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Behind the scenes of the world's first factory-backed GR Yaris rally car

A group of five shuffle alongside a hugely modified Toyota GR Yaris. "It's no different from building a V8 Supercar," says Neal Bates, boss and owner of factory-backed Toyota motorsport outfit Neal Bates Motorsport. "Look at how many people there are here, one... two... five I think? Not bad, considering the output...

2020 Toyota Yaris SX Hybrid review

The best Yaris ever comes at a price. Literally. Does it live up to its new price benchmark?

2021 Toyota Yaris ZR Hybrid

With all this talk about the price tag, it’s possible we’ve missed the point of Toyota’s new Yaris.

2020 Toyota Yaris SX review

The mid-range petrol variant of Toyota’s new-generation city car spoils some good attributes with its price positioning.

2021 Toyota Yaris review: Petrol and hybrid

Toyota has left the sub-$20,000 segment for the first time since it began selling cars here in 1959. Is the new Toyota Yaris worth the money?

2019 Toyota Yaris Ascent auto review

The most affordable automatic Yaris is a great city runabout, but there are many areas it's let down by its age.

2018 Toyota Yaris GRMN review

Toyota’s GRMN sub-brand of performance cars is off to a promising start – it's just too bad we won't see this one in Australia.

Toyota Yaris: Road car v Rally car

A Yaris? A Toyota Yaris? Why would you rally a Toyota Yaris? That's probably what you're thinking. Ask the team at Neal Bates Motorsport, though, and the humble little Japanese runabout is the future of rallying in Australia. Whether you follow the Australian Rally Championship (ARC) or not, the facts are, this year’s title race is a close one...

2017 Toyota Yaris SX review

The updated 2017 Toyota Yaris light hatch may be plain as original chips, but it's surprisingly lovable and fun to drive.

Australia's cheapest new cars

Looking for a new car on a small budget? Here are eight of the cheapest new cars available Australia-wide, right now. As you would expect, they are all micro or light cars and, unless otherwise stated, the price excludes on-road costs like registration, stamp duty and CTP. If you shop around, though, you can find great drive-away deals and special offers...

2015 Toyota Yaris Review: Ascent manual

The base model Toyota Yaris Ascent is now cheaper and better equipped than ever. Matt Campbell assesses the 1.3-litre five-door hatch.

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