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Toyota Mirai review: A quick spin on Australian roads

Is the world's first mass-produced hydrogen-powered vehicle fit for Australian roads?

Toyota Mirai Review: Quick drive

The Toyota Mirai is the brand’s first attempt at making hydrogen-powered mobility a mass-market proposition. And based on our first quick drive of the fuel-cell vehicle in Japan, it’s a promising start. The Toyota Mirai is an electric car that uses a hydrogen fuel cell onboard to create energy on the run...

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Toyota Mirai Australian First Drive

Read the article here. Toyota Australia has taken the wraps off the first local example of the Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle at an event in Melbourne. The vehicle is the only road-going Mirai in Australia, making stops in Melbourne and Sydney before the 6th World Hydrogen Technologies Convention during October...

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Industry body created to support hydrogen expansion in Australia

Hydrogen Mobility Australia (HMA) has been founded, aimed at advocating for the burgeoning local hydrogen industry. It's made up of automakers, energy companies and infrastructure providers including Toyota Australia, Hyundai Australia, BP Australia and Caltex Australia...

Toyota: hydrogen a "natural stepping stone" from hybrid

Toyota's local arm strongly supports the adoption of hydrogen fuel-cell technology in Australia, despite the current lack of infrastructure. Speaking at the showcase of the Mirai fuel-cell sedan and the company's new mobile hydrogen refueller station, Michael Elias, manager for product planning at Toyota Australia, told CarAdvice the company sees hydrogen power as a natural progression from current hybrid technology - due to the refuelling process being similar to conventional cars...

Toyota reveals mobile hydrogen refueller, joins Mirai trio in Australia

Toyota Australia has revealed its mobile refueller for hydrogen vehicles, joining the trio of Mirai fuel-cell sedans that currently reside in Australia. Comprising of a Linde high-pressure hydrogen refueller sat on the back of a Hino 700 series prime mover, the mobile hydrogen station will allow the Japanese company to take its three Mirai sedans anywhere in Australia that a conventional car can be driven, despite the country's lack of refuelling infrastructure...

Toyota Mirai hydrogen trio moves to Australia

The hydrogen-fuelled Toyota Mirai is back in Australia once again, but even if its polarising styling sings to you, you won't be buying one. Just three examples of the Mirai have come to Australia - this time for a few years - with a focus both on exposing the company's local offices to the technology expected to power its future, and also to promote that same concept in the local market...

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