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Toyota FJ Cruiser Reviews

2016 Toyota FJ Cruiser review

Despite production of the Toyota FJ Cruiser ceasing in August, is it worth snapping one up before they're all gone?

FJ Summit 8: Ouray, Colorado

Few countries organise a gathering of like-minded enthusiasts with the verve and commitment of the Americans. The subject matter or object of affection is almost irrelevant. The best motoring events (of any kind) I’ve attended have almost all been in the USA. One such event that CarAdvice was recently lucky enough to attend was the annual FJ Summit in stunning Ouray, Colorado...

Toyota FJ Cruiser Off-Road Review

The Toyota FJ Cruiser might be winding up in the States, but it's very much alive in Australia.

Toyota FJ Cruiser: Lifestyle Review

The Toyota FJ Cruiser is big and bold, with an innate sense of adventure. For someone not used to driving 4WD’s on city streets, initially the trip home in the sizeable Toyota seemed a daunting task. But first time out of the CarAdvice garage, after getting my bearings in regards to its size and positioning on the road, the FJ Cruiser was a lot of fun...