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Toyota Mirai review: A quick spin on Australian roads

Is the world's first mass-produced hydrogen-powered vehicle fit for Australian roads?

Toyota Mirai Review: Quick drive

The Toyota Mirai is the brand’s first attempt at making hydrogen-powered mobility a mass-market proposition. And based on our first quick drive of the fuel-cell vehicle in Japan, it’s a promising start. The Toyota Mirai is an electric car that uses a hydrogen fuel cell onboard to create energy on the run...

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Toyota Mirai Australian First Drive

Read the article here. Toyota Australia has taken the wraps off the first local example of the Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle at an event in Melbourne. The vehicle is the only road-going Mirai in Australia, making stops in Melbourne and Sydney before the 6th World Hydrogen Technologies Convention during October...

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2021 Toyota Mirai confirmed for Australia, 20 cars coming next year

Australia will soon have 40 hydrogen-powered cars on local roads – even though there is only one refuelling station nationally to date. In addition to 20 Hyundai Nexo hydrogen-powered SUVs due to hit the road next month, Toyota has confirmed it will import 20 Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell sedans from next year...

2020 Toyota Mirai concept revealed for Tokyo motor show

Toyota has handed down a first look at its next-generation 2020 Mirai hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicle (FCEV), ahead of this month's Tokyo motor show. Continuing Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda's mandate for a more emotionally-inspired design theme across the brand's model lines, the new concept boasts a look that is sportier and more imposing in its proportions than the quirky futuristic look of the current Mirai...

Toyota Mirai: Second generation to debut in 2020

The second-generation Toyota Mirai will be launched in 2020, Takeshi Uchiyamada, the Japanese automaker's chairman, has confirmed. According to Reuters, Uchiyamada made the revelation in Tokyo at meeting on hydrogen energy with ministers from around the world...

Industry body created to support hydrogen expansion in Australia

Hydrogen Mobility Australia (HMA) has been founded, aimed at advocating for the burgeoning local hydrogen industry. It's made up of automakers, energy companies and infrastructure providers including Toyota Australia, Hyundai Australia, BP Australia and Caltex Australia...

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