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2021 Toyota Fortuner GXL review

Having reviewed the GX, this time we take a look at the 2021 Toyota Fortuner GXL. It's a rugged 4WD that positions itself as the default family option for those whose budget can't stretch to the Prado.

2021 Toyota Fortuner GX review

Will a big facelift change the fortunes of Toyota’s forgotten 4x4?

2020 Toyota Fortuner GX review: Runout wrap

There's an updated Toyota Fortuner right around the corner, but should you wait, or jump in to grab a deal on one of the runout cars? James heads off-road to find out.

2020 Toyota Fortuner Crusade review

Despite being Toyota's lowest-selling 4x4 or SUV, the Fortuner is a solid, off-road-capable family wagon. And in 2020, it's now safer.

2018 Toyota Fortuner GX review

While the Fortuner is the most obvious rugged off-roader in the Toyota stable, you might not have considered the manual gearbox. Perhaps you should.

2017 Toyota Fortuner Crusade review

You have plenty of options in the seven-seat SUV space if you're in the market for a Toyota - but there could well be smarter options than this top-spec Fortuner Crusade.

Toyota Fortuner Review

We jump behind the wheel of the first-ever Toyota Fortuner to be sold in Australia. With competition in this segment now heating up, has Toyota landed on a winner?