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Toyota Camry Review

The Camry SX doesn't excel in any one particular area, rather it's a well priced 'sporty' sedan with plenty of room and well-priced given its features...

Toyota Camry Hybrid Review

The all-new Toyota Camry hybrid has gone on sale with a vast list of improvements and a mission to capture more of the private buyer segment.

Toyota Camry Review

Toyota Australia continues its local manufacturing with the seventh generation Camry launched in Melbourne this week. Prices start from $30,490 for the fleet-favourite Altise and top at $39,990 for the newly introduced Atara SL.

Toyota Hybrid Camry On Track

Toyota Hybrid Camry On Track and dynamically sound Location: State Motorcycle facility at Broadford, Victoria. I’ve got Australian Rally Guru Neal Bates riding shotgun with me (Rick Bates is here too), and my instructions for this braking test are to flatten the throttle in the Hybrid Toyota Camry from a standing start, hold it to the firewall until the car reaches 110km/h, then hit the brakes with as much force as I can possibly muster, bringing the car to a complete stop...

Toyota Camry Hybrid Review & Road Test

The Camry Hybrid is big news for the Australian market, is it worth the hype?

Toyota Camry Hybrid Review

Is the new Camry Hybrid a motoring hedge against future fuel price rises?

Toyota Camry Review & Road Test

The latest iteration of one of Toyota's best selling appliances. Model Tested: 2009 Toyota Camry Ateva; 2.4-litre, four-cylinder, petrol; five-speed automatic; sedan - $32,490 CarAdvice Rating: Whitegoods on wheels, uninspiring, old man’s car and boring. These are all terms that have become synonymous with the Toyota Camry...

2007 Toyota Camry Sportivo Road Test

2007 Toyota Camry Sportivo – Road Test Test model: Toyota Camry Sportivo with five-speed automatic transmission Options fitted: Leather trim $1500 – It’s nice and supple and at this price you might consider it if you had small kids Moonroof $1650 – Again, this is on the low side as far as electric roofs go, and adds another level of luxury to the car Recommended retail price: $34,500 (without the options above) although you can get the Sportivo with a manual transmission for $33,000 On road price: Around $37,800 but Toyota plays in the volume game with Camry, so it would pay to shop around...

2007 Toyota Camry Altise Road Test

To me, the Toyota Camry has always been quite a bland, conservative and boat like vehicle. It was never able to handle anything like its Aussie competitors and was always styled to appeal to a broad range of people – of whom many were bowls goers. Well, there has been a massive shake-up in Camry-land...