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Small Vans

Volkswagen Caddy
  • The best drivetrain in the realm of budget vans; Car-like interior fit and finish; Forward collision warning and autonomous emergency braking standard – unmatched in class; Frugal in real-world testing

  • Sharp suspension can be clumsy over bumps; Expensive compared with like-minded Euro rivals; Only one side sliding door; No cargo floor liner means it's loud inside

Citroen Berlingo
  • Excellent diesel engine and manual gearbox work beautifully at any speed; new audio system with reverse view camera is a great addition; refined cabin is more car-like than commercial

  • We'd prefer a better non-slip floor lining in the load space; the plastic curtain doesn't match the rest of the cabin quality; solid sides restrict visibility so a window would be a good addition

Renault Kangoo
  • Smoother new engine; Improved safety levels; Sprightly dynamics

  • Price increase; Reduced payload for auto; Basic infotainment

Fiat Doblo
  • One of the biggest cargo zones in the class; Excellent cabin space; Feels fun to drive; Bargains to be had if you haggle hard; Free servicing deals available

  • Engine is down on grunt compared to rivals; Ride over sharp bumps can be clunky; No rear-view camera; No rear parking sensors; No touchscreen media system

Suzuki APV
  • Oozing old-school charm; fantastically small turning circle; outward visibility; proven reliability; aftermarket Bluetooth audio looks cheap but actually works well; decent cargo space

  • No ESC; average seats; drivetrain very buzzy above 100km/h; gets thirsty when pushed, and you'll push it; excess cabin noise; vinyl roof lining will tear easily