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Volkswagen Golf GT W12-650

When we had the Golf R32 for a week, we came to the conclusion that whilst the car was absolutely brilliant, it could have done with just a tad more power. We did stress the "tad" bit a few times, however the crazy people at Volkswagen decided if you were going to create a fast Golf, you have to do it right...

Volkswagen Golf GT Specifications

The CarAdvice team were at Mt Cotton driver training centre yesterday at the launch of the new Golf GT, so before we get our "first steer" article up and going, lets have a closer look at the technical details of the new Golf GT...

2007 VolksWagen Golf GT

Volkswagen Australia is set to introduce a rather unique car to the Australian car market, the Golf GT will arrive in Australia this coming May. Nothing really odd about a Golf, but this GT badged variant is powered by a 125kW/240Nm supercharged and turbocharged 1.4-litre four-cylinder petrol engine named TSI Twin charger...