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Escalating the chase – buying a car from Japan, part three

In parts one and two, we explored the process of buying a car from Japan, discussed some of the concerns likely to cause trepidations, the costs and what it’s actually like to go ahead with it. Now, we’ll finally meet the car, check out some other interesting things enthusiasts are currently bringing over, and discover whether it was all worth it...

The legend of two LandCruisers and a home-made float

There is a small-ish shed in the land behind Norm Needham’s house, which looks unassuming enough from the outside. Step inside however, and you’re greeted not by a workshop, but bunk beds, a couch and a fireplace. Most noticeably, the walls are loaded with 4WDing memorabilia...

2020 Toyota HiLux review: Workmate 4x2 petrol manual

We test Australia’s top-selling workhorse in the lead-up to the end of the financial year, the biggest month for ute sales.

Project Cars: 1985 Toyota 4Runner SR5

Salvatore Aloisio • Meet Ralph the Runner. So, after telling myself I'll make a sensible decision, sell my 35-year-old Toyota HiLux and buy a new-ish 4WD, I went and bought a 35-year-old Toyota 4Runner. Yep, I'm an idiot. But, this thing is way cooler than anything else I could have bought, and with only one owner, and 187,000km on the clock, I just couldn't pass it up...

2020 Toyota Corolla SX Hybrid sedan review

Boasting more space, a bigger boot and Toyota's impressive hybrid driveline, is this SX sedan the pick of the Corolla range?

Escalating the chase – buying a car from Japan, part one

I’ll be the first to admit I have a problem. I love cars. By that, I just don’t mean the metal itself. I enjoy the many aspects of owning a car. I’ve met some really good people through social circles attached to particular marques. Then there’s cliquey groups, fanboys / fangirls, rivalries, and general workshop related banter to provide entertainment while you own something that’s revered as a bit of a cult classic...

Five cool cars in Breaking Bad

Get your car-nerd on while watching some binge-worthy TV.

Exploring the Yarra Valley in a Toyota Supra

Drive experience days are fast becoming an ideal way of showing potential buyers or current owners, just what a certain model of car is capable of. This is usually conducted by manufacturers, but now dealerships are realising the potential of taking the car outside of the typical test drive loop, and into an environment that best suits a car...

2020 Toyota Camry SL hybrid review

Once the domain of retirees, fleet cars and Uber drivers, the new hybrid Camry’s more memorable looks, low fuel consumption figures and premium-level perks are making a solid case for a total image overhaul.

2020 Toyota C-HR Koba hybrid review

The hybrid version of Toyota’s distinctive compact SUV is a blend of practical perks and frustrating quirks that could make it untenable for some, but perfect for others.

2020 Toyota C-HR 2WD review

The Toyota C-HR, the Japanese brand's funky and style-driven take on the small-SUV segment, has received a midlife update. But how does that translate to the entry-level model?