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2016 Toyota Prius Review: Long-term report two

Long-term report two on our 2016 Toyota Prius sees Matt Campbell head from Sydney to Melbourne.

2016 Toyota Prius Review: Long-term report one

We've taken on a long-term loan of the new-generation 2016 Toyota Prius. Here's what we thought after the first month.

2016 Toyota Prius i-Tech Review

The 2016 Toyota Prius is one of those cars you either get or you don't.

2016 Toyota Prius Review

The oddly styled fourth-generation Toyota Prius fails to make much of an impression.

2016 Toyota Prius Review: Quick drive

The all-new Toyota Prius is bigger and better than ever.

2012 Toyota Prius Review

The world's most popular hybrid has been given a significant update for 2012.

Toyota Prius Review - Long Term Conclusion

Having spent three months with a Toyota Prius, it was time then to attend a Prius Club of QLD meeting.

Toyota Prius Review - Long Term Update 4

If I had all the money in the world, there would still be a Prius i-Tech sitting in my garage (along side a Bugatti Veyron, Aston Martin V12 Vantage...

Toyota Prius Review - Long Term Update

The new Prius i-Tech is a far more appealing proposition to the outgoing model.

Toyota Prius Review Long Term Update

After one solid month with the new third generation Toyota Prius hybrid my opinion still hasn't changed. It's quite possibly the smartest, yet the most uncool car under $60,000. Whilst I've had the Prius I've also got behind the wheel of two other cars, a Jaguar XF-R and a Lexus IS250C...

Toyota Prius Review Long Term Introduction

I've spent the greater part of the last five years with nothing good to say about the Toyota Prius, in a way it represented the fear of every passionate car lover. The beginning of the end of traditional cars which cared little about the environment. In my defence, I was right, as 2009 comes to an end every car manufacturer is now focusing on fuel economy even for their high performance cars...

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