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Hybrid Toyota Supra Wins Endurance Race

Audi are proud of their diesel supercar taking out Le Mans two years in a row and Toyota, being Toyota, has been sitting in the corner green with envy, until now. Last week Toyota become the first manufacturer in the world to win a motor race with a hybrid-powered car. Based on a Super GT Toyota Supra, the Hybrid powered vehicle took out Japan's Tokachi 24-Hour endurance race...

Toyota Supra Update

We previously talked about the new Toyota Supra and begged Toyota to go ahead with production plans. We've gone on and one about how Toyota is lacking a sports car, the TRD Aurion will only go so far to help Toyota's credibility, what they really need is this. Winding Road reports Toyota have given the green light to make the new Supra in two versions...

The New Toyota Supra?

You know when I wrote the Toyota FT-HS Concept article, I was thinking, hey this would be a great idea if it become the next Toyota Supra, and what do you know? Rumours are spreading like wildfire that yes indeed, this car has a great deal of potential to become the next Toyota Supra...