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I purchased a 2009 Toyota Camry Altise at the end of 2009. 70,000 kms and 4 years later, it drives and looks exactly the same as when I bought it which is a (mini) testament to its build. I have heard of cases where regularly serviced camry engines lasting more than 500,000 kms. When compared to the V6 Aurion and falcon/commodore, etc...

2003 Toyota Camry Altise Review

The Toyota Camry is a spacious family car that's great for everyday use as well as road trips. There is plenty of boot space for luggage, prams and children's bikes and overall the Camry has been a very reliant car that we can trust.

2013 Toyota Yaris YRX Review

Bought in January, I got a great deal on my Toyota Yaris after using CarAdvice. It has all the features you need. It plays music and navigates with GPS well, while also being economical with fuel. It can be just a little sluggish sometimes, though, especially going up hills.

2000 Toyota Echo Review

My Toyota Echo is a great little car that has served me very well for over five years now. It's been not only reliable but is also easy to drive and quite spacious for a small car. The only negative would be that I suspect it would probably come out worst in an accident.

2002 Toyota Corolla Conquest Review

As a first car, the 2002 Toyota Corolla has served me well thus far, despite it's lack of features and boring appearance. The car is perfect mechanically and does the job well. Insurance and maintenance is affordable, which is why I am happy to have it. The cream interior is very out dated in 2014, although the body on the car does not seem too old, making it less of an embarrassment to drive around...

2013 TOYOTA 86 GT Review

fabulous car becomes more addictive every day best value in the world...


I've just driven a GX Prado 5 door (guys it's a 4 door, no one enters the seating compartment through the boot!) and did 4000kms over 3 weeks. It was only 22,000kms old and in good condition. The power of the 3.0L diesel is good and I was surprised at the great fuel economy...


All in all it's a good ute but 0 to 100 time is about 25 sec and it has not a lot of clearance. It is tough but I would like more still and a lot less plastic.


I love my Toyota HiLux which has never let me down. Only a 4 wheel driver on weekends and minor bush bashing eg Beach, bush tracks and camping. Unfortunately the kids have outgrown the extra cab and we are up for a new dual cab. Won't be a Hilux though (sob) as Toyota need to look at what others now have to offer on models (including some of the basic no frill units)...


Had the car since new, I have nothing but praise on the reliability of the Yaris. I give it TLC whenever I can but during my lean times the Yaris stayed strong and gives whatever I demand from her, yes clear coast is failing, head unit's sound is appalling and it can be drone-ly on B grade roads but the car still goes on and on and one..


Owned this Corolla Ascent first day in 2009. * Great looker as I liked the European styled Ascent Hatch. I owned one Corolla KE70 in those boxy days. The reliability of the corolla drew me to them. This one fits all my needs of the time, * MP3 player, * Flowing dashboard especially the raised gear centre console, * radio within arms reach...