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Toyota LandCruiser Prado Review

The Toyota LandCruiser Prado is Australia's best selling large SUV, but do the numbers prove it?s the best large SUV as well?

Medium car comparison: Mazda 6 v Toyota Camry v Honda Accord Euro v Hyundai i40

Toyota launches an all-new Camry, Mazda launches an all-new 6. The two top selling medium sized cars battle two of the best...

Toyota Camry Review

The Camry SX doesn't excel in any one particular area, rather it's a well priced 'sporty' sedan with plenty of room and well-priced given its features...

SUV Comparison: Video Reviews

The Honda CR-V, Mazda CX-5, Mitsubishi Outlander, Subaru Forester, Toyota RAV4 and Volkswagen Tiguan are among the newest, best and most popular compact SUV models on sale in Australia. We took to the freeway and sand dunes, then to twisty country roads and urban backstreets, to find which is the most practical, efficient and dynamic contender in the class...

Compact SUV comparison: Mazda CX-5 v Toyota RAV4 v Subaru Forester v Honda CR-V v Mitsubishi Outlander v Volkswagen Tiguan

Compact SUVs – are they just six one way, half-dozen the other? Not so, if this bunch of newly-released and ultra-popular models are anything to go by. The top-selling Mazda CX-5 brings a new petrol engine to battle the class-favourite Volkswagen Tiguan, while the all-new Toyota RAV4, Subaru Forester, Mitsubishi Outlander and Honda CR-V add fresh competition...

2013 Toyota Corolla Review

The newest generation Corolla hatch breaks new ground with its styling, performance and general dynamics.

Toyota RAV4 Review

The fourth-generation Toyota RAV4 heralds significant visual changes and a new diesel engine.

Small car comparison: Toyota Corolla v Hyundai i30 v Mazda3 v Ford Focus

With an all-new Toyota Corolla launched with a $19,990 price tag, we find out which is the best entry-level small car for the money, putting the world's best selling small car up against the Ford Focus, Hyundai i30 and Mazda3. Words: Daniel DeGasperi. Photos: Easton Chang. Comparison tests don’t come more relevant than this...

2013 Toyota HiLux Review

The HiLux is getting old compared with a number of rivals but it continues to be the most popular ute.

2012 Toyota LandCruiser Prado Review

Make no mistake, the Toyota Prado three-door looks somewhat like a cartoon caricature of a 4WD...

2013 Toyota Corolla Review

The new Toyota Corolla is a competent small car that does just what you expect from a Corolla.