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2020 Toyota C-HR 2WD review

The Toyota C-HR, the Japanese brand's funky and style-driven take on the small-SUV segment, has received a midlife update. But how does that translate to the entry-level model?

2019 Toyota Yaris Ascent auto review

The most affordable automatic Yaris is a great city runabout, but there are many areas it's let down by its age.

2020 Toyota Kluger Black Edition AWD review

Can special Black Edition accoutrement maintain the shine on the popular, if ageing, third-generation Toyota Kluger?

Cars you didn’t know you want: Toyota Crown ute

If your knowledge of Toyota utes starts and ends with HiLux, you’re in for a surprise. The Japanese giant has never shied away from workhorses, utilitarian vehicles designed to cope with light commercial duties day in, day out. And so it was with the Toyota Crown. ‘Wait? What?’ I hear you exasperate...

2020 Toyota HiLux SR d/cab 4x4 auto review

The Toyota HiLux SR offers up a more affordable alternative to the favourite SR5. It's a better workhorse, too, for those of you wanting to actually use their dual-cab.

Design Review: Toyota 2000GT (1967-1970)

It's arguably the most significant and beautiful car ever to come out of Japan: the Toyota 2000GT. Back in the 1960s, Toyota was a very different company than it is today. Its model range was full of practical, and reliable automobiles, but the design was typically uninspiring and none of them offered performance or driving pleasure...

2019 Toyota LandCruiser Prado GXL review

Toyota's perennial golden goose continues to dominate the sales charts, amongst plenty of updated competition. Is it still the smart choice?

2020 Toyota GR Supra GTS review

Sensible, conservative Toyota has taken leave of its senses. Mainstream cars are good to drive again, and its second new-gen sports car, the Supra, is a fitting halo for the brand.

2020 Toyota Supra GTS: Owner review

We spend all day recommending cars, but rarely do we ever put our own money down for them. With the all-new Toyota Supra-BMW Z4 collaboration finally hitting the streets, Paul Maric put his money where his mouth is.

2019 Toyota RAV4 Edge petrol auto review

If you want an AWD RAV4 that isn't hybrid, you've got one choice, the Edge. While the hybrid is incredibly efficient, there's still something to be said for the petrol-only variant.

2019 Toyota HiAce review: LWB petrol auto

The new HiAce is vastly superior to the one it replaces. Here we take a look at the petrol auto variant – the one to go for, if power is your preference.