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2017 Toyota C-HR Koba (2WD) review

Firstly, I want to get out of the way why I purchased this car. I wanted something that looked good, had good fuel economy, comfortable, and a good list of equipment and safety features. For my current job I needed an 'SUV' with a decent-sized boot, and as a 20-year-old single male, I didn't want anything too big, e.g. RAV4/CR-V...

2018 Toyota C-HR (2WD) review

So, my wife and I had been in the market looking for a new car for quite a while. She wanted an SUV, while I wanted something smaller. She won. I remember when the Toyota C-HR was released in Australia, I found the design extremely interesting. We took it for a test drive sometime in September and I really loved the way the car drove...

2018 Toyota CH-R Koba (2WD) review

I absolutely love this car. I'm so happy – it’s so comfortable, easy to drive, and looks awesome. I looked around a lot to see what I wanted. I looked at the Hyundai Kona and Mazda CX-3, but all the time I kept going back to the CH-R Koba. This car is so gorgeous to look at. The number of people who stop me and comment how much they love the look of my car is amazing...