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2016 Toyota FJ Cruiser review

Despite production of the Toyota FJ Cruiser ceasing in August, is it worth snapping one up before they're all gone?

FJ Summit 8: Ouray, Colorado

Few countries organise a gathering of like-minded enthusiasts with the verve and commitment of the Americans. The subject matter or object of affection is almost irrelevant. The best motoring events (of any kind) I’ve attended have almost all been in the USA. One such event that CarAdvice was recently lucky enough to attend was the annual FJ Summit in stunning Ouray, Colorado...

Toyota FJ Cruiser Off-Road Review

The Toyota FJ Cruiser might be winding up in the States, but it's very much alive in Australia.

Toyota FJ Cruiser: Lifestyle Review

The Toyota FJ Cruiser is big and bold, with an innate sense of adventure. For someone not used to driving 4WD’s on city streets, initially the trip home in the sizeable Toyota seemed a daunting task. But first time out of the CarAdvice garage, after getting my bearings in regards to its size and positioning on the road, the FJ Cruiser was a lot of fun...

Toyota FJ Cruiser Videos

8th Annual FJ Summit Review

The FJ Summit is the largest annual gathering of FJ fans anywhere in the world. Every year, they flock to beautiful Ouray in Colorado to head off road and get down and dirty in their FJ Cruisers.

Toyota FJ Cruiser News

If I ran Toyota… I’d bring back the FJ Cruiser

"If I ran the company..." The CarAdvice team play 'fantasy football' with the automotive industry and take turns in the top seat of the big brands. What would we do if we ran the show? First up, Susannah heads up Japanese giant, Toyota. Stuck at a red light in suburbia the other day, I was lifted from my traffic inertia by the car in front of me...

Toyota recalls 45,683 cars due to fuel pump issue

Toyota Australia has issued a recall of 45,683 of its Camry (GSV70), Corolla (ZRE172), FJ Cruiser (GSJ15), Kluger (GSU50 and GSU55), HiLux (TGN121), Prado (GRJ150) and Landcruiser (URJ202) models spanning model-years 2013-2019. Affected vehicles were sold between 11 October 2013 and 3 April 2020...

Toyota FJ Cruiser production to end in August

The rugged and retro-inspired Toyota FJ Cruiser off-roader is being discontinued over the next few months, as Japanese production ceases in August after a decade-plus run. Launched late in Australia in 2011, the body-on-frame FJ Cruiser has become something of a cult car, with more than 11,000 sold so far at a rate of 180 units per month — much higher than first expected...

Toyota FJ Cruiser safe in Australia

The Toyota FJ Cruiser may be approaching the end of the line in the United States, but the future of the cult vehicle is safe in Australia for the next few years at least.  As reported, Toyota USA announced in November last year that the retro off-roader would get the chop from 2014 in that market...

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Toyota FJ Cruiser Owner Reviews

2012 Toyota Fj Cruiser Review

Having owned quite a range of vehicle genres, makes and models, I have to say I thoroughly recommend the Toyota FJ Cruiser. It is a versatile, good-looking, reliable and a enjoyable car to own. It’s a credit to Toyota for moving away from the "appliance" type vehicle they've been accused of making in the past...

2014 Toyota Fj Cruiser Review

Excellent on road and off road. Just needs a small front end lift to make it even better off road. Traction control works well in gnarly off road. Only tried diff locks a few times as it is typically not needed. Smooth, quiet, even with Cooper STT mud tyres on it. Front end is a little low due to Toyota wanting to keep CV shafts straight on independent suspension...