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2021 Toyota Mirai FCEV first drive review

Like the Prius before it, could Toyota’s hydrogen-fuelled Mirai signal a new era in automotive?

Toyota Mirai review: A quick spin on Australian roads

Is the world's first mass-produced hydrogen-powered vehicle fit for Australian roads?

Toyota Mirai Review: Quick drive

The Toyota Mirai is the brand’s first attempt at making hydrogen-powered mobility a mass-market proposition. And based on our first quick drive of the fuel-cell vehicle in Japan, it’s a promising start. The Toyota Mirai is an electric car that uses a hydrogen fuel cell onboard to create energy on the run...

Toyota Mirai Videos

Video: 2021 Toyota Mirai FCEV review

Meet the 2021 Toyota Mirai FCEV, an electric vehicle that takes its power not from a wall socket, but rather generates it on board using a hydrogen fuel cell. The technology itself may be unfamiliar to most motorists, but for Toyota this is its second ‘production’ hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle...

Toyota Mirai Australian First Drive

Read the article here. Toyota Australia has taken the wraps off the first local example of the Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle at an event in Melbourne. The vehicle is the only road-going Mirai in Australia, making stops in Melbourne and Sydney before the 6th World Hydrogen Technologies Convention during October...

Toyota Mirai News

Toyota Mirai sets new world distance record; over 1000km on a tank of hydrogen

A Toyota Mirai has broken the distance record for a hydrogen-powered car just weeks after Hyundai set the record in Australia. The hydrogen-fuelled Mirai completed a round trip of 1003km on one tank of fuel in France last week, ending the record run with 9km of range left in the tank. The previous record was set only a few weeks ago in Australia, with a Hyundai Nexo covering a distance of 887...

True price of Hyundai Nexo hydrogen cars: Australian fleet trial vehicles cost taxpayers close to $100,000 each

Each Hyundai Nexo hydrogen car being used in Australian fleet trials of the future technology will reportedly cost taxpayers $99,000 over three years – or $2750 per month – which is more than the repayments on most luxury cars. And once the fleet trial ends, the hydrogen vehicles will be returned to Hyundai rather than sold by the government as a used car to recoup some of the cost...

2021 Toyota Mirai price and specs: Hydrogen-electric car offered in limited numbers

2021 Toyota Mirai pricing and specification 20 examples of hydrogen sedan to be available to businesses One fully-loaded variant, with leather trim and dual screens Three-year lease deal equates to $63,000 Australian pricing and specifications for the 2021 Toyota Mirai have been announced...

2021 Toyota Mirai: Australia’s first hydrogen car on sale to the public ‘within a couple of years’

Australians will be able to buy a hydrogen-powered car within “a couple of years” – as soon as enough refuelling points are installed so motorists aren’t left stranded. Japanese car giant Toyota and South Korean conglomerate Hyundai launched hydrogen-car fleet trails in Australia within days of each other earlier this month – though the latter was first to register its fleet locally...

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