. In car news, the BMW Concept iX3 and 2019 Lexus ES has been revealed, and Mercedes-Benz A-Class L sedan and Mercedes-Maybach Vision Ultimate Luxury has been unveiled...

Hyundai's i30 N is a proper hot hatch, and a Golf GTI beater

Dethroning a king is never easy. Historically, even knifing a king in the back is a dangerous business, let alone removing one as publicly as we have done this week. You’ll see, through our comprehensive comparisons, Hyundai's i30 N has ended the Volkswagen Golf GTI's reign as the quintessential hot hatch...

Poll: Hennessey Exorcist pips the Demon

Dodge might have started the supernatural muscle car trend with its Challenger SRT Demon, but it's been outdone by the hotted-up Hennessey Exorcist in our latest poll. More than 1000 people voted in this week's face-off, with 53 per cent of voters handing the Camaro-based Exorcist a narrow victory over its factory rival...

Volkswagen recalls 2011/12 Golf, Passat and CC

Volkswagen has recalled the 2011/12 Passat, Golf and CC over concerns about an overheating starter motor relay. According to the company, a bent or broken spring could obstruct the clearance of the spindle in the starter motor relay. This could cause a blockage, creating a constant current supply to the starter motor relay and, in turn, causing it to overheat...

CarAdvice podcast 94: On location at our ute megatest!

We're on location this week from the Melbourne 4x4 Training and Proving Ground for our ute mega test with Mandy Turner, CEO Andrew Beecher, Mike Costello, Curt Dupriez and Kez Casey. In car news, the Volkswagen Golf GTE has been ruled out for Australia, the Subaru Forester has been teased, and Lexus says autonomous cars are dangerous in cities...

Dieselgate: Australian test reveals increased fuel use, VW rejects claims - UPDATE

March 12, 2018: Testing carried out on a single Volkswagen vehicle has revealed an increase in fuel use since it was given a software update in 2017 for the so-called 'Dieselgate' emissions scandal...

Volkswagen Golf GTE ruled out for Australia

Volkswagen Australia has abandoned plans to introduce the Golf GTE plug-in hybrid due to global demand, the company has confirmed this week. Speaking with CarAdvice, local Volkswagen communications boss, Paul Pottinger, said the electrified hatch is in such short supply, it's been pulled from sale in overseas markets...